Atsurekino Kurome: here's my newest one shot story! I think if Harry cared about Sirius as much as it was said that he did he would have confronted him about how Mrs Weasley was treating him. Of course Sirius REALLY DID argue back... But this is only a what if situation.

Harry paced back in forth in his and Ron's shared room, completely ignoring his friends, who had long ago abandoned their argument to watch him worriedly. He had been on a roller coaster of emotions since arriving here. First because he witnessed the death of Cedric, and second because no one had written him. He had shown his displeasure at no one writing him for several days, despite protests. Not even Sirius had been safe from his ire. But he had quickly forgiven his godfather, who looked worse than he had. Especially when he found out that this had been the house that Sirius had grown up in... and had never wanted to return to once he had been disowned from his family. The poor man wasn't allowed to leave the house at all! Not even for Order missions. Whatever the FUCK the Order of the Phoenix was. He WOULD find out soon. But that wasn't his problem. No right now what had caused his ire was the fact that Molly Bloody Weasley did what she normally did, and came in and took over the whole house. And Sirius, despite what he had heard from others and had seen for himself, was not fighting back. He would just keep his mouth shut or walk out of the room. Why wasn't he fighting back? Harry understood what it was like being forced to stay somewhere you didn't want to be. And he couldn't imagine what it was like for Sirius to be back in the house from his unhappy childhood. He looked healthier than the last time Harry had seen him. But his eyes... eyes that had glowed with madness the first time Harry had seen him, and swam with sadness a few months ago... they were so dull now. It wasn't right!

"Harry mate wha- BLOODY HELL!" Ron yelped as Harry rounded on him and glared.

"Harry what's wrong?" Hermione questioned quietly. She didn't want to draw Harry's anger on her. Until just recently, Harry had rarely lost his temper. But with recent happenings, it had been found that said temper was explosive. Professor Lupin would always just smile exasperatedly and blame it on his Black blood. That had been a shock to everyone in the house. Harry's grandmother had been a Black. After that bit of news, the twins had taken to calling him cousin each time they saw him, seeing as how their grandmother had also been a Black. Ginny had been suspiciously absent after excusing herself, her face flushed and eyes filled with tears.

Harry didn't answer, he just strode out of the room in search of the man that occupied his thoughts. He ignored the shouts of his name and began his search. For once the man wasn't in the room with Buckbeak. He paused in front of the door that he knew lead to his godfather's bedroom. He suddenly didn't feel so brave about confronting him. In truth he was afraid to be alone in a room with the other man. Not because he was scared of Sirius... no it was quite the opposite. He loved Sirius. But he was afraid the other man would find something about him that he didn't like and leave. Despite the warnings that it was not safe for them to correspond, after the incident in third year they had taken to writing each other, and during the summer it had turned into an almost daily thing. He was sure that Sirius knew more about him than either Ron or Hermione by the time September had rolled around. That was why he had been so hurt by not receiving a letter from him during the summer. He had NEEDED Sirius. He had NEEDED someone to confide in. Sirius had promised to be there for him, only to abandon him when he had needed him the most.

"Harry?" He looked up and blushed as he noticed that the object of his thoughts looking at him in amusement from the doorway to his room. When had he opened the door? "You okay?"

"Urgle..." Smooth Harry... REAL SMOOTH.

Sirius just laughed and stepped aside. "Come on." Harry only hesitated for a few seconds before taking the invitation. He had never been in Sirius' room... and it was nothing like he expected it to be. For one thing he expected Gryffindor colors, not the dark blue and black that it was. But then he remembered something that Sirius had told him that he had never told anyone else. He had argued with the Sorting Hat to put him in Gryffindor because he was angry with his parents. The Hat had originally wanted to put him in Slytherin like the rest of his family. That had been another thing that had drawn him even closer to his Godfather. Just one more thing they had in common.

"Harry? Pup you okay?" Harry wrinkled his nose slightly. That nickname just served to remind him that Sirius would only see him as his best mates son. Nothing more. It was also better than the alternative name... which was Bambi. He would sooner suffer through being called Pup than Bambi.

Instead of answering the question he decided to just jump right on in to the whole purpose he was here. "Why aren't you fighting back?"


"Why aren't you fighting back? With Mrs. Weasley? Why are you letting her treat you like that? I know you hate it here... but this is still your house!" By now he had rounded on his shocked godfather and was glaring at him with everything he had.

"Harry I..."

"You what? She has no right to treat you like that! This is your house and she's treating you like... bloody hell, she's treating you like you're Voldemort!" Harry had to say that he was proud of Sirius for not flinching. Too many in people in this house flinched everytime they heard the FAKE NAME of the Dark Lord. "Why aren't you standing up for yourself damnit!?" Harry flushed not only in anger but in embarassment as he had realized that he had started yelling. No doubt the whole house heard him. He just looked down and scuffed his shoe on the floor. Unlike other adults, he knew that Sirius wouldn't get angry at him for yelling. Not that he wouldn't get angry. He had seen Sirius angry... it wasn't pretty sight. But he was tired of seeing Sirius like this!

Sirius for his part looked shocked. Harry had no clue if it was because he yelled at him or not. But Harry had decided a few weeks ago that he was tired of playing nice. Nice was going to get him and everyone around him killed. "Y-you're really upset about this aren't you?"

"Of course I am! She has no right to treat you like you're a common criminal!" Here Sirius just snorted. "You're not! You're innocent!"

"Harry... she's just acting like this because she cares about you."

"What do I have to do with this?! We're talking about you and why you aren't fighting back!" Harry tossed his hands in the air in exasperation.

"Harry... you care about the Weasley's right?" What kind of question was that?

"Of course I do! They're my best mates family." He was thoroughly confused now. How did they swicth the conversation from Sirius not fighting back to how he felt about the Weasley family?

"Do you see them as family?" Sirius was nervous. Harry could see it in the way that he fidgited. There was also a bit of somethig else shining in his now expressive eyes. Hope?


"It's a simple question Harry. Do you see them as family?" What did this have to do with anything? Did he see them as family? He scrunched his face in confusion.

"No. I... I don't really... I mean..." He paused to gather his thoughts before speaking again. "I don't really know what family is. I care about them yes. I don't really know them all that well though. If anything you and Remus... you and Remus are my family. Not them. But what does that- " Harry was cut off before he could say anymore as Sirius swept him up in a hug.

"That's what I was afraid of... that's why I wasn't fighting back. I thought... I thought that you saw them as family and ... I was afarid that if I fought back that you would hate me, because I thought that you saw them as family." That was when Harry realized that Sirius was just as insecure about their relationship as he was.

Atsurekino Kurome: Not that long I know. But I felt this was a good spot to end it. Andi just couldn't add any more. Hope you guys like it!