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Randall got up slowly. Where was he? All he remembered was getting thrown into a door by Sully and Mike. Screw those two. When he got back, they were going to pay!

"Mama, another gator got in the house," a voice broke through his thoughts.

"Another gator?" a female voice yelled. "Give me that shovel! Come here!"

Shovel? CLANG! Randall had half turned when he felt something hard hit him on the head from behind.

"Ow!" he cried out.

Before he could rub his smarting head, CLANG! It hit him again.

"OW!" he yelled.

"Get him Mama! Get that gator!" the boy's voice cheered.

"I'm not a gator!" Randall protested. In response, the shovel hit him repetitively on the head and the neck. Finally he fell to the floor and looked up. Some human woman was standing over him, clutching a raised shovel, preparing to deal another blow.

"WAIT!" Randall cried desperately. KONK!

Randall opened his eyes and found himself staring into a pair of brown eyes through metal bars.

"What the-!" he exclaimed and scrambled back.

"This is the strangest gator I've ever seen. I've seen my share of gators, but I've never seen a purple one. I'd say it's more of a giant lizard." A male voice said.

"Just get him out of here, we can't have any more gators in our house." The woman who hit him with the shovel replied.

Randall glared at her. "For the last time, I'm not a gator!" he snarled.

The two humans looked at him in surprise.

"D-did he just talk?" the woman asked.

Randall kept his mouth shut. He probably shouldn't have talked. Now the humans would send him to some science lab and have him experimented on. He shuddered. All he wanted was to get back to Monstropolis and get revenge on Sully and Mike and especially that blasted little girl who beat him up. Instead, he just uttered a growl.

"Must have been our imaginations, The heat must be getting to us!" the man laughed.

The woman shrugged it off. "Thank you, again." she said and with that, left.

The man bent down and grinned at Randall. "Hey buddy." he cooed.

Randall snarled and turned away.

"Alright. Be like that." the man sighed.

Randall felt his crate getting hoisted up and dumped into the back of a truck. The man closed the door and left to get into the driver's seat. He needed to get out! There was no way he was going to let himself get caught and taken to some science lab to get poked and prodded. He heard the truck's motor roar to life and felt the truck start to move. He needed to act fast. Randall examined his cage and after a few moments of struggling with it, managed to unhook the lock.

"Stupid humans." He chuckled to himself.

If the man put him in there, he'd probably open the truck again to get him out. He just had to wait for the proper moment. He disappeared and waited for his chance. As he expected, the truck finally came to a halt and he heard the man coming to open up the back. With a loud grinding sound, sunlight flooded into the back of the truck, momentarily blinding Randall, but he quickly recovered and slithered out.

"What the! Where's the gator?" he heard the man cry in surprise.

He smirked to himself. He ran into the woods blindly, not knowing where he was going. Just anywhere away from those disgusting humans. Eventually, the woods thinned out into what looked like a small town. He trudged along until he finally came to a sign that said 'Dixon'. Population: 232.

"Dixon…" Randall muttered.

He needed to find some way to get back to Monstropolis, hopefully this small little town had what he needed.

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