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"No morals. No compassion. No mercy. Those are my codes of conduct. I am a monster. That is all there is to it."

(Prologue: How it all begins)

Macabre entrails and mutilated corpses splattered on the dilapidated walls. The ravaging inferno engulfed the capital with its hazardous flames. The midnight sky was smothered with charred flakes and smoke. Horrified screams reverberated throughout the decimated city. There was a demolished courtyard with an inauspicious pyramid composed of decollated carcasses.

A silhouette stood atop.

The malignant entity, with a dynamic physique, was garbed in a tattered kimono blemished with bloodstains. He held a nefarious odachi that emanated a palpable aura of malevolence that encompassed its wielder. The blade was soaked in a bloodbath and its fearsome spirits desired for carnage. The entity sheathed his weapon in stylish grace and chuckled at depravity.

"Gotei Thirteen, huh? I find it amusing to know how easily it falls."

Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni, the chief commander who proclaimed to be unsurpassable amongst his reign, glared menacingly at the atrocious adversary. "Uzumaki Naruto! I finally found you. I would not allow you to slay anymore of my comrades. Tonight, I shall end you and the heinous crimes you have committed!"

Naruto guffawed sinisterly as he smirked at the soul reaper, his distorted voice echoed with nonchalance. "End me? That's what all these dead people said before I see through the last minute of their pathetic life."

Shigekuni assayed the barbaric entity. His apathetic gaze, a nebulous difference between conceit and immorality, illuminated diabolically. His angular features were perfect and he kept a wild mane styled in a ponytail. Naruto vanished in a sonic resonance before he reappeared behind the soul reaper. "You claimed to be guardian of this realm. But you and I know the truth. You founded this primitive organisation just for you to slaughter in the name of twisted justice."

"Silence! I don't want to hear this nonsense coming from that mouth of yours! You're a monster, Uzumaki! And a monster must be put down to sleep." Shigekuni drew his blade and recited a mantra in a monotone. "Reduce all creations to dust."

Naruto was unfazed as a burst of gluttonous wildfire disintegrated the terrain into ashes. The blond folded his arms and he grinned tauntingly. "How scary. But it is time for you to face facts. You know it well, old man. You just can't handle the truth. After all, only a monster would understand how a monster feels! Face it! You're nothing but a monster too, old man!"

"Ryujin Jakka!" Shigekuni announced furiously before he readied a battle stance. "Tonight, one of us shall stand, one of us shall fall."

"I'm not gonna fall." Naruto drew his blade swiftly and a rippling shockwave dispersed the malicious flames, much to Shigekuni's stupefaction. "You can feel it, can't you? Ryujin Jakka is sentient. It knows fear when it encounters a foe much stronger than itself. Your sword reflects no resolve, just… meaningless fear."

The soul reaper stared questioningly at his quavering arm and was unsettled; he heaved a sigh and swung his sword. "Do not sow discord between me and Ryujin Jakka, you fiend! Ryujin Jakka knows no fear."

Naruto smirked. "Is that so? Let's put that statement to the test, shall we?"

Flames with potent intensity enveloped both Shigekuni and Naruto, imprisoning them in the process. "Jokaku Enjo!" (Fortress Blaze)

"Oh? You intend to trap us in here, huh? It's not gonna make a difference. I am the executioner! You're gonna die here, old timer."

"We'll see!" The soul reaper roared as he charged towards his nemesis before swinging his sword, encased with lethal fire, ferociously. "You will be destroyed, Uzumaki Naruto!"

"Let's get wild, shall we?"

Without hesitation, Naruto brought his odachi down, clashing against the oppressing assailment. Upon impact, a cataclysmic explosion occurred.

The blond snickered with devious joy as his free appendage morphed into a demonic talon. Shigekuni was startled as the blond pierced his elongated claw into the concrete ground and instantaneously, a multitude of devastating spikes erupted from the ground. The soul reaper retreated as he skidded away to a stop.

Naruto retracted his serpentine arm and licked his lips. "Cementerio Titán. (Titan's Graveyard) It is the name of the attack that your kind has fallen prey to. It absorbs both the nutritious energy and biomass of my victim, enhancing my vitals and strength. A cool parlour trick, isn't it?"

