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Chapter 4

After the 'red headed' comment, Harry excused himself and moved off to finish their packing. While he was down below, he was kicking himself for his reaction but just couldn't help it. As he went about his busy work, he opened the secret compartment and withdrew the elder wand and slid it into the wrist holder beside his holly wand. He knew that if someone magical were to get on the boat, they could eventually get past the enchantments on the secret compartment and it would be gone forever.

Up on deck, Richard looked stunned at Harry's sudden departure and asked Hermione, "Was it something I said?"

She sighed out. "He's still pretty sensitive about the Weasleys as a whole."

Jane asked "Why?"

"There are several reasons. Ron abandoned us at one point during our mission and I don't think Harry will ever forgive him for it."


"It wasn't the first time he had ever done it to Harry as well as he tried to force me to choose between them. While I stayed, I wasn't in the best of places and I cried for about two weeks until Harry basically made me start living again so that we could get on with our mission. The fact that he hurt me once again was just unforgivable to Harry."

Jane said "But yet you went back to him anyway?"

"Yes and I would probably still be with him if it wasn't for the intervention of several witches. I know, I was stupid and it took Harry leaving to begin his life elsewhere without me to realize what I had lost."

Jane said "I knew from your call that something major had happened. I'm just glad they undid the enchantment so that I knew who you were again."

"When I finally caught up to him, he was as cold to me as I've seen him be to some of the people we fought. It was terrifying to think I had hurt him that much."

Richard said "It sounds like there's more to this story."

Hermione looked up with tears in her eyes. She started telling about everything that happened after the final battle and the eventual abandonment of Harry. She talked about Luna Lovegood showing up one day in tears and berating them for what they had done to Harry who was now all alone in the world thanks to his wonderful friends and so-called family.

Richard said "So every time we have teased him about Ron, we have offended him. Oh great, not the way we wanted to start our relationship with the man who has held our daughter's heart for so many years."

They all turned as they heard a quiet voice say "Offended is too strong of a word in this case. Maybe we should say it played on my insecurities and my jealousy. I kept telling myself that I would tell her how I felt when the war was over but when the time came, I realized I was too late and she was with him. I just couldn't take seeing that and decided to run."

Richard looked Harry in the eye. "I think I need to apologize for the bad taste of my jokes. From all the letters we have read over the years, we thought we knew you but see that isn't necessarily the case."

Harry replied "No apologies are necessary Sir."

Jane added "Oh please, none of this Sir or Ma'am stuff. You make me feel old even though the two of you are making me a grandmother. Please call us Richard or Jane or Mum and Dad."

Richard nodded. "Well, you may say no apologies are necessary but I will at least explain myself. When we heard that my little princess was dating him, it scared us that her life wouldn't be all that we had hoped for her. I lost a lot of sleep worrying about her becoming another Molly and just dropping out babies they couldn't afford because he was too lazy to properly take care of my daughter or his family."


Harry laughed "And we show up with Hermione already pregnant and your worst fears are realized."

Richard just nodded.

Hermione butted in. "We have plenty of time to discuss all this later. Right now, I want to talk about that dinner I was promised once we made landfall."

Jane looked at her watch and said "Oh my, if we hurry, we can just make our reservations."

A quick flick of the wand and their suitcase was shrunk and flying into Harry's hand. As they left the boat, another concealed flick of the wand and the protective charms and wards they had placed on the boat went active. Richard and Jane led them up the dock and to their waiting Range Rover.


The four of them had an enjoyable dinner together which left Harry wondering if it was the food or company that made it so. All throughout the evening, Richard would throw questions at Harry until Hermione finally called for a stop to it.

"Daddy, leave Harry alone. I have seen our finances and am very comfortable with what we have to work with. We already said we would discuss it with the both of you later."

"Easy Mi, I will be the same way when I am in his position. He's just making sure one of the most important people in his life will be okay."

"Sorry Daddy."

"No, you're right. I'm sorry as well."

Harry smiled "Did you guys take a few days off?"

Jane nodded.

"Then I have an idea. Why don't you two ladies have a mother/daughter spa day tomorrow? You can drop Richard and me by the boat where we can talk everything out as I try to put his mind at ease."

Richard asked "Why the boat?"

Hermione perked up. "Why not take him out for a bit? It would be relaxing for both of you."

Harry leaned over and kissed her cheek. "My thoughts exactly."

Jane added "If that is the case, I think Hermione and I ought to be there as well so that you two don't kill each other when your mouths engage before your brain. Besides, why should he get to go out on that beautiful boat while I'm stuck having hairs plucked from God know where."

