Petals were falling from the sky.

A pair of deeply green eyes were focused on my face, there was love in them.

My hand was in his as I felt something cool slide down.

He said "I do."

My feet could not move but he came closer.

"You may kiss the bride."

His mouth was on mine, kissing me repeatedly.

"My wife," he murmured against my lips.

I raised my arms to embrace him.

"Come with me," he said as he took my hand in his.

We ran together, my legs having found a way to move.

The ocean was before us.

He pulled me into the water.

The waves crashed over us as I became lost in a deep, knee buckling kiss.

"Bella...oh Bella..."

The kisses became more real.

My eyes fluttered open.

The same green eyes that I had dreamed about were in front of me.

"Hey beautiful. That must have been some dream you were having."


"You were smiling, holding me even tighter. Want to share with me?"

"We..we were getting married, and after you kissed me, we were in the ocean together."

His face lit up like a Christmas Tree.

"Was that really what you were dreaming about?"

I nodded yes.

"Do you feel happy about that, baby?"

"Yes, I can't deny my feelings about it," I said with a smile.

I wanted to be married to this man more than I should want.

We were moving fast, but it felt right.

James and I took our time and looked what happened.

Edward was nothing like him.

He was a gentleman and his heart was tremendous.

I was falling for him.

"What would you like to do today, baby?"

"I don't care so long as we are together."

I would have been happy being in bed with him all day.

I wonder if that was a possibility.

"What are you thinking, baby?" he asked as he kissed down my neck.

"I want to stay right here with you."

"Nothing would make me happier than to be by your side right here."

"But we do need to run to the grocery store, I need to feed my beautiful girl," he said with a smile.

"Oh, that's right. I totally forgot."

He kissed my forehead.

"That is not a problem. Would you like for me to take you by your house for you to grab some more clothes?"

"Yeah, that would probably be good, wouldn't want to go to work in the same clothes, plus I need to grab the kids journals to go over before tomorrow too."

"I'd love to help you with you with that too. The kids are important to me, too."

"Give me a few moments while I run to the bathroom."

I walked in the bathroom and took a long look at my self in the mirror.

My hair was a mess.

What did he see in me?

Edward was nothing short of a Grecian god.

I would never understand why he choose me.

I left the bathroom to find him in a pair of low slung jeans and a polo shirt.

I was certain I drooled.

He looked amazing in everything.

"Here are your clothes from yesterday, Bella. Let me get my keys and we can go over to your place."

I did not want my place...I wanted our place.

I could see us living together.

Would he be happy here in Forks?

James hated this place.

I think he hated me, at least in the end he did.

Edward was my present and my future

I had to remember that.

As I pulled my hair out of my shirt, he came walking in the room.

"Baby, are you ready to go?"

"I was getting ready to look for you. I'm ready to go."

We walked to the front of the house and out the door.

He opened the car door for me and I slid inside.

I loved his Volvo.

He got inside and flashed a smile at me.

I smiled back at him.

"What were you thinking about when I came in the bedroom? You looked far away."

"I was thinking about our future."

He pulled into the driveway behind my car.

"Let's get inside first, Edward."

He was apparently in a hurry as he helped me get to the door.

Once we were inside, he looked rather serious.

"Baby, are you unsure of us? Is that what you were thinking."

I must have given him the wrong impression.

"No, please don't think that. I was thinking about how much I want us to share the same address. The same bedroom, The same closet. I want us to live together, Edward."

I know it was soon, but it felt right to me.

Maybe he didn't feel the same way about me.

The look on his face went from fear to joy.

He pulled me into his arms, crushing my body to his.

His lips were soon on mine.

I felt his tongue slip over my lips and come into my mouth.

I gripped his hair in my hands as he walked us towards the couch.

We were soon lying on it.

I wrapped my legs around him.

HIs erection was pressing against me.

I pulled my lips from his and moved them to his ear, lightly sucking his earlobe between my teeth.

His mouth was moving closer to my ear.