Shigekuni growled in sheer umbrage. "I will kill you and bring peace to Soul Society, Uzumaki Naruto. I swear it upon the name of those you have murdered!"

"Sweet vengeance ain't that sweet when you can't get a little taste of it, huh?" Naruto's eyes radiated crimson effulgence and his pupil expanded into a pictorial shuriken. The soul reaper's curiosity was piqued as he caught glimpses of the anomalous changes of his antagonist's eyes. "You make a mistake of looking into my eyes. Lagrima Diosa." (Goddess's Tear)

Shigekuni's reality crumbled as he found himself in a monochromatic universe and he was crucified on an enormous cross. "W-What is this?"

Naruto materialised before the restrained soul reaper and smiled in an iniquitous glee. "This is my world. I am the absolute ruler in this world! Every second, every minute, every hour, I dictate everything. I will force you to watch how I massacre your subordinates while I stab you with this blunt katana. I wonder how long you can endure this torment, Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni."

Shigekuni struggled to extricate from his predicament to no avail.

"Stop. There is no way you can escape this torture. Don't you understand? It is futile!" The blond smirked as he plunged his blade into the soul reaper's abdomen and chortled sadistically at the affliction he has caused. Shigekuni grunted in agony while he saw morbid visions of his comrades butchered and eradicated by the inhumane Naruto.

"How does it feel to see how I exterminate your kind? Enjoying the spectacular scene, hmm?"
The blond chuckled as the soul reaper writhed in anguish. "We're having fun here, aren't we?"

Time seemed to stagnant for eternity as Shigekuni withstood against his plight. When his excruciating torment had ended, the soul reaper's breaths were laboured as his sight jarred. He collapsed into a knee and gritted his teeth. "To think that only a few seconds have passed in the real world, just what kind of power was that? He infiltrated my mind and disrupted my nervous system. I have to step up my game."

"Let's end this escapade, shall we? Cero." (Zero) Naruto pointed a finger with a lax attitude at Shigekuni and an abundance of shimmering globes manifested before the blond. A static tune blared as a barrage of disastrous beams was fired at the soul reaper; the vicinity suffered a myriad of catastrophic explosions. "I guess I overdid it again."

Naruto dusted his attire and spun around. "I expected more than just a little harmless fire. Your instinct yearns to bathe in the blood of your enemy, but you hold it back. Your days as the boss of this place have made you soft. I guess I have overestimated you."

"I'm not done yet!" Shigekuni, who resuscitated himself through willpower, appeared behind Naruto, much to the blond's chagrin. Reacting to impulse, the blond sidestepped the anticipated assault and leaped away.

"Persistent, are we?" Naruto smiled as he applauded mockingly. "As expected of the head captain of the Gotei Thirteen, you're scary. You are able to fight, even after you have gone through that mental torture. Any ordinary weakling would have his or her brain liquefied. It's truly commendable for someone of your stature. So let's call it quits, shall we?"

"I won't stop until I have your head!" Shigekuni exclaimed in abhorrence; his torso was severely burned and his gait was unsteady.

"That's too bad." The blond yawned as the ground shook in terrifying tremors. "I'm bored of this place. I did have fun though. However, my presence is corroding this place. Look."

Shigekuni stared warily at the sky and gawked. The impenetrable barrier that shielded Seireitei was deteriorating and visible cracks were formed. Naruto shook his head disapprovingly. "That barrier that protects Seireitei is collapsing. If I stay here any longer, you should know what would happen. Besides, I haven't even released all of my powers yet. If I do that, my spirit energy will crush this place. After all, I am the God of all Hollows."

The soul reaper hoisted his blade. "You think you can just barge into our realm, do whatever you want and leave like this!"

"I don't think it. I know it." Naruto smirked and gave the infuriated Shigekuni an offending finger. With a snap of his fingers, a dimensional portal tore through the atmosphere. "We will meet again. And next time we meet, it will be over for you."

"Uzumaki Naruto!"