Richard said "That works for me. Besides, it usually takes at least a day to get an appointment."

After dinner, the four of them went back to the small flat that Richard and Jane shared. They sat up rather late just talking about everything that had gone on in their lives while they were apart and just getting to know each other again or for the first time. By the time they went to bed, the Grangers realized just how good of a choice their daughter had made in her husband. Little did they know that the revelations they would be subjected to the next day would totally destroy any concerns they may have had.


The four of them made their way to the marina and once the charms were taken down, Richard and Jane were led below to the booth/table that was their dinner table. Harry quickly moved to his secret compartment and withdrew the expandable file folder they kept there.

Jane's eyebrow rose when she saw it. "I detect my daughter's hand in that."

Harry laughed "Yep, where would I be without my wonderful wife who can do the impossible and even organize my life. So…I guess it's time to answer the questions you have been biting back since yesterday."

Hermione piped up. "Before we begin, remember we are a family and we will act like it. (She glared at Harry and Richard.) No getting mad and walking off."

Both grinned and said "Yes Ma'am."

Harry made a motion for Richard to start.

"Not that we don't approve of you Harry because we do. Hermione couldn't have found a better man as her husband."

Harry nodded.

"I sit here in this magnificent boat and I see the satellite phone sitting there. Both are expensive things to maintain and I worry that you are living too extravagantly. It took years before Jane and I were comfortable enough to have nice things and even then, we had to be careful so as not to eat into our budget and live outside our resources. My concern is that you are wasting the money you do have and not planning for the future."

Harry nodded and then made the gesture for him to keep going. The thing that bothered Richard the most was that Harry kept a smile on his face the whole time.

"The next question I have is: What are your plans for the future? Are you going to drag my only daughter into a vagabond life on the high seas? What are you going to do about a job so that you can take care of my little girl and her baby?"

Harry took a deep breath and with a straight face replied "To be quite honest Sir, I have no definite plans for the future at this time except to be at Mi's side as we raise our children. As far as a life at sea, I would be fine with it but I'm sure Mi will have an opinion about it that I must consider. As far as a job is concerned, I'll be more than happy to stay at home with the kids while Hermione pursues anything she chooses too."

Richard and Jane's mouths fell open as Harry and Hermione sat there without batting an eye. It was finally Jane who responded by yelling "Hermione, are you okay with that? Do you want to be the one supporting your family as your husband spends his time sailing?"

Hermione responded with a straight face. "Of course Mum. You know how much I love Harry and I would do anything for him. I'll hold three jobs if that is what it takes to make my Harry happy."

Richard and Jane sat there stunned for a few minutes before the Potters started laughing. Harry finally quit laughing long enough to say "I'm sorry but you guys made it too easy. Truthfully, I already have a job managing my investment portfolio and other holdings along with taking care of my wife. I was telling you the truth about Hermione being able to pursue whatever her heart desires but I can promise you it won't be to put a roof over our heads or food on the table. I can also promise you that our children will never go without."

Hermione opened the expandable file and laid out several account statements. As the Grangers eyes drifted down, they widened at the numbers shown. Hermione said "Harry promised me that I could pursue whatever I wanted and while he didn't really want me to work; he said he would support me in whatever I did. Right now, I'm leaning towards working with him on the investments until an academic challenge comes up."

Harry chuckled "Ever since I met your daughter, she has always been the voice of reason to try and calm down my exploits. She took interest in what I was doing and soon had a new research project that she threw herself into. By the time she thought she was ready to help me, I set her up a small investment account to practice on and soon learned that she had a reckless side as well. I kept my mouth shut for the most part and just let her do what she wanted but soon combined it with the rest of our investments as her rate of return was much higher than mine. We all know that there are some investments that are extremely risky but can also have the greatest results. Never let it be said that Hermione Granger-Potter is not as brave as her crazy husband."

Jane said "So, you are partners."

Harry replied "In every sense of the word."

Jane looked to Richard. "Well, I'm satisfied. How about you Richard?"

He could only nod for a minute as his eyes never left the papers in front of him. "All objections removed and after what you two just did to us, I think we will get along famously."

Harry got up and said 'excuse me for a minute' as he picked up the sat phone and went up on deck. When he returned, he sat down for round two.

He looked at Jane and said "I can see you've got questions as well. Ask them. I promise to answer them truthfully."

