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Unknown Bonds

Chapter 3

Konohamaru ran over to a motionless Hanabi and was horrified at what he saw "She has an earth spear through her body…" he said as he rushed to her side

"We can't remove it, doing so would cause massive bleeding both internally and externally" Yuki told him as she joined him

Konohamaru checked her pulse but he couldn't find any "She doesn't have a pulse…" Without hesitating he plugged her nose and began locked his lips to hers giving her CPR, he then began giving her chest compressions "1, 2 ,3" Come on Hanabi, breath! Fight!" he almost screamed with tears streaming down his face "Come on, don't give up! Fight!" he continued but she remained unchanged

Yuki was fighting back her own tears, she put her hand on Konohamaru's shoulder "Kono… She is gone…" She told him but he ignored her, he refused to give up on Hanabi

"Come on, you can't die!" he continued giving her CPR "Come on, 1, 2, 3 ,4,5!"

"Kono… She is gone, we have to accept it" She tried to stop him but he pushed her away

"No, she is my responsibility, this is my fault, She wouldn't give up on us" he continued to try and revive her

Hanabi found herself drifting on her back in the middle of the ocean. She was staring at the stars in the sky as her eyes were half shut, she felt tired as her body slowly began to sink. Her extremities felt numb and her body temperature was dropping by the second "Hokage Sama… Thank you for being my sensei, Thank you for allowing me to be on such a great team who turned out to become my best friends…. And Hokage Sama, Thank you for believing in me….. Thank you Naruto Sensei….." she thought to herself as she continued to slowly sink, her eyes continued to shut until they were almost closed "I Hope that I lived up to your expectations of me Sensei…. Konohamaru, Yuki….Good Bye my friends…." Her head dipped below the water

"HANABI! FIGHT! DON'T GIVE UP!" She heard a voice in the distance as she continued to slowly sink even more "DON'T GIVE UP!" Her body was now freezing and her limbs unresponsive

She felt a hand grab her arm and pull her back to the surface "Konohamaru?" She thought to herself

"Hanabi! Don't give up, fight!" he told her as he tried to pull her out of the water, but something else had grabbed her leg and was trying to drag her down "I am not giving up on you!" he told her as he pulled harder

Hanabi tried to move her body but it was still numb and cold, she tried harder and slowly feeling began to return to her fingers and toes, sensing her strength returning to her the entity pulling her down grabbed her other leg and pulled harder "I am not letting you take her!" Konohamaru said staring at the thing underneath her

She began fighting it trying to get it to let go of her legs, she was able to slip one of them away and began using it to hit whatever it was that was trying to drag her down until it finally let go and Konohamaru was able to completely pull her out of the water

Konohamaru was compressing Hanabi's chest "1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Come on Hanabi…." Tears freely flowing from his eyes

"Kono… Its time you give up..." But before she could say anything else Hanabi began coughing, her eyes opened only for a moment as a bit of blood was trickling out of her mouth "She is alive?!" Yuki said shocked

Konohamaru took her pulse "Barely, her pulse is weak and her breathing shallow, and she still seems unconscious, we need to get her back to Konoha" He answered her

"No, there is no way she will survive that long, we need to stabilise her first" she told him

"Neither one of us has any medical training past first aid…"

"There is a village just twenty minutes away, they should have a doctor, or at the very least a medic, Kono, she is alive because you were stubborn and refused to give up on her, even when I had…. But we have to get her help as soon as possible, and this is the quickest way" She explained

"Alright, then let's not waste any more time" He said as he carefully picked her up, a small note fell from her hand, Yuki picked it up and opened it, inside the note was the stone symbol drawn in blood "What is it?" He asked

"It's a message from Hanabi…. She used her own blood, it was Iwa who attacked her!" she told him angrily

Konohamaru was shocked, but he knew they didn't have any time to waste "We can look into this once Hanabi is safe" He quickly told her as he jumped into the tree branches, trying to be as gentle as he could be as to not aggravate her injuries and cause more damage

After a while they began to see smoke in the distance "Is that coming from the village?" Yuki asked concerned

"This doesn't look good…." Konohamaru said concerned as well

"I am going to scout ahead" She said as she picked up her speed

"Yuki Chan… Be careful… I don't know if I can take anything happening to you…" He told her

"Yeah, don't worry I will be careful" were her last words before disappearing ahead of him

"You better…" He then checked on Hanabi quickly "Her pulse is getting weaker…."

