Chapter 7

I'm not exaggerating when I say that both, Rosalie and myself look around the suite about five times. Seeing it all just once doesn't let you take everything in or give the room justice. Our jaws drop lower and lower as we step from one room to the next. Even on the third round our eyes find new things to be amazed by.

We wait to look out the wall-sized windows until the last possible moment. I stand there stunned as I look around the city. Time passes and I realize that Rosalie is probably going to have to force me to move from this spot. I just want to sit here and take in all the colors and buildings. They seem to captivate me even more from this top floor than they ever could from the cab ride earlier.

As I look out the window the Bellagio Fountain turns on and I realize that I have yet to witness the performance from the side of the street like I'm seeing most people do. I'm only disappointed for a second because as a see the rush of water come up toward me the view takes my breath away. Neither Rosalie or I speak as we watch the fountain come alive. The music is faint but can still be heard from all the way up here.

"This is amazing, Bella," Rosalie says as the show ends.

"I told you it was going to be worth it."

"I'm going to want to stay here every time now." I don't know why she sounds disappointed.

I laugh as I stare across the street at Las Vegas Eiffel Tower. If this one is this beautiful I can only imagine what the real one must make you feel.

"I don't want to move from this spot," I say as I remain looking out.

"No chance in hell, Bella," Rosalie responds as she steps away from the window and grabs the luggage the bell hopper left by the couch.

"Take your luggage to the master, and get ready. We're going out."

I look at my watch.

"Rosalie it's already going to be 11. Maybe we should just stay in tonight."

She ignores my words.

"You mean, it's only ten thirty," she says as she walks into the bedroom she has apparently claimed as her own.

I stay standing where I'm at. She somehow knows this because a minute later she pokes her head out of her bedroom. I roll my eyes, but gather my things and head in the opposite direction.

"Smile, Bella! We're in Las Vegas."

I look back and smile at her.

"The night is young and for you and me it's just beginning. You've got twenty minutes to get ready," she yells as she steps back into her room.

As I enter my room I stare longingly at my king size bed and apologize as I ignore it and instead lift the suitcases filled with my closet and place them on the couch by the foot of the bed.

I grab the things I need and make my way over to the bathroom. I can't describe the feeling that runs through me as I look around the room, but I don't give myself time to pause; Rosalie had said twenty minutes and I was going to need every last second of that time to get myself presentable.

I take the shortest shower I've ever taken and throw on one of the robe's that the hotel had provided us with once I step out. Back in my room, I open up my suitcases and grab my flat iron and make-up bag. I give the iron time to heat up while I do my make-up. Used to the steps I'm quick as I apply on light blush, pink lip gloss and I bit of powder to my nose. I give my already straight hair just a quick touch up. I look down at my robe and know that I had purposely left the hardest part for the end...clothes. What was I going to wear? I dump half of my clothes onto the bed and grow more hopeless as the minutes pass by and I come up empty handed. Half of these clothes are only acceptable with sneakers and the other half is only acceptable to teach my 9th grade English class. Something tells me Rosalie isn't going to approve of either for a night out in Vegas.

Gathering up all the courage I can, I walk across the suite and don't give myself time to pause as I knock on Rosalie's door. She shouts for me to come in.

She's adjusting the strap of her heel across her ankle. I try to remember if there's any heels shoved into one of the suitcases I had brought. I pray and hope that there's more than just sneakers in my bags.

"Have you seriously been in the shower this whole time, Bella?" she asks as she looks at me.

I look at myself from the mirror across the room and notice that from where she sits she must not notice my light blush and lip gloss. My hair doesn't look much different then what it did from the airport.

"I think I need help," I admit as I shrug my shoulders.

She stands up and pats the seat she was just sitting on.

As soon as I sit down she attacks my hair with her own flat iron, but I notice her curl the ends of my hair instead of keeping them flat.

"You'll have more volume now," she explains.

When she's done with my hair she grabs a tissue and whips away the gloss on my lips.

"Close your eyes she commands." I listen.

I feel her applying something to my eyes before moving on to my cheeks. I feel as she applies something to my lips.

