For Camp Potter. Cabin: Lestrange. Event: Arts and Crafts (1. Nowhere 2. Heartbeat 3. Fireflies)

Also, for the Harry Potter Femmeslash Project, under the category fluff.

For Paula, because people were giving her crap about her pairing choices and I think they're beautiful.




The steady rhythm of your heartbeat.

But then there she is with her firefly eyes shining

(some days they glimmerglitterdance)

(some days they broodsulkagonise)

She is un pre dictab le

and you love that about her

and she

rewrites the rhythm of your heartbeat


when she looks at you

with those firefly eyes shining


she is pretty (beautiful, gorgeous) Lavender Brown

and you woul her to the ends of the Earth, if she'd let you

because you have seen her soul

(the eyes are a window to it, you know)

you have seen her soul

and you will not let it go



your heart tries desperately to escape the prison of your chest

and go to her

it doesn't care about things like

blood flow



it just wants her

you keep your heart in your chest

let it go nowhere

and you try to unwrite the rhythm again

(back to the calm




but you can't

she has changed you in ways you cannot reverse

her revision cannot be unwritten



(because she's rewriting that rhythm too)

(turning your breaths into staccato pulls

desperately searching for air)

her lips are so soft

so insistent

so lonelyperfectbeautifuldesperate

she is


you'd ever dreamed she would be





she rewrites the rhythm of your fingertips

because dancing across skin is different from skipping over air

and your fingertips are still finding out where to land

where to linger

where to pressure

(so that maybe you can rewrite the rhythm of her breaths as well)


in the end

you don't want to unwrite a single note