The Beast and The Butterfly

A Hannibal Fanfiction Novella by Karategirl666

Disclaimer: I don't Hannibal... If I did Mads, he'd be shirtless more in the show.


"What do you think Alana was talking about when she said Abigail has changed?" Will asked as they got out of the car.

"No idea." Hannibal said. "But we shall see soon won't we?" He asked.

"I'm a little nervous."

"You're always nervous." Hannibal said.

"So?" Will asked and Hannibal smiled at his defensiveness. "Do you think she's changed for the better or for the worst?"

"Nothing could be worse…" Hannibal said as they walked inside the sterile building and signed the sign in sheet.

"I don't like change."

"I know Will." He said trying to withhold a smirk. They walked down the calming hallways and got to Abigail's door and gave a knock.

"I'm sleeping!" She called and Hannibal smiled. "Go away!" he opened the door and he heard her sigh as he walked in. Both Will and Hannibal came to a stop seeing a red head instead of Abigail sitting on the ground painting her wall. "I said go away." She turned and they both tilted their heads as she stood quickly. "Oh I thought you two were one of the nurses… They've been bugging me non stop the past few days." She said shifting on her feet.

"Your hair is different." Will said pointing and Hannibal looked him over for a moment, he wondered how much this small change would affect Will.

"Uhm yeah… I dyed it." She tucked a strand behind her ear. "The nurses and Dr. Bloom are all very concerned." She said with a cynical laugh.

"Some would say you're escaping your past." Hannibal said.

"Some would say I've been wanting to dye my hair for years but my dad never allowed me to… Gee I wonder why." She said with sheer sarcasm. "If my mom was still around you could ask her, she would tell you I wanted red hair more than anything…"

"You're painting your wall?" Hannibal asked changing the subject and she looked over her shoulder.

"Yes." She said looking back to him.

"Are you allowed?" Hannibal asked.


"Why are you doing it then?"

"Because I'm sick of mint and lavender… It's dismal and not at all calming it sets my teeth on edge." Hannibal tilted his head. There was definitely a change in Abigail. She was no longer shaky or teary eyed but shaky and irritated. "I hate this place." His expression softened as did hers as she looked off with a small sigh. "It's not doing me any good to be here, these girls here, they're out of their fucking minds."

"Language." Hannibal scolded and she shifted on her feet.

"You're here because Alana thinks you still need to be here." Will said.

"Well I don't think I need to be here anymore, the girls here are crazy, Bethany down the hall slams her own head into walls, every three AM I'm hearing womp womp womp… Then she starts crying." She said pacing. "And I'm like well what the hell do expect when you slam your head against the wall?" Hannibal smiled, she was really very irritated. "Then there's Avery, she paces the hallways talking to her little imaginary friends, did I mention those imaginary friends are her dead siblings she killed in a house fire she set! Group with these people is like a crazed jerry springer show, I don't belong here! Look these chicks have problems I know I don't! Have you heard of third monkey syndrome?" she asked turning to them. "Have you?"

"Yes but how did you hear about it?" Will asked.

"Snuck into Doctor Clarksons and took some of his books."

"Abigail." Hannibal said with a scolding tone.

"I gave them back after I read them…" She said hating when he gave her that disapproving look. "He didn't even miss them…" She looked off her jaw clenching. "Doubt he even reads them…" she added darkly before sighing and running her fingers through her hair. "I'm just so bored here there's nothing to do."

"There's your online classes." Hannibal said.

"I've taken and passed all the classes allowed in a six month period."

"You've only been here for two months." Will said.

"Again I say I'm bored, and they're surprised when I jump the wall… When can I leave here?" she asked.

"You're still jumping the wall?" Will asked and Abigail shifted on her feet. She shrugged slightly and Hannibal's eyes narrowed.

"Abigail, Will asked you a question."

"Sometimes." She muttered.

"You've missed curfew six times in two months and now you're continuing to the jump the wall?" Will asked.

"I thought we agreed you weren't going to do that anymore." Hannibal said with a disapproving look she had to glance away from.

