AN: In light of the season 2 finale (spoilers coming in the next few chapters) I have to make sure what went down DID NOT go down. So… We need to level the playing field for Abigail don't you think?


Hannibal checked over his pocket watch as Bedelia Du Maurier readied a glass of wine. Usually they took their drink after. But today they were taking their glass of wine before their session. He didn't mind this at all. He knew he could be a difficult patient when it came to his pathology, so if Bedelia felt as though she needed a glass of wine to prepare for their session, who was he to stop her?

"A glass of red as requested." Bedelia said as she handed it to him.

"Thank you very much."

"Of course." She said sitting back down as she took an elegant sip. "So how is young Abigail doing?"

"She came in late last night, and by late I mean early."

"I see." She said elegantly quirking an eyebrow as she put on a cold façade.

"She had been clubbing."


"Indeed." Hannibal said.

"So she's acting out?"

"She's still in line." Hannibal said adjusting his tie as he shifted in his chair.

"Are you worried about how she'll act when she goes off to college?"

"She's staying at home."

"Do you think it wise?"

"It's not about what I think, it was her choice."

"Was it?" Bedelia asked with a quirked eyebrow. Hannibal smiled as he inhaled the scent of his wine while his eyes drifted closed.

"Tell me Bedelia did you switch your perfume?"

"I did…"

"May I be forward?"

"You always are."

"You should switch back…" He looked from his wine to Bedelia who was smiling softly.

"I'll take it under advisement."

"You should."

"You have brought up the idea of bringing your charge in here to speak with me…"

"I have yes… You said you weren't sure that was wise."

"I think it wise now…"

"Hoping she can give you a greater insight into me?"

"I have all the insight into you I want Hannibal…" Bedelia said as she took sip of wine.


Abigail took a deep breath as she got out of the cab. She had been forced to take one. Not having a car yet of her own. She wasn't annoyed though. She rather liked cab drives. Loved talking to the cabbies in fact. Hearing their stories, what drove them to well… Drive.

"Thanks for the chat." She said to the driver who nodded.

"Feel free to call the cab service anytime just give them my cab number and I'll come pick you up."

"Thanks Leo." She said with a smile before watching the cab drive off.

"You don't drive?" she smiled hearing the familiar voice. She slowly turned and looked up to see Margot. She was wearing black skinny jeans a white button down shirt with black suspenders and a black vest.

"No I do I just don't have a car… I mean I did." Abigail said as she walked up the stairs of the museum to her. "But it was repoed."

"Repoed, aren't you from the wrongs side of the tracks…" Abigail smiled as she met her.

"You look beautiful…" She said and Margot smiled.

"You are a regular old romantic." She said as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She let her eyes drift over Abigail who was wearing a dropped waist emerald green dress with black lace over lay and black tulle under the skirt. She finished the look off with a black sweater and black knitted cap. "You though look adorable." She said with a smile.

"Thank you." She said with a smile. "Oh uhm I already reserved us tickets for the museum. We just have to pick them up."

"You're paying?" Margot asked.

"Of course." She said with a smile as she took her hand. "Come on then, let's pick them up." Margot smiled as Abigail led her off. She had never had anyone pay for anything on a date before. "After this I thought we might take a walk to a nearby café. They're said to have the most amazing croissants." Margot smiled more. Never before had anyone planned a date she had been on. Usually they always left it up to her. "Pick up for Lecter." She said to the front desk and Margot tilted her head.

"Two for Abigail Lecter. All day passes." The woman said sliding them over.

"Thanks much." Abigail said before handing one to Margot.

"Lecter?" She asked.

"The name Abigail Hobbs still draws a little too much attention…" She said as they headed into the main part of the gallery. "I didn't want to run the risk of them recognizing me and deny us entry."

"Is that why you're wearing that small scarf around your throat?" Margot asked making her come to a stop.

"Also it's a little disgusting to look at it… I didn't want to off put you."

"Trust me doll." Margot said pulling the tiny neck scarf free. "You could never be off putting to me." she said as she tucked into her back pocket to make sure Abigail couldn't put it back on. She tilted her head as she let her fingers brush over the raised scar. "It looks so new…"

"That's because it is."

"I thought you got this from your dad."

"In the beginning yes but once it started healing it reopened." Abigail said starting to walk through the museum. Margot following at her side.

"It busted open how did that happen?" Abigail wanted to lie at that moment but instead she slowly looked to Margot and took a deep breath.

"I did it myself… With a scalpel…" Margot came to a stop and looked her over. "I had tried to take my life with a bottle of pills but was found out… When I realized they were going to keep my alive I stole a scalpel and slit my wound back open."

