Choices Made

What would have happened if Gibbs had chosen Ziva ? From Aliyah, the Season 6 Season Finale.

AN: This story is going, I think, to be a pretty much anti-everybody. People are going to act in very surprising ways to a very upsetting and surprising situation. I have read many stories on this topic, but I haven't written one of my own. I think it's about time. I hope you enjoy.

Tony, Gibbs, Vance and Ziva all got into the plane ready to go back to the United States. Something was off, Tony could tell. He had seen Gibbs and Ziva talking outside the plane. He had then watched them get on. Something was going on, he was just too tired, right now, to figure out what it was. He slept nearly the entire trip back to the states.

Gibbs grabbed Tony's good arm to stop him before he could step off the elevator at the bullpen. They were all going up to the Director's office.

Tony listened, very carefully, to what he was being told. He, at first, was shocked, then hurt, then angry and now he just...he wanted to leave. He stood after Gibbs had finished.

"You've known me for 8 years, you've known her for 3 years, and she's the one you trust?" Tony replied, shaking his head. "But hey, that's okay." Tony throws up his good hand. "Your choice, it's your team. But when this all goes sideways, and I mean when, not if…DON'T call me!"

Tony turned to leave. He stopped and spoke to the director. "Congratulations Leon, you're rid of me!" Tony said sarcastically, knowing the director never really liked him. "But I'd watch this one." He said, referring to Ziva. "Make sure you don't end up with a knife in your back." He paused. "I've done a lot of things…" Tony told them. "…but I've never knocked my own partner to the ground and held a gun on him." He said, looking pointedly at Ziva.

The look was not lost on either man, and Vance and Gibbs looked at one another for just a moment, wondering exactly what Tony was talking about.

Gibbs looked at him and started to speak.

Tony just shook his head and left the office. He took the stairs down to the bullpen, where without a word to a shocked McGee, started opening up drawers and emptying his desk. When he was finished he laid his gun, badge and ID on top of the desk.

Tony looked to the balcony where he knew the three of them stood, watching. "I quit! Effective immediately!"

There was a collective gasp as the room heard the announcement. There had been murmurs with word that Tony was cleaning out his desk. People had begun to pay attention then, trying to look, but not be so obvious about it. When he made his announcement, he had everyone's full attention.

Tony then looked at McGee, who was still too stunned to form words. "See ya around, Kid. Take care, Tim." He said before he turned and then disappeared into the elevator.

All the agents and staff were in shock as they watched Tony leave the floor.

Tony pulled out his phone as he walked to his car, in the parking garage. He had the number programed in. He just pushed a button.

"Are you still interested?" Tony asked as he got into his car.


End Notes: I think you guys can guess who Tony is talking to, and you'd be right, but here's a hint-Everybody needs a plan B.