I decided to make a sequel of this story so this chapter will be the last one... The new story will be up when I come back from my vacations :)

"Are you sure you want to do this baby?" I asked as Edward put his suitcases away and we lie together to the bed.

We were still at LA and we were planning to fly back to Forks tomorrow night. Before that Edward had to go to an invent and I would go with him. Teen choice awards for the best performance and Edward didn't want to disappoint his fans.

"I am absolutely sure Bella. I don't have to be anywhere for the next month and you have to go to school. So I am coming with you" he said and kissed my lips.

We couldn't do nothing more than kisses because Esme let me sleep at Edward's house in one condition, the door would be open. The same rule had to follow Rosalie and Emmett because as she had said she was too young to have grandchildren.

Last night, of course, we closed the door and tried to do something but Esme claimed that she wanted to tell us goodnight and she opened it again.

"I feel like a teenager again" Edward said frowning

"Oh really? How many girls had stayed the night"

Edward turned red and I now I wanted to tell me. "Well?" I asked

"You know, not many, I mean dad was strict and... Emmett had the most..."

"A number Edward" I said laughing

Edward sighed and closed his eyes "ten"

"Ten?" I asked

"I wasn't really popular" he said

"Wait ten girls during all your school years?"

"Yeap" he said laughing

I giggled relieved and kissed his lips

"ok and now what we will do? I want my girl! It's not fair it's the last time we will sleep together and I wanted to have some fun"

"Why baby when you come to Forks we will break up?" I asked


"Why it's the last time we will sleep together?"

"Because since tomorrow you will be sleeping at your home"

"Don't be silly Edward Sue will cover for me or Alice or Rosalie I'm sure we will have a lot of time together" I assured him and kissed his cheek "now get some sleep we have a big day ahead of us for tomorrow"


I was standing in front of the mirror and I was looking myself. I wore a skinny pair of black jeans and a deep green top that was hugging my body nicely. I wanted to wear a dress but Edward had told me that I should wear something that I was comfortable with. He knew me so well.

"Are you ready Bella?" he asked as he walked in wearing jeans and a blue shirt. It was illegal to look so hot.

"Yes we can go"

I took the hand he offered to me , we walked downstairs, got into his car and drove to the studium. I was really crowded, everyone was yelling for Edward, actually they were screaming. Edward cool as ever, was waving to the crowd and the little girls were screaming happy.

He took some pictures with his fans and then we got inside.

The show started and I was watching reward after reward to be given, Edward seemed nervous next to me. Finally the category that Edward was in had been announced and I was watching nervous.

The award was being present by Jasper.

"And the winner is my very best friend Edward Cullen!"

The crown went crazy, they were screaming and clapping excited. I hugged Edward tight and pushed him to go and get his reward but he took my hand and we walked to the stage together.

We got up there and smiled wide.

"um... thank you guys I really appreciate this. I want to thank all of my fans and my wonderful team, of course Jasper and my beautiful girlfriend Isabella" he smiled that sexy smile and he pulled me in his arms. He bent down his head and kissed my lips softly and just like that we were all alone.

I wrapped my arms around his neck wishing to be in love forever...

I know a really short chapter. The sequel will be up wen I return byeeeeeeeee