In the movie Now You See Me, there is a part during the car chase scene where they completely run over this bike rack and a bike that was chained to it. I'm probably the only person who ever thought about the guy who owned that bike, but I had to write him a short little scene. I just had to.

Austin had been living in New York for less than a week. It was a bit difficult to get used to, really. Austin had grown up in a town of maybe five hundred people, his graduating class had consisted of seventy-five people total. Compared to that, New York was insane.

Austin rode his bike everywhere that first week. Even if it was a bit tiring, it was better than waiting out traffic.

He chained his bike to a bike rack and went inside a Taco Bell for lunch. He was ordering when he heard what sounded like a car accident outside, but due to the positioning of the counter, he couldn't see what was going on.

When he came back outside, the back rack, and his bike, were in the middle of the street, completely destroyed.

Also, I don't live in New York, I've never even been to New York, so this depended entirely on what I've seen of New York from movies and such. So...