"I don't want to stop, baby. I want to strip you naked and make love to you right here."

"I.. wanted to .. never mind."

"What is it, baby?" he asked as he kissed my lips.

"I wanted to make love to you, Edward," I said as I looked down.

"Baby, I want to make love to you all the time You will never know how much I want you. maybe this will give you an indication."

He took my hand and pulled it over to the front of his jeans.

I couldn't help but push my hand against the bulge in his pants.

"I want you, Edward."

I unzipped his jeans.

I could not help the building desire I had for this man.

I pulled his jeans and boxers down.

His cock was in front of my face.

I was eager to lick him.

I licked his tip slowly.

HIs hands were tangled in my hair.

I wanted more of him.

"Baby, you look so sweet. I love you."

My eyes began to tear up.

James had never said anything like that when I had my mouth on him.

He slid his cock out of mouth as the tears fell down my cheeks.

"Bella, what's wrong?"

He gathered me in his arms.

"He never said anything to me when I had my mouth on him."

He held me as I cried on his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry he mistreated you. I will never do that."

Then I realized I ruined the mood.

"Oh no, Edward. I did not pleasure you the right way. I can make it up to you right now."

"But you did pleasure me, Bella. I love every time we are intimate. You have nothing to make up for. If you kept going, it was likely that I would come in your mouth."

Hearing that made me feel considerably better.

"Will you ever come in my mouth? I want to taste you too."

Our foreheads were touching.

"That is another fantasy I have for another time. Trust me, baby, I want to come in your beautiful mouth one day."

He kissed my lips softly.

"Why don't you go change your clothes? I need to pull my jeans back up."

"Give me a few minutes, Edward. I won't be long."

I got up off his lap and went back into my bedroom.

I looked through my closet, settling on a sweater set and a pencil skirt for school.

I took out some bras and panties.

I found some lingerie that I've had for awhile and I thought about bringing it to surprise him with, but I was unsure about it.

It was burgundy with black lace.

I grabbed it just in case the mood was right.

I threw everything in my duffel bag and then I walked back out to the living room where Edward was sitting talking on his phone.

"Yeah, I'll talk with you soon, dad. I miss you and mom. Bye."

He looked up and smiled at me.

"Don't you look beautiful?"

I had put on a short denim skirt and a purple t-shirt.

I turned around to let him get a full view.

"Do you like it?"

He walked over to me.

"I love it, baby."

He pecked my lips several times.

"I need to grab the kids' journals before we leave."

I went over to my desk and lifted the heavy bag onto my shoulders.

"This bag weighs a ton."

It started to slide down my shoulder.

"Let me carry it, love."

He took it from me and placed it on his arm.

"I am really grateful you did that. I don't know how long I could carry it."

He lifted it as if it weighed nothing.

"Ready, baby?" he asked.

"Yes I am."

We made our way to the door, and I pulled out my keys.

After I locked the door, we walked to the car.

He opened the back door and set my teacher's bag in it.

"Let me put your other bag in the back seat."

I handed it to him.

"Let me get you in, baby."

He treated me as if I were a princess.

I've never been treated that way by anyone.

I could not stop staring at him.

"What is on your mind, Bella?"

"You, Edward, always you."

"I have to admit that you're always on my mind, too, baby."

"I'm glad," I said as he pulled into the parking lot.

"Let's get inside. The sooner we get in, the sooner I can have you all to myself."

After he opened my door, he pulled me up for a soft kiss.

I definitely wanted to get home soon.

We walked into the store holding hands.

We walked into the store holding hands,he grabbed a cart once we were inside.

I did not realize how hungry I was until we came over to the fruit.

"Would you like more strawberries, baby?"

I would like for him to drag them over my skin.

I was getting lost in daydream again.

That was easy to do when Edward Cullen was your boyfriend.

He never clarified that point, though.

Did he want me as his girlfriend?

He told me last night he wants to marry me, so I was hoping he thought of me as his girlfriend.

