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(Some distance up the side of the Sokyoku Hill)

If one were to look carefully, they would see a person free falling down the side of the Sokyoku Hill at maximum velocity. If one were to look nearby the person's expected landing zone, they would find a group of teenagers that were rushing up the hill, and looking like they were worried about the mass of reiatsu coming from the top of the hill.

As the teenagers were about to start up the hill and figure out what was exuding that massive pressure all over Soul Society a massive collision with the ground right next the group attracted their attention.

"What in th-" The Quincy boy began to speak before a chocolate-skinned woman emerged from the dust cloud caused by the impact and stared at them all blanky.

"Stop, you can't go up and help Ichigo right now.

"Why not?" Was the question that plagued the teenager's minds, yet was quickly asked by the orange haired female of the group.

"He's in a fight for his and Rukia's lives right now, and you all would only hinder him as you are." The woman said with conviction. She knew that she couldn't allow them up the hill, at all costs, they would only die in the process. For now, she could simply give them basic answers as to what she knew about what was going on up there, as she hardly knew herself. But to them, this mission was as clear as a sunny day – save Rukia from an unjust fate, then get out as fast as possible. And though she told them what was going on up on the hill, granted, in the simplest way you could put it, it seemed as though they were still willing to run up to the top of the hill to help Ichigo, thinking he's just being stupid again... though that didn't actually seem too far from the truth either.

Of course the ever curious teenagers couldn't just trust a random 'stranger' that offered them helpful advice. Uryuu started off, "Why should we listen to you? We don't even know who you are. And according to your logic, we shouldn't go up this hill to help our friend save a person and accomplish the task that we all came here and risked our lives for in the first place when he is facing off against a reiatsu that probably belongs to the strongest captain or captains of the whole Soul Society. No, you would rather him face off against such power by himself, without support." Uryuu glared at the woman.

"I suppose I should just start with introductions. My name is Yoruichi Shihoin, and known as the fastest person currently existing in Soul Society history. I'm also the cat that traveled with you." She gave a brief pause to let that sink in. And she saw that they didn't really believe her, but she continued anyways, "And that power up on the top of the hill; If it's so strong, what good would it do for you all to go up there right now and risk your lives and most likely die. Orihime can't heal anyone in the middle of a battle, especially when there is only one person fighting, she also can't use her offensive powers effectively because of her personality. Chad's powers use up his life force and would only kill him to go up against these people in the end, especially since he has seen one of them before now and was defeated without the captain even having to unleash his Zanpakuto. And you should know why you can't participate, Uryuu." Yoruichi stated pointedly.

Chad and Orihime looked at Uryuu, trying to find something odd with him. But when Uryuu reply to Yoruichi's statement, they just decided to take it as fact and leave it.

"But, then what makes you think that Kurosaki-kun could take them on?" Orihime said with worry etched on her face.

"Just trust me that all will be revealed in the end, and you three will understand." Yoruichi said with mock-wisdom.

Uryuu's face scrunched up in a look of intrigue, "So you're supposedly the cat. The male cat. The one that..." He started narrowing his eyes further. Until his brows completely furrowed in concentration, "... the one that was so obsessed with its looks. The one that was best friends with an extremist like Kukaku. You also happened to know all of our names and abilities..." Uryuu looked into her eyes and went wide eyed at the similarities between the two forms, "Wait... You're a shinigami!"

Yoruichi sweatdropped.

"You know, most people would be more surprised that my cat form had a male voice and that I'm actually female, not that I've been a shinigami this whole time." She deadpanned.

Chad was about to ask his own question until the energy being released from the top of the hill caused the teenaged group to start feeling a hundred pounds heavier, Orihime looked like she was about to pass out. Yoruichi decided that it would be best to get away from the hill. "We have to leave. You won't be able to move very well once the fight actually starts breaking out." They all looked fearful at the conclusion that things would only get worse, they all began to make their way away from the hill.

Yoruichi couldn't help it and sighed. She knew this was going to be a pain once they got back to the world of the living. She was going to claw Urahara's face off when she got back.

(Top of Sokyoku Hill)

Ichigo stared at the five captains in front of him, entirely ignoring the lieutenants that were just about to join Omaeda, Soifon, Rukia, and Renji in the realm of unconsciousness.

Ichigo's eyes gained an ethereal look to them as they began to glow a brighter blue in the midst of his black coating of reiatsu, giving a sort of demonic look. With the small increase in reiatsu and the demonic visage, the