"Why on earth would you do such a thing?" Margot asked softly with an intense expression.

"The short story?"

"Someday I want to hear the full story but the short will do for now." Margot confirmed.

"I was being hurt in the asylum. I had overheard the doctor who was abusing me putting in a request for permanent stay. A request for me to become a ward of the state. There was no escape…"

"So you made one." She said.

"So I made one…" Margot smiled as she wrapped an arm around her shoulders and they continued to walk.

"You're braver then me." Abigail smiled softly as she looked to Margot. She tilted her head seeing a bruise concealed by the collar of her shirt.

"Are you alright that looks like a really deep bruise…"

"Fell from my horse." Margot said as she sighed deeply.

"If you don't want to talk about it you can just say. I won't get angry." Margot looked to see Abigail had a soft expression as she looked over an exhibit. She then smiled and looked to her. "You ride horses though?"

"I do." Margot said with a soft expression. "Do you ride?"

"There was a barn not far from my childhood home. Horse lessons just weren't in the cards. But I used to sneak out at night and watch the horses run."

"I do the same thing… Still." Margot smiled as she looked her over. "If you want later tonight, I can take you to my barn."

"Oh that would be lovely." Abigail said with a bright smile.


Hannibal walked into the house and took a deep breath as he closed the door. He instantly took off his jacket before looking to see Abigail's was gone. He pulled out his pocket watch and looked it over. It was nearing four. He had expected her to be home by now from her date. He heard a buzz and pulled out his phone. He smiled seeing Abigail's name. She was most likely calling to see what was for dinner.

"Abigail." He said with a smile as he answered. "How are you?"

"I'm fine."

"I know you're calling to see what was for dinner, how does a nice lamb shank sound to you?" he asked.

"Oh Hannibal I'm sorry but that's not why I was calling…"

"Why are you calling then?" he asked. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, great in fact... I was just calling you to tell you I may be light tonight."

"Really?" he asked his jaw clenching.

"Yes Margot is taking me to her family barn. She rides horses you see and I've always been interested."

"Yes I know I've been thinking about signing you up for lessons." He said looking off.

"Well this will be wonderful then I can see if Horses and I even get along."

"Indeed." He said looking off. "You must eat though are you two going to dinner…"

"We're going to Café Rosade."

"Yes I've heard of it."

"Then have the best-."

"Croissants yes I know." He said. He heard Abigail take a deep breath.

"Are you okay Hannibal?"

"Of course darling." He said with a smile. "I won't wait up."

"Have a good night okay?"

"You too." He said before hanging up the phone. His jaw clenched as his hands stuffed deep into his pockets. "I must see to my Theremin..."

Abigail took a deep breath as she looked down at her phone. She shrugged her shoulders before tucking her phone back into her purse.

"So where's this café?" Margot asked coming out of the bathroom and they walked out of the museum.

"Oh it's just down this street a couple blocks. We can walk or take in a cab."

"I have one better." Margot said and Abigail looked to see a car with a man standing beside it. "Here's our ride for tonight."

"Oh wow…" Abigail said as the man opened the door for them. They both slowly slid in and Margot smiled as she looked Abigail over.

"First time in a limo?" She asked.

"Oh yeah."

"Usually I wait for a more romantic venture to break out the limo, but my car was being worked on."

"You don't think croissants are romantic?" Abigail asked and Margot couldn't help but laugh.

"Well we haven't broken the croissants out yet."

"Well wait until we get to the café… Then the romance will really start." Margot laughed. Just as she did the limo pulled up to the café. They both got out and headed to the front desk of an urban decorated café.

"Two for Lecter." Abigail said with a smile.

"Right this way you reserved the corner table."

"I did." Margot followed them into the restaurant and she smiled to see they were getting led past tons of busy tables to the back of a restraint where a nook hiding by a short wall rested. Margot smiled when she saw it was considerably more quiet then the other areas of the café.

"Here are your menus." The girl said laying them out. "You fill them out with the fountain pens provided and we'll pick them up silently and efficiently. Won't even know we're here."

"Thank you." Margot and Abigail said as they took a seat.

"This place is really nice." Margot said.

"Isn't it?" Abigail asked. "I just loved the sound of it thought it would be fun and different. So what looks good?"

"Everything." She said with a smile. "What about you?"

"Depends would it be terrible if we started off with desert, or maybe only had desert. These chocolate croissants look amazing."

"I was thinking the same thing, we should get the dessert plate… Try all of them." Margot said.

