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After hours of traveling and taking short breaks, the team of the two ANBU shinobis and Mina had finally made it to the gates of Konoha before the sun had completely gone down. Mina was surprise at how long it took them to get to the village making her wonder if she could have gotten there all by herself. The idea made her frown slightly, but she decide to shake it off.

As they made it to the front gates they turned to Mina who just tilted her head to the side giving them a questioning look.

"We're supposed to escort you to the Hokage's mansion so we have a little bit more to go," Itachi said to Mina.

"I understand, standard protocol right?" Mina asked him thoughtfully. Itachi nodded at the girl and looked at Sasuke.

"What." Sasuke said in a monotone voice noticing Itachi's stare. Shaking his head Itachi just turned around.

"It's nothing, come on you two." He said to the them. Sasuke made a 'tsk' noise while Mina did a little fist pump. She was close to being able to just go lay down and relax after a days of being lost. It was exciting.

Running through the gates, Mina notice that there were not many people out in the village right now. But she was probably sure people were starting to go home after a long day of work. After a few minutes of getting to the other side of the village they stopped in front of a building the had the fire sign emblem on the roof of it. Sasuke was the first to start walking towards the building and Itachi and Mina followed him. They went inside of the building and up a flight of stairs into a hallway that looked pretty circular.

Itachi went forward and knocked on the center door of the hallway and waited until a voice called.

"Come in," a feminine voice called from behind the door.

Itachi opened the door and beckoned the two to follow him. Sasuke went in first followed by Mina who closed the door behind her. A lady with blonde pigtails, who was presumably the Hokage, was behind her desk writing on some documents. A lady with short black hair was standing next to her and greeted them with a smile.

But the thing that caught Mina's eye was the small pig she was carrying. 'A ninja pig...?' Mina thought to herself quizzically. A little grin spread across her face when she thought about that.

"So you two finally made it back, huh?" The Hokage asked finally looking up from what she had been writing on.

"Hai Tsunade-Sama," Itachi answered bowing down slightly. Sasuke followed Itachi's example and bowed down also. Tsunade turned slightly and looked at Mina who was wearing a nervous facial expression.

"So you're the kunoichi that the Mizukage sent to do this mission right?" Tsunade asked Mina. Nodding at the Hokage, Mina bowed slightly and looked up.

"Yes I am. My name is Mina Yuki nice to meet you Hokage-Sama," she responded politely.

"You were sent here to bring me a scroll right?" Tsunade asked folding her hands and propping her elbows onto the table.

Mina nodded and slid her bag off of her back to retrieve the scroll that was in there. She unzipped the bag and placed the bag on the floor getting ready to kneel down and look for it.

Suddenly, Sasuke who was beside her grabbed her shoulder to get her attention and then spoke," let him get it." Obviously talking about Itachi who had already picked her bag off the ground to retrieve the item. Mina just gave a curt nod to him and watched as he pulled out the blue scroll that was addressed to the Hokage.

Itachi walked over to Tsunade's desk and handed the scroll to her. She observed it for a moment and laid it down on her desk. She looked back at Mina and stared at her for a moment making Mina feel very self conscious about herself.

"Mina, do you know why you were sent on this mission by yourself?" Tsunade asked with a serious tone.

Mina placed her finger on her chin in a thinking manner. Of course she knew why she had been sent on the mission. The Mizukage told her and her parents that there was a shortage of shinobis because they had all been assigned to missions already. Her parents had argued with the Mizukage that they should go with her, but they had already been assigned with a mission. Not only was that a factor but she had practically begged her parents to let her do this mission by herself. Now here she was being questioned by the Hokage.

"Well the Mizukage told me that since there was a shortage of shinobis that she could only send one person on the mission." Mina answered leaving the arguing part out. Tsunade examined Mina for a few minutes and then put her attention to the scroll.

"Mina can you please step out of the room for a minute?" Tsunade asked her. Nodding Mina bowed and turned to leave the room. "I'll call you back in a minute so wait until then."

"I understand," Mina answered opening the door and leaving the room. When the door close Tsunade spoke to the three remaining in the room..

"Shizune, do you remember if the Mizukage brought up anything about the number of shinobis on duty at the last meeting?" Tsunade asked looking over to the standing women.

"I do remember her talking about it a bit. She said something about the numbers decreasing just a bit but to be so short of ninjas that she could only send one?" Shizune answered with her brows furrowed.

"Not only that, the girl she sent got lost in the forest on her way here," Itachi said to Tsunade. "I'm not sure why the Mizukage sent someone..so…"

"Someone that doesn't have a sense of direction," Sasuke said finishing Itachi's statement. Itachi nodded at what he said. Tsunade just sighed and looked back down at the sealed scroll.

