Yami didn't commit suicide. So anyway, here is the last chapter. My muse bit me though and I have now planned a sequel to this. (I think I'm killing it personally, but my muse won't take no for an answer.)

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Warnings: Yaoi obviously, character death.

Pairings: (Yami) Bakura/Yami, Seto/Ryou, Malik/Yugi and others I think. . .

- - -

Fading Light

- - -

Chapter Thirteen

- - -

The house was dark and there wasn't a light on anywhere. As soon as Bakura had reached the game shop he had realized that the Ring hadn't been drawing him to the Game Shop itself, but the house behind it. But it was obvious that nobody was home. Well, that wasn't true either, the Ring was reacting, so something, or someone was there.

Having been an expert thief at one time, Bakura was pretty good at breaking in to places. And he easily got the door open, had he actually tried to just open it, he would have found that it wasn't actually locked.

He followed to where the Ring was pointing him. He went up the stairs and stopped in front of the closed door of Yami's room, a place he had been many times before. Hesitantly he knocked only to be met with silence. Getting a little frustrated he knocked harder and he finally got a reply.

"Go away." A voice so depressed that had it not been Yami's room Bakura wouldn't have recognized it, was muffled.

Instead of listening to the request he grabbed the knob and turned it, entering the room. It was pitch black in the room and for some odd reason Bakura couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. The Ring was the only light as he closed the door and made his way over toward the bed, knowing that that's where Yami was. Bakura opened the link he had with Ryou, to make sure that he was still alive. He was.

"Shouldn't you be with Ryou?" Yami wondered softly as Bakura heard him moved, making room on the bed. The spirit of the Ring sat down on the edge and could feel the familiar warmth of the other body across his back.

"No, I should be with you." Bakura finally found his voice as he held his head in his hands. Even though it was dark, he could still feel his cheeks turn hot with shame. "I had no right to turn you away like I did." He sniffed, feeling the tears burning his eyes. "I know you think it was because I didn't want you there, but I did want you there. I even. . .needed you there."

Yami was silent for a few minutes, then he sat up. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"Because, I've never needed anyone before. I've always had to depend on me and only me. But now, I can't go on. Not after something like this." He whispered and wiped his eyes angrily.

"Ryou?" Yami questioned quietly.

"Almost." Bakura replied to the silence question in the name. "Soon." He whispered. "I need you Yami. I'm going to need you after he's gone. And. . .and it's not just because I need someone. I need and I. . .*want* you to be there." He sniffed as he felt the tears finally run hot streaks down his face. "And in eighty or so years, I want to be there for you, when it's Yugi's turn to pass on."

Yami was silent, thinking Bakura's words over. Words he had never expected to hear from the tomb robber, ever. But the depressed part of him had squashed all hope that Bakura still cared for him if he ever had, and that part of him was insisting that Bakura was just miserable about Ryou. "Do you even know what you're saying Bakura? You're talking about a life long commitment here!"

"I know exactly what I'm saying!" Bakura growled fiercely, though not harshly. Yami suddenly felt the body move and he was suddenly pinned to the bed, the glowing from the Millennium Ring between their bodies illuminated the room. Yami looked up at Bakura and almost gasped at the sight of tears. "Don't you get it?" Bakura growled pinning Yami's arms to the bed, being careful not to hurt him. "I. Love. You." The white-haired boy finally whispered, then leaned down and met Yami in a deep kiss.


Ryou smiled to himself. He looked up at Kaiba, who was holding him, and unconsciously rocking him. "Seto?" He whispered softly, but got the attention of everyone who had crowded into his room. Mokuba was cuddled up to Ryou's side, scared to let go. Malik and Yugi sat on the bed along with Serenity. Joey and Tristan sat near by on the couch that had been moved closer, and Tea and Mai sat close on a chair.

"Is it time?" Kaiba asked gently, though desperate to keep Ryou with him.

Ryou nodded and smiled as he felt his body starting to let go.


Bakura and Yami came into the room at the same time. "Ryou?" Bakura looked at his light who lay limply in Kaiba's arms. The body looked peaceful, he was finally at rest. He didn't need to see that the others were crying. He could feel the emptiness already growing inside him. "Fuck! Ryou!" Nobody had ever heard such desperation in the tomb robber's voice, not even Yami Malik who was leaning against the wall beside the hospital bed, holding his head down so nobody could see his eyes trembling with unshed tears.

Bakura felt his knees grow weak and he slowly sank to the floor in numbed pain, Yami's arms quickly wrapped around him, holding him within the warmth and safety that only the pharaoh could provide.

Ryou was gone. His Ryou had left and he'd never see his light again.

At the realization Bakura sobbed hoarsely, and buried his face in Yami's shoulder as he began to cry uncontrollably.

Yami let a single tear fall from his eye as he held the sobbing mass in his arms, his eyes falling upon the peaceful form on the bed. Ryou was no longer suffering, but now the others were. . .Bakura was.

And they'd get through it.


- - -

The End

- - -

Well, looks like another one of my babies is finished. *sniff* Okay, so technically, it's the first one finished on the net, but I think I finished "Weeping Angel" before that. . .anyway, I had a lot of fun writing this story, even if Ryou ends up dying. I love him to bits, but we hurt the one's we love the most right?

A note to all readers: The sequel, "Two Halves of A Whole" has been posted, so check it out!