Jane looked at him with a tear in her eye. "Harry, I've just gotten my baby back and don't want to lose her again. Where will you live? Or should I ask which world are you going to live in?"

He reached out and took her hand as he could understand this question better than anyone. "The only connection I have to that world is sitting right beside me. When I thought I had waited too long and lost her, I was planning to leave that world far behind as she was the only reason I had stayed as long as I did. So to answer your question, the only world I want to live in is the one where Hermione is."

Hermione grinned and said "Really?"

Looking deep into her eyes, he said "Baby, magic may be a part of who we are but it doesn't mean we have to be a part of that world. After everything they've put us through, I thought you'd be thrilled to leave it all behind."

She put her arms around him and squeezed him tight. "You're right. I think I finally realized after Bali that we would never have any real peace and happiness as long as we stayed in that world. Who knows, when they realize that the Most Ancient Houses of Potter and Black want nothing to do with them, maybe they'll change."

Harry looked at her for a minute before bursting out in laughter. At her hurt expression, he placed his hand on her cheek and then leaned in and tenderly kissed her. "That's just one of the things I love about you Mi. You always look for the good and hope for the future."

"But everything we fought for?"

"I was fighting for our survival sweetheart. I didn't fight for them; I fought for you so that you could live a happy life. The fact that I get to share that life with you is far beyond my hopes and dreams."

Their eyes met and were quickly followed by their lips. It went on for several minutes before Jane finally cleared her throat. "It seems there has been a lot left out over the years. Perhaps now that it is over, you can tell us what all really happened."

Harry and Hermione were still staring at each other when Richard said "You still haven't answered the question of where you will live."

As if on cue, there was a knock on the side of the boat and a voice calling out "Mr. Potter".

Harry got up and they heard him speaking with someone for a minute before they heard Harry say 'thank you' with him returning to the table carrying another folder.

As soon as he was settled, Harry said "Jane, as much as I'd like to share that with you, there are some things that should be left in the past. It's not that we want to keep anything from you but quite frankly, there's a lot I'd like to forget so that we can get on with our lives. Dredging up all that will just destroy how far we've come since we left England."

Jane nodded. "I think I can live with that. It's over and done with and there's nothing we can do to change it now. You mentioned dreams earlier. What are your dreams other than keeping my daughter pregnant for the next ten years?"

Harry smiled "Now that IS a good idea! My most important dream is living my life with Hermione. I have some other ideas but that will depend on all of you."

Richard said "How so?"

This time Hermione spoke up. "How committed are you to remaining dentists?"

Jane said "At first it was a calling but over the years but it has become just a job."

Hermione asked "What would you say if we asked you to sell your practice here? Your accounts could be linked with ours and you could live off the investments."

Richard asked "Are you really that good?"

Harry looked him straight in the eye and said "Yes she is but I warn you, her methods aren't for the faint of heart."


Harry and Hermione spent the next little while slowly convincing Richard and Jane to join them in the vision they shared for the future. The conversation was interrupted by the sound of a knock and a female voice calling out 'Mr. Potter?'

Harry got up and went to speak with whoever was calling for him. They heard Harry say 'thank you' but he never returned to the cabin. Instead, they heard his footsteps scurrying around on deck and then heard the engine start up. Knowing her husband was up to something; Hermione led her parents to the sitting area as she took her place behind him and helped keep watch for other vessels.

"May I ask where you are taking us?"

With a smirk, Harry replied "Well we did say we'd take them out for a sail."

She looked at him before saying, "Alright Harry, out with it, I know you too well and I know you are up to something."

"Who me?"

It wasn't long before the engines were cut and Harry was raising the sails. As soon as they cleared the harbor, Harry turned them east and they found themselves sailing up the coast. The weather was incredible and soon Hermione was leading her mother down below to change into something more appropriate for sailing. Already in shorts, Richard pulled off his shirt and sat back enjoying to trip.

When Hermione and Jane came back up in bikinis, Harry was stunned at just how much the two were similar. The thought went through his mind of how lucky he was that his wife would be just as lovely as she aged. He had an even bigger grin when he realized that her magic would keep her that way for quite a long time. Richard chuckled as he saw Harry checking them both out.

He quietly said "We're both very lucky men Harry."

"You got that right."

Hermione heard them saying something and caught Harry checking them out. "Like something you see Mr. Potter?"

"You have to ask?"

Her response was to blow him a kiss before she turned and got the both of them settled on towels to bask in the sun.

Richard slid closer to the pilot station and asked "Where are you taking us? You seem to have a destination in mind."

