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Epilogue: A usual day in Hakugyokurou

"Nnngh…?" Youmu stirred in her bed, opening her greenish-silver eyes opening to yet another dark and gloomy day in the netherworld – All was normal then, on this side of the divide between life and death.

"Hurmph…! Morning!" Youmu said to herself as she sat up, stretched and glanced out of the window-

The skies that greeted her were less gloomy than usual.

"…! I'm late!?" Youmu shot out of bed, tripped over her covers and ended up doing an action roll onto the floor. She had never been tardy getting up before! Now Yuyuko-sama's breakfast will be late!

"Has my discipline dulled?" Youmu glanced around frantically. Her phantom half, 'Myon', was nowhere in sight…

"T'ch…!" Youmu berated herself to train harder in her mind as she quickly slipped out of her pyjamas and into her usual green dress. Quickly, she dashed out of her room, through the many corridors of Hakugyokurou, and towards the kitchen nearest Yuyuko's favourite breakfasting room.

"I'm so sorry Yuyuko-sama!" Youmu immediately blurted as she arrived whilst tying an apron around her waist, "I shall have breakfast ready… within… Huh…?"

Youmu's panic slowly crawled to a halt as confusion caught up. Yuyuko was standing before her in the kitchen, an apron around her waist as well as she finished preparing breakfast.

"Good morning Youmu-chan~" Yuyuko grinned as she carried breakfast over to the dining table.

"Good… morning…" a puzzled Youmu followed Yuyuko, "Wah!? There's two people's portions here!" she observed.

"That's right~" Yuyuko removed her apron and looked at Youmu expectantly.

"… Were you that hungry?" Youmu jumped to the most logical conclusion.

Yuyuko dramatically crashed down to the floor. "Was that really the most logical conclusion about me…?" she asked, sobbing. Just then, Myon flew out of the kitchen and finally re-joined its human-half.

"So this was where you were," Youmu said as Myon hovered behind her. As it did, Myon's memories of this morning were shared with Youmu. "Wait…" Youmu got down to the ground next to Yuyuko, "Were you preparing breakfast for me too?" she asked.

"Yes," Yuyuko smiled, "It wasn't easy to you know, capturing your phantom-half so that you'd sleep in… I just felt like showing some appreciation to my dearest servant today!" she rubbed the back of her head embarrassedly.

Youmu let out a giggle, "Well, better eat it before it gets cold then," she said as she offered Yuyuko a hand, and the two got up to their feet and headed for the dining table.

"You know… I've been thinking lately," Yuyuko suddenly said during the course of their breakfast, "Hakugyokurou's a little too lonely sometimes…"

"Well, isn't it usually?" Youmu replied without much thought.

"And I am rather old, even though I don't look it," the eternally young ghost gave her pink hair an absent-minded toss, "Makes me feel like a grandmother…"

"Haha… Don't say that, Yuyuko-sama!" said Youmu, her cheerfulness for today clouding her perceptions, "You're as youthful as ever!"

"What do you think about having a few children around here?" Yuyuko asked conversationally.

"Well, children are rather cute to have, aren't they?" Youmu sipped some tea, "Although- Wait…" Hang on… this conversation is going somewhere strange. Youmu sat up straight and looked at Yuyuko, who was looking back at her most curiously.

"Well?" Yuyuko asked with anticipation. She had that silly glint in her eye again…

"W-Well what?" Youmu echoed, not really wanting to know.

"Children. Around here. What do you think?" Yuyuko suddenly leaned over the table onto her hands, her eyes staring intently on Youmu.

"But…" Youmu started leaning away, "W-Where are we going to get the children?"

Yuyuko clapped her hands together, "You're going to have them of course!"


"Y-Youmu…?" Now it was Yuyuko's turn to back away as Youmu stood up, fists clutched.

"You…" Youmu began disappointedly, "You haven't learned at all, have you!?"

"Waah! I'm sorry, I'm just jokiiing…!" screamed Yuyuko, but before Youmu could set her master straight, a ghost came in and notified them of visitors, thus sparing Yuyuko.

Youmu and Yuyuko looked at each other. "Huh? I wonder who it could be?" Youmu said as she went out to the front gate. Just beyond the gate, Youmu heard four voices bickering.

"Oh, you just suddenly thought it'll be a good idea to go shopping with her, Reimu?"

"What? I enjoyed doing the groceries with her! You're the one that's shady Marisa!"

"Me!? Why is it only me ze!? What about Sakuya!?"

"I'm just here to invite my friend to tea~" ("Yeah right…")

"I'm here to discuss details about a trip we agreed to take together…"

"What!?" "It can't be, Sanae! Youmu wouldn't agree to that, ze!"

"It's true…!"

Youmu sweat-dropped. She recognised those voices. But…




Are they…?




Here? Asked Youmu as she opened the gates.

The four bickering girls immediately quietened, various expressions of embarrassment and uncertainty on their faces.

"What are you all doing here?" Youmu repeated her question verbally.

"I just Well I Shall we H-Hey there ze…!" said all four simultaneously.

"S-Sorry, come again?" asked Youmu.

Reimu, Sakuya, Sanae and Marisa glanced at each other, before breaking into brief giggles.

"I just wanted to ask if you wanted to go out with me again," said Reimu.

"I really enjoyed having you with me for a day," admitted Sakuya.

"It would be nice if we went out together on our own terms the next time round," added Sanae.

"But all in all, I really just had a lot of fun with you ze," grinned Marisa.

Youmu started to back away very slowly. "W-What is the meaning of this…?"

The four 'suitors' looked at each other again, before advancing a step together. "Aw… Don't be afraid, it's just a friendly date," they said.

"W-What if I don't want to…?" Youmu's nerves started giving way.

"Come now, don't be a… wet blanket!" Reimu, Sakuya, Sanae and Marisa started giving chase the moment Youmu turned tail and ran.

"Ahhh! Why is this happening to me again!?" cried Youmu.

"Come back here!" her four pursuers laughed as they enjoyed themselves teasing Youmu.

"Heh… Looks like I might just become a grandmother yet," snickered Yuyuko as she watched from a distance.


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