After a few minutes Yuki could finally see the village, parts of the village were in flames and she could see the villagers fighting to put it out. She quickly ran to the nearest villager "What's happened here?!" She asked him

The man looked injured as he turned to face her "Oh master ninja… Thank god you are here… We were attacked by the sand" He told her

"The Sand?!" She said shocked "Why would they attack us?! They are our most trusted ally!"

"I don't know master ninja… They just came in claiming they wanted some rest from their patrol, once they were in they attacked all three ninja's posted in this village for our protection and killed them… They then proceeded to attack the village" he explained

"Where are they now?" she asked concerned that they could still be around

"I don't know, a few minutes ago they just up and left, but I did hear one of them say that they could sense a strong chakra heading our way… They must had detected your approach master ninja"

Yuki was slightly relieved, at least her arrival had scared them off, she began to relax a bit "I don't understand why the sand would attack us.." she said as she walked by the villager to get a better view of the damage to the village

"I can't answer that master ninja… Maybe it's because the sand has grown tired of Konoha's arrogance" the man suddenly told her

"Wait what?" but before Yuki could turn her attention back to the villager she felt something pierce her skin from behind, she quickly took out her blade and faced her attacker "You bastard…" she said as she began to feel her extremities becoming numb

"Did I forget to mention I was the sand ninja who caused all this? Oh my bad" he said with a grin as he turned into a Sand ANBU

"Transformation Jutsu… But how, I couldn't detect any chakra from you!"

"Arrogant Konoha scum, I can supress my chakra" he said grinning underneath his mask

"You should have killed me when you had the chance" she said pointing her blade at him, she could also feel the numbness spreading

"Why kill someone who is already beaten? You make for a much better hostage; you are part of that prick of a Hokage's personal team are you not? I wonder, what would he do to get you back?"

"And you call me arrogant? To think that you have already beaten me is Ludacris!" She said as sweat was beginning to form on her brow

"By now, you have probably begun to feel the effects of the paralysing agent in your body, within a few more minutes you will be unable to do anything, but don't worry, the effects are only temporary, they last only half an hour or so, but its more than enough to get you away from here and into Sand controlled territory" he said with a slight laugh

Yuki was gritting her teeth, it was becoming harder and harder for her to hold her blade "Then I will have to defeat you before my body becomes completely unable to fight!" she griped her blade tighter as she lunched her attack "Crush, Namazu!" her blade suddenly turned to stone, she swung it at the enemy who narrowly avoided it, the blade crashed into the ground creating a huge impact crater

"My god… Her strength is immense" He thought to himself

Yuki had lost feeling to most of her body, she knew that she only had one last shot before her body would give in, she began making seals and suddenly earth spears began erupting from the ground, the enemy was able to dodge them all, Yuki wasted little time as she resumed her attack, she put all of her chakra into her legs to, the enemy ninja was going to once again dodge her attack but he then realized he was surrounded by walls of rock, preventing him from avoiding Yuki's blade "Got you now, bastard!" she thought to herself

Just as the blade was about to reach its target, she lost her grip and it fell out of her hand as she literally rans into the enemies arms as most of her body went completely numb, the enemy threw her to the ground and kicked her in the ribs "Bitch, know your place" he said with a grin as the walls of stone began to crumble "It's time for us to leave" He said as he was going to pick Yuki up

"RASENGAN!" he suddenly heard and then felt something hit him in the back; he then realized that there was a hand sticking out of his chest overflowing with chakra

"The Hokage?!" He said shocked, but when he turned his head he saw Konohamaru with a calm yet hateful stare

"This is for laying your dirty hands on my beloved" He finally spoke retracting his hand from the enemy's body

"Of course, you're that bastards little bratty protégée… Well this didn't turn out the way I expected" He said as he fell to his knees "Well, it's been a blast!"