"You have a beautiful mind." Margot smiled as she watched Abigail fill it out.

"What about to drink?" Abigail asked.

"I'll take a Frappuccino. The caramel one." Abigail made the mark before sliding the menu out for the waiter to come by to take who instantly did so a few seconds later.

"Slick." Margot said dryly watching him walk away. "What kind of drink did you get?" she asked.

"Just a diet soda." She said with a smile and a shrug. "So tell me about these horses how many do you have?"


"What kind?"


"So you ride…" Abigail looked up in thought. "English?" She asked looking to Margot who smiled.

"I'm impressed." She said.

"I read a lot about horses when I was a kid." She said with a smile. "Do you participate in shows?"

"I did a long time ago…"

"Why did you stop?"

"Got sick of the politics. Did you have any hobbies as a kid?"

"Oh uhm not really… I snuck piano, I still play though."

"You'll have to play for me sometime…" She said. "I love music."

"I'd love to play for you. Eventually, maybe sometime soon I'd like to have you over. To meet my Guardian."

"I'd like that as well… I'd have you over to meet my parents but they're dead, and my brother well… He's a dick."

"I take it your on bad terms."

"Extremely bad terms."

"I'm sorry to hear that… Any other siblings?"

"I had a little brother but he passed when he was small."

"I'm so sorry."

"He drowned in the backyard pond… My brother and he were swimming."

"I'm so sorry…" Abigail said feeling as if there was something more to the story. "My uncle passed the same way. I never knew him because he was small too when it happened. It's so tragic. What was your little brother's name?"


"I'm sorry Margot that's rough." She said with such sincerity Margot could only stare. No one had ever really truly been interested in her before. Maybe her money, but never her.

"Do you have any siblings?" Margot asked.

"I have two half siblings born to my biological father but I haven't met them."

"You mean the murderer guy or-"

"Someone else. Just found out."

"Wow… Just when I thought your backstory couldn't get more complicated… Why haven't you met your siblings?"

"Things are just too fresh… I don't want to interject myself into their lives when I'm still famous for murder."

"You didn't kill those girls though." Abigail looked to her and Margot took a moment to rethink her words. "I mean you did… Truthfully I'm not sure the media keeps saying all these things-."

"They died at the hands of my father, but I was the reason they were in his hands in the first place."

"That clears a lot up." Abigail slowly nodded before looking off.

"You think I'm crazy now." She muttered.

"I think you are the product of your environment…" Margot said and Abigail looked to her. "Trust me. I understand what it's like… To be surrounded by darkness and have no light to escape to." Abigail took on a soft expression as she looked her over.

"Is there still no light?" Margot was surprised by her question and she smiled.

"There may be some light coming through." Margot said with a soft expression as she looked Abigail over. "Remind me." she said sitting back. "How old are you?"

"Just turned eighteen."

"So young."

"How old are you again?"


"So old." Abigail said and Margot laughed. Abigail tilted her head when she saw Margot's smile instantly fade.

"Well." Margot said. "Fuck."

"What?" Abigail asked sitting up.

"Nothing." She said scooting into the table further. "Shit." Abigail smiled.

"Okay something is clearly going on."

"Margot what a surprise." Abigail looked up to see a young man. He had wild blonde hair, stark teal eyes, and crooked glasses.

"Mason…" Margot said her jaw clenching.

"Who is this young little flower?" Mason asked as he looked her over.

"Abigail Hobbs." Abigail said standing. "Nice to meet you."

"And you." He said shaking her hand rapidly.

"Is this a date?" he asked with a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"Between friends." Margot said.

"Pretty cozy spot…" Mason said looking at his sister with a bright smile.

"My fault I'm afraid." Abigail said making Mason look to her. "I have a bit of social anxiety so I always request the romantic booths because they're genuinely out of sight and quiet."

"So not a date…" He said and Abigail laughed.

"You know you're the first man to ever assume I'm gay… I'm a little insulted." Abigail said and Margot smiled at her. She was playing her brother like a fiddle. "Though I guess if you find me fitting to date your sister rather than just be her friend I should take that as a compliment."

"So not gay?" Mason asked and Abigail laughed.

"You're awfully interested in my sexuality, maybe you have interest in it?" Margot smiled as she looked off while Mason smirked at Abigail.

"Abigail Hobbs… That sounds very familiar." He said shifting from one foot to the other dramatically.

"It should." She said and Margot looked to Abigail. Her voice had taken a tone. One that sounded near dangerous.

"You have a mystery to you." Mason said as she locked eyes with him.