I needed to ask him about that.

"Baby, earth to Bella? Where are you?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was lost in thought over you. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, you can ask me anything."

"Am I your girlfriend now?"

"In my heart, you are far more than that, but for now, yes, you are my girlfriend."

I wanted to jump for joy after he said that.

More than anything, I wanted to kiss him senselessly.

Since we were in public, I kissed his cheek softly.

"So you'll know, you're my boyfriend now," I whispered in his ear.

"Mmm.. I like the sound of that, baby. Did you want some more strawberries?"

I had forgotten about them earlier.

"I absolutely want more of them, Edward."

"I like your enthusiasm. Does this mean we get to share them later?"

"Definitely. I had a thought about them."

He cocked an eyebrow at me.

"We need to get out of here soon, baby."


I gave him my most seductive look as I peered through my lashes.

"Do you want to know my thought?" I asked as we walked down the aisles picking up various items.

"I'd rather you show me instead."

One look from him and I was wet.

I wanted him to take me right here in the middle of the store

When I had become an exhibitionist?

I do anything for this man, for his touch.

We made love in a meadow, where anyone could have seen us.

Now here I was in the middle of the grocery store contemplating about making love to my gorgeous boyfriend right next to the milk.

"Do you want yogurt for breakfast, baby?"

I wanted him for breakfast.

"Yogurt would be great."

I knew he was wondering what was on my mind.

if only I could tell him I wanted to have my way with him now.

"You're awfully quiet, baby. Is everything okay?"

He looked straight into my eyes.

"I...I am trying to keep from doing something."

"What is it?"

I stood as close to him as possible.

"I want you to take me in the middle of this store."

I stepped back and tried to avert my gaze.

I heard him laugh.

"I know you think I'm a idiot-"

"Baby, can I confess something to you?"

I nodded.

"Ever since we talked about the strawberries, I've had many, many deviant thoughts about taking you right here. You are not an idiot. I think it's more of a case of our desire for each other being this strong that we have to learn how to reign it in over time."

"So I'm not behaving in an odd way?"

We walked over to the bread.

"We have a very strong attraction to each other, Bella. Nothing about our urges is odd. Would you like more bagels?"

"Yes, please."

He was an unbelievable man.

I wanted to devote my life to him and our kids.

He'd be the best father.

I placed my hand over my stomach.

One day, I would be pregnant with his child.

"Are you okay, baby?" he asked watching me.

I was getting lost again.

"Just some happy thoughts, Edward. You have no reason to worry."

"I'll always be concerned about you."

He held my hand as we made our way out of the store.

"Wait right here and I'll get the car, baby."

I watched him walk away.

I heard footsteps behind me.

"You cheap little whore."

He placed his hand on my shoulder, pulling me back.

"Did you think I would not come back for you?"

"It's over James. Please don't hurt me."

"I'll say when it's over."

He started to drag me away, but not before Edward pulled up inches away from him.

He got out of the car, leaving the engine running.

His face was covered in raw anger.

"Take your hands off her and get out of here now!"

He had come to save me.

"Get in the car, Bella."

I did just that as he came closer to James.

I got in as fast as possible.

Edward was much taller, more menacing than him.

I sat there, watching them through the window.

As Edward was walking away, I saw James try to hit him.

The love of my life turned around and punched him in the face hard enough to make him fall over.

Edward got in the car, shifted it into reverse, and drove away.

He had calmed down considerably, but I wanted to take care of his hand.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"I will be as soon as we are home and I can hold you. I have this urge to comfort you."

"I want to hold you, too."

We were back at his place in minutes.

"Are you sure he did not follow us?"

"If he has, baby, then I'm going to call the police."

"You would do that for me?"

"Absolutely. I have to keep you safe and protected at all times."

I fell a little bit harder for him when he said he would do that.

He got out and walked over to my door.

I could see he was looking around to make sure we were alone.

"Let me get you inside first, then I will come back for the groceries."

