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Lost..Very Lost...Those were the exact words going through the thought process of Mina Yuki as she walked through the forest that were supposed to lead her to Konohagakure. The keyword here was 'were' because right now she had no idea where she was at and no idea if she was on the right path. And to add insult to injury it was almost nightfall and she had not even found a place to set up camp.

"Gaaah! Great just great," Mina muttered to herself as she walked passed a group of trees and bushes, which were decorated with colorful flower. "Not only am I lost, but I'm probably walking in circles!" She exclaimed miserably as she looked up at the quickly fading light from the sun.

Shaking her head and sighing lightly, she decide to stop for the night and just continue her journey the next day. It would be too risky to try and move at night especially since she had no idea where she was at in the first place.

Finding a place where the trees and bushes merged heavily together, she took off her backpack and placed it near the base of the closest tree. She could finally sit down and give her body and mind a well needed rest after wandering around the woods for hours in an attempt to complete her mission.

"Why did I ever agree to do this mission alone," she asked herself as she sat down on the ground and looked up at the sky. Mina had known it was a bad idea to try and attempt a mission by herself no matter how simple it seemed.

'Remember Mina it's about the power of three!' Her father said to her when she accepted to do the mission by herself. But of course due to her stubborn attitude and her over confidence she thought she would be able to complete the mission by herself. Now look at her lost in some strange woods and not even knowing if she was going in the right direction. How lovely. Her father would be laughing at her right now if he saw her in her current predicament.

"All I was suppose to do was deliver a freaking scroll to the Hokage and look at where I end up," Mina said picking up a rock and throwing it to the opposite side of her. The rock hit a branch sticking out from a tree causing it to fall into the bushes. A howl from somewhere in the forest caused Mina to tense up and shudder with nervousness. Sure she was a shinobi and all that ,but she really didn't want to fight a man-eating animal if she could avoid it. Getting up from her seat from the base of the tree she grabbed her bag and turned around to face the tall tree.

'Maybe if I sleep off the ground the animals won't bother me to much, and I can survey the land from here to see if I'm getting any closer to Konoha. Though I doubt it.' Mina thought to herself as she looked up at the tree.

Slinging the backpack behind her, Mina carefully channeled a balanced amount of chakra to her feet and began to stride up the tree with practiced ease. Finding a thick and stable branch Mina grabbed a kunai from her weapons pouch and pierced the wood. Making sure the weapon was deep inside the tree, she hung her backpack up and slid down on the branch into a laying position. The sun had finally gone down and the moon would probably be high in the sky in a hour or two. Mina closed her eyes and decide that she should just sleep until the sun came up because did she really have anything else she could do? No. She really hoped she could find Konoha by tomorrow or she would just lose her mind out here. As Mina began to fall asleep she didn't notice the presence of the two masked men beneath her.

"So is that her?" The shorter man asked wearing a mask with the face of a snake on it. The taller man, who was wearing a mask with a face of a weasel on him, nodded in response. The one who wore the snake mask made a 'tsk' sound and asked the other man, "Do we leave her here, or wait for her to wake up?" The man in the weasel mask looked up at the sleeping girl.

"We'll wait for her to wake up and then escort her to Konoha," the one with the weasel mask said.

"Hn," the other man said turning around and walking away from his partner. "I'll watch the forest first." The taller one nodded and sat down by the tree as he watched his partner's fading figure. He looked back up at Mina's sleeping form and shook his head slightly. Why in the world did Kirigakure send one person to do the mission? He didn't know and he honestly couldn't care right now. It wasn't his job to question what the other villages were thinking now was it. He gave a soft sigh. At least it didn't take them long to find where the girl was at. Now all they had to do was to escort her to Konoha easy enough and that was that. Right?

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