"You have no idea…" Abigail said and Margot tilted her head. Abigail was sizing up her brother. She had never seen anyone size up her brother before.

"Well… It was nice meeting you Abigail." He said.

"You as well... Maybe we all can get together soon…"

"I'll be in touch." Mason said before walking off. Abigail watched him pick up a bag of pastries before walking to a door where two henchman resided. She tilted her head before sitting down and looking to Margot.

"Are you okay?" Abigail asked and Margot took a deep breath.

"I'm… Fine."

"No you're not." Abigail said. "But it's okay that you can't admit such." Abigail watched as a limo drove away from the café.

"You sized him up." Abigail looked to Margot. "No one has ever done that. No one has ever taken such a tone with him."

"Well I tend to size up men like that."

"Men like what?"

"Men like him… Men like my father. There's a cruelty to his eyes on that my father had too…" Abigail looked over Margot. "You didn't get that bruise from falling off your horse did you?" Her jaw clenched. "So I'm guessing Mason is the darkness in your life… The one you can't escape… Just like my father, and the asylum were mine." Margot couldn't find any words and Abigail took on a soft expression as she reached out and took her hand. "Whatever happens… If we becomes an us, if we stays a we and we're just friends… Please know you can always count on me for an escape."

"How are you only 18?" she asked and Abigail smiled.

"Let us skip the barn tonight." She said. "Your brother will be lurking about anyways… Let me take you somewhere special. Somewhere I go to escape."

"Sounds fun." She said with a smile. "I want to take you to barn sometime though… My brother is leaving on a business trip in Italy in a week I'll take you then."

"Fantastic." She said with a smile.


Hannibal sighed heavily as he stared at his Theremin. He had been trying to play for over three hours. But no music came. His mind kept going back to Abigail. Where she was. Who she was with. He hadn't realized how attached he had grown to her. Or more so how much he had grown attached to her attachment to him. He heard a buzz and instantly picked up his phone.

"Abigail." He said.

"Hi Hannibal."

"Coming home? Want me to pick you up?"

"No just calling to say I'll be a bit later."

"How late?"

"I'm not sure."

"Don't be too late."

"I'll try my hardest… Good night."

"Good night… Abigail?" he asked stopping her before she could hang up the phone.


"I was wondering when I might meet this Margot."

"Soon I should hope. I've already brought up having her over for dinner."

"Good." He said. "Have a good time."

"You too…" With that the line went dead and Hannibal sighed heavily. His jaw clenched before he walked to his study and took his tablet in hand. He opened up an app and quickly entered in a passcode. He smiled when a small beeping sounded and he could see a ping on his screen. He was very happy in that moment he had put a tracking device in the phone of his charge. He smiled as he took his keys in hand and readied to go find out just what Abigail was up too.


"Okay where the hell are we going?" Margot asked and Abigail laughed as they walked down a dirt path.

"A very special place." She said with a smile. "A place I used to escape to when I was at the hospital." She said and Margot looked her over.

"The Asylum?" Margot didn't miss the clench her jaw gave.

"Yes… The Asylum. Here we are. They came up over a hill and Margot smiled seeing a tall old abandoned light house.

"Oh wow…"

"Worth the walk?" She asked with a smile.

"Definitely." She said.

"Come on." Abigail took her hand and they started to run forward. Margot laughed as they did so.

"How are we going to get in?"

"I have my ways." Abigail said with a devilish grin. When they got to the door Abigail reached into her bag and pulled out a key kit.

"Wrong side of the tracks indeed." Margot said as she watched Abigail pick the lock. "Have to admit though." She said as the door popped open. "Tiny bit sexy." Abigail smiled brightly before holding open the door. "After you my lady."

"Why thank you my lady." She said with a smile as she walked in. "A bit dark."

"I can fix that." A light shown and Margot turned to see her phone light was on. "We have to go to the top. Ready?" she asked and Margot nodded. They walked hand in hand up the rusty old stairs. "Stick close to the wall." Margot nodded.

"Think this place is haunted?" Margot asked and Abigail laughed softly.

"I've been here plenty of times, haven't seen or heard anything creepy yet."

"I have a feeling your gauge for the creepy may be higher than most."

"You make a good point." She said with a smile as they pushed through a rusty door.

"Here we are…" She said with a smile. Margot watched as Abigail placed her phone inside the glass dome where a huge bulb had once been held. The light of Abigail's phone instantly light up the room.

"Will anyone see us from the outside?" Margot asked.

"The windows are boarded up." She said and Margot could see she was right. "Ready for the best view of the harbor you'll ever have?" She asked standing before a large board.