"House hunting. There's a house that almost meets the criteria I gave the bank and I wanted to check it out from the water."

"What were your options?"

"Well, I wanted it on the water. Preferably in a sheltered bay where I could tie up the Lady. It also had to be big enough to not only house us and our children but you and Jane as well as Andi and Teddy."

"You really want your in-laws living with you?"

By this time, Hermione and Jane heard them talking and came back to join them. Hermione slipped in front of Harry so that his arms were around her as he steered. "I don't really see how I have the right to refuse you anything. Your family sacrificed so much for me that I feel I am in your debt with all you had to give up."

Jane looked at Hermione for a second. "We didn't give up anything Harry. Not really. We still own everything in England and if we sold it along with the practice here, we would be pretty well off. If anything, it is us who owe you. You are here offering something we would kill for. We realized when Hermione left for Hogwarts how empty our lives were without her. Our only breaks were whenever she returned and we could do things together. Without her, our lives became empty and all we did was play the game of keeping up with the neighbors or the others at the club."

Richard grasped her hand. "Coming here was the best thing that could have happened to us. We've always loved each other but without all the static back home, we fell in love with each other all over again and couldn't be happier. Then you come along and offer us the chance to be a part of our daughter's and her new husband's lives. You talked about dreams earlier Harry and you have just handed us ours."


Harry found the perfect house for them a little up the coast from Darwin. At first, Richard and Jane were a little apprehensive about the distance from civilization but Hermione put those concerns to rest with the availability of magical travel. In order to maintain their privacy, the estate was registered to a James and Jane Evanston. To further ensure their privacy, the Gnomes were contracted to ward the property to the point where even the Australian Ministry would not know of their existence.

The house was rather large and hidden from observation except from the sea and the air on one hundred acres of forested coastline. The house itself was unique in that it had two master suites. Richard and Jane opted for the guest house that was located right behind the pool so that Andi and Teddy would be in the house with Harry and Hermione. It really didn't matter to them as the only time they used it was at night as they spent most of their time with their family. Harry continued in his quest to spoil Hermione by creating a huge library in which he would often find Mi, Jane, and Andi enjoying the peace and quiet as they perused subjects that interested them.

Over the course of time, the property became a labor of love for the whole family. Having access to some pretty powerful wizards and witches of which Andi was an enchantress, Jane started producing island travel books and with the help of the others, created her own private beach paradise. There was no surprise that it was clothing optional but it was surprising that Andi was none to shy about joining in and in Harry's opinion, she was just as breathtaking as her daughter. The ladies always found it funny at the ridiculous excuses the men would use just to come by whenever they were on the beach.

In turn, each of the adults created their own little version of paradise on the grounds. For Richard, it was a putting green and driving range and for Andi, it was a park with a paved path that strolled through the peaceful gardens. The closest Harry and Hermione came to creating something like the others was a gazebo which overlooked the ocean. They called it the 'heart' of the family because it was where Harry and Hermione took everyone to talk about personal matters. If they sought out paradise, they found it on board the Lady and needed to look no further but there was talk of one day creating a Quidditch pitch for Harry to teach the kids how to fly.

Harry and Hermione made Jane's prediction a reality up to a point as they had five children in their first six years together but decided to stop there as the pregnancies were getting much harder on Hermione. To Hermione's amazement, Harry told her that if she wanted more children then she would just have to adopt as he couldn't live without her.

They never did actively try to adopt as they felt five children were more than enough. In Harry and Hermione's eyes, Teddy was their son in all but blood which fulfilled Harry's promise to Remus. From Teddy's point of view, he was thrilled to have five younger brothers and sisters to play with. As they grew older, he became the consummate older brother that was always there for his siblings.

Andi and Jane grew very close in those first few years. It took a lot of time and patience on Jane's part but Andi's grief and despair started fading after many tears and a lot of time. Jane finally convinced her that she still had a lot to offer a man and made it a point to introduce her to many of hers and Richard's single male friends. She finally made a connection with one named Jim but was terrified when he asked her to come home with him for the night after dating for several months. Her fear won out that night and she fled home but not before apologizing to the man and telling him it wasn't a no but more like a not yet.

Andi spent the whole night tossing and turning as her fear and guilt ate at her heart. As Andi's confidant and Jim's friend, Jane waited at breakfast for Andi the next morning so that they could talk about it. She was surprised that instead of her, Andi grabbed Harry's hand and asked if she could speak to him. When it concerned a member of the family, Harry usually operated from one of two offices. He asked "Your choice, Heart or the Lady."

