Chapter 1

The name reflecting off the screen of my phone intrigues me.

For one because I can count on one hand how many times Rosalie Hale has called me directly and for another because the last time I saw Rosalie Hale it was almost as if she wanted to be anywhere but there with me. I don't even recall her saying one thing to me a couple of nights ago when all the girls got together, but I swear I saw pity more than once cross her features.

If it wasn't for the fact that she was dating my fiancee's close friend I doubt Rosalie and I would ever get along or rather try to get along. She was too Barbie while I was too Jane.

Something in the gut of my stomach tells me to answer the phone before it directs her to voice mail and I do, but in what I'm sure is possibly the last ring.




"I wasn't sure you were going to answer. I thought you might still be at work."

I can't help but notice that the tone of her voice shows disappointment. Almost as if she was hoping I wasn't going to answer.

"Is something wrong, Rosalie?"

And I'm pretty sure she's thinking what I was just thinking a moment ago. You never call so why are you calling now?

"I really need to talk to you."

"You actually called during my conference period, so I have time to listen," I say as I put the papers I was grading aside.

"Do you think we could get together, just the two of us?"

I pause. We've always had someone to booster our conversations whenever we have gone out. It has never just been her and me and the feeling I was feeling in the pit of my stomach only intensifies.

"Is something wrong?" I ask, trying to get her to talk now in order to avoid the awkwardness later.

"I-um. I just really need to talk to you about something."

"When did you want to meet up?"


"My place?"

"No, no," she practically shouts into the phone. "Let's meet up somewhere. Is Julio's okay?"

"Yeah mexican sounds fine. I'm sure Jacob can take care of himself for tonight."

I'm back and with a new story. :)

I know many of you are wondering about the fate of my other two stories and I'm going to be honest...I don't know what's going to happen to them. I know that if I ever do get back to finishing them I would have to go back and do many changes. BUT I do hope to one day give them the ending I know they both deserve.

But for now I will try to entertain you with You Were Suppose to Stay in Vegas. I have half of it written and I'm currently working on the other half. We're looking at short Chapters.

I hope you enjoy...