Konohamaru sensed an enormous amount of chakra building up; he knew that they didn't have a chance of getting away in time so he ran to Yuki as fast as he could. The enemy exploded and Konohamaru wrapped his arms around Yuki, using his body as a shield to protect her from the blast. A few moments latter Yuki opened her eyes, she had heard the explosion but didn't feel anything except for a bit of heat, she then realized that Konohamaru was laying on top of her with blood dripping down his face and mouth "KONOHAMARU!" she screamed out

He smiled at her "Are you alright Yuki Chan?" trying to force a grin

"You idiot! Why did you do something so reckless?" she said with tears streaming down her face

"To protect you… I would do anything" He answered her "You are my Yuki Chan…" He said as he forced his body off of hers and to his knees "Are you alright?" he once again asked her

"Yeah… My body is still paralysed by whatever it was he used on me, but It should wear off soon… You?" She asked him

Most of Konohamaru's Jonin vest was charred from the explosion and some debris had hit him quite hard, but he simply grinned "I am fine Yuki Chan" he walked back to Hanabi who he had laid down in a safe place only moments before his attack, he checked on her pulse once more "She is getting worst… And I don't think basic first aid will save her again… I need to get her to a doctor or medic… But Yuki Chan…" He was torn about what to do

Yuki could tell he was troubled, she used every ounce of her strength to force her body to sit up and allowed herself to rest up against some rubble "Get her help, I will be fine, my injuries are minor compared to hers" She told him

"But Yuki Chan… You're defenceless in your current condition" He said not wanting to abandon her

"It's not like you're going to be far, get her to a medic and come back for me, that is if I haven't regain my strength by the time you return, so go, before it's too late and she dies…" She pleaded with him

"I will be back for you as soon as I can" He said as he jumped away

Yuki let out a sigh as she tried to relax a bit, suddenly she felt something cover her mouth "Finally, I thought he would never leave" a voice from behind her said "Time for us to go" he added as he shoved a piece of cloth into her mouth before throwing her over his shoulder and disappearing in a poof of smoke

Konohamaru had found a group of villagers who had just finished putting out a fire and were resting a bit, one of them stood up "Master Ninja!" he said bowing in respect

"Are there any doctors or medics among you?" He asked

One of them stepped forward "Yeah, I am a doctor" he said

Konohamaru was shocked as he took out a Kunai and went into a defensive stance with Hanabi in his arms "YOU! But your dead!" he shouted out

The man let out a small grin "I can assure you that I am very much alive, I have been living here in this village for the past fifteen years, trying to forget about my past…" He answered him

Another villager stepped up "It's true, he has been living with us and has been acting as our head doctor since he arrived, he saved many lives during the last great shinobi war as well as today"

Konohamaru stared into the man's eyes who he knew as Kabuto, Orochimaru's former partner who was thought to had been killed along with Akatsuki all those years ago "Then why didn't you do anything to stop this attack? You are a former S Ranked fugitive of Jonin level; you should have been able to prevent this attack from happening!"

Kabuto let out a small sigh "I vowed never to harm anyone ever again, even if it would mean dying, if you don't believe me, attack me, kill me, I won't defend myself" he said stepping forward and raising his hands he then noticed how badly injured Hanabi was and lowered his hands "She isn't going to survive for much longer, she is strong but I can feel her life slipping away, let me save her life, if you feel that I am such a threat then take me to Konoha afterwards, I won't fight" he told him

Konohamaru looked at Hanabi's face, it had become even paler then it was before, she had lost a lot of blood "I don't have any choice… You are her only chance of survival, but I am warning you, if you try anything I will kill you myself" he warned

"Yeah, I understand… Come, my clinic was not damaged in the attack" He said as he led Konohamaru into a building "Lay her down here" He said motioning to a bed as he began washing his hands, Konohamaru did as he asked, Kabuto walked over to her "The first thing I need to do is get that spear out of her body… This will probably take a while, you may want to sit down" he explained

