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The crunching of leaves and rustling of bushes caused Mina to stir awake from her sleep. But kami was she not expecting to see a man with an ANBU mask on standing right in front of her. Surprised by the stranger Mina did the most sensible thing anyone could think of. She quickly grabbed a kunai from her weapons pouch that she did not take off the night before and threw it at him. The ANBU shinobi dogged it easily by slightly moving to his right causing the kunai to fly to the opposite side and lodge itself into a tree. Mina stood up from her spot and glared at the ANBU.

"Who are you?!"She asked examining the man in front of her.

He wore a standard ANBU mask with the facial marking of a weasel painted on to it and she could tell he had his hair tied into a pony tail...not that it really mattered.

The man pointed to the middle of his mask were the his forehead was at. Mina looked at where he was pointing and then gave a relieved sigh. On the forehead of the mask, the sign of the Village Hidden in the Leaf was etched into it.

"We were suppose to be retrieving a group of ninjas from Kirigakure with a scroll for the Hokage," he said looking around at the surrounding, " but I assume they only sent you?"

Mina narrowed her eyes at what he said.

"I'm not sure if I'm suppose to be offended or complimented that you said that." The masked man just shrugged and shook his head.

"Take it however you see fit," he replied bluntly, "though a capable shinobi shouldn't have gotten lost in the first place." Mina was about to say something until the sound of the bushes rustling made them both look down to see another man with a mask appear.

"You guys are loud," the newcomer said in a mono toned voice as he looked at the two shinobis standing on the tree branch. Mina looked at the 'weasel' who just gave her a shrugged.

"Get your stuff we're going," the weasel said to Mina.

Mina looked at him warily even though he did have Konoha's symbol on him should she trust them? What would happen if it was some rouge shinobis disguised as ANBU. Then so would really be in some mess.

"Oh yeah one more thing," the man in front of her said breaking her train of thought, " if we were a bunch of rouge shinobis don't you think we would have just killed you when you were sleep and taken the scroll?"

Mina's jaw drop as she watched the man jump down to the ground and approach his partner.

'Did he just read my mind?!' Mina thought with a shocked expression plastered on her face. "Are all shinobis in Konoha that perceptive?!" She said to herself. 'Ugh first I get lost and then I get found by shinobis that can read minds huh? Wonderful.' "Well at least I'm found," she muttered as she picked up her backpack from where it had fallen earlier.

"HEY GIRL!" The man with the snake mask on shouted, "hurry up and stop staring into space!" The 'weasel' looked at his partner. Really? And he said they were being to loud. Mina jumped a little startled at the mans loud shouting.

"I-I'm sorry!" She squeaked grabbing her bag and jumping down from the tree. Something in her brain told her that the 'snake' was a bit more...violent then his 'weasel' counterpart. When Mina got next to the 'weasel' he spoke.

"Before we go, I would like to make sure that you do indeed have the scroll that was suppose to be delivered to the Hokage." Mina looked at him with confusion.

"You need to see the scroll?!" Mina asked incredulously.

"That's what he said didn't he," the 'snake' stated sounding a bit annoyed. Mina rolled her eyes a little this guys attitude was getting pretty annoying. The weasel gave a soft sigh and pushed his partner back a little.

"You don't have to show me what's in the scroll. I just need to see the outside of the scroll." Mina just didn't know what to say at the moment. All he needed to see was the outside of the scroll? Was there something on the outside of the scroll that made it differ from a fake. She hoped so because she didn't see any other reason he would only need to see the outside of the scroll. Shrugging Mina unzipped her backpack and dug into to get the scroll. She held it out to let the 'weasel' confirm it was the real thing.

"So is it the right one?" The 'snake' asked the 'weasel'. The 'weasel' just turned around to face his 'snake' partner.

"Let's go," 'weasel' said loud enough for both Mina and his partner to hear. The 'snake' nodded and jumped onto a nearby tree. Mina dumped the scroll back into her backpack and put the backpack back on. The 'weasel' turned around and gave her a curt nod.

"Don't fall behind," he said and then they were off towards the Leaf Village.

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