We went up to the door, and he unlocked it.

"Make yourself comfortable."

He closed the door behind me.

I walked over to the couch and sat down.

He came in and dropped off my bags first.

I took them into the bedroom.

If we could have only stayed right here in bed, this would have never happened.

A few stray tears fell as I thought about how Edward could have been more seriously hurt.

"Come here and let me hold you."

I ran to his arms, aching for him to take care of me.

I sobbed as he ran his hands over my hair.

"James could have hurt you. I was sc-scared."

"I know you were frightened, but he did not hurt me. I was angry that he had his hands on you. He was lucky all I did was hit him once."

We stood in his room for several minutes.

I eventually stopped crying.

"I need to put away the food and get lunch started."

"Okay, can I help?"

"I was thinking you could sit at the table and go over the journals while I make lunch."

"As long as you'll be close by, then that would be fine."

We walked into the kitchen.

"I forgot my bag, let me get it."

I went back into the bedroom and lifted the journals out of the bag.

He was putting away the food as I set the books on the table.

"Would you like a salad with grilled chicken for lunch, baby?"

"That sounds delicious."

I sat down and opened one of the books.

The children were learning about the alphabet.

I made some notes in the margins for their parents.

They would take them home at the end of the month.

I went over the journals carefully.

I could feel him looking at me as he began making the salads.

Their last journal entry for the week had to be about something good or bad happening at school.

I was looking in Emily's journal.

She had drawn a picture of three figures.

She was the most advanced child in the class.

I couldn't help but smile at her picture that she drew.

She wrote her name, my name, and Mr. Edward over the figures.

A giant red heart was over them also.

I closed my eyes as I wrapped my mind around the sweetness of this drawing.

"You look like something is getting to you, Bella. What is it?"

I turned the journal around so that he could see it.

"Is that Emily's?"

He came over to the table and looked down at it.


"I think she knows."

"Knows what?" I asked.

"That we are in love."

He kissed my cheek before returning to making lunch.

We are in love.

I opened Riley's journal next.

He had drawn a picture of blocks and a stick figure.

I remembered how Edward sat with him in the block center.

That had become one of Riley's favorite activities during the day in the past week.

I did not have to question why that happened.

Edward sat with him when he was in that center.

No other volunteer had given him that kind of attention.

I had to show this to him.

"Can you come over her one more time? I have one other thing to show you."

"Let me see."

I held it up and he looked at it.

"It's Riley and me in the block center."

"Yes. He thinks the world of you."

"He's a great kid. He told me that you're his favorite teacher."

"I'm sure you are his favorite volunteer. No one else ever took the time to see him, to listen to him."

"It bothers me that no one besides you or his parents have done that. I want to make a difference in his life."

"You already have, Edward, as you have in mine."

"Look up, baby."

He captured my lips in a deep kiss.

I parted my lips, letting his tongue come inside.

He made me want more of him with every sweep of his tongue against mine.

He pulled back and left me feeling aroused.

I pouted up at him.

"We need to eat, love," he said kissing my nose.

I let out a sigh and picked up the journals.

I took them back to the bedroom and remembered something I had brought with me.

I wanted him to know how I felt.

I looked in my bag and saw the burgundy and black lingerie inside.

I made a quick decision.

I stepped into the bathroom and took off my clothes.

I pulled the skimpy thong up over my hips

The bra looked pretty good on me.

I adjusted it to make my breasts look fuller.

"Bella, I have lunch ready. Are you alright?"

"I'll be right there. Just set my dish on the table."

I took a deep breath and mustered up all of my courage.

This would either work fabulously or he'd laugh at me.

I had to do this.

I left the bathroom and walked up to kitchen.

He was sitting at the table.

"Hey," I said in a shy manner.

"Baby, you look stunning."

He got up, walked over to me, and took my face in his hands.

"You have to know how tempting you are right now. I don't know how easy it will be for us to have lunch without me touching you."

"Then let me feed you."

