Spike walked into his new high school, Ponyville High, and looked around to try and memorize his new surroundings. Spike is used to being at new schools though because his parents have been moving all around equestria every since he was a baby dragon. His mother is a great wizard and has been needed everywhere. Spike has never been in the same school for over a year at a time. This year will be slightly different though. This is Spikes last semester before graduating and after graduation he won't have to worry about moving with his parents and starting yet another new life. It is hard for Spike to make friends, and especially to keep them because of the moving. When he graduates he may go to college or start working, he hadn't decided yet but he wouldn't have to keep moving, that's for sure.

Spike has experienced that when he moved from school to school so often it is hard to make friends because cliques usually have been formed and don't want to allow new members. Spike wasn't very special in particular, he didn't have any special skills, he wasn't great at sports, and he wasn't super handsome or anything. In fact he was rather awkward. Not getting much social interaction has made his social skills very weak. He wasn't great at talking with people, and many of the activities he enjoyed were solo activities. When you don't have any friends it's hard to enjoy things like parties, sports, chatting or other activities that require more than one person. Spike did enjoy things like super hero comics/cartoons, drawing, and reading. He generally was a very nice guy, he just didn't get to show off this side of himself because he didn't get to know anyone. Usually taking the high road in conflicts or confrontations will leave you looking like a dork, and this social dominance is all the peers in high school seem to care about.

This last semester of Spike's high school career started and he was excited as always for the new semester. It doesn't mean he was really happy to be in a new place, but it was a new and the slight fear of the unknown made it an exciting experience. On the other hand he didn't dread the new semester either. Going to a new school with new people and new classes would be unpleasant for most people but having been through it a few times Spike got used to it. Spike figured that it was something that was happening whether he liked it or not, so he might as well just deal with it. There were classes and teachers that he would end up enjoying every year, and maybe a neighbor or two he can talk to. The first week of school was a time to just take in the new environment and find out what to expect for the rest of the semester.

Getting to school early gave Spike time to find his locker and put his lunch inside. He didn't need anything from his locker as he didn't have any books yet but he would need to know where it is eventually and better to memorize it now than wonder around trying to find it between classes. He practiced his combination a few times to help remember it. He knew eventually he would be able to turn in in 2 seconds and just from habit. From there he pushed his way through the crowds towards his first class. Like most high schools the halls were crowded with people trying to get to class and others trying to chit-chat in groups in the hallway. He followed the classroom numbers and eventually arrived to the room in the middle of the school. He recognized the main landmark of the school was a big stairwell directly in the middle which most students used to go from floor to floor.

He was concerned about memorizing the halls and the map of the school to notice too many of the people. They didn't bother him much although he did get a couple of stares. Most ponies hadn't seen a dragon before, especially one in school. Dragons often weren't pleasant creatures. Usually they were rather large, violent, and strong. A dragon's body aged with its mind and as long as Spike's greed was kept in check he was a harmless dragon. Since Spike's mother was a wizard he had a spell keeping his natural tendencies in check and allowing him to fit in. Spike new it wouldn't be too long till he had more stares and more laugher behind his back. The first few days were always a lot of checking him out and seeing how aggressive he was. After a few people test him and see he can be pushed around then soon everyone would follow. Spike was wearing a shirt of his favorite super hero "Shining knight" today. He knew it made him look more like a dork but he couldn't put his loyalty to equestria's strongest and noblest hero.

Spike walked into his first class and could tell from the posters and historical artifacts that this was the history class. As much as he enjoyed learning about history he often had trouble getting names and dates remembered. He could generally tell you what happened but why did he have to know the exact day of the month of the year? The first day was just syllabus and books though so no need to worry yet. His second period was gym. Spike didn't like gym much because he usually lost whatever game he was playing and it was embarrassing to be picked last. Spike couldn't be sure but he thought Coach Discord looked delighted to have such a pipsqueak in his class. Luckily on the first day they just went over class expectations and didn't play anything. The third class of the day though was Math. This was a subject Spike was good at and generally enjoyed.

As Spike walked in the class he noticed the seat assignments were already written on the board. Like with most classes they were in alphabetic order. This was to help the teacher remember names. Usually in class everyone sat in a random seat and had to move after roll call. This teacher seemed a bit smarter and saved some time having it already listed. This probably meant he wanted to get class started fast and that they would be working on the first day.

Spike took his seat most of the way in the back. By the time the bell rang for class to start everyone was in their seats except the seat to Spike's left. It was empty.

"Isn't it weird for someone to be sick on the first day" Spike thought. He quickly stopped caring though and was ready for the day's lesson.

The teacher was Mr. Starswirl who seemed like he learned math straight from the ancient Chinese who created it. He was a very old unicorn with a long beard, almost sagging to the floor. He wore a star studded dark blue cape. He seemed more like a "mathmagician", than a mathmatician. As he took roll he was almost to the empty seat when the owner of that seat walked in. She was 7 minutes late but casually walked to her seat as if she was 7 minutes early. The whole class (including Mr. Starswirl) watched her take her seat, but staring especially hard was Spike.

Spike had never had a crush before, because he moved so often he never had time to form a relationship. (Also not being popular hurts ones chances with the ladies) This was love at first site though as Spike kept his eyes on the late student longer than everyone except the professor. He didn't really think about why she was so attractive to him, he was just dumbstruck as she was in his vision.

