Hello I am back!

At last, the coveted day had come. I sat in the living room and waited for my two best friends to see on TV the new film of Edward Cullen, the sexiest actor on the planet ... Every Sunday evening, we gathered at my house and we spent our time watching films of Edward Cullen, and ate popcorn. It was something of a tradition from the moment we found out about Edward and his films.

Like every other Sunday my father, Charlie, had gone fishing with a friend of his, Billy Black, so the house was all ours and we were free to comment and giggling like little girls alone in the presence of Edward in the small TV in my house.

The bell rang and immediately ran to open in one of my two best friends. Alice Brandon. Alice was petite and pretty thin. She had black hair that flew in every direction and jet-black eyes that sparkled from cuteness. She was the most hyperactive of our group and she has always had a way to convince us for everything. Her favorite hobby was shopping and usually I was her victim. She enjoyed making my hair and put me to dress with short dresses and high heels. Moreover, Alice was a person I admired very much, because even though she had to go through difficult things, she continued to fight and never give parents had divorced when she was just seven years old and her mother had remarried someone who Alice did not like, which is why she spent her whole day at my house. In the face of Charlie she had found a second father.

"Are you ready to see again the man of your dreams?" She asked as she entered the house and sat on the couch

"Ready and excited" I replied, and reopened the door to welcome Rosalie this time

Rosalie Hale was like model. She had long blond hair that reached to her waist, blue eyes and a body that many would pay to get it. She was like the queen of the High School of Forks and gathered all eyes of the male population
In the beginning, when we met for the first time, we were not friends, in fact she hated me. However, when we got a paper together, we came closer and since then we became course Rosalie and Alice became friends immediately because both adore shopping. Rosalie lives with her parents two blocks away from me and her family has a lot of money. But her relationship with her family is not good. Her father does not care about anything else but to work and her mother only cared about the image that society has for them.

"Hi dolls" She greeted us joyful and sat next to Alice

"Well now that we're all here, turn on the television, the film starts in twenty minutes and the food will be ready in ten minutes"


The film was, as I expected, wonderful. Edward played a lonely detective who was trying to find the murderer of his best friend. The film was full of action, suspense and a little romance all mixed so nice that made me want to see it again.

After the film myself and the girls, following our tradition, we went to my room and lie all together in my bed.

"Tomorrow school day again" Alice said and frowned

"It would be very nice to ring us and told us that we don't have school tomorrow?'' Rosalie asked

"I'm not in the mood to go to class tomorrow" I grumbled

"We have to go though" Alice said and sighed

"I know," I replied and got off the light

The next morning we ate a quick breakfast and left for school.

The Forks high school, was a complex of several small buildings and hosted over a hundred children. Another plus in this small town was that there were not rich and poor. We all had almost the same economic status (except Rosalie) and we were all equal.

"Bella!" one boyish voice called out my name and without wishing I turned to face the most annoying existence on the planet. Mike Newton.

"Hi Mike" goodbye without any enthusiasm

"Good morning," he said cheerfully "How are you? What you did this weekend?"

"A little of this a little of that. Ordinary things"

Mike was hitting on me from the first moment he saw me and although I had rejected him countless times, he did not leave me alone for a minute. Always our discussion began with meaningless small talk and he always asked me to go out, but this time the bell saved me and I hurried to go to class. Through the course (the only one that I had not along with Rosalie and Alice) I stopped listening to the teacher and I started to imagine things that would make my life more interesting.

As I was in class the door suddenly opened and Edward Cullen walked into the room, leaving them all speechless.

He ignored them all and looked me in the eye. Suddenly I was lost in a green sea. He took my hand, kissed me soft and smiled softly

"Isabella" he whispered, "Isabella come with me" he whispered

"Gladly" I replied enchanted

Without hesitation, he leaned over and touched his lips to mine softly. Immediately my eyes closed and my hands circled his neck bringing him closer to me and kissed him with all the love and the desire I had for him. He licked my upper lip, my lower lip, and then both together begging me for entrance and happily I allowed it. His tongue explored my mouth and I began to hear a weird sound from his chest.

He continued kissing me passionately until he had to get away. He looked me in the eyes and told me smiling

"Bella, I'm hungry" Wait ... what ?

We shared a passionate kiss in front of my classmates and my professor and he tells me that he's hungry?

I opened my eyes and Rosalie stood before me with Alice looking at me worried.

"Are you okay? We are in front of you ten minutes and you didn't even hear us" she continued

"Yes" I replied and nodded my head "I just daydream" I replied and got up from my chair.

"Let me guess ... Edward Cullen?" Asked Alice and I just nodded

"Like any other fucking day" I replied and walked with them in the caffeteria while I wished my dreams to come true

Bad? Terrible? Should I continue this?