"I thought you said I was going to get out of here." She muttered.

"It's only been two months."

"Well it's two months too long!" She shouted and both jumped. "You two say you're going to help me then help me and get me the fuck out of here!"

"Take a seat." Hannibal said with a point and he watched as she stared him down. "Abigail. Take. A. Seat."

"No." his jaw clenched. She was testing him, he knew it was going to happen eventually, still he wasn't prepared. "I don't want to be here anymore…" She said softly.

"You have to stay here you don't have anywhere else to go." Will said.

"Not true…" She said. "Freddy has offered me a room in her house…"

"Freddy?" Will asked. "The reporter?" She nodded.

"So we could work more closely on the book…" She said.

"I thought you weren't doing that." Will stated.

"It's not about the crimes or my dad…" Abigail explained. "It's about the after stuff, like a memoir… The only thing I'll mention about my dad is him slitting my throat." She said. "I'll keep you two out of it, she said I could use different names…"

"Let's get back to you moving in with her. You are a minor." Will said.

"I turn eighteen in two months." She said.

"What will you do for work?" Hannibal asked.

"Freddy has gotten me a job in archives at her office, I'm good with math so she thinks I'll be great at it…"

"Abigail you don't have to do that-."

"Clearly I do." She said cutting off Hannibal. "The families have taken everything, and you know what they deserve it." She said. "Everything I had planned for my future is gone." She said. "Six months ago I had a full ride to Cornell! I just got a letter telling me they've revoked my scholarship. Citing extreme extenuating circumstances, and the other places I can afford with financial aid and loans my dad killed girls at. My options are slim to none." She said. "Actually they're just none."

"You feel like a caged animal-."

"I am a caged animal Hannibal!" She yelled completely losing it. "This is my cage!" she said motioning to the room. She laughed softly. "You know what… Get out." She said walking back to the wall and sitting down to paint. "I don't even know why you two came… You clearly just want me to rot in here like everyone else… I would have been better off if you had just let me bleed out." Hannibal looked her over for a long moment before looking to the ground.

"Come on Will… Today isn't a good day." Hannibal said as he pulled Will from the room.

"Consider no days a good day for you two to visit." Hannibal looked over his shoulder at Abigail as he slowly closed the door.

"We have to do something." Will said. "She's losing it."

"I know… You talk to Alana… I'll talk to Dr. Clarkson."


Hannibal stood at a tree. He was waiting for the inevitable. For Abigail to come over the fence of the institution. He had talked to Dr. Clarkson, and found his old colleague unwilling to let Abigail go. Saying that she may even need to stay long after her eighteenth birthday, and he was already preparing the paperwork. After all she was a ward of the state and if deemed mentally incompetent could be seized by the institution.

He heard the sound of clinking metal and watched as Abigail scaled the fence and flipped over the side like a champ. She landed easily and looked around her hands diving deep into her pockets before she started to move forward. He followed her for a long time through the woods, all the while wondering where she was going or what she was going to do. Then she came to a stop by a lake and sat down. He watched as she took her boots off and set them neatly to the side before taking her socks off and neatly putting them in her shoes. She rolled her pant legs up and he watched as she slowly sunk her feet into the water with a content look before opening up her messenger bag and pulling out a notebook.

He tilted his head before slowly moving forward. When he got right behind her he watched her shoulders stiffen telling him she knew he was there. Maybe not who he was, but she knew all the same that there was a presence.

"Hannibal?" She asked and he tilted his head before smiling and moving to her side.

"Hello Abigail." She watched as he went to sit down.

"No." she said and he looked to her, was she really that angry with him. "You'll wrinkle your clothes." He smiled softly.

"For you I'd wrinkle every piece of clothing in my wardrobe…" he said as he slowly sat down next to her.

"What are you doing out here?" She asked quietly her notebook held to her chest.

"What are you doing out here?"

"I asked you first."

"But I asked you in return…" She sighed softly.

"I come here to think and get away." She said. "Sometimes I feed the fish."

"There's a sign that says to not feed the fish." Hannibal said pointing to it.