I blurted that out, not knowing where that idea came from.

At least he had not laughed at me.

"Come here and sit on my lap."

I nodded.

"I love this color on you."

I picked up his fork and lifted it to his mouth.

I leaned over the table and pulled my bowl closer to me.

He made a good salad.

I took a bite and moaned.

"Is it good?"

"Mmm.. the best salad ever, baby," I said.

He grinned as he ran his fingers over my legs.

"You are one sexy woman, Bella Swan. I want to make love to you all the time."

"I wouldn't mind," I said with a smile.

I fed him some more food.

He would place soft kisses on my neck when he swallowed.

"Baby, I was thinking what was your idea about those strawberries?" he asked as he sucked my neck.

"Can we take them to the bathroom? I want you to feel them to me while we take a bath together."

He growled into my neck.

"Mmm.. I like that thought, baby. I may even have a bottle of Champagne."

I wanted to save the rest of my salad now.

Edward was almost done with his.

"Not for food any more. I'd rather eat strawberries with you in the tub."

He set down his fork and smiled at me.

"Let me put this away. I can save your salad for later. Would you like to start the water?"

"Yes," I said as I hopped off his lap and went upstairs.

I could feel him watching me as I walked away.

I was surprised by my bravado.

Edward liked that I came walking out in next to nothing.

James would have told me to get clothes on if I had done that with him.

But apparently, he wanted to hurt me.

I turned the knobs on the tub to get the water started.

I didn't know what would've happened if Edward didn't show up when he did.

I shuddered as I imagined how James would have hurt me.

As thoughts of him drifted through my mind, I heard Edward coming in the room.

"Bella, have you gotten in yet?"

He came in the room to find me crying.

He got down in front of me, a look of concern in his eyes.

"Why are you crying?"

"If-If you had not driven up when you did, he-he would have taken me from you."

He pulled me into his arms and we were on the floor.

"You're not going anywhere, sweet girl. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe."

"He was so mean and his eyes were the coldest blue. They were lifeless really," I said.

He hugged my body close to his.

"He will never touch you again, baby."

The last of my tears fell and I concentrated on his words.

"I love you, Edward."

"I love you, Bella. I brought the champagne and strawberries"

I looked up into his sparkling green eyes and I could see so much love reflected there.

"Okay," I said as I stood up. "Do you want to take this off of me?"

"I'd love to remove them."

He pulled the straps down and took it off me.

"I love your body, baby. It's like it was made especially for me."

I had never felt so loved.

"I bought some bubble bath with me. It's in my bag on the counter."

"Let me get it."

He lifted me off his lap and sat me on the side of the tub.

He found the bottle and opened it, pouring some of it into the tub.

"I forgot to remove these."

He pulled my thong down and I stepped out of them.

I was standing naked in front of him and I didn't want to cover up.

I wanted him to touch me.

I never stood in front of James naked, when we had sex it was always in the dark and he had the sheets up around us.

Edward was taking his clothes off.

He looked gorgeous.

He reached out his hand to me as he helped me into the tub, before he got in behind me.

The water was relaxing.

Once he was behind me, Edward cradled my body protectively.

His legs were on the outside of mine and I could feel every glorious inch of his cock against my ass.

"I'm going to help you forget everything he did to you. I'm going to make love to you with every inch of my body."

"Mmm... I want to feel every inch of your incredible body."

I leaned my head back and he slid his tongue over my ear.

"Would you like a sip of champagne, baby?"

"That sounds lovely."

I eased up as he got a glass ready for me.

He handed it to me as he got a glass ready for himself.

I took a sip as he settled back behind me.

"This tastes great, Edward. I'm glad you thought of it."

"Any way that I can spoil you makes me happy. You deserve only the best,"

I ran my finger over his face and down his chest.

I set my glass aside and took a strawberry.

Boldly, I took it and dragged it over my mouth and over my neck.

I lightly moaned as I did that.

He took my wrist in his hand and brought the food to this mouth.

