Chapter 1: Alison (Alexis) Scarlatti

Author's Note: This is a crossover-between Twilight and Flashpoint

Name:(Alison) Alexis Scarlatti

Age:13 years old

Grade level:Freshman in Forks High School

Adopted:Mike-Spike Scarlatti

Alison scarlatti happens to be the adopted daughter,who isn't a normal child. At the age of 5 years developed strange powers-my family was moving to Washington.

Strateic Reponse Unite was being transferred to Washington.

I will be attending Forks High School as a freshman along with my two cousins-who happen to be adopted daughter and niece to two members of the same unit as my dad.

That is where I will meet the Cullens Clan-at the high school,seeing I'm related to them.

(Jasper,Emmett,Rosalie and Edward are vampires)

Alice and Isabella-are human at moment

Holly Waters-deceased-Alison birth mom.

"Alison"shouted Shannon Braddock-adopted age 16 years old

(Alison walking out of her home) in Washington

(Mallory Lane) was already in Washington for the past couple months now-since the death of her dad-who was killed,lives with some friends of hers. "Shannon,Alison isn't deaf didn't have yell"answered Mallory.

Shannon Braddock jumping up and down. "I gotten my driver's license to drive the three of us to school"answered Shannon.

Alison comes into the hallway,-yawning a bit. "Uncle Sam didn't tell you I'm getting a ride with Isabella Swan today"answered Alison.

(Alison met Isabella Swan a couple days ago) hasn't met any of the Cullens they were out of town-hunting.

(Few hours later)

Isabella Swan shows Alison around the high school

"Isabella"shouted Alice Cullen racing towards her best friend

"Alice,Don't want to get into trouble"answered Isabella.

Alison stood her ground at the moment.

Alice sees a young girl standing there-sees a flashes of pictures in her mind,ignores it for the moment."Isabella! Don't tell me this is your sister?"demanded Alice.

Alison gives Alice Cullen a look. "No! Isabella Swan was showing me around Forks,Washington. My dad gotten transferred here a couple days ago"answered Alison.

(Shannon Braddock and Mallory Lane) see their cousin talking to two girls.

"Alison"shouted Shannon.

(Rest of the Cullen Clan members) showed up out of nowhere.

"Alice"shouted Rosalie standing there.

Alice gives Rosalie Hale Cullen at look. "What,Is your problem? I'm talking here with Isabella and Alison"answered Alice.

"We better get to our classes"answered Rosalie giving her sister a look.

Alice sighs. "See you later Bella at lunch,Alison we should hang out with us sometime"answered Alice.

(Cullen Clan) almost leave the hallways.

(Tyler,Jessica,Mike,Derek and a few of Isabella closes friends were there)

"Why would Alison want to hang out with you? Uncle Spike wouldn't be too happy that his adopted daughter was hanging out with people he didn't know about"answered Shannon.

Mallory Lane shakes her head at Shannon.

Alison let's out a scream.

(Mallory Lane) races towards Alison in a flash of lightening. "Alison,I'm going to call Uncle Spike"answered Mallory.

(Alison shakes her head). "No! I have to go,can't stay here ever"snapped Alison hurrying away.

(Isabella Swan raced after Alison)

(Alison was leaning against a car in the parking lot) hugging someone around the shoulders. "I can't do this Aunt Jules,please take me home"cried Alison.

Jules,Sam,Spike,Ed and Wordy are the only ones who know about Alison's birth mom-whose name is holly who died.

Jules,Sam and Spike are the only ones right now about Alison strange powers. Ed,Wordy and Greg know too.

Jules kneels down in front of Alison. "Alison,Can you tell me what happen?"asked Jules.

(Cullen Clan) minus Rosalie and Emmett don't come out to check on Alison.

"I saw my mom-Holly she didn't want me,she gave me up. Said that my father wouldn't know about having a daughter who has strange powers"cried Alison into Jules shoulders.

"Mom,We are going to be late for school"answered Shannon standing there.

Jules Callaghan Braddock gives her daughter a look. "Shannon,I'm going to take Alison back to the station right now. This wasn't a good idea for Alison to be here-especially since the death of Holly Waters"answered Jules.

(Cullen Clan) members frozed in their spots

Especially Jasper Hale he frozed.

"Jasper,Wasn't that the women you were dating before?"asked Edward pointing it out.

Jasper nods his head. "Yes,Holly and I were dating-that was 13 years ago. Now I know why she disappeared without a trace"answered Jasper.

"Kind of wondered if Alison knows you are related to her"answered Alice pointing it out.