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The summer passed in a blur of happiness and activity. Once the crime scene was cleaned, the foundation was officially opened to the public.

Families with children who had hearing disabilities were overjoyed; they had a place to get the necessary resources for their loved ones.

The first month was very busy, and we knew that it would soon be time to open a branch office.

Dad and I had chosen to look at Seattle, but nothing was set in stone yet.

Renee sent a postcard to us from the coast of North Carolina. She apologized for her behavior but said she wasn't coming back to Forks.

Bella decided to stop teaching for the school district. She wanted to stay at home with Andrew, but there was an option for her to assist at the foundation.

After the incident with James, we took some time to enjoy being a family.

I surprised her when we were at Salish Lodge with a marriage vow renewal ceremony. She glowed as we renewed our promise to love each other forever.

The long weekend turned into a week-long vacation; it was heaven for us.

Andrew was starting to notice his surroundings more often, and he loved seeing the leaves moving in the wind.

At night, while he was sleeping, Bella and I would make passionate love until we were sufficiently spent.

There was one morning, though, when he woke a bit earlier. I went to get him out of the crib and he gave me an amazing smile.

"Mom says you look just like me, but I can see her in your eyes, son," I told him as we walked over to the window.

"Hello and good morning to my two favorite men in the world."

I looked over my shoulder to see my wife beaming at us. "You didn't have to get up, Sweet Girl. We were giving you some time to rest."

"Actually, I slept wonderfully but there will be plenty of time to sleep later. I'd rather spend time with you all. It's a gorgeous day, too."

"It's the first of many for us, Bella. We have an amazing future ahead, and I'm looking forward to every minute of it" I told her as I leaned down to kiss her lips. "I love you forever."

"As I love you always, Edward."

We kissed softly as the sunlight streamed through the glass over us.