Naruto stepped on the soft dunes of Hueco Mundo and surveyed the sirocco night, his odachi stashed on his belt. He ambled through the desert and encountered a legion of cannibalistic hollows roaming around his territory. The blond promptly ignored the monstrosities and navigated his way stealthily through a tenebrous cavern. He snuck a glance vigilantly at his environment, ensuring no hostility near the vicinity before he strolled into the cave.

The blond halted in his tracks abruptly and sniffed the distinctive perfume in the atmosphere.

"Looking for something?" A feminine voice rang.

Naruto instinctively ducked a deadly strike before his hideout erupted in a series of deafening explosions. The blond leaped out from the debris and hovered in the atmosphere. Dusting his attire, Naruto sighed. "That isn't nice. I didn't know ya bloodthirsty enough to hunt me down in my own turf. That takes guts, soul reaper."

The statuesque woman, garbed in a ragged robe that exposed her cleavage and an oversized coat with her division's insignia emblazoned on the back of the white fabric, sheathed her sword. She had a bewitching pair of blue eyes and an ethereal beauty, yet the deranged aura she exuded was palpable. "The Captain-Commander has already issued your death warrant. I'm just carrying out an order, that's all."

"I hate to cut down a babe such as you, but you're driving a hard bargain." Naruto quipped as he stretched his hands. "You know, it is my principal not to fight the opposite sex, but I'll make an exception for you. What do you say? A fiddle of gold against your soul says I'm better than you."

"I am the Shodai Kenpachi, Yachiru Unohana. The title is bestowed to the strongest soul reaper." The dark-haired woman flexed her wrist and the mountain behind the blond was cleaved into half. The dessert shook in terrorising quakes as an avalanche was triggered. Yachiru unleashed her overwhelming spiritual pressure and her eyes illuminated an ominous azure. "Remember my name and die knowing that your life is forfeited to me, lowly scum."

Naruto clutched his chest and feigned hurt. "Ouch, that really hurts my feeling. But I never expect the strongest assassin of Soul Society turns out to be a babe. I have heard about your notoriety as a villain. Your reputation precedes you, Goddess of Death. I have always wanted a spar with someone like you."

Without hesitation, the fearsome Kenpachi charged ruthlessly at the blond in astounding velocity.

"You wanna know what your mistake is?" An apparition of the archangel of death, wielding an enormous scythe, manifested above Naruto. Harnessing his ungodly power into his arms, the blond snickered. "Thinking you're in Soul Society. You are long way from home. This desert is my playground. This is Hueco Mundo!"

Yachiru widened her eyes in consternation as the ghastly avatar slashed the sky and a gargantuan wave of black energy was launched at her. "Your justice, your strength! Show it all to me! Juicio: Purificar!" (Judgement: Purify)

Captain Unohana evaded the almighty assailment, which bisected the barren wasteland. She immediately retaliated with a brute swing of her sword, but Naruto had anticipated the imminent assault before he sped towards her. "Too weak! Too slow! Too predictable!"

The blond landed an elbow to her stomach, stunning her in the process before he slammed her jaw remorselessly with his fist, hurling her to the night sky. Channelling tremendous power into his feet, Naruto bolted after his nemesis and pummelled Yachiru back to the desert with a deleterious kick. The blond grunted as a spiral of magenta energy encircled him. "Only this much, huh? You are weak! Someone like you cannot defeat me! I shall show you despair, Unohana Yachiru! Juicio: Embestida Negro!" (Judgement: Black Onslaught)

The spectre of a stereotypical grim reaper emerged from nonexistence. The appalling entity lifted its gigantic scythe and tendrils of phenomenal energy vacuumed into the sharp blade, augmenting its strength. Naruto sliced the earth and the avatar mimicked his action, discharging netherworld's flame at his foe.

"You have underestimated me, hollow!" Captain Unohana counterattacked as she blitzed through Naruto's attack with a powerful swing of her blade, nullifying the calamity in the process. "I am the Shodai Kenpachi, the mightiest soul reaper of Soul Society! I will not be defeated by the likes of you! Zanshinryu Ougi: Mugen." (God-Slaying Style Secret Technique: Infinite)

"So you have been holding back for all this time, huh?" Naruto narrowed his eyes as he parried the immeasurable flashes of blades sent at him before he raised his sword in seething rage. "You think this is enough to stop- What!"