"I am fine here, where I can keep an eye on you" he said not wanting to leave Hanabi alone with him

Kabuto let out a small sigh "Alright, but if you're going to stick around, might as well make yourself useful, get me some cloths from that cabinet as well as some pints of blood I have stored in that fridge over there, I have a feeling that she is going to need some…" he said as he began working on her

Meanwhile back in Konoha it had been hours since Sakura had begun working on Naoto, Naruto hadn't stop pacing back and forth in the waiting room, a ninja suddenly ran up to him got down to one knee and bowed his head "Hokage Sama, the council is requesting your presence sir"

"You can tell the council that I will be with them just as soon as I hear word that Naoto's life is out of danger…. Until then they can carry on without me" He answered bluntly

"The council predicted that response from you my lord…. And told me that in the event you refused to come that they would remind you that as Hokage of the leaf your primary duty is to Konoha… My lord…"

Naruto grabbed the ninja by the collar out of anger and stared directly into his eyes "Then you tell the council that yes I am Hokage, but I am a husband and a father first! Konoha is in no immediate danger and they can wait another few hours, if they don't agree with that then they can come tell it to me themselves rather than sending a messenger" he said as he dropped the ninja from his grip

"Yes lord Hokage Sama, please forgive me as I was just relaying the message, I will inform them right away sir!" he said as he ran out of the room in fear

"You know, it wasn't the poor kids fault, you didn't have to be so hard on him" Sasuke said as he walked into the room

"I know… But the council is testing my patience; I am the one who was attacked, not Konoha!" He said in anger

"Yeah, but by attacking you, they attacked Konoha, have you thought about what our response to this will be?" He asked, but Naruto was silent "I see… Well my men have completed their sweeps of the village, we found and removed additional explosive and chakra hiding notes left behind, we believe that they were put in place for a larger attack on the village in the future, the ANBU are investigating further…" He could tell that he wasn't in the mood to be talking about anything at the moment; he sat down next to him and remained by his side

Suddenly the doors opened and a very fatigued Sakura stepped out fallowed by Ino, Naruto immediately got to his feet and stared at her waiting for news, she let out a small smile "She will be alright, but will need a lot of rest over the next few days" she told him, he immediately hugged her tightly as tears of joy began streaming down his eyes, she wrapped her own arms around him, she then took his hand and led him inside of the room knowing that he wanted to see her "She is sleeping, try not to wake her.." she told him

Naruto approached her quietly, he took her hand into his own, she looked so peaceful compared to the last time he saw her, he stroked a few strands of her hair away from her forehead and kissed it gently "I am going to make sure nothing like this happens to you ever again… Naoto….Angel….I love you" he whispered in her ear

The same ninja from before ran into the room and got down to his knee again "Hok….." but before he could even finish the first word of his sentence Sakura grabbed him and dragged him out of the room quickly throwing him into a wall once outside

"My daughter is trying to rest! If you have some business with Naruto then it will have to wait, but I will not have you making noise and waking her up after what she has been through!" she said angrily

Sasuke felt sorry for the poor young ninja who was just trying to do his job, he got up and bowed in respect of Sakura "My apologise lady Sakura, but we just got urgent news…." He tried to explain

"What news?" Naruto asked as he exited the room

The Ninja got back to one knee "Lord Hokage, we just received a messenger hawk from one of our border villages, it has been attacked by the Sand sir…. The council is Deman….I mean requesting your presence lord Hokage" he said fearing angering him once more

"The Sand has openly attacked us again?..." Sasuke said shocked at Garaa's actions

Naruto looked at Sakura who just nodded "She will be fine, go… Konoha needs you" she told him

With that said both he and Sasuke made their way to the fire tower

End chapter 3

What will happen to Yuki? More importantly, what is Konohamaru going to do once he realizes she has gone missing? Is Kabuto really telling the truth? Will he save Hanabi? with the sand having attacked the Fire Nation twice now AND kidnaping one of Naruto's team, will war be inevitable? Stick around to find out!

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