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Vrook was dead. Dead at my feet. His lifeless body was just lying there, without the light. Without everything that makes people alive. It felt so good. I knew killing him would make angry, maybe more powerful. But all i felt was peace. Betrayal was paid in blood. His blood. As i pierced his neck with my double lightsaber, i knew other would meet the same fate. I could see the anger and confusion in both Atton and Handmaiden. Kreia once told me that my actions will effect others in my presence. Maybe she was right. Suddenly something changed. Air was heavier, my legs and hands wouldn't listen to me, and my left eye started to hurt in a burning pain. I fell to the ground, both Handmaiden and Atton instantly by my side, seeing if i was alright. My pain was great, head was pounding, millions of thoughts attacked my mind. Millions of souls yelled, pierced my heart, and all i could do is feel anger. For them. For me. The Jedi Council did nothing. So many had died because of them. Suddenly i realized that this was not my revenge. This was revenge for all the fallen.

Handmaiden tried to calm both me and Atton, since he was more worried than me. The pain slowly faded away as my thoughts drifted back to our little passenger, back on the Ebon Hawk. Maybe my future apprentice, maybe my future mate, I've no idea. But right now, her smooth and delicate fingers were touching my face, easing my pain in my thoughts. Her lips whispered calm words into my soul, and the anger was gone. All that remained was serenity. Peace. This blind Seer had the utmost power over my whole body and my soul. Her words could bring me back from death, i was sure of that. Her hands could heal every wound, flesh or serious. Her voice could ease the pain in my mind. Visas Marr was someone i needed in my life. Just as Revan needed Bastila. And then, as suddenly as the pain started, so it ended. And i secretly knew that Visas had something to do with this.

Kreia. Her voice was now in my head as we slowly walked back to the Ebon Hawk, explaining just what the hell happened. Apparently, i somehow drained Vrook's power, making my own, a lot more stronger. Thus the pain. My body was adapting to this new amount of power. And i could feel my left eye pulsating with it. I saw everything and everyone within a fair range. All life, even those who longs lost left this world. Visas will have to explain this. After all, she was the who done this to me. I've yet to find a fine mask to cover this powerful eye. It was my advantage, and showing it all open would only compromise me.

The Ebon Hawk was lifeless, as always. Drones were repairing, along with Bao-Dur, Atton was stuck up in the pilot cabin, Handmaiden was training in the cargo hold. Only two women interested me at the moment. Kreia, since i needed to know about this drain power i obtained, and Visas. For what reason i wanted to see Visas, i did not known. I had no reason. And yet, my heart ached when she wasn't near me. It was starting to get unbearable. She needed to go with on the next mission. She had to. Her presence gave me power i never imagined of. And her absence was taking away my soul, my heart, and shattered them both into million pieces. I needed her near me. I tried her quarters, the cargo hold, the whole ship. I gave up. Going to my own quarters, i realized something. When i was last leaving the Ebon Hawk, i told her to stay in my quarters. But surely she wouldn't stay there, even if i told her so. Right ? She kept calling me Master, she kept asking for orders. And i realized that i gave her one. And when i opened the doors, what i saw hit me like nothing before.

She was asleep. So calm and peaceful. In my bed. Her chest slightly rose up and down with a steady rhythm, her hands beneath her head, a poor substance for a pillow. I could see her shaking. Although i had no idea if it was because of the poor climatized air, along with the cold interior of the Ebon Hawk, or because of her still not properly healed wounds. Or maybe because she had nightmares ? After what she told me about her master, i wouldn't be surprised. I wanted to slash his head and let Visas crush it in her hands, but for that, she needed strength. Strength that maybe i can give her. I never had an apprentice in my entire life, but maybe it was time to have one. It could be a training for me too. But, deep inside... I knew i was doing this for her. This blind angel needed guidance, because she never knew any better. I knew Sith tortured, killed, had slaves. But Visas was not like them. She was caught in the middle. But what does that make me ? I killed for revenge. By the Jedi code, i am a Sith myself. Perhaps. And perhaps i was, it never really mattered. In my heart, i knew what i was. I had hatred, i used it, and very gladly. But not on the innocent ones. I helped them instead. I am neither Sith nor a Jedi. I am something in between those two. As was she. I will be her master, if she needs me. She needs it. And i had no right to change that. Not until she asks me to.

I went to sit on the bed near her. She let out a slight sigh, as if feeling my presence. I couldn't help myself, so i ran a hand through her hair, and kissed her forehead, inhaling the sweet scent. Her sweet essence. It was weird, i never did something like this, but not if felt so natural, so... needed. I cupped her face, and went lower to taste her lips again. Those sweet and full velvet lips. I dreamed for so long to taste something this delicious, and now my dreams are true. I felt her hand on mine, she responded to the kiss and opened her mouth for my tongue to slip in. The sensation was indescribable. She sat up, taking my face in both her hands, gently caressing me. I let my hands slip on her hips, taking her closer to me. Needing to feel her warmth, her comfort. What she was doing, it was incredible. A simple kiss could simply destroy all those years of pain and agony i had to live without the Force. Now nothing mattered but us.

Then it hit me. Does she really want this ? Or is it because i want it ? Is she fulfilling her orders again ? Just like with him ?

Those thoughts were unbearable, and i abruptly ended the kiss. I pressed my forehead against hers, my right hand went to gently caress her face. I felt a tear going down at the left side of my face. My damaged eye was responding to her touch, to her presence. More than i actually did. She caressed my face, taking the tear away. And when she licked her fingers, i realized it was blood. My blood. She was licking my blood. She smiled gently and then again she, very lightly, kissed me again. It was chaste and simple. I had to know. I needed to know if she wanted this as much as i did.

"Do you want this ?" i asked simply, hoping for a honest answer, not the one i needed to hear. "Tell me the truth" As she was opening her mouth to answer me, i quickly added. "I am yours to command" she said, her hands working on my robes. I shook my head, trying to stop her hands. "I asked you a question" she stopped her ministration with my robes when she heard the seriousness in my voice."I do..." she said, looking into her lap. As if ashamed. She needed guidance. And i knew that simple one word could fix that. "Master. You may call me Master now, apprentice" i caressed her hip and she hissed in pain. Apparently i hit her wound, which was not entirely healed yet. I quickly looked at her, worried. Hurting her, was hurting me as well. Her pain was mine. Her fears were mine. She was mine. I needed her to be safe.

"I am not worthy of your concern, Master" she said, surely seeing my concern and pained look. I was sitting there, one hand on her injured hip, the other on her face. I looked into my lap, and i knew she would never give a straight answer. As her master, she would only tell me what i wanted to hear. As if she sensed my doubts and fears, she took my head into her heads, and smiled warmly. "If i may, Master. I wanted this the first time i felt you through the Force. The first time i felt your Echo. The Echo we share" she was right. We're the same. Outlaws. Unwanted. Alone. Maybe not anymore. Her words healed every wound, her words send my fears and doubts into oblivion. I smiled and kissed her cheek. "Do you love me ?" i don't know what came over me to ask this. It was too soon for love, no ? No ? No. "What i feel for you is something very strong and i am afraid that i cannot control it for much longer...But love..I...don't know how love feels, Master" her words were like a symphony played by angels. I closed my right eye, and i could see her as she saw me. Through the Force.

"Then let this be our first lesson"

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