Abruptly, Yachiru materialised before him. The blond attempted in haste to sever his opponent, but she repelled the assault with an adroit strike of her sword. "I have overestimated you, hollow! You disappoint! Zanshinryu Ougi: Tetsuryumon!" (God-Slaying Style Secret Technique: Iron Dragon Gate)

"Argh!" Naruto gritted his teeth as blood gushed out from a wound on his back. "What the fuck? No way! She's subjugating the spirit of her Zanpakuto and absorbing all of its energy forcefully to herself! In other words, that sword of hers is nothing but an empty vessel. Impressive. To think that she holds such dominance over her Zanpakuto, but this is still not enough!"

Yachiru took a bold step forward and yelled in conviction. "With my sword, I shall oblige to my duty and cleanse this world with your blood! You are the personification of evil, Uzumaki Naruto! You are the devil. That's why you must be annihilated! Zanshinryu Ougi: Akumetsu!" (God-Slaying Style Secret Technique: Annihilating all Evil)

"I have enough playing games with you." Naruto dashed forward and intercepted the edge of Yachiru's blade with his bare hand, startling the captain as she felt sudden trepidation. The blond groaned as the sword cut through his adamantine skin and fresh blood stained the steel. Relinquishing his exasperation, Naruto let out a roar that caused seismic shockwaves to demolish the terrain.

Seizing Yachiru's sword, Naruto tossed her effortlessly away and anathematised, "I will make you regret stepping in to my territory! I am the Devil's incarnate! I am the executioner! Those who oppose me shall die! Those who challenge me shall be vanquished! I am the God of Hueco Mundo, Uzumaki Naruto!"

Naruto pointed a finger at the captain and he bombarded the battlefield with showers of thunderous beams. "Know your place, soul reaper! Metero Cero!" (Meteor Zero)

Regaining her bearings, Captain Unohana was unfazed as she thrust a palm at the blond and generated humongous pink energies in the air. The dynamic power produced by Yachiru's immense spirit energy was amalgamated before a blinding torrent of scorching heat was shot at the offending force. "Hado no.91: Senju Koten Taiho!" (Way of Destruction no. 91: Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear)

When both attacks collided, an explosion of pandemonium pulverised a segment of the godforsaken desert. When the smoke stirred, Captain Unohana gasped for air at the strenuous spell she had performed. Naruto smirked vivaciously as he witnessed Yachiru's unkempt bang and the demented glow in her eyes. "You're getting tired, huh?"

"You're not entirely serious in this whole fight, aren't you?" The formidable Kenpachi growled.

"I can say the same thing to you too. I know soul reaper like you has something called a… Bankai, isn't it? You are a captain, that means you have it in you, but you have yet to use it." Naruto crossed his arms and chuckled. "Why should I be serious with you? I don't even need to use all my strength to slow you down."

Captain Unohana was dumbstruck when she saw the severe wound she had inflicted on her opponent had ameliorated. "Y-Your injury…"

"Oh?" Naruto smiled as he touched his back. "One of my traits is high-speed regeneration. A shallow cut cannot do me in, unfortunately for you."

The notorious Kenpachi huffed in haughty vigour before she wiped the blood from the edge of her lips. "Tell me, hollow. What is your plan? With your powers, I'm sure you can do much more than just a silly conquest. What are you after?"

"Hollows are amongst us, soul reaper. They are growing slowly, but surely." Naruto chuckled in a good-natured tone. "The world is still asleep. Helpless and fragile. Soon, my race shall enslave the soul reapers and then we shall march our legion of doom to the mortal's world! And when everything is over, chaos will reign and I will be king!"

"How cliché." Captain Unohana spat in disdain. "You're delusional!"

"That's what losers say." The blond clicked his tongue and waged a finger. "Only winners write history. Only winners determine how the way the world should be! I am sick of being oppressed. My memories are remnant of a cruel life of ostracism and oppression. I rather condemn others, than be condemned! I am going to be the winner and create my own utopia!"

