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Warnings: Yaoi obviously.

Pairings: (Yami) Bakura/Yami, Seto/Ryou, Malik/Yugi and others I think. . .

- - -

Fading Light

- - -

Chapter One

- - -

The sun was shining.

It had been nice all week. The days were warm and long and the nights were warmer and short. The days were also spent at the beach since everyone wanted to stay cool in the heat. That's where Bakura was now, with his friends. His friends, he didn't think he'd ever get used to saying that. But every time he thought about it he would be filled with a comforting warmth that was still so new to him.

Life was peaceful for once. Bakura knew that it couldn't last long, the gods hated him after all, and they would never give him true peace. Or maybe worrying about it would be his torment. Either way, when he mentioned it to any one of the others they'd only dismiss him, telling him that he needed to relax.

Yami was the only one who listened to him, and that confused Bakura. The pharaoh would have usually been the first one to tell him he was wrong. Sure, the two were apparently 'an item', whatever the hell that was, but had that changed the pharaoh so much? Not that Bakura could complain at all. They still argued enough, and a good fight always made Bakura somewhat happier, even if there was no physical violence.

Usually they fought about trivial things, Bakura would insult Ryou and Yami would defend the other boy. Yami would want to duel, whereas Bakura found no fun in the game unless he could steal souls. That and he wanted to win at least once, but it was impossible when playing against the King of Games.

The only negative thing about their arguments was that they upset Yami, and Bakura hated Yami being upset. He wanted to protect the boy, like he did Ryou. But the little brat had Kaiba now; he didn't need Bakura as much as he used to.

Bakura sighed at the thought and turned his head so he was no longer facing the sky. Upon opening his eyes, he frowned. Sighing to himself he looked back at the sky through his sunglasses. "Malik, I believe that what you're doing to Yugi is called indecent exposure and I believe that it's bad for your health." The spirit interrupted the two teens who had been making out quite heavily on a towel beside him.

'How is kissing Yugi bad for my health?" Malik asked, annoyed at having been interrupted. Because he was so annoyed he didn't notice the shadow that fell across him and Yugi.

The smaller boy underneath him, however, did and grinned. "Uh oh." Yugi quickly moved out of the way just before a bucket of water was dumped on Malik.

Looking up, the Egyptian boy found the form of the pharaoh looking down at him, empty bucket in hand. "Don't touch my aibou!" Yami growled though a smirk upon his face told them that he was teasing.

Yugi giggled as he tugged on Malik's hand. "Come on Malik, let's go see if we can dunk Ryou and Seto!" He said as the two got up and ran toward the water, Malik grumbling something about revenge and a lot of dead fish.

Yami threw his bucket away, then stretched out on the dry side of Bakura. "And people think I'm mean." Bakura mumbled.

Yami grinned. "You are." He replied shortly, then proceeded to steal Bakura's sunglasses. He lay back down and faced the sky smirking triumphantly as he heard Bakura mumbling under his breath. "Aw, but you still love me anyway." He teased, though he yearned for the day he heard the three words from the tomb raider. But he knew how Bakura was, so he'd live without them.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." Bakura growled as he grabbed his sunglasses, which he had fairly stolen from Kaiba, back. He rolled onto his side, away from Yami so he wouldn't have to see the familiar look in Yami's crimson eyes. The look was familiar because it was there so often. Bakura wasn't so ignorant as everyone thought; he knew exactly how many times he had hurt the pharaoh by being himself.

But that's all he was doing. Being himself. He wasn't about to change for anyone, that included the pharaoh. He had tried to change once, but it hadn't lasted long. Only five hours, and that was pushing it.

Bakura heard a soft sigh from behind him, but it was the only sign Yami gave since the tomb robber had his back to the other boy. A part of him wanted to say something to make his 'partner' feel better, but a bigger part of him wouldn't move.

At least until he heard a shriek. Frightful yelling followed the piercing sound. Recognizing the voices of those of their friends, both Yami and Bakura sat up, looking fearfully at the short expecting to see the worse. Instead they saw the others gathered in a circle around something.

No, someone.

Bakura tried the link he had with his light, to try and find out what had happened, but he got no response meaning only one thing.

The body everyone was looking at, it was Ryou.

- - -

To be continued. . .or not?

- - -