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It was an eerie dark sky as two young teenagers were yelling at each other. The male was soaking wet in a fountain while the female was looking at him from her position out of the fountain.

"How about a "thank you", huh? You think Paulina would've saved your butt back there? "Sam shouted at Danny as she crossed her arms.

Danny stood up from his position in the fountain with his hands on his hips.

"She would if she wanted me to come to her party!"

Sam's demeanor changed. She clenched her fists and glared at Danny.

"Paulina is just a stupid whore Danny. When will you see that? There are a lot better girls than her around."

Of course Sam was talking about herself. She has had a crush on Danny since the beginning of eighth grade yet she hasn't told him yet.

Danny turned around and got out of the fountain on the opposite side of Sam. He gave her one glance and said.

"Sam just because a girl likes me for once doesn't mean she is a whore. Why can't you be happy for me for once instead of always on my back about one thing or another?"

Sam's arms stretched all the way out and flailed over her head.

"I would be happy for you if you picked the right girl for you! Paulina is in no way your match unless you like annoying little whores."

Danny gave her his most menacing glare as he said.

"Who would that be then Sam? Please tell me. Is it you because right now because you are being a real jerk."

Normally, Danny would think he really liked Sam. Right now wouldn't be one of those times. It annoyed him to no end that he could have all these feelings for Sam, yet she not reciprocates any of them. Then again, they are arguing over Paulina.

Danny didn't realize how much his words really hurt Sam. Tears came to her eyes and her feet were on autopilot as she walked over to her scooter. She gave one look back at Danny and said,

"Screw this Danny. I am out of here. I hope you have fun with your little miss perfect girlfriend."

"God Sam, sometimes I wish I never met you" Danny shouted back at her retreating form.

Sam kept driving off, never noticing the pink bubbles coming from the fountain water.

Danny turned around to face them.

He watched as the bubbles took the form of a taller more powerful Desiree.

"Finally!" she screams in triumph.

Danny transformed into his ghost half and kept staring at the wishing ghost.

"Desiree? You look…different."

She smirked as she looked down at Danny. From her angle he looked so puny. Almost like an ant so easily crushed.

"More powerful? Why yes the more wishes I grant the more powerful I get. Just days away from the meteor shower too. Where everyone will be granting wishes!"

Desiree then put her two hands in front of her ready to grant a wish. "Oh, and you just wished you never met your little friend there. Now my wish can't affect you because you are a ghost, but you friend is human. She will forget everything about you!"

Danny was slightly taken back by the statement.

"Wait, I didn't wish that! I said sometimes! You can't do this. I-I'll find a way to fix all of this!"

Desiree ignored him as she said her usual phrase,

"And so you have wished it, and so shall it be!"

"Wait! I didn't say that though!"

Danny shouted as he slowly fell to the ground running out of energy. It didn't take long for darkness to engulf his vision.

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