She smiled "Heart I think. I need your full attention and you tend to fondle the Lady when you are on board."

Harry laughed "I can assure you that I fondle a certain lady when I'm on board but I only lovingly caress my other lady."

He held out his hand and led her out to the gazebo where she became a mess and let her heart and troubles burst from her. As she sat there sobbing, Harry was quick to put his arms around her and let her weather the storm of her emotions. The three adults in the house watched from a window as Andi bared her soul to Harry and like the wonderful man he was, held her and told her what she needed to hear.

"Andi, we may not be blood, well, bad example because we are but anyway…I love you and only want the best for you. I've watched as you have mourned these last few years and have always wished there was something I could do to make it go away. I remember that night when Hagrid and I showed up at your house all banged up and bloody. I saw how much he loved you when he looked at you."

She cried even harder. "You're not helping."

"Yes I am! You see, you and Ted shared a love that can never be matched much like Richard and Jane and Me and Mi."

She sobbed out. "You're still not helping."

Harry chuckled "Well you're the one who wanted me. What I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't forget it. You should cherish it for the great love that it was. Listen, I'm crap at some of this stuff but what I saw that night was that Ted would want you to be happy. If Jim could make you happy even for a short time, then you should grasp it. Ted will not feel betrayed and will still be waiting on you on the other side with a big smile on his face."

Andi quieted down. "You really think it is that easy?"

"No I don't. The only thing I can compare it to is when I thought I lost Mi and I can still remember what that felt like but you have got to start living again. Geez Andi, I love you too much for you to give up on life and just fade away. To be crude or in true Sirius fashion, you are way to damn hot to be wasting it like you are."

"You want me to start sleeping around?"

"I never said that. What I said is that I want you to be happy."

"I don't know how any more."

Harry smirked "Then let me make a suggestion."

She looked up at him with tear streaked eyes and nodded.

"If you don't know where to start, then climb unto bed with Richard and Jane one night. I'm sure neither of them would kick you out."

She looked at him stunned.

Harry shrugged. "You asked…I'm just saying."

Harry stood and held out his hand to Andi. As she took it, he pulled her up into an embrace and then turned and walked back to the house with his arm around her. When they entered the house, all three pairs of adult eyes were on them. Hermione looked at him with a look on her face that he knew meant …Well?

Harry just shrugged and said "Andi said she didn't know how to be happy anymore."

"And just what did you tell her my husband?"

He looked at Andi who just blushed. With a smirk as he looked at Richard and Jane, he said "I told her to start slow."

Jane asked "Which was?"

"Oh, I told her that I've seen the way both of you look at her and that neither of you would kick her out of the bed if she decided to climb in one night."

There was total silence for a while. Hermione knew it to be the truth but didn't dare say anything. Jane finally reached out and took Andi's hand. "You would be welcome you know."

Andi just nodded.

It took a week before Andi's curiosity got the better of her and she slipped into the guest house late one night. Richard was the first to realize she was in to their room. With the moon shining through the window, he got out of bed and eased her beside Jane and then climbed in beside her. Once settled, both Jane and Richard kissed her cheek and then cuddled up next to her. Sensing her nervousness, Jane whispered "Nothing is going to happen until you want it to. Just relax knowing how much we love you."

In Harry and Hermione's room, Harry was standing at the window and just saw Andi sneak in. Hermione asked "Did she?"

"Yeah finally. I hope it helps."

"Do you think they will?"

"Not anytime soon. Your Mum knows how fragile Andi is and Dad is too scared to do anything until Mum says it's okay. He may stand up and salute her but other than that, it will be up to Andi."


As the time passed by, Harry and Richard's relationship had morphed into that of a father and a son. Both had taken on the challenge of trying to convert the other to their passion. While Richard's passion was golf, Harry's was obviously the sea. As their fortune grew, Hermione allowed Harry to indulge in his passion and soon he had started collecting boats. None held the significance of the Lady to them but he enjoyed his hobby.

The time Andi spent with Jane and Richard was everything she needed as the couple was very loving and attentive to her. Over time, she gained the confidence to once again date and by coincidence, Jim was still waiting for her. They married several years later and he was brought in on the secret of the magical world. When he was told, he started laughing as he already knew of the world since he was magical as well.

The other secret he learned that night would leave him swearing a magical oath to never reveal Harry and Hermione's true identities. Since Jim was still connected to the magical world, he was able to tell them quite a tale of how Harry and Hermione Potter had sailed from England and then disappeared. The members of the ICW had passed a resolution that all members were to keep an eye open for the couple and help them in any way they could. The other part of the resolution was that the couple was to be protected at all cost and allowed to live in peace for what they had done for the magical world.