"How can a king rule without subjects? You're just planning to destroy everything! There is no love, no faith and no trust in that world that you believe in!"

"Don't be mistaken, foolish woman."
Naruto shook his head. "Placing one's trust in someone is called dependency. That is something for the weak to do. I have no use for that. But if you're speaking about servitude, I do believe in theocracy. As for love, well, that is something that makes people weak!"

"Tch. You're insane." Yachiru tightened her grip on her blade. "It seems word won't be able to get through you. The verdict is clear. I must annihilate you! Zanshinryu Ougi: Tentei no Gessen!" (God-Slaying Style Secret Technique: Sky Empress's Moon Flash)

The blond chortled manically before Yachiru darted towards him. "Impudence! I shall teach you who your god is, Unohana Yachiru."


The Central Underground Parliament, which housed forty-six bureaucrats and authoritarian that governed both the politics and welfare of Seireitei, was filled with clatters within the majestic assembly hall. Eventually, the chattering ceased and a spotlight shone upon a woman. "Do you know why you are summoned, Captain Shutara?"

"I was told that this meeting is strictly confidential. I would not know, sir."

Shutara Senjumaru, an impassive woman with exquisite beauty, replied stoically. Golden ornament was adorned on her raven hair and she wore crimson lipstick that embellished her captivating charm. Her face was as pale as the moon and she wore the standard uniform of a noble reaper who had attained the highest echelon of the military hierarchy. She was astoundingly gorgeous and her indisputable strength was venerated by her peers.

The autocrat, who possessed judicial rights within Soul Society, raised his volume. "I am aware that the recent destruction of Seireitei has raised a problematic issue to us. The harbinger of chaos has destroyed both the image of the Gotei Thirteen's supreme might and the infrastructure of our holy city. The culprit, who Captain Commander Yamamoto has referred to as Death's incarnate, must be dealt with."

Senjumaru blinked. "Do you propose that I should seek this Death myself?"

"No," the councilmen claimed. "We have discussed with Captain Commander Yamamoto. Our conclusion is simple. We have nominated a suitable candidate to enter the realm of Hueco Mundo and seek out the culprit. We grant you permission to slay the adversary by all means. Failure is not an option."

"Simple than said. I believe Captain Unohana was dispatched to Hueco Mundo, and she has yet to return." The raven-haired captain sighed. "I guess there is no room for rejection, I suppose?"

"Unfortunately, no."

Senjumaru spun around and ambled out of the chamber. "My obligation compels me. I will prepare for my excursion."


Naruto seized the hapless captain in a chokehold; her obsidian strands of dishevelled hair were stained in scarlet liquid, her delicate features were marred with bleeding cuts and her uniform was in shreds. "I told you, didn't I? You cannot defeat me! Surrender both your body and soul to me, Unohana! You're now my property, whether you like it or not!"

"Y-You r-really think… you bested me?" The fallen Kenpachi coughed before she spat a glob of blood at Naruto's face. "T-To hell with you!"

The blond snorted in vexation as his brows twitched vigorously, before a deriding smirk tugged at his lips. "I like feisty girls, especially those with big egos like yours. They put up a challenge. But I think I should implement something called enslavement in you. See how it goes. It would be delightful to see how all this turns out, don't you think? Juicio: Purgatorio!" (Judgement: Purgatory)

Captain Unohana was a conceited warrior who was proud of her preeminent notoriety as an indomitable individual. Even the frightening Captain-Commander knew best not to provoke her.

So when she was impaled by countless spears composed of hellfire, she refused to scream.

She didn't even grunt.

Naruto grinned as the flames extinguished and he whispered lewdly, "Submit to me and be my woman."

A chill crawled up Yachiru's spine as she felt the warm breath lingering on her skin, damped with beads of sweat. "N-Never!"

"Still challenging me, even till the end. I really don't understand your kind. Why do you wish to serve heaven, when you can reign in hell?"
Naruto threw the captain on the ground and ripped her robe, revealing her prurient curves and desirable figure. "You can't torture someone if there is nothing for you to take away."

