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Peter stared at Superman blankly. Never in a million years did he think someone would be so casual about revealing their secret identity. "You don't look like a Clark though." He said with a nervous smile to which the two girls began to giggle.

Clark just shrugged off the comment with a small smirk. "Just gather up your things and dress in civilian clothes." He said turning towards the door. "Oh and one more thing Batman was able to repair your 'web-shooters' and had new costumes made for you two. They are already in your rooms." His grin widened when their eyes lit up like a kid's at Christmas as they sprung up and bolted to their rooms.

Kara giggled at her two new friend's behavior and got up and left to join them. She was tempted to go to Peter's room first, perhaps catching him half-dressed but she figured she had given him enough trouble with the flirting during their workouts that she would let it go for now. She never really had a close relationship with a boy before. After Clark and the rest of the League freed her from stasis she was having a difficult time just getting used to her powers. Between her cousin and Diana she was able to learn how to control them. Though it was more then a bit awkward as she initially thought that Kal and Diana were married because they had similar powers and wore the same colors; red, blue, and gold. This had caused Diana to blush intensely and Kal to stammer and stutter. Eventually it was all cleared up but they did act a little different towards each other after that.

With her powers under control Clark thought the best place for her to learn how to interact with humans and how to be human was where he did. So she spent the next two years going to school in Smallville with Martha Kent looking after her. As he social skills got better she began to interact more with boys, and being a teenage girl she did have certain interests. Oh sure at school she would flirt and go out on a couple of dates but those boys she had to keep at a distance. Peter was the first one who she could be totally honest with and after learning a bit about him she was glad such a great guy had fallen into her lap. She only had one other person she could talk to about the whole double life thing.

Barbra Gorden AKA Batgirl was the first real friend she made after coming to earth. They quickly became best friends and fabricated a story that they had met once while Clark had taken his younger cousin out on a trip to Gotham, which was kind of true as they did first meet when Clark took her to Gotham to get her new identity sorted out. They became BFF and would talk about everything. Though Barbra didn't have powers she was able to relate to the double life that many superheroes endure and both really relaxed having someone the same age they can talk to about these kinds of things. Barbra used to be able to talk to Dick AKA Robin when they were dating, but after he left Gotham for Jump City after a huge argument with Batman, the two of them broke up and stopped talking for a while. Eventually they started talking again and the two girls made a trip to Jump to visit Dick and hit Teen Titans. That turned into a complete disaster involving Slade, Poison Ivy and Metalo making plays in the city. After all was said and done the girls were able to have some fun with fellow teen heroes. Kara exhaled as she remembered that day and approached Jessica's door.

She knocked on Jessica's door and when it opened found the girl grinning like a maniac in her new costume. It looked much the same as her old one, dark red with a white spider insignia, the major difference was that now on the arms and legs she had a webbing pattern that looked like Peter's. "This is awesome!" Jessica exclaimed. "This is so much better then my old costume. It's made of a nanofiber filament fabric, super strong and durable but light weight and flexible! No more getting my costume torn to shreds and having to spend all night sewing it back together!"

Kara smiled at her friend's excitement. "Well what about the mask? Are you going to try that on?" she asked wondering what the whole costume would look like.

Jessica smirked as she pulled the mask up from the top of her form fitting costume. Just like her old costume it was built into the top part of her costume and had the top part taken off so her hair flowed freely from the top.

Kara had to admit Jessica did look good in that costume. Dark and mysterious and the form fitting costume was very flattering to her figure. All though in her opinion the blank eyes in the mask were a little unsettling. More so then the blank eyes in Barbra's mask. At least in Babs' mask they were still expressive these were totally blank and unmoving and with the full face mask you couldn't see her facial expressions.

Jessica smirked at her friend's reaction. Most people did find her costume a bit more intimidating then Peter's which was more colorful. She pulled down her mask so Kara could see her smirk, "So you wana go see how Peter is doing?" she said with a knowing smile. She knew that Kara was crushing on Peter and thought that would be a good thing for him. Jessica changed into her civilian clothes, Jeans and a black t-shirt, and put her costume in a backpack, before leaving.

The two quickly made their way to Peter's room where they found him already all suited up and stretching to test the suit's flexibility. His back was to the door and Kara blushed a bit when she realized how form fitting his costume was. 'Well he has a nice butt too' she thought to herself. She liked Peter's costume more then Jessica's being rather partial to the red and blue color scheme herself.

"So is it up to par Peter?" Jessica said with a smirk.

Peter turning to face the two girls removed his mask so they could see his face and how happy he was. "Oh yeah this stuff is definitely a lot better then my old spandex. I mean fixing that was a real hassle, sewing up cuts, tears and bullet holes were a real pain."

Shock played across Kara's face. "YOU HAVE BEEN SHOT?"

"Yeah twice." Peter said as his eyes darkened a bit before lighting up with a glint of mischief. He peeled off his top allowing the girls to see his scared upped body. "This one here is from when a police officer shot me for being a vigilante, this one I got from taking a bullet for Captain America; jerk never thanked me for that."

It was difficult for Kara to process the nonchalant way Peter was talking about this. Sure she had been shot a number of times but she is bullet proof and can even shrug off a shell from a tank. She did know that a single bullet was all it would take to end someone else's life. She also couldn't help but marvel at the scars that were spread jaggedly over his lean and chiseled body. She just stared at his body was admiring it that even though some of the scars themselves were ugly all of it together on his chest made for an amazing badge of honor for the trials he had gone through. 'And damn sexy too' she thought to herself.

"Hey Kara, you can stop staring now." Peter joked with a smirk. It made him kind of proud to have a hot girl like Kara admiring his body but he couldn't resist teasing her about it.

True to form Kara blushed at being caught so easily. Then it hit her that he had purposely did this and had caught her in a trap and her blush intensified.

Peter put his shirt back on just as Superman came into the room. "Well it seems Toyman is causing some trouble in Metropolice. Do you three want to go down and handle it?"

While Kara's face furrowed into a scowl of pure hatred Peter and Jessica looked at each other then turned to Clark. "Toyman? Seriously? You have a villain named Toyman?"

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