AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a new fanfic that is entirely different from my original series. I promised you all a Sterek story and now, you will get one. But there will be a love triangle between Sterek and a new ship in this story called Strake. You'll find out about this ship later in this story. Sorry, I'm not use to writing male on male, so I changed Stiles gender into female. I hope you all enjoy this and thank for choosing to read my story. Happy reading :)

Chapter One:

Nightfall has come to Beacon Hills for a warm summer night. The roads are dark as a baby blue jeep drives with its headlights bright. Driving the jeep is Stiles Stilinski. Her skin is beautifully pale as long dark brown hair slithers past her shoulder. She's cute despite the fact that she dresses like a tomboy with plaid shirts and skinny jeans. The drive is quiet as she heads home to check on her dad. She's relieved that the alpha pack has been defeated, but there's one problem that she hopes her friends will solve of the alphas had escaped the blood and death filled carnage. Stiles try to relax herself by listening to the song Start The Commotion by The Wise Guys. Suddenly, her cell phone sitting beside her comes alive with a techno ringtone. She grabs it and quickly looks to see that it's her friend, Scott calling her. Stiles slows down to answer the call.

"Hey, Scott. Please tell me you guys caught the alpha yet."

"No, he vanished but we're still tracking his scent. Are you home yet?"

"I'm on my way now..." WHAM! Something huge has rammed harshly into the jeep, sending it tumbling violently onto the side of the road and into the trees. The wreck is devastating as trees are being knocked down by the now destroyed vehicle. The jeep stops tumbling and lands upside down. Stiles is covered in her own blood. She's in agonizing pain. Many of her bones have been broken from the crash. On the road, her phone is unharmed as Scott stays on the line.

"STILES! STILES! STILES!" Scott screams on the other line before the phone is crushed by a full transformed alpha. The alpha is terrifying as he or she slowly approaches the wreckage. Stiles whimper in agony. Her vision is beginning to darken. The pain is making her black out. Before she closes her heavy eyes, her blurry vision sees the sinister red of eyes of the alpha getting closer and closer. Eventually, she closes her eyes and gives into the darkness. But before the alpha can finish the job, a car approaches and slows down. The alpha growls in anger then run away as a car door shuts in the distant. Distant chattering of worry and sheer panic can be heard.

(Beacon Hills Community Hospital: ER)

Stiles is now being rushed into the emergency room. Stiles dad, Scott, Allison, Erica, Boyd, Issac, Melissa, and Lydia are all rushing inside to see her being rushed. John is stunned and to see his very own daughter in such a horrific condition. She's battered and bruised as the doctors hurry to take her into immediate surgery. Her life hangs in the balance.

"Stiles! Stiles!" John calls for her, but she doesn't respond. One of the doctors stops them before they can go any further. Melissa comforts him as he tears fall from his eyes. He's already lost his wife. He doesn't want to lose his daughter as well. Scott and the others entirely shocked and heartbroken to see their friend hurt. The only thing they can do know is pray.

Hours past by until the sun rises as they all wait in the lobby room of the emergency room. Scott, Erica, Boyd, and Issac catches Derek and Chris' scent. They look to see them coming inside through the automatic doors, but Peter isn't with them. Scott gets up and goes over to them as their presence catches the attention of John, Melissa, Allison, and Lydia.

"Hey, did you catch the alpha?" Scott asks with a sotto tone.

"Apparently we did, but something happened." Chris answers him. The pack wants to know.

"Peter killed him. He's an alpha and now he's gone." Derek finishes and Scott's eyes widen.

"What the hell?" Scott says. That is definitely bad news.

"Look, I know I should have watched my uncle closer but it all happen so fast. He's gone now and soon, he'll probably build another pack to try to take our territory. I don't know" Derek is too tired for all of this. He knows that they might have to prepare for a fight is Peter does come back and start a war against them. And if and when him and Peter face off, he'll make sure the son of a bitch is dead. The entire pack takes the news in. They're a little scared that Peter is now an alpha and has skipped town and will probably come back to start a war for their very own territory. This sucks major time.

A doctor approaches the gang. John, Melissa, Allison, Lydia, Issac, Erica, and Boyd all stand up to hear the news while Scott, Derek, and Chris joins them and drops the conversation. "Hello. I'm guessing that you're all with Miss. Stilinski?" The doctor asks. John offers his hand and the doctor shakes it.

"I'm her father. How is she?" John tells him.

"I'm Dr. Tanner. The surgery went well. We were able to stabilize her." The doctor says and the others are relived, especially Derek. He hopes his mate is alright. The doctor gulps because there's something else she needs to tell John. "Unfortunately, the crash has left your daughter in a coma. She had a cerebral hemorrhage during the crash. There's a possibility that she will never recover from this and wake up." This shocks and saddens them all. Derek is crushed but he holds it together. He might lose his mate. He never even got the chance to tell her that she was his mate and now, he might never will. His wolf howls in pain. And that pain spreads on his face.

"May we see her?" John asks with tears in his eyes.

"Only three at a time please." The doctor says. And with that, John, Melissa, and Derek follow her all the way to Stiles room from afar. When they enter room 345, they are all heartbroken. Stiles' body has been hooked up and attached to a heart monitor, an IV, and an oxygen machine with an oxygen mask covering her lower face. Her right arm, shoulder, left leg, and shoulder have all been wrapped in a hardened cast. The wounds around her body have all been treated and bandaged. "I'll give you all a moment." The doctor says and leaves the room.