He took a bite of it.

The juice was running down his chin.

I leaned over and licked it.

He groaned as my tongue slid over his chin.

I moved further down toward his Adam's apple.

I sucked on it as he ate more of the strawberry.

The juice dripped down on my face.

I scooted my body over his.

I reached for another strawberry and took a bite before running it over my nipples.

He settled back, content to watch me.

"I'd love to see that between your legs."

I whimpered at his words, as my clit ached for his touch.

"Would you like to get out and go to bed?"


He got out of the tub and helped me to do the same.

He wrapped a towel around my body and scooped me up in his arms.

"I forgot to grab the strawberries," he said as he went back into the bathroom.

He came back, smiling.

"Where were we?"

"I was rubbing the strawberry on my nipples and you said something about seeing it between my legs."

"Yes, baby. Let me get one for you."

"Thank you, are you going to touch me?" I asked.

"After I watch you, I intend on touching your divine body."

"What are you going to do while I do this?"

I had it between my legs, rubbing it over my swollen folds.

"Would you like to watch me touch my cock?"

I nearly came when he said that.

He palmed the head of his cock.

"Baby, you get me so hard. I could watch you all day."

I rubbed it over my clit, getting wetter by the moment.

My hips were moving on their own accord.

Watching him rub his long cock was making me come undone.

"Oohhh. Edward...lick me"

"Where do you want my tongue, Bella?"

"On my pussy."

He laid down between my legs and licked my fingers first.

He took the strawberry and pushed it around my opening.


He lifted it up and bit down, allowing the juice to drip on my sensitive clit.

"Ahhhhhh...fuck me."

His tongue was all over me, licking me till I lost all control.

I saw stars as my eyes rolled in the back of my head.

HIs fingers slid in and out of my pussy, making the sensation more intense.

"Yes, Edward...so good."

My chest was heaving.

I could not get enough of his mouth.

"I'm going to fuck you with my cock, baby."

"Mmm.. yes, please."

He filled me up with every thick inch of his cock.

"So tight...so sweet."

He lifted one of my legs over his shoulder.

I could feel his cock hitting that one place that made me crave more.

"Your cock feels so good inside me."

Where this newfound boldness was coming from, I didn't know. But I like it.

I was never this vocal with James, this must be all Edward.

"You like this, baby?"

"Mmm... yes."

I felt the stirrings of my orgasm taking a hold of my body.

The tightly wound coil inside started to unravel as he took me over and over.


His mouth was on my shoulder, sucking on it.

He continued thrusting deeply as he was close to his peak too.

"Fuck, baby."

I felt him thrust deeply as he came hard.

"Oh fuck Bella, so good," he said as his body trembled around me.

I kissed the side of his face, feeling deeply content that his love for me would be this strong.

He moved my legs down as he collapsed next to me.

I could barely move, my body feeling like it had no bones in it.

"Are you okay, baby?" he asked pulling me close to him.

"Other than being out of breath, I feel great."

"You were amazing, so beautiful and sexy."

"Are you serious?"

He brushed the hair out of my face.

"Yes, baby. I'm totally serious. You were amazing, so beautiful and sexy. I loved watching you come undone twice."

"I loved how you fucked me and made love to me at the same time."

"I look forward to doing it again and again with you, baby."

He lifted my chin and kissed my lips.

"I love you, baby."

"Mmm... I love you too."


I felt very sleepy as he embraced me.

"Bella, did you want to go to sleep now?"

I opened my eyes and looked into his face.

"I don't want to sleep. I would rather stay awake because I don't want to miss anything."

"I'm going to be right here, holding you as we sleep for a bit."

Sleep was starting to take over.

He kissed my eyelids softly.

"Never leave me," I mumbled against his cheek.

"Never in this lifetime or any other, beautiful."

"Mm..kay," I murmured as I fell deeper asleep.

I felt his arms tighten around me as he held me close to him.

My dreams were filled with Edward holding me in our meadow, making sweet love to me.