"I brought this black dress that would look so much better on you than it does on me. Do you want to borrow it?"

I don't try to hide the laugh that comes from out of me as I process her words. I doubt there's any article of clothing that would look better on me then it would on her, but I don't argue, knowing that there's nothing in my suitcase that would pass Rosalie's inspection.

"That'd be good," I say instead of saying what I'm really thinking.

She tells me to keep my eyes close as she steps out of the room and comes back with what I assume is the black dress.

"I think I brought a pair of heels that will go with it," I say as I hear her walk toward me. I pray that I'm not lying.

"Here's hoping because I don't think we could even magically make my size 10 fit your size 5 feet."

I laugh.

"Are you wearing a black bra already?" she questions.

"Yes," I answer nervously, wondering if she's going to want me to change in front of her. I've never been comfortable with my body, much less displaying it.

"I'm going to leave the dress on the back of the chair. Try not to look in the mirror without me." I hear the door close as she steps out. I open my eyes and ignore the mirror in front of me even though every part of myself screams at me to look. Instead, I turn around and look at the dress draped across the back of the chair. I smile and I'm thankful as I see that it's simple enough for me.

It isn't until I slip it on that I notice the two slits on each side in the front of the dress. I'm revealing most of my thighs. It's something I would never try on, let alone buy. I'm just about to take it off and go dig up my best outfit when Rosalie knocks on the door. She doesn't wait for an answer and instead just steps in.

"Holy shit, Bella!" she says as she takes me in.

I jump, startled and lean down to grab my robe, so I can have something to throw back on.

"You look hot!" she adds.

I stop my movements and instead tug the dress down.

"You don't think it's too much?" I say.

"Are you kidding me? Have you seen yourself?"

I shake my head and still ignore the mirror. She walks toward me and places me directly in front of it to where I don't have no where else to look. At first all I see is red. My lips are red. I never thought I could pull off red lipstick, but now that I see it on me I wonder why I was always so scared to try it on. Maybe because you've always been too scared to try anything new a voice in my head says to me. I tell it to shut up.

My hair looks better than it has for a while and I'm tempted to ask Rosalie just how she did it so I can do it myself. And the dress...the dress outlines my figure in a way that takes the attention away from the slits on my thighs and instead focuses on my curves. I don't want to take it off anymore.

"Oh my gosh, Rose," I mumble as I look myself over.

She smiles and I can't help but to smile along with her, but then her smile fades. I frown.

"What's wrong?" I question as I look away from myself and at her.

"Those panties aren't going to work with the dress. You're going to have to take them off," she says as she steps closer to me.

"What?! Are you crazy I'm not going to walk the streets without underwear on!" I say as I inspect myself. I don't see anything wrong.

"You should have thought of that when you decided to pack underwear only my grandmother wears. I can totally see the outline, Bella, " she says as she turns me around in order for me to see through the mirror.

"They're the only kind I own."

"Owned. You're getting rid of them. I know the first place I'm taking you tomorrow. Now, take them off," she orders.

I stare at her pointedly and she rolls her eyes as she turns around. I grab my robe from the floor and with reluctance pull down my underwear.

"I'm turning around." she says as I fix my dress.

Her eyes move up and down before she smiles again.

"There, perfect and you look gorgeous. Now go put your heels on. We're 10 minutes behind schedule."

I run to my room and toss even more things around as I hope to find the one good pair of black heels I know I own. I'm losing hope when I finally find one and know that the other most be somewhere in here too. I find it at the bottom. Successful, I strap both heels on, dab on some perfume and grab my purse before stepping out of my room.

Rosalie is already by the door.

"The Bellagio has a tram that will take us directly to the Monte Carlo." She ignores the frown on my face and continues. "We want to get to the The Excalibur Hotel which is just across. We can just walk from there."

I nod my head as though her words make sense and just as I'm about to ask her what's at Excalibur she walks out the door. I rush out after her.

The tram is fun, walking in heels to the Excalibur not so much. Rosalie, the pro, grumbles for me to move it as I stop every minute or so to catch my breath. She's shouting that we're already late and every time I ask her what for she ignores me. I choose to ignore her yelling.

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