John goes over to caress Stiles' face. He raises his hand to stroke her hair before giving her a kiss on the forehead. Melissa massages his back as he wipes his tears away. Derek on the other hand, goes on the other side. He slowly takes Stiles' hand in his. He doesn't want to lose his true mate. He should have never let her leave his side, so he could go hunting after the escaped alpha. Derek holds his tears back. He already misses her sarcasm and vibrant personality. He moves to caress her face. There are words for this moment. Derek becomes angry within himself because he's been so stupid by putting her in danger and letting her in pack business. If Stiles does survive this and she will...Derek will have no choice but to cut all ties with her. That way, she'll be safe. But in order to do this and be successful, he will need the entire pack to cut ties with her as well.

Later, everyone sees her and prays that she will wake up and be okay. Derek has already left to be alone. Scott and the pack come to find him while everybody else stays behind to be with Stiles. Derek glances at them and sighs heavily.

"Derek, you need to give Stiles the bite." Scott says and Derek is shocked that he said this. "You heard what the doctor said. There's a slight chance that she will wake up from this. I won't lose my best friend. I just can't. All I am asking for you to do is give her the bite."

"No, I am not going to do that to her." Derek says sternly.

"There's no other choice." Scott almost yells and Derek growls.

"My choice is final. I will not turn her against her will."

"But it's for the best. She's more vulnerable as a human. If she becomes one of us then we wouldn't have to worry about her getting hurt." Erica speaks up. She has a point, but if Derek does this, he knows that Stiles would hate him forever. Stiles even said that she would like to remain human when he offered her the bite three weeks ago. Derek shakes his head. A moment of silence between them.

"My decision is final. Stiles will survive this. She's stronger than this." He tries to convince them. The pack doesn't agree with his decision. Derek takes a deep breath. "There's something we need to talk about. We need to kick Stiles out of the pack when she wakes up." This has the pack confused and shocked by this. No way could they do that. "It's for the best. If we cut all ties with her and push her out of the way, including banning her from pack business then she wouldn't be in danger anymore. She can make new friends and live a happy new a human." This has them all thinking. If Stiles did wake up and if they turn their back on her, thus ripping her from their lives then she wouldn't be in danger anymore. She could live a perfect, happy, normal life.

"...Agreed." Scott finally says and the pack soon follows his word.


Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. Stiles still hasn't awakened from her coma, but her loved ones still have faith, including Derek. But a part of Stiles' dad is losing hope. He may have to let his little girl pass on, so she can be in heaven with her mother. He's been crying for weeks and has been drinking heavily to the point, he's slacking off work. The police station knows what he's going through. They hate to see him this way. Hell, even Stiles would.

It has been six months since Stiles was attacked by the alpha and was in a horrible car accident that put her in this situation in the first place. Derek has been suffering as well. He doesn't want to lose his mate. Scott and the pack know that he has feelings for Stiles, but they do not know that she's his mate. His wolf is literally howling in unspeakable pain.

Derek walks into the hospital and goes to Stiles' room to visit. It breaks his heart every time he walks unto the room to see her. Her wounds have healed, but that doesn't justify the fact that she might be lost forever. Derek goes over to her bedside and looks down at her. He reaches down slowly and strokes her face softly with his fingers. There's no evidence of broody and cold expression. Instead, it's sad and...Pure love and affection. A tear falls down his face.

"Hey Stiles." He says softly, hoping she would respond. "It's me...Derek." Derek shakes his head. "You look so beautiful. I just can't believe're like this. It's been six months, Stiles. It pains me to see you like this. It breaks my heart that I might lose you too. I've lost everything. I can't lose you too. I know that I'm not the best role model or the best to be around with, but that's because I need to protect you. I need to get things done. I pushed you away I didn't want you to get hurt. You are everything to me. I love everything about you because you are the light to my darkness." He pauses then smiles. "I love you, Stiles...forever and always. I love you so much." Derek leans down to play a soft kiss on her lips. He pulls away and holds back his pain.

"Der-rick" Stiles says in an extremely low tone, but Derek can hear it. He wonders if he's hearing things. "Der-rick." Stiles whimper. Derek's eyes widen. He steps back then leaves the room immediately. Stiles can barely open her eyes. She tries to move her limbs, but she's too weak. Meanwhile, Derek goes to find Melissa, who is working behind the desk in the main lobby of the hospital. Melissa sees him as he approaches her fast.

"Stiles is awake." He says.

"What?!" Melissa almost yells.

"She is awake. She just said my name." Derek tells her. Melissa is already on her feet and on the move. Derek doesn't follow her. Instead, he leaves the hospital. Melissa rushes towards Stiles' room and goes inside to see that Stiles' is now awake. She is so relieved to see her.


"Hey, Ms. McCall. Got any burgers and fries. I'm hungry." Stiles says with a weak voice. Melissa goes over and checks to everything before hugging her in a tight embrace. "Uh, what's going on?" Melissa pulls away and looks down at her while caressing Stiles' rosy cheek.

"I need to call your dad and tell him you're awake."