My name is TheElementHero. Of course that's my real name! *coughcoughsarcasmcoughcough*. Here is a little story about what happens when you Raven out of Titan's Tower… and give her a phone.

BB's texts are bold. Raven's are italicized.

DISCLAIMER: I'm gonna flip a coin. Heads, I don't own Teen Titans. Tails, I don't own Teen Titans.

NEVER Lock Raven out of Titan's Tower

Beast Boy, let me in, or I WILL KILL YOU!

say plz


say pretty plz

I don't do pretty. LET ME IN!

just teleport in no way am i getting up i'm about to beat cyborg

Why would I care about your dumb video game? And how are you texting at the same time?



let yourself in go ahead

I know you've rigged it somehow. And if I teleport, who knows what's waiting for me inside. JUST OPEN THE DUMB DOOR!

i didnt know u could still be gramaticaly correct when texting

It's grammatically.

ooh you care about spelling now! watch out kids, raven'll get u if u don't get perfect on your spelling test! LMAO!

What on earth is 'LMAO'? Never mind. I don't think I want to know. JUST OPEN THE DOOR!

dude u should take anger management lessons seriously why r u so suspicious anyways its not like im going to do anything go ahead come on in

Beast Boy, if anything happens, I'm blaming it all on your dead body, OK?

just come in already really its fine!

Fine. You'd better watch out.

Raven closed her phone, taking a deep breath. Nothing's going to happen. Nothing's going to happen. Nothing's going to-

As she stepped out of her portal, something warm and wet pressed against the side of her face. "Wha-"

Beast Boy grinned, moving his mouth back from her cheek. "Told ya it was fine."

Raven's eyes widened, and she growled, "Beast… BOY!"

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TheElementHero, over and out!