I burst through the door.

I see Faith twist round suddenly, her eyes landing on me, and a small smirk appearing on her face.

My eyes then turn to Angel, whose widen eyes were already fixed on me before my eyes could land on his.

" What's going on?" I demand.

Soon both their thoughts fill my brain.

Angel - Oh my god, what is she doing here? I bet she's assuming Faith is here because something is going on between us. I know she thought that anyway, she's bound to think it now. I bet she wont even let me explain that she just turned up here looking for a fight.

Faith - Here she is, little miss perfect slayer. Bet she's wondering what I'm doing with her honey. Wonder if she will start a fight, because I'm ready, I'm ready to take her down. Look at her, all sweetness and light.

My head hurts from their thoughts invading my head at the same time.

"Buffy-" Angel begins.

" Shut up" I yell as I cover my hands over my ears.

I cant take the noise of it , Giles is right, something is happening. But I'm so angry at the two of them being here together, what is going on, what is he doing with her. After everything I heard him thought as well.

Angel - What's wrong with her, Why is she covering her ears like that. She looks in agony.

Faith - What's a matter with her? Is this some kind of stunt.

I cant take my thoughts as well as theirs bleeding into my head.

" Yo B" Faith yells.

I look up, my eyes going blurry.

" What I thought it wouldn't be long enough before you tracked me down, so I thought Id save you a journey in looking for me" Faith gloats, " figure this would be one place to start".

Faith - Come on, you and me B, round 2. She looks weak right now. What's wrong with her. I can take her.

" Buffy-" Angel says again walking towards me.

All of a sudden everything goes dark.