"They could starve…" She said quietly and he smiled as he looked her over. He was still having to get used to the red hair, but in all honesty he thought the look suited her. It didn't look atrocious fake or out there like the hair of the reporter. Instead of tight rings of precise curls. Abigail's hair rolled around her in soft waves. She looked completely natural. "So… What are you doing out here?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"You followed me?" She asked and he nodded. "Why?"

"Isn't that obvious as well?"

"Not to me." She said and he could tell she was being honest.

"I was worried about you Abigail." He said with an honest look.

"Well, as you can see I'm fine… So…"

"You promised me you wouldn't sneak out."

"I didn't promise…" She said quietly.

"Symantec's Abigail." He said and she looked down with a near ashamed look.

"Well you promised you'd get me out of that hell hole."

"It's not so bad."

"You don't live there."

"No… You're right I don't." he said.

"I hate it there." She said with pure sorrow on her face.

"I know. I'm working on getting you out."

"No you're not." He looked her over.

"Abigail do you not trust me?" He asked. "Remember what I said about trust…" Her eyes flashed as she gazed at him.

"What are you going to do? Make me disappear like you tried to make-."

"I would never hurt you." He said cutting her off.

"I don't believe that…" She said looking to the water. "My father said the same thing and now I have this ugly scar on my neck that proves he didn't mean it. I wish you had just let me bleed out that day…"

"Do you want to hurt yourself Abigail?"

"Don't analyze me, I'm sick of being analyzed." She said her notebook still held firmly to her chest. He slowly nodded as his eyes went over the spiral ringed notebook.

"Can I see what you're working on?" he asked.

"So you can analyze my drawings, no thank you…"

"So they're drawings?" He asked with a smile and she slowly looked to him. "I draw too."

"I know I saw them in your office."

"Let me see."

"They're not as good."

"They don't have to be."

"I don't want to."

"Abigail." She sighed heavily and slowly handed it over knowing there was no point in fighting him.

"Don't judge me they're just… Scratching's…" Hannibal stayed quiet as he flipped through the lined note book that was filled with drawing that well exceeded the talents of a seventeen year old. In all honesty when it came to portraits, animals, and nature her drawings were far ahead of his.

"These are very good." He said with a smile and she slowly looked to him. "You're very talented Abigail." he said handing it back to her.

"My dad hated them…" She said holding the notebook to her chest. "Anytime he found one of my drawings he burnt it in front of me…" She confided softly. "He burned anything he didn't like when it came to me… Clothes, shoes, makeup, even books… I was enthralled with this book by John Knowles called a separate piece. I read it bit by bit and hid it in the floor boards of my room along with some other things." He looked to her. "Then one day I came home from school and he had found my secret space… I had nothing bad in there… No drugs, nothing like that… just an art kit and some books… he burned them right there and then… I never did get to finish that book…" She said softly. "I never understood why he did that… why he made me dress the way I dressed, or wear my hair the way I did, then he took me hunting and I understood."

"Hunting?" he asked looking to her, he could feel a break through coming. "For stag?" He watched a tear slowly moved down her cheek.

"H-he took me out to the cabin and I was so excited because he never took me hunting…" She said softly. "He said that girls weren't fit but that day he told me that he thought I was special enough and talented enough to hunt, and I just so badly wanted him to approve of me." Her voice broke. "We walked in and everything was fine you know, everything looked like what I expected it to look like… Then he took me by the hand and led me upstairs. He said he had a surprise… I thought it might be a rifle or something… He covered my eyes and the last thing I saw was his excited smile. I had never seen that expression before… I was so happy that he had something for me… He never had anything for me. When we got to the top there was an odd smell, but I figured that was from the animal pelts that he made there… He wrapped his arms around me… Pinning my arms to my side and ordering me not to open my eyes…" A tear fell down her cheek. "And he said… Abby Bear you must promise…" her voice broke. "Must promise not to scream. I opened my eyes and there on these antlers was a girl and for a moment I thought she was me… She looked just like me… Her skin was white and blood was dripping down from the antlers…" she covered her mouth with a horrified expression. "She was twitching… That poor girl was twitching and I screamed… And he…" she let out a heart wrenching sob and Hannibal pulled her into his arms.