"Excuse me Ms. Rarity, but why exactly are you 7 minutes late to class?" asked Mr. Starswirl who was obviously annoyed.

"What? You haven't even called my name yet. I think according to law I'm considered on time. I didn't even delay class or anything I don't know why you are so angry", said rarity making up several excuses in a short period of time. Rarity wasn't looking at the professor as she talked to him, but instead had a halfcocked `I don't care` look on her face while polishing her hoof.

Mr. Starswirl had obviously dealt with many students like Rarity before and just rolled his eyes. "Well let me make this clear Ms. Rarity, you are due in my class before the bell rings. I will let it go this time since it's the first day of class, but those excuses aren't going to work tomorrow."

Rarity let out a grin as she knew she got away with it. Spike's attention was drawn from Rarity when his name was announced for class. After roll call Spike had trouble keeping his attention off of Rarity until the teacher announced he would be starting the first section and that there would be homework already. This made the entire class groan and Spike to perk up and pay attention to his professor again. The first section was something he's already covered from a different school so he felt relieved to be ahead of the class and able to start on the homework early with the extra time at the end of class. While Spike worked on homework though most ponies were forming groups and talking excitedly about their summer vacations. No pony bothered to approach Spike which is what Spike expected.

After third period Spike ran to his locker by retracing the path he took to get to his classes. He put up his new books and grabbed his lunch. "I'm starving", he said as soon as he could smell the delicious food.

Having no one to eat with he walked over the library. At most of his past schools he ate by himself in the library while reading. Spike didn't feel sad about this, he was actually happy because he liked reading. For most people it would be like getting to take a break in the middle of school to watch a movie or play video games. He didn't get to check out the library for this school yet so this was a good opportunity. He saw a lounge area and set his lunch in a chair to claim it. Next he checked out the sections, he was specifically looking for a sci-fi or fantasy sections. He found them but he found another surprise nestled right between. A graphic novel section!

Graphic novels are comic books of course. Spike bounced with happiness as he searched the selection. He hadn't been to a school with a graphic novel section before and this made Spike think this might be the best semester of high school he ever had. He grabbed a newer book of Shining Knight and went back to his lunch. He had a pleasant 45 minutes of reading and snacking before returning to his next class.

He got a little lost in reading and ended up walking briskly into the art classroom. Spike wasn't great at art but he loved to doodle comics. In this class instead of everypony having their own small desk there were several large desks that seated 4. This was probably so there was more room for art and to encourage teamwork. Spike took his seat. His table had a ditzy looking blonde pony and a mean looking goblin in a jean jacket. The last spot was empty. Spike wondered if he knew who the seat belonged to. Again as the teacher called roll Rarity slipped in the door. The same carefree look as she took her seat facing towards Spike. He couldn't keep his eyes off her, or more specifically her cutie mark which was delicious looking gems. Spike can eat many edible foods but the best treat for dragons is gems. It had been awhile since Spike snacked on gems and he was drooling over a picture of some on Rarities flank. Spike would of kept his eyes in appropriate places (or off of Rarity in general) if he could help it but it was as if a spell was placed on him.

As the teacher, Ms. Cheerilee, started to lecture Rarity being late, (before she even sat down) Rarity interrupted by shouting, "Ewww! The nerd is staring at my flank!"

The entire class broke out in laugher. Spike realized he had been staring at her flank and blushed deeply. He sank into his chair and looked at the ground. Great, his high school life just went from super to awful. `Now everyone thinks I was staring at Rarity's flank and am some kind of creepy dragon`, Spike thought to himself. He felt ashamed at himself and couldn't look up from the ground for the rest of class.

Ms. Cheerilee had trouble getting order in the classroom again and by the time she did she forgot about Rarity being late. Rarity grinned knowing she was now off the hook. She wasn't even sure what Spike was staring at but shouted that out to make more of a ruckus in the class. Sure it wasn't good attention but at least it seemed Spike was getting some of Rarity's attention. He was a little to depressed to notice any of that right now though.

The rest of the school day went by without anything to note. Rarity had no more classes with Spike, although Spike couldn't get her out of his mind. As Spike walked home from school he took out his audio diary. "Dear diary, today I started the final semester of school. I had a few good surprises and a few bad surprises. I'm happy to see I can read comics at lunch. I'm sad to already be the laughingstock of the class. There is a pony named Rarity that I think I'm in love with. Her flowing curly mane seems perfectly groomed, as does the rest of her coat. Her firm but curvy body just seems perfect. Even her cutie mark is my favorite snack. She seems like a perfect match for me. I've decided I'll see what I can do to get her to like me back. Hopefully she will notice how noble and nice I am."

At home Spike could focus on work better. He breezed through his early homework. Of course he needed to get it done right away or his mom would be on his case. Twilight was known as an over studier and of course would teach Spike to be the same way. Spike didn't completely buy in to his mother's way of thinking, but always wanted to impress her and give it his all. After homework he spent some more time thinking about rarity and how to win her heart. He finally decided to start slow and work his way up. Why not try to make a friend, be nice, who knows what will happen. Love can come after that more naturally.