Spiders in the League

A/N yes I know I was going to let the poll decide which story I was going to start next but it was neck and neck the whole time and tied for most of the time that while I sat at my computer I just decided to flip a coin and decide which story I will write first. And so it came up heads so I am doing my Spiderman X Justice League crossover. This fic is highly inspired by AgentG's story Justice League: The Spider, which is one of my facorite stories and I really liked the sequel too. I do really hope he gets back to that story line (hint hint). A big difference between that fic and this one is that while the main pairing is the same IE Peter/Kara, Peter will not be the only marvel character in the series, besides whatever villains I want to bring in. So without further delay here is my new story Spiders in the League!

The rain beat down on two figures overlooking the large Ozcorp facility. In the blackness of the night and the gleaming light of what remained of the city in the distance both figures waited to make their move. This wasn't just about justice; this was about vengeance as well. Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin had destroyed most of New York, blew up the Treskillion and killed countless people. For what reason, no one was sure. But it was clear to everyone especially these two that this man, this monster had to be put down.

Peter Parker also known as Spiderman was the one who suffered at the hands on Osborn the most. His aunt who was more like his mother to him, his two best friends Harry and Gwen, and the love of his life Mary Jane Watson, all lost. All of them incinerated when the Goblin blew up his home. Once a sarcastic, quipping hero in his anger he turned into a much more ruthless avenger. 'Well only when dealing with the Goblin, at least that's good.' Thought his companion.

Jessica Drew AKA Spiderwoman had been with Peter that night and rescued him from perishing in the blazing inferno that was once his house. A clone of Peter with all his memories up till he was about 16 Jessica left for two years to go find her own way and her own person. The loss of May, Gwen, Harry, and MJ were heavy for Jessica as well. She stayed beside Peter and resolved to help him through this and tonight was the final act.

They knew Norman was up to something. The man while crazy always had some kind of diabolical scheme or plan. Stealing the remains of Dr. Ohme's dimensional technology was a big hint that he was up to something big with the kind of damage that tech could do. However he was so over confident that he had forgone the usual subtly and just blasted his was to the tech before blowing up the rest of the lab.

They had searched every Oscorp building, factory, and warehouse and now Norman was cornered. Now it would all end. They made their way through the building making good time. The robots and turrets they faced where nothing new and barley slowed the two down. Then they entered the main chamber where they saw Norman laughing as he completed the machine which looked like a giant obelisk.

"YOU'RE TOO LATE PARKER" the villain shouted as he flipped some switches. "It all ends here." he finished with a smirk as he threw the last switch. With that the obelisk began to glow.

"You're right for once nutcase it all will end here." Peter retorted as he jumped for Osborn only to be stopped by two massive Spider Slayers. Both blasted him simultaneously with their blasters, luckily he was able to dodge the worst of it but he still took a few glancing blows.

Jessica jumped in at this point and took care of one of the slayers while it was distracted with Peter. One on one or en mass the slayers were more dangerous than the sentinels. But with two of them the slayers could be handled with relative ease. The two heroes then stalked over to Osborn who was still laughing that twisted evil laugh.

"You think you won? You think you have me? If I am going to go down I am going to take you with me PARKER!" he shouted as he revialed the large number of explosives he had hidden in his overcoat. "Now we all burn." He smiled as he pressed the detonator.

Time slowed as Jessica pulled Peter away from the madman. But the blast was too large and both were caught in it. But even worse the obelisk also was caught in the blast and it exploded as well knocking both heroes into darkness.

DC universe Watch Tower

High above the earth in the Watch Tower the Justice League sat around a large meeting table. In addition to the original seven that where there, also in attendance was Superman's cousin, Supergirl also known as Kara who was extremely nervous.

"Alright we will table the issue of what to do with Hawkgirl for the time being." Batman said without a hint of emotion. "Let's move on to the other issue. It has become obvious to us that the league needs more members to be able to function better in a crisis. Supergirl you are here for so that we can vote on if you are ready to join the League or not."

"Yes sir." Kara replied. She might be considerably stronger then him but Batman still had this way of making her nervous. The whole living legend thing also factors in a bit when this is the man that Superman respects most on the planet she really didn't want to make him mad.

"Aw come on Bats. I think Kara is ready for the League. I mean it can always help to have another powerhouse on the team and Big Blue has been teaching her for years now." Flash said voicing his opinion as he was directly beside Kara. "What do you think new members will just fall out of the sky into our laps or something?"

Just then in a perfect example of Murphy's Law a rift opened up above the table and two battered figures fell out of it. Peter in his shredded Spiderman costume fell right into the lap of Supergirl the left side of his mask torn off and his body covered in cuts, burns, and bruises. Jessica fell into Flash's lap though he was quick enough to catch her in his arms to keep her head from slamming onto the table. He mask was totally torn off and her body was covered in similar wounds to Peter's.

Peter opened his eyes for just one moment as he fought to remain conscious. All he saw was a beautiful girl with sky blue eyes and silky blonde hair. As darkness once more crept into his vision he was able to only mutter a single word before passing out. "Gwen?"

And there it is my first chapter! I couldn't resist the whole falling out of the sky thing its too funny really. Ok and character ages Peter/Jessica 19, Kara 18, Flash 26, John 32, Shayera 30, Superman 37, Batman 35, Diana and J'onn ages unknown. Thanks everyone!