"That's okay…" he said.

"I knew." She said through sobs. "I knew what he was."

"I know…"

"I helped him so he wouldn't put me on display…"

"I know…"

"I'm just like him…"

"No." Hannibal said as he pulled back and brushed her tears away with his thumb. "He was a monster, you are a victim."

"Not any more… I butchered Nicholas… You said so yourself." She said looking to the lake and he slowly looked her over. "I wonder if they'll give me a name someday like they gave my dad… Instead of the Minnesota Shrike… It'll be something like the Bitch Butcher of Baltimore."

"Listen right now." He said griping onto her chin and making him look to her. "You will never refer to yourself as that again…" He said. "Not the butcher, not a bitch." She slowly nodded and his expression softened as he dabbed her tears away with a silk handkerchief. He stopped slowly and set his hand on top of her head. "You're cold." He commented.

"I helped my dad hurt those girls…" he looked to her and tilted her head back as he looked at her eyes to see the pupils were huge.


"I was the reason he got his hands on them, I was the bait… My fake uncle Jack was right."

"Abigail what have you done?" He asked cupping her cheek as he watched her eyes flutter.

"Remember when you asked if I wanted to hurt myself?" She asked and his eyes grew wide. "I've succeeded." She said with a peaceful smile.

"What did you take?" He asked his hands gripping onto her shoulders. "Abigail what did you take!?" he bellowed.

"You're my note…" his eyes widened as he looked her over. "You must do this for me…"

"No… No." He said pulling out his phone and Abigail knocked it out of his hand and into the water before she coughed her hand going on her stomach as she fell back to the ground. "No!" He picked her up in his arms and started to run back towards the institution.

"I'm okay with this…" She said softly as darkness slowly overcame her. "I'm okay with this… This is my penance…"

"You are not doing this to me." He said as he saw the institution insight. Normally he would have let her die, but Abigail had grown on him. She was special to him, and he wasn't ready to let go of her just yet. He kicked open the gate to the facility and ran in. "I need assistance!" he yelled as he rushed down the dark hallway towards the medical room. "I don't know what she took but pump her!" He yelled to a doctor who leapt to his feet as he set her on the gurney. "Pump her stomach!" He ordered.

"Wait!" The doctor yelled. Hannibal looked to Abigail just in time to watch her take a scalpel and reopen her neck. He went to clamp his hand over the wound as the doctor called for paramedics only to have Abigail roll off the gurney away from him and start to crawl away as blood flooded out of her. Hannibal rushed around the gurney and clamped onto her ankle pulling her back.

"No!" She yelled as Hannibal flipped her on her back and clamped his hand over her neck wound. "No!" "Hannibal… Please… I want this."

"No." he said.

"Please." She begged tears rolling down her cheek as she clowed at his bloody hands. "Hannibal!" She yelled her voice mixing with a sob. "I can't come back here… Please…" His eyes narrowed.

"When you wake up you and I are going to have a long discussion young lady."


"What happened?" Will asked as he and Alana rushed down the hallway towards Hannibal who had blood on his normally clean clothes.

"She tried to overdose and when she thought that wasn't working she slit her own throat." Hannibal said.

"What?" Alana asked with a horrified look.

"She slit her own throat?" Will asked.

"When someone wants to die they want to die." They turned to see Jack coming down the hallway. "Maybe the guilt got too much for her to handle-."

"Fuck off Jack." Alana said making the men look to her surprised. "It's because of people like you that she had to try and end it…"

"Is she alright?" Jack asked his jaw clenching.

"Do you care?" Will inquired.

"Yes actually, she's a young person, and this is devastating that she tried to end her life."

"Any idea why she tried to do this?" Will asked looking to Hannibal. "From what you told me you were with her when it happened."

"Why were you with her?" Jack asked.

"I knew she was going to sneak out tonight and I figured if I couldn't stop her I should keep an eye on her…"

"What did she do?" Jack asked.