As she held her new husband's hand, Andi asked "Why?"

"There was a story of them showing up in Bali a few months after they left England. As they were shopping, the exuberance of a sales clerk caused a bad reaction for the couple and it activated their fight or flight instincts left over from the war. They were never seen again and it was this action that caused the ICW to act. The only country to not agree to it was Great Britain as they felt you were national treasures and assets that should be returned to their Ministry so that you could fulfill your civic duty to them."

Harry snorted as Hermione rolled her eyes. "And they wonder why we left."

Harry chuckled out. "I told you then that it was an escape."

Hermione smiled "Yes you did dear and as much as it pains me to say this….you were right."

Harry looked at her with wide eyes before he made a choking sound and grabbed his chest. The next part of the act was to fall off the couch and pretend to start convulsing to the chuckles of everyone else.

Hermione's only reaction was to raise an eyebrow at him and say "If you want to sleep in my bed tonight, you'll get your ass back on this couch right now."

Harry literally apparated back to his seat as the others started laughing even harder.

Jim was laughing the hardest and when he finally calmed down everyone was looking at him strange. He finally stuttered out "All the stories about the super warrior Harry Potter and here he is cowed by his wife."

Andi raised an eyebrow at him this time and he gulped. "And shouldn't men respect and listen to their wives?"

"Yes dear, it will never happen again dear."

Andi growled out "Damn right it won't."

Harry laughed and said "Don't worry about it Jim. You're in good company."

Richard was smart enough not to open his mouth and just nod his head.


Fifteen years after Harry and Hermione had first sailed from England, Harry bought his largest and most expensive boat to date. He stayed true to his love of sailing and purchased a one hundred foot catamaran which had enough space for all of the family and then some. He proudly named it The Marauder.

On their wedding anniversary, they took the whole family on a cruise around the South Pacific. Harry had long ago mapped out the entire region and only took them to the spots Hermione had marked with gold stars. He hated to admit it but her organizational skills have always been just as much of a turn on for him as French was to Gomez Addams.

The vacation was made even more perfect when Luna and Gabrielle accepted the invitations for them and their families. Out of everyone in the magical world, they were the only ones Harry and Hermione corresponded with. They kept up with each other through letters and shared their victories and heartbreaks in the only way they could.

They understood the secrecy invoked by the invitation and accepted the portkey that arrived later without question. They arrived in front of the steps of the Evanston's Estate's entrance. Before they could get their bearings, the doors flew open and Hermione was down the stairs and pulling her friends into a hug. Harry stood behind them smiling as he let his wife get the hugs out of her system and as soon as she was done, his arms were open to receive hugs as well.

Once the greetings were over with, Luna and Gabrielle turned to their families and invoked family secrets magic right before they introduced their families to Harry and Hermione Potter. It was a wide eyed group that started back at them.

Harry shook Gabrielle's husband, Philippe's hand and welcomed him before turning to Luna. "Where's Yogi?"

She looked up at him and grinned. "You know that isn't his name and he left us six months ago. I should have never told you about the thick back hair. He said the spark was gone and I was too….predictable."

Harry hugged her. "That ass!"

"My thoughts exactly Harry. Anyway, the humphalumps told me to let him go and that there would be a better offer soon. We got your invitation and here we are. I'd like you to meet my daughters, Crescent and Neoma."

"It's a pleasure to meet you girls."

The young teenagers looked back at him with wide eyes. Luna said "Girls, you're being very rude. Say hello to your new daddy."

They both chorused in Luna's dreamy voice. "Hello new daddy."

Harry choked out "Daddy?"

Behind him, Hermione snorted. When he looked at her, she smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

Harry turned back to Luna and asked "Would you like to explain that?"

"Of course Harry my love. I told you before you left that I loved you. After you left, I made a vow that if ever you called for me, I would go to you and we would get married. From my point of view, that invitation was you calling for me so now if you don't mind, I think Philippe is an official in the French government and could perform the ceremony and I would like to get on with my wedding night."

Harry looked back at Hermione who was smiling at him. He asked "I'm already married to Hermione. How can I marry someone else?"

Gabrielle said "Oh that's easy Harry. You are not only the Head of House Potter but also the Head of House Black. That was declared after you ran away. Under magical law, you are allowed a wife for each house and must produce an heir for both."