"Let me just read the scroll," Tsunade said to the three. Taking in a deep breath Tsunade quickly did a few hand signs to open the seal. The seal burned off causing the scroll to unroll itself and open up for her to read.

There was silence in the room for a minute as she scanned over the contents of the scroll making 'hm' sounds at intervals. After a few minutes she looked back up to them and had a faint smirk.

"I have to agree that even if that girl doesn't have a sense of direction there is apparently something that made the Mizukage choose her to do this mission." Tsunade said looking at the two ANBU shinobis.

"And what would that be," Sasuke said with a tinge of annoyance in his voice. Tsunade picked the scroll up and threw it to Itachi who caught it in his hand. He looked at it and read what it said.

"Hmm so this girl she is a Hyoton user? That's a very rare kekkei genkai even within the Yuki clan," Itachi said reading from the scroll. He stopped talking all of a sudden as he read across the scroll. "She's staying here?" He asked all of a sudden. Tsunade chuckled when he said that.

"What?," Sasuke and Shizune both said looking at Itachi and then Tsunade.

"Apparently the mission the Mizukage sent Mina on was actually to help build a better relationship with us. That's why she was sent by herself and plus she knew the girl could do the mission by herself due to her family background so she was not to worried about the girl not being able to care for herself. Sense of direction or not." Tsunade said with a grin still plastered on her face.

"Is she allowed to do that?" Shizune asked turning to Tsunade with a worried expression, "I mean we weren't even given noticed to this and I'm pretty sure the girl wasn't either."

"Well I guess she wanted us to tell the girl ourselves," Tsunade said looking up at Shizune.

"Um wait where is she going to stay at?" Sasuke asked a little confused. Tsunade turned to the two ANBU shinobi and a grin appeared on her face.

"I'm pretty sure the Uchiha's have plenty of room at the compound," she said simply to them.

"WHAT!" Sasuke yelled all of a sudden. Itachi's head snapped to Sasuke as he made the sudden outburst. "You're kidding right!" Tsunade looked at him and shook her head 'no.'

"You two did find her so who better to let the girl stay with," Tsunade said happily, "see problem solved."

"But-!" Sasuke started but Itachi spoke up before he could finish his sentence.

"That won't be a problem Tsunade-Sama but what are we even suppose to do with her," Itachi asked her.

"Do what you usually do, train her, teach her about Konoha, help her build some relationships with people," Tsunade simply said shrugging, " it'll only be for a month or two so don't stress about it."

Sasuke groaned in displeasure at this. He already didn't get along with the girl but now she was also going to be staying in the Uchiha compound, and they were going to have to look after her.

"Do you have something to say Sasuke," Tsunade said glaring at the younger shinobi. Itachi looked back at him with eyes warning him to not disobey the Hokage. Even though Sasuke couldn't see it he felt the stare Itachi had place him under. Gritting his teeth he shook his head.

"I don't Tsunade-Sama," Sasuke said quietly.

"Good. Come back in," Tsunade yelled.


"Come back in!" Tsunade yelled causing Mina to jump. She had been standing out there for a good ten minutes pacing back and forth waiting to be called back in.

"I hope everything is alright," Mina said quietly to herself as she opened the door to the Hokage's office and let herself back in the room. Closing the door behind her she turned around to face the four people in the room. Tsunade smiled at her.

"Mina you will be staying in Konoha for a little while as part of your mission that the Mizukage sent you on," Tsunade said watching the expression of the girl change into shock.

"I'll be doing what?!" Mina asked confused she was not expecting to hear what she had just heard. All she had been told was that she was supposed to be getting a scroll to the Hokage and that was it. Now she was suppose to stay in Konoha?!

"I know this is a surprise but apparently Mei didn't tell you the other half of your mission. You're here to try to help the relationship between Kirigakure and Konoha so good luck to you," Tsunade said with a grin.

"Don't I have any say in this?! And I'm only one person how do I build a tie between to Hidden Villages?" Mina exclaimed confused by the total outcome of what was happening.

"When you agreed to take this mission you agreed to take everything that came with it so no you don't have a say," replied Tsunade simply, " now let's not waste time. You will be staying in the Uchiha Compound and those two will be helping you around. Consider this a mission you two." Tsunade added looking at the two standing in front of Mina.

They nodded at her. "Oh one more thing since I'm guessing you two argued on the way here and accidentally called each other by your real names why not let her put faces to names," Tsunade said meaning for them to take off their masks.

Itachi just sighed he really needed to avoid arguing with Sasuke the boy always let their names slip when they got into a fight. Mina watched the two take off their masks and let her mouth drop a little when she saw the faces of the two ANBU.


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