"Well she didn't murder anyone Jack." Hannibal said.

"What did she do?" Alana asked.

"She went to a lake and sat down to draw…" He said "Her things including her shoes should still be there, she was putting her feet in the water to play with the fishes."

"She sounds like a real cold hearted murderer doesn't she Jack?" Alana asked.

"Jeffry Dahmers best friend was a dog does that sound like a cold hearted murderer no but he still raped men and ate parts of them." Jack said.

"Why did she do this? Did she say anything?" Alana asked Hannibal.

"No… Just that she was tired and that I should have let her die that day in the house…"

"She's said that to me as well…" Alana said quietly.

"Are you with the Hobbs party?" A doctor asked walking into the waiting area.

"Yes." Alana said.

"Who are her parents…" he stopped looking at the paperwork. "She's a ward of the state."

"We're the closest thing she has to guardians…" Will said.

"How is she?" Alana asked softly.

"She's going to be fine… Though I'm not sure how, she took a bottle of Vicadin, a couple shots of morphine, and she opened up her own neck… Still we pumped her stomach and flushed her body and stitched her up…" He said. "But I do have some other concerns."

"Other than her trying to kill herself?" Jack asked. "What else could you be concerned about?"

"Well…" he looked over his chart. "She's been raped for starters." The room went dead silent.

"I'm sorry?" Alana asked softly her hand going to her heart. "She was-."

"She has signs consisting with rape, now that I know she's a ward of the state I'll have a rape kit done…"

"Is it recent?" Will asked.

"Very and it seems its repeat abuse I'd say for the past month." The Doctor stated.

"She never said anything…" Hannibal said his jaw clenching.

"No she wouldn't have if she's a ward of the state she probably felt like no one cared enough to help her." His words were like a knife to the heart to three of the four people standing in the room. "I'll go run the kit…"

"You should do a pregnancy test as well…" Alana said and he nodded before walking out. She slowly backed up and sat down into a chair.

"She was raped…" Will said.

"Repeatedly…" Alana added.

"Now maybe you won't see her as a monster." Hannibal said looking to Jack. "But a victim one who needs your help. The institution is government funded and on government land that makes it a federal matter."

"I'll start looking into it…" He said before walking out.


Abigail took a deep breath as her eyes slowly opened. She blinked a few moments as a brilliant light filled her eyes. After a few minutes passed her other senses started kicking in. She heard a familiar noise to her right, a continuous dull beep. She slowly looked to see a heart monitor. Her mind instantly snapped with realization.

"No…" She said softly.

"Abigail?" She heard Alana ask and Abigail's anger and desperation soared.

"No…" She looked around the hospital room to see Will Hannibal and Alana. "No!" She yelled. "I'm still alive!? You kept me alive!?" She yelled at Hannibal who slowly looked to the floor. She was enraged, enraged at the thought of living, and that though was incredibly saddening to him. Abigail covered her face as she let a sob escape her. The sound was heart breaking and shook the core of the three people standing in the room. "I asked you one thing Hannibal! Let me die was it too much to ask for!? Was it too much to ask for some mercy!?" Alana took a shaking breath and slowly moved forward and wrapped her arms around her. "Get out!" she yelled pushing her away and hitting the button for the nurse. "I'm not your child, I'm not your charge, I don't have to see you get out!" She yelled and the nurses walked in.

"What's going on?" One of them asked.

"These people suck and I want them out!" She yelled.

"We know about the rape." Alana said and silence slowly settled the room. To their surprise Abigail gave a cynical laugh and looked off. Will nodded to the nurse who slowly walked off.

"So you know… That's…" She laughed again. "That's just wonderful."

"How many times Abigail?" Alana asked. She shrugged not making eye contact. "How many times?" Alana inquired softly. She didn't reply. "Who did it?"

"No I'm not going to tell that." She said looking to her.

"We can protect you…"

"Oh is that what you all have been doing this whole time?" She asked her jaw clenched. "I told you all I wanted to leave… I told you how miserable I was… none of you did anything then why would you do anything now."