"I didn't run away, I escaped and I know that other part but I already named Teddy the heir for House Black."

Luna said "You can call it whatever you want. I'm fine with Teddy being the Black heir. It gives me an excuse to not have to go through another pregnancy that stretches my body all out of shape and made my boobs almost explode. The best part is I'll get to have sex every night with two of the people I love most in the world."

Harry turned once again to Hermione who was barely controlling her laughter. He growled at her "Is this a joke?"

With her head down, she shook her head quickly to keep from laughing.

With another growl, he asked "And you're okay with this?"

Surprisingly, she looked him straight in the eye and nodded. She finally said "I found a better way to adopt and quite frankly, I've missed the little nut job."

Luna smiled and ran over and kissed Hermione on the lips. "Oh Hermione, I love you too even though you stole my man for fifteen years."

Luna then turned and asked "Harry?"

"Well, I haven't gone wrong by doing what she said so far so…I believe we have a wedding to plan."

Harry and Luna were married before the Marauder set sail. The amazing thing was that all this was accomplished by lunch time. As the boat sailed across the open water, Harry and the rest of the guys were gifted with the sight of five beautiful adult women in thongs as well as seven gorgeous teen aged girls in bikinis all lying on the huge sun deck of the boat. It wasn't a pervy thing at all as these men recognized all the women on that deck as family but beauty was meant to be looked upon with appreciation.

Harry and Hermione's daughters, Lily Jane, Chloe, and Coral were all the spitting image of their mother and grandmother but thanks to Harry's genes, they never suffered from the large front teeth. Unfortunately, they inherited their parents' unruly hair and combated it with short hair styles.

Harry's new daughters were also the spitting image of their mother with long blond hair and just a hint of the curves that Luna was displaying in the thong that Harry recognized as one of Hermione's. At the moment, Harry was a little scared of trying to keep up with the two beauties tonight and even thought about asking Richard how he managed. Seeing them on the deck as they were giggling as they shot glances back at Harry was causing him all kinds of problems. Luckily, none of the other men were paying attention to him.

Gabrielle's daughters were just like the image that was permanently burned in his mind for their time together in the Mediterranean and were as beautiful as their mother.

Jane and Andi just looked incredible for their age and would turn heads for many years to come. Gabrielle was just Gabrielle and there was not much else he could say for the beautiful Veela who he thought of as a little sister.

Harry had to laugh as all the men and boys were over the side as soon as he dropped anchor. He would have done the same but Luna and Hermione caught him in between them and were mercilessly teasing him. All in all, Harry had to think that he was pretty lucky. His life with Hermione was just perfect and he didn't need anything else to make his life complete. If anything, Luna would bring back some of the excitement they shared when they were younger.

Harry trusted Hermione completely and during a few minutes alone before the wedding, she explained that Luna's ex had taken everything she had and left her alone and broke. The craziest part was that he gambled the Lovegood fortune away on snorkack races. She and her daughters had only survived by Luna's ability to live off the land after all her magical friends in England turned their backs on her including the Weasleys and Neville.

The only way she knew was in a letter where Luna confessed everything and was looking for a way to take proper care of her daughters. In the letter, Luna begged for Hermione to take in her daughters and give them a good home. It took Hermione all of three minutes to come up with the plan. Out of all their friends in the magical world, Luna was the only one who stood with them through it all and she knew how much Luna loved Harry. Hermione had evidently been influenced by Harry over the years and her saving people thing kicked in. She would not only take in Luna's daughters and give them a good home but she would also bring Luna into the family and give her the happiness she deserved. At one time, the thought of another woman in their bed would have made her go spare but she was confident in their relationship and the thought of Luna being there actually intrigued her.

Hermione found out just how intriguing Luna could be when she found a sign on the master's suite saying "If the boat's a rockin, don't come knockin."

The vacation had been an outstanding success as the seven girls grew very close and Harry's new daughters began to open up and lose some of their shyness. Gabrielle's daughters were also accepted for who they were and not looked upon differently due to their heritage. The thing that amazed them the most was that none of the men or boys were affected by their allure. The boys were strong willed like their father and the men's hearts were filled with love for their partners. For the first time ever, the girls enjoyed life and interacted with males that did not consist of their father and grandfather.

On the last night of the vacation, the whole group was sitting on deck enjoying the night as everyone bantered around and generally just had fun. The talk between the adults was filled with flirting and innuendo and a lot of laughter. While the new girls were getting used to it, the other six had grown up with it all their lives.

