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Summary: When Edward tries to leave Bella in New Moon, she sets out to prove beyond a reasonable doubt their relationship is worth saving. Will the Cullen High Court rule in love's favor? A unique canon-based AU New Moon fic. **NOTE: This story is TOTALLY UNRELATED to "Serenity's Prayer," my other AU New Moon fic.**

A/N: So I had no intention of starting a new fic now that "Serenity's Prayer" is an epilogue away from completion... let alone another AU New Moon fic.

But while zoning out during redundant testimony on Day Three of jury duty, I got a little idea I couldn't ignore. So I'm choosing to capture it before it dissipates!

Here we go!

Chapter 1: Moving Day?

Alice's POV

"I cannot believe he's going through with this," Alice groused as she carefully folded her last pair of jeans. She moved at nearly human speed, a testament to how stressed out she was. He has got to be the most bullheaded, arrogant, idiotic excuse for an immortal this world has ever seen!

Though she had used every argument she could muster, bombarding him with visions whenever he was within range despite his protests, Edward was resolved to leave Bella and just asked her to take a walk with him in the woods near her house. Alice knew his phone was off, so she didn't bother calling him again to tell him what a first-class horse's ass he was being.

No matter how much she wanted to.

She dropped the jeans into the suitcase and sighed. And we're just as bad because we're leaving too.

"Stop." Jasper's voice caressed her as he entered their bedroom. "You're only… not human."

His attempt at humor didn't go unnoticed, but her smile was limp as she flopped on the bed. "He won't listen, Jas. No matter what I reveal, he is convinced she's better off without him."

Jasper sighed. "And I'm sure my attempt…"

Alice covered his mouth with her hand, shaking her head firmly. "You stop this. I won't have you beating yourself up all the way to Ithaca."

He liberated her hand from his face, kissing its tender palm. She fluttered as always but kept her voice even. "Don't try to distract me with your charms, Major. I meant what I said."

Jasper nodded in a poor attempt to placate his bride, and she pretended to believe him as she reached for her sweaters, alpha by designer. "Where's Esme?" he asked.

"On her way to a food bank in Seattle." Alice opened another cavernous suitcase. "She doesn't want anything to go waste."

He nodded, expecting no less. "And Carlisle?"

"At the hospital saying final goodbyes. His offer to consult by phone will reduce the likelihood of anyone checking on us." She shrugged. "Every little bit helps."

"Em took Rose hunting." Jasper handed her the first sweater. "Trying to get her mind off things."

Alice rolled her eyes. "As much as she crabs about Bella, you'd think she'd be happy."

Jasper understood Alice's confusion but empathized with his mercurial sister. "Forks is the first place she's liked since…"

"Gaitlinburg," she snorted.

"Either way," Jasper said, "this isn't easy on her either."

"This isn't easy on any of us!" Alice cried, "Yes, Bella will surely get the worst of it, but it's bad for all of us."

"I know, chickpea."

"And it's especially bad for me because I know this is a mistake. I know it, Jas! Even if I couldn't see it, I know it in my heart. And I just wish Edward would…"

The cashmere sweater fell from her hand as her mouth fell open, and Jasper rescued the Armani creation before it hit the floor. He knew better than to interrupt her when she was getting a vision, but the sudden onslaught of emotions caught him completely off-guard.

Confusion, frustration, fear, and sadness battled for dominance within him as his bride stared at nothing, and he leaned against the doorframe for support, idling in wait.

Suddenly Alice gasped, and the mounting pressure in his soul disappeared. And as it was replaced by rising excitement, Jasper watched the slow grin spread across her luminous face.

"Oh my god! Is she serious?!" Alice clapped her hands and squealed, practically vibrating where she stood. "Bella, you crazy minx, I love you! But will it work? Gah! I can't see that yet, but this is so great!"

Blinking out of her trance, she looked at her husband, her eyes alight once more. "Get Em and Rose back here, and pass me my phone. I need to call Carlisle and Esme right now!"

Jasper did what she asked, marveling as she dialed. "You mind clueing me in on what just happened here, sparky?"

"I'll tell you what happened!" Alice cried. "Bella's taking Edward to court!"

Well, whadaya think?