Yachiru was horrified when she noticed the libidinous gleam in his vermillion eyes. "W-What are you-"

"I shall repeat myself again. I will make you regret stepping in to my territory, Hana-chan."


Kirinji Tenjiro, a tall man with a prominent regent hairdo and wore a waist-length jacket that had its squad's crest imprinted on his back, knocked on the door of Senjumaru's chamber and glared at the aristocratic woman. "I heard about it. The old guy said that you're leaving in one week time after the patrolling and scout units have gathered sufficient data."

"Yes. But that doesn't warrant you any rights to intrude into my premise. Please leave this place at once after you have finished whatever business you have here, Captain Kirinji." Senjumaru refuted while she played a melodic piece with her guzheng. "In fact, my excursion has not given you any rights to interfere with my matters."

Tenjiro rolled his eyes as he chewed a stick. "Don't flatter yourself. Haven't you heard? Captain Unohana hasn't even returned yet. And she is one of the strongest amongst us. What makes you think you can go in a foreign environment and survive? Do you think it's worth it or even logical to fight a beast that even that old man can't beat? And who knows what happen to the Shodai Kenpachi."

"Are you demeaning Captain Unohana's abilities? She is, after all, the Shodai Kenpachi."

The man shrugged. "Who knows? She's strong, no doubt. But against that monster, well, being strong is not gonna cut it. I have seen the reports. Even if you rely on spells to keep a distance on him, it is gonna be useless. To be honest, I'm not sure if the reports are exaggerating or not, but it seems that it might take more than just the entire Gotei Thirteen to stop that beast. They are sending you to the lion's den like an offering."

"The council has its edicts. I cannot object."

Tenjiro sighed. "Up to you. You can always appeal."

"Like you care."

"I don't." The tall captain averted his gaze. "But Soul Society is still in the process of rebuilding itself from a recent apocalypse. This world needs all the power it can get to sustain for a period of time. I'm not sure we can withstand another invasion without our full manpower. The Captain-Commander is still recuperating. We are the leaders that have to guard the fort with our lives."

"Have you spoken enough?"

"Well, don't say I didn't warn you. That son of a bitch that you're assigned to kill almost jumpstart judgement day." Tenjiro stared at the moon. "I don't like saying stuff like this but… I hope we can meet again. Good luck with your trip."

Senjumaru accidently broke a string from her musical instrument and scowled; it was a sign of an omen.

For once in a lifetime, Senjumaru felt uncertainty.


Naruto sat on his sacrosanct throne, situated within the desert's citadel as he rested his cheek on his fist. Yachiru's tousled hair, her bare shoulders that exposed her creamy skin, damaged clothing and the small pool of blood in between her legs only served to exhilarate the unscrupulous devil.

It was indeed a rather vivid memory for him.

"You should have chosen to leave Soul Society and stay with me. Forget that place and start anew in my kingdom. This entire realm belongs to me. I can give you a better life. Once my dream becomes reality, you will be queen of a new world. That I promise you."

Naruto chuckled as he stared at the night sky. "You will come back to my side, Unohana Yachiru. Eventually, you will come to realise how pathetic Soul Society is and you will return to me. Nobody denies what I want. My hegemony is absolute, after all. Believe… it."


She despised the way her tormentor looked at her.

The humiliated captain glared in aversion at the path she trudged; she was tossed aside when her chastity was ruined. There was a mixture of tribulation, resentment and self-loathing in her heart.

The Goddess of Death was defeated.

Honour and glory were tarnished.

Naruto had shown considerable mercy for her to escape when she refused to be his bride.

But it was a heartless act to keep her alive.

Captain Unohana tried to cover what's left of her modesty with her torn clothes and hissed as she licked her bruised lip. Dragging her blade with her, she felt everything to be unnaturally heavy. It was as if her strength was enervated. Nothing mattered to her anymore. Her pride, her dignity and her passion had all degraded into a stigma of irrevocable disgrace.

Before she managed to navigate to the gate of Seireitei, she collapsed into oblivion.

At that moment, she desired nothing but a soothing death.


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