It had come up one afternoon as all the kids were sitting on a beach. Crescent asked "What's with the way the adults in your family talk to each other?"

Coral said "You get used to it after a while. To us, it's kind of comforting because it shows how close they are to each other."

Teddy said "Dad said my real Mum was a master of it just like his godfather was. He told us stories of how they used to embarrass him."

"But he's Harry Potter."

"No, he's just Dad. He will be your dad too if you let him."

Neoma said "I'd like that. Our real dad wasn't much so it would be nice to have someone like that in our lives. Mum's great but she has been so sad for so long."

Crescent nodded "It's nice to see her smiling again. Your dad and mum are very good to her."

Lily Jane sat in between them and put her arms around both of them. "Our family has never been normal but then what family really is. By the way, your Mum is now our Mum too just like ours is yours."

Both girls hugged Lily Jane tightly. Like gabby's girls, they had never been accepted by others and this was a new and wonderful feeling for them.

Gabrielle and Philippe had been having some very serious conversations and it was evident from the way she kissed him that they had finally agreed on something. Philippe asked "Harry is there any property available near your home?"

"Not really, we started out with one hundred acres and have expanded a little bit at a time over the years to where we have about two thousands acres now. Of course it's owned under the name of Evanston and Wilkins mainly but Jim's name is on a chunk as well. Why?"

"To be quite honest, we have very few friends back home and have felt more comfortable these last few weeks than we have in years. If that wasn't enough, my daughters look happier than I've ever seen them. The only people we really have to hold us there are Gabby's parents since mine have already passed on. We were thinking about approaching Jean when we get back and asking for me to be placed here as the Magical Ambassador."

Harry looked over at Hermione who looked about ready to burst. "We'd love to have you but I don't think there is any property for sale for miles."

Gabrielle deflated but Harry started again. "However, I think my sister would be allowed one hundred acres to build a house for her family."

Gabrielle was up and tackled Harry to the deck and was kissing him all over his face as she said 'thank you' over and over again. Harry laughed at her exuberance before he said "But there are conditions."

She straightened up. "There always are with you. Just tell me."

"Your parents can know the secret but we would prefer an oath. You know we trust them and would love to see them again."

Jim said "If Jean's the Minister then he already sworn an oath and you won't have anything to worry about."

Hermione snorted "You just want to see Appoline in a thong."

Harry smiled "You're making me out to be some kind of perv again after you were the one to start everything."

"You are right Harry. I'm sorry."

Harry laughed "Thank you for that but Appoline in a thong would be a sight to behold."

Hermione stuck her tongue out him and made all the kids laugh.

Andi added "At the beach would be pretty nice too."

Harry grinned "Yeah there is that too."

Gabrielle asked "What beach?"

Teddy said "That would be Nana Jane's naked beach."

Philippe said "Oh, I don't think we will be asking anymore. We will go in there and demand it."

Richard leaned over to Harry and said "He's going to fit in just fine."

Harry only nodded before Gabrielle turned on her husband. "Am I not enough for you that you have to fantasize about my Mum?"

Hermione snorted "Why not? Harry does about mine."

Harry blushed. "It's just that I see how much more beautiful my wife will be in a couple of years."

Luna said "That was smooth. He never was that smooth before."

Hermione smirked "I've trained him well."

"Is he house broken too?"

"Mostly but he is a man."

Harry shook his head as everyone laughed. Gabrielle finally said "There's more isn't there?"

Harry looked down and nodded his head. "Yeah, you can't tell Fleur."

"I wasn't planning to."

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be. We aren't close anymore."

Harry got back up and sat in between Hermione and Luna. Luna tried to lighten the mood by saying "So, come here often sailor?"

"A few times but I never ran across any mermaids like you before."

Hermione groaned. "Don't fall for it Luna. He used the same line on me and I couldn't walk the next day."

Luna smiled "Oh that sounds like fun. Did he do anything special for you after that?"

Hermione perked up. "Yes he did. He booked me into a spa. We'll have to book a girls day at the spa when we get back and the boys can do whatever it is boys do."

"What do you do at a spa?"

"All kinds of things. I think it's time for Mama Mi to take her new girls to a spa. They always make me feel like a princess by the time they're done."

Harry kissed her cheek. "You are a princess my love. I don't think I'll ever understand why you decided to take up with a pirate like me."

Hermione giggled. "Oh that's easy. I keep you around because I get the best booty that way."

Jane said "Hermione Jane!"

Richard laughed out. "Oh hush, you're just mad because you didn't think of it first."

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