A/N: Smutty Stelena story, with a few chapters.

What if Stefan was trying to get Elena out of his head and turned Rippah again? No matter what he does, she haunts him, in his dreams and every free second of his being.

Warning; Dark!Stefan.

Enjoy ;)

Faster and faster, he was barely still in a human possible pace as he rammed himself into the blonde beneath him, harder and harder, pounding her sweet core like there was no tomorrow. He had chosen a blonde this time to make sure that the vision of Elena's dark hair didn't creep into his mind, to make sure that she didn't haunt him again.

He was trying to get rid of the hole, which she had caused, after all.

But it didn't work, not a single time. No matter what kind of girl he took with him upstairs into the little apartment that he had rented after Elena had left him, they all turned into her.

He was probably just going insane. His mind and heart and body didn't want to let go of her. Of the love of his life. And it made him angry and sad and so he tried to not feel, with all these other girls.

He grunt at the memory of her, his hands grabbed the thighs of the blonde and he pumped into her again, thrusting with much more force. As if this would give him any kind of satisfaction. No, his body didn't feel anything with all this girls.

Their moans meant nothing, their screams were soundless, his cock didn't twitch when their walls clenched around him, his heart didn't hammer against his chest the same way it did when he was with Elena and his body wouldn't let him enjoy fucking these girls, whilst his mind played tricks on him.

His eyes flew open when he felt her walls tighten around his dick once again, already the fourth time this night, and he hadn't come once. It really wasn't her fault, he just didn't pay attention, he kept fucking her recklessly as she trashed under him, trying to get her breathing back under control as she came down from her high slowly.

She'd probably be sore tomorrow, Stefan thought and without a warning, or coming himself, he pulled out of her. Leaving her to lay on the bed like a cheap whore as he walked into the bathroom, turning the shower on and jerking himself off until he came.


- Day 23 -

"You can't go on like that, Stefan." Caroline's voice echoed through his phone. She sounded sad. He didn't care. "I miss you, just call me back soon, okay."

- Day 27 -

She sounded angry this time. "It really is a miracle that your cock hasn't fallen off yet! Didn't you screw the whole town be now?" Caroline yelled through the speaker. "Call me back, you man-whore!"

- Day 34 -

"It's Damon. Man, we're worrying. We know she left you and took off to be emotionless somewhere but you still have us." Damon muttered, sadly. "Caroline wants to kill you, brother, you better get your ass here soon."

- Day 35 -

"Okay, she's just a sobbing mess now. Stefan you have to call her." Damon left on his mail box.

- Day 40 -


This wasn't Caroline's voice, nor Damon's. Elena.

What the hell did she want from him again? Break his heart once again. Just hearing her voice made him crumble to pieces already. He couldn't believe her nerves.

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