"Yes." Abigail moved it and Margot smiled seeing a clear view of the ocean.

"Oh wow…" She said walking forward out onto a balcony area. Abigail followed her and smiled as she watched her set her hands on a railing and stared out at the ocean.

"Now tell me, are you thinking about anything other than this view right now?" Abigail asked.

"I am." She said and Abigail worried that she hadn't gotten Margot's mind off of her brother. "Think about you." She said looking to her. "Thank you for this." Abigail nodded.

"Anytime…" They both sat down with a smile their feet dangling off the side of the balcony as they stared out at the ocean.

"So… The hospital let you come here often?" Margot asked.

"Let?" She asked and Margot smiled.

"So you snuck out a lot?'

"I did." She said.

"It wasn't nice there?"

"Was a house of full of crazy people nice?" She asked. "Nope." She said and Margot looked her over for a long moment.

"Did something else happen there? I've… Read things… There was a doctor there who liked to mess with the patients… They say weird experiments or-."

"He was abusing some of the girls." Abigail said her jaw clenching as she wrapped her arms around the railing and rested her chin on it.

"Were you…"

"Yes." She said quietly.

"He hurt you?"




"I know what that's like." Abigail looked to her and saw understanding. "I… I know what that's like."

"I'm sorry that you do." Abigail looked her over for a long moment.


"Yes." She said her expression going blank, and Abigail could tell she was trying her hardest not to feel anything.

"Want me to kill him?" Abigail asked feigning humor and Margot smiled as she looked back to the sea.

"He'll get what's coming to him… I'm sure of it." Abigail looked to Margot. She knew in that second, as she looked into the eyes of Margot, that she was planning on murdering her brother. Abigail found herself un-conflicted by this. After all why should she judge? She had killed many people. "Thank you for bringing me here."

"Of course."

"Maybe we can come back."

"Anytime you wish." Margot smiled.

"This date isn't how I expected it to go…"

"No?" Abigail asked looking to her.

"I mean you're so young… I thought maybe a movie, and dinner at a fast food restaurant." Abigail laughed and Margot smile.

"Man I hope it was better than that."

"Far better." She said. "This is the best night I've…" she looked up in thought. "Yes that I've ever had."

"Same here." Abigail said with a smile before looking back out at the sea. "Oh hey look at that." She said standing, Margot followed her movements. "Is that a whale?" she asked.

"Where?" she asked.

"There?" she asked while pointing out to the sea. Margot followed her eye line and smiled seeing a spurt come up from the water.

"Looks like it." She said with a smile.

"I've always wanted to go whale watching."

"We should go, how about next weekend?" Margot asked and Abigail smiled as she looked to her.

"So am I to take you want to see more of me?" Margot smiled as she tucked a strand of Abigail's hair behind her ear.

"Abigail I want to see much more of you…" She said as she wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her in. Abigail smiled as Margot captured her lips with hers in a slowly heated kiss. Abigail took a chance in that moment. She with ease wrapped an arm around Margot's waist and pulled her in closely. Margot smiled as she let her hand rest on Abigail's shoulder.

"If I may say…" Margot said pulling back. "You kiss exceptionally well considering this is the first time you've kissed a woman…"

"What makes you think this is my first time kissing a woman?" She asked before moving forward and capturing her lips with hers.

"Want to take this inside?" Margot asked and Abigail smiled as she looked up in thought while Margot's mouth found its way to the nape of her neck. Normally she wouldn't jump in so quickly, but for so long she had been longing for someone with hardly anything in return, now she longed for Margot and straight away she was reciprocating that want. "What do you say?" she asked nipping her neck and Abigail smiled as she pushed her back inside the light house.

Hannibal took a deep breath as he turned away from the scene of Abigail and Margot entwined in one another. He rested against the wall as he stared down the stairwell. He could feel something, building in his chest. He could only recognize it as rage. After all he had spent months grooming Abigail. Making sure she grew attached to him, fell in love with him. Then with one look from this Margot she had fallen under the spell of someone else.

"Margot… Margot." His eyebrow arched hearing a rushed sound from Abigail. "Margot wait…"

"What is it?"

"Let's take it slow… Build on this."

"Build on it?" she asked. "I fear you maybe a romantic."

"You deserve romance Margot." She said. "We have plenty of time." Margot smiled as she pushed a strand of Abigail's hair behind her ear.

"Okay." Abigail moved forward and kissed her deeply before taking her hand and leading her out of the room.

"Besides, I've afraid if we have sex in here we may both have to get tetanus shots." Margot laughed wildly while Hannibal ducked into a room and watched the two pass by.