It feels weird to stand on Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, knowing I won't be getting on the train to leave at eleven o'clock. But even though I'm not going, I had to see everyone off. I was feeling very emotional, as Fred and George walked over to me, big, sad grins on their faces. It was the first year since they were eleven that they wouldn't be with me, and I am going to miss them so much.
George hugged me first, almost picking me off the floor with his tight grip, "I'll miss you, Char. It's not gonna be the same without you."
"I'll miss you too, Georgie. Make sure you use that mirror so I know exactly what's happening," I replied.
"I will, don't worry. We'll make sure our sixth year is the best," George said, grinning and letting me go.
Fred hugged me next, repeating what his brother said to me.
"I'll miss you too, Freddie. Talk to me everyday, no excuses," I replied.
"I would, even if you didn't want me to," Fred grinned, and went back to standing by his twin.
"I want to hear you two carrying on with what we started. I'll keep Molly off your case," I grinned at the twins. I've never had to say goodbye to them before. I decided to wind them up about the upcoming event at Hogwarts that Arthur had told me about. "I'll see if I can come down to the school and watch."
"Watch what?" They both asked immediatly.
"You'll see," I grinned. "Bye, Fred, bye, George."
"Bye, Char," They chorused, waving at me and turning to the train.
I saw Harry and James together, both of them making their way over to me, Carly no where in sight.
"Cutting if fine, guys, you've got ten minutes," I smiled as they reached me.
"Make sure you write, Charlie, and remember those rules I gave you," James hugged me.
"I will, James," I grinned, rolling my eyes to Harry, over James's shoulder.
"Sure," I shrugged.
"Bye, Charlie," James said.
"Bye," I replied, and he walked off, presumably to give me and my brother some space. Harry had grown even more now, and was the same height as me.
"C'mere," I muttered, opening my arms. Harry hugged me tightly.
"I'm gonna miss you, Charlie. I know Dad's gonna be there, but..." Harry trailed off, not finding the right words.
"I know, Harry, I know. I'll miss you too, but I'll make sure I see you all the time," I reached into my bag and pulled out a parcel. "This is a late birthday present from me and Sirius. Open it when you want to talk to us, 'kay?"
"Thanks," Harry smiled, taking the wrapped up mirror from me. I'd charmed it so I could talk to Sirius, James and Harry at the same time. I'd given James one yesterday.
"Where is Sirius anyway?" Harry asked, looking round.
"At the Ministry. They wanted a meeting with him," I replied. "You've gotta get on the train now. Say bye to Carly if you see her, I don't know where she is. Oh, and Ron and Hermione too."
"Sure," Harry smiled.
"Bye, Monster," I grinned.
"Bye, Charlie," Harry grinned back, before walking to the train, waving at me.
I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness, watching nearly all the people I love walk away from me. It's never really happened to me before, and I hate it. I wandered over to where Molly, Bill and Charlie were standing, and stepped in-between the two oldest Weasley brothers.
"Alright, Char?" Bill greeted, and Charlie said, "Hey, Charlie!"
"Hey guys," I smiled.
"Not nice, is it?" Charlie muttered. "Them going off without you?"
I shook my head, "No, it isn't."
"What rules?" Fred, George, Harry and Ron all asked Molly.
"I'm sure Professor Dumbledore will tell you ... now, behave, won't you? Won't you, Fred? And you, George?" Molly replied.
I grinned, "Yea boys, behave, we wouldn't want you getting into any trouble."
The twins laughed as Molly rounded on me, "Do not encourage them, Charlotte!"
The train started up, as Fred yelled "Tell us what's happening at Hogwarts! What rules are changing?"
But Molly just smiled and waved, and as soon as we lost sight of them, Molly and I apparated to the Burrow, and Bill and Charlie to work.
"Oh, Charlotte, come here," Molly said. I don't know why she said it, but as soon as she hugged me, I started crying.
Molly hugged me until I stopped, and I gave her a watery smile, "Sorry."
"It's fine, Charlotte. I don't blame you. I was a mess too," Molly smiled. "Stay for lunch, won't you?"
"Of course I will, Molly," I smiled.
So I spent the whole day with Molly, chatting. It was like having a real aunt that actually cared about me and wasn't just scared of the wand in my pocket.
Someone I could tell them how much everything that happened shook me up; knowing my parents were alive and finding that I could actually love someone after Cedric. Letting Carly walk away from me, for some reason I can't fathom.
Explain that I don't really want parents - telling me what to do, and letting me know when I've done wrong - I just want someone to give me advice and be my friend. I don't want James to be my dad; I want him to be a brother, a friend. Nineteen is too old to have a thirty-something year old as a father.
I told Molly how I adore Sirius, but was scared to tell him that I love him because he's told me he's never told anyone in his life he loves someone. I'm scared of moving our relationship forward, because Cedric dumped me as soon as we went all the way.
I'm scared Harry's going to realise I'm not all that, and he's not going to need me - especially when Lily wakes up. I'm scared he's going to do what Carly's done - walk away.
I'm scared Annie and Ted aren't going to be there for me anymore, now James is back. I'm scared Dora's work is going to stop her from seeing me. I can't loose my best friend. I'm scared Fred and George aren't going to be my other best friends. I don't want anything to change, but it has to.
Thank Merlin Molly's so good at giving advice and listening, because I couldn't bear to carry all of that worry around with me anymore.