"Because of what happened."

"So I had to be raped for you to move your asses?" She asked with a laugh.

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"Because I deserved it." She said looking off.

"Every rape victim says that."

"Not every rape victim had a dad who ended the lives of twenty plus girls because they looked like me." She said her jaw clenching. "Penance for his crimes. Or that's what the guys side."

"Guys?" Hannibal asked his jaw clenching.

"More than one?" Will inquired.

"I'm not saying anything more…" Abigail said softly.

"Don't you want justice?" Alana asked her eyes wide.

"The family of the girls my dad killed didn't get justice why should I?" She asked softly as she looked down at her hands. "So when do I go back?"

"You're not ever going back there…" Hannibal said.

"No you'll just send me to another institution where some other asshole will do what the others did, maybe it'll be a group like this last time around…" She muttered.

"So they work there?" Hannibal asked.

"You'll never catch them." She said looking to him and he quirked an eyebrow in what seemed like challenge.

"We took a rape kit." Will said.

"They used condoms, it's useless." She said.

"Not if you tell us who did this." Will said.

"Well I'm not saying so… That's how that works." She said her jaw clenching.

"Can you leave us alone?" Hannibal asked and Abigail took a deep breath he didn't seem happy with her.

"Sure…" Will said slowly pulling Alana from the room. Hannibal closed the door and slowly walked over to the bed. He set his hands on the edge of it as he looked her over.

"You're going to tell me." He said.

"No." She said.



"Don't test me." He said with an enraged look.

"You don't scare me…" She said softly and his expression softened.

"I'm not trying to scare you I'm trying to find the… slime… that did this to you." He said motioning to her.

"I'm not saying Hannibal."

"Why not?" he asked with a soft expression.

"Because if I tell you, those men will lose their jobs and be put on trial and I'll just be sent back to the hell hole… If I don't tell you I get sent to another place, maybe a nicer one or a more interesting one." He looked her over before he slowly walked to her bed side and sitting down next to her. "This is my way out…" He slowly took her hand in his, his thumb drawing circles on the back of it.

"I'll make a deal." He said. "You tell me who did this to you, and I will take you on as my charge."

"Charge?" she asked softly seeing a glimmer of light appear in her dark world.

"You would come live with me." He said.

"You can't do that." She said feeling hopeless.

"I have friends in high places if anyone could make it happen I could." He said.

"If those men go to trial I'll have to re live it." She said.

"Who says this is going to trial?" she slowly looked to him to see he had a dark look.

"What are you planning?" she asked.

"Names… Abigail…"

"No…" She said softly.

"Let me help you."

"The last time you said that we buried a boy…"

"You're not going to have to lift a finger this time… I promise… Names… Or you go back to the same institution..."

"You wouldn't." She said.

"I would." She took a shaky breath. She couldn't go back there. She couldn't go through what she had been going through again. Her eyes welled up and Hannibal squeezed her hand in support.

"Names Abigail." She nodded slowly.

"Benny, John, and Tim…" He looked her over as she averted her eyes from his.

"What aren't you telling me Abigail?"

"They… only did what they did once…" She said softly.

"Your doctor said you had repeat abuse." She slowly nodded.

"It's…" she shook her head. "It's all so fuzzy…" she whispered as a tear fell down her cheek. "But… I can remember him saying things to me.. And…" Her voice shook. "I can remember how I felt like… I couldn't breathe with him on top of me." Another tear fell and Hannibal wiped it away.

"Who?" he asked. "Who hurt you Abigail?"

"You won't believe me." She said looking to him with a hopeless expression.

"I trust you not to lie to me… Who do this?" he asked cupping her cheek in his hand.

"Dr. Clarkson." She said as a tear fell down her cheek.

"Dr. Clarkson?" He asked looking to her. He had gone to school with Dr. Clarkson.

"He didn't know about the gang rape…" That was a onetime thing when they caught me sneaking out… But Dr. Clarkson did what he did anytime we had a private therapy session…" She said softly. He wiped her tear away as his jaw clenched.

