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Both Peter and Jessica were dripping in sweat; the grey work out cloths they were wearing were drenched all the way through. Batman had gotten them up early every day after the League gave them quarters for their stay and he wanted to see what they could do first hand. This meant the two of them were sparing with each other, at full speed, with traps and obstacles built into the crazy training room that reminded them of the X-men's danger room. They had been at it for over an hour neither of them landing a solid hit on the other but not for lack of trying. After the goblin bombed the Parker home the two of them trained like this almost constantly for over a year they knew each other so well their sparing matches look like an advanced dance routine.

"Their agility is impressive." Diana remarked as she observed the duo twist and turn through obstacles. "Any of us would have trouble with this kind of exercise don't you think you are pushing them too hard?" she questioned the dark knight.

"No I don't." Batman replied impassively "Look at the way they move. There is a familiarity with their movements. They are acting like long time sparing partners. They know every move the other one has, their preferences, their strategies, but they know each other so well that neither of them can gain the upper hand."

"They are an even match. It is not surprising if they have the same powers and memories." Diana noted remembering their unique origin.

"But there are differences in their fighting styles." Batman said as he studied the two. "Jessica is more slightly more agile and limber; she uses more quick blows in rapid fire and changing her angle of attack frequently. It keeps her opponents off balance unless they possessed similar agility. Peter on the other hand has a more reflexive fighting style. Preferring to dodge his opponent's attacks and wait for an opportunity to strike where he will apply his full force."

"I didn't notice that, I guess you really are the world's greatest detective." Diana replied with a smirk.

Batman wasn't even phased by her flirting or at least he didn't show it. "Peter, Jessica you can stop now." He said into a microphone as he ended the work out.

As Peter and Jessica stopped all the obstacles they were dodging retracted into the floor and walls the two made their way to the exit. As they reached the exit they were greeted by Supergirl who had a coy smirk on her face. "Alright you two follow me we are going to see just how strong you really are." As she turned she gave Peter a wink

"Seems someone has a crush on you." Jessica whispered to her partner while they walked behind Supergirl. "Damn she does have a nice butt." Jessica commented as he eyes followed Supergirl's rear end in a tight pair of red compression shorts.

Kara stopped in the middle of the hallway and turned to face Jessica. "While I am flattered that you think I have a 'nice butt' I should tell you that I don't swing that way." She turned back and began walking down the hall again. "Also super hearing has its uses." She chuckled as Jessica turned a deep shade of red.

The weight lifting work out went over smoothly, or in Peter's case as smoothly as it could have been with a super strong blonde alien chick with the body of a supermodel insisting on spotting you every time. Jessica thought it was hilarious the way Peter would blush and teased him about it in-between sets. Their maxes were very similar between the two spiders although Peter had a slight edge in strength due to him having worked on his powers in his body longer then Jessica with her clone grown body.

Meanwhile in the conference room

"It seems like Kara has a crush on the new guy." Flash teased Superman with a grin on his face.

"She is a teenager chalk it up to that." Superman replied "Though I have to admit both Peter and Jessica do have potential, and a lot more experience than anyone else their age."

"They both have a warrior's heart." Diana added "they both have suffered and struggled through so much; they are worthy to be heroes."

"I agree with the Princess." John nodded receiving a glare and nod from Diana. "They have what it takes I think we should let them join."

"There is a problem though." J'onn said as the others turned to him. "They will require housing and time to adapt to this world. Unlike myself they are human and would desire to live as humans do." Every one nodded at that

"It will take some time but with my contacts I should be able to craft them some identities so they can live and work in the world outside of the tower." Batman offered.

"That's very generous Bruce I am sure they will appreciate it." Superman said with a smile. Bruce had done much the same thing for Kara when she came to earth. Creating the identity of Kara Kent was different though then creating two identities from scratch. For Kara he based it around Clark and his parents who when asked would confirm the story. Peter and Jessica had no ties to the world at all and though an alternate version of Peter not existing in their world made it a bit easier it would still take time.

"So what are we going to do with them in the mean time?" Hawkgirl asked. The others had been surprisingly lenient on her when she apologized for her actions before. They agreed to give her a second chance but there were some conditions. She was basically on probation and was not to lead any teams herself for at least 6 months and any team she was one would have another founding member on it as well to keep an eye on her. A task John didn't mind taking himself.

"Well I was planning on taking Kara to Metropolis for a while before going to Smallville for her graduation ceremony. Maybe Peter an Jessica would like to join us." Superman said.

Flash went wide eyed. "That would mean telling them your secret identity." He said surprised

"Yeah well seeing as Kara is getting close to him and from what I saw in his memories I think I can trust the two of them." Superman said firmly. He didn't mind Kara's crush on Peter too much he was a nice enough kid from what he had seen, hell it might even be good for Kara.

"I think it's a good idea." John said nodding his head. "They have been stuck up in the tower for over a week now they need to get some air."

"So it's settled then tonight after they have cleaned up the three of them can join me in Metropolis." Superman said as he got up to leave the table.

Superman found the three youths relaxing in the lounge all laughing as they drank some kind of sports drink that Flash seemed to keep huge stores of around the tower.

"I can't believe you actually said that to him!" Kara laughed "The supposed King Pin of crime of your world is threatening you and you come up with that?"

"If you think that's funny you should have seen his face when he realized I had webbed him to the floor under the table." Peter remarked laughing as he did. It was nice to remember some of the more good times he had and having someone who got them.

Jessica was happy to see Peter actually having fun for a change. For the first few months after the attack on his home he barely spoke and became all serious and grim. It was good that he was lightening up again. She was the first to notice Superman coming in the room. "Hey there big blue how's it going?" she asked with a smile.

"It's going well Jessica." Superman replied smiling a bit at her use of Flash's nick name for him. "But I have a proposition for you and Peter." This got Peter's attention quick. "How would you two like to join me and Kara for a weekend and get out of the tower?"

"But Kal wouldn't that mean telling them… well you know." Kara said nervously from her spot on the couch next to Peter.

"Well Kara you seem to be quite close to Peter and I see no reason not to trust him with this. Peter, Jessica when we are down in the city you can call me Clark Kent." Clark said smirking at his cousin.

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