"There's a brave girl…" he said and she smiled softly. "I'll start making arrangements for your removal here…" he said as he got up and walked to his coat which he folded over his arms.

"Where are you going?" She asked softly as he walked back to her.

"To get a room ready for you my dear." He said and she smiled softly. "Oh here…" He handed her a leather bound book. "My copy now yours…" he said before walking off. "See you soon Abigail…" she nodded as he walked out of the room. She slowly looked down at the book and smiled softly to see it was a copy of a separate peace.

"Well what did she say?" Will asked.

"I only got three first names out of her, Benny, John, and Tim."

"Good work." Alana said.

"Thank you…" he said with a smile.


He would let the boys get put up for gang rape. But Dr. Clarkson was his. After all he was the one who had raped Abigail the most. He was the one who had first taken advantage of her. Of course if the boys got off, he would end them as well. He smiled as he leaned against his car and watched a familiar one pull out of the parking lot of the institution. It drove past him before stopping and reversing back.

"Hannibal?" Dr. Clarkson asked with a smile as he rolled down his window. "Car trouble?"

"No I was waiting for you actually." He said.

"Me?" He inquired.

"It's about Abigail." The doctors face paled. "I have great news she will make a full recovery." He smiled.

"Oh that's, that's great. Why didn't you come inside and tell me?"

"I thought I'd wait out here instead of going in, didn't want to think about all the blood."

"I can imagine I heard she opened her own neck open… When she comes back here I'll make sure I discuss such an action with her during our private therapy sessions."

"I bet…" Hannibal said containing his rage. Abigail was his and he couldn't believe the Doctor had the gull to lay his hands upon her. "You want to get a cup of coffee I know it's late but I keep forgetting ask."

"I'd love to." He said with a smile.

"Perfect I know a great spot."

"Fabulous I'll follow you."

"Perfect." Hannibal said with a smile as he walked away only to drop his keys. "Clumsy me." He picked them up and while he was by the front tire took a nail and stuck it in the skin of the tire. When the good doctor went to drive off it would be propelled completely in and it was only a matter of time before he was Hannibal's for the taking.


Hannibal straightened out his clothes as he walked down the hallway of the hospital. Visiting hours were long over with but he knew they would make an exception for him. He walked to Abigail's room and stopped seeing her fast asleep in the bed. He smiled to himself softly before walking and sitting down at her side. He took her hand in his as he looked over a book which she held to her chest. She had already read halfway through A Separate peace. He took the book from her arms and set it on the bedside table before he slowly looking over her.

"Mmm…" She murmured in her sleep and he wondered what she was dreaming about.

"Hannibal." He looked up to see Alana. "You and I need to talk." He nodded with a smile before walking out the hospital room. "I just got a call from the institution…" She said.

"At four in the morning?" he asked looking at his watch.

"You are her guardian now?" She asked with an enraged look. "How could you do this!?"

"Keep your voice down please… She's resting."

"You're being rude Hannibal." She said. "You went over my head."

"Alana you've done a fine job with Abigail but maybe it's time someone else takes over."

"You think it's really good for her to move in with a man she barely knows after being nearly killed by her father and gang raped by three men?" She asked.

"She trusts me, only a little, but there's trust."

"She trusts me."

"Not enough to tell you the names of her rapists." She looked at him for a long moment. "Don't worry Alana I will need you with me on this, I'm just giving her a safe place to rest her head at night… I mean I know nothing about teenage girls while you at one point were a teenage girl… I hope you will not go against me on this but with me, it would be best-."

"For Abigail." She said slowly nodded. "Hannibal I'm sorry I snapped…" He smiled.

"I should not have gone over your head." Hannibal said. "So I am sorry." She nodded.

"Are mom and dad done fighting?" Will asked.

"I would think you are the mom Will." Alana said with a smile as he handed her a coffee.

"Don't drink that swill." Hannibal said as he took the coffee cups away. "I have a thermos of fresh pressed coffee in the room."

"You spoil us." Alana said with a smile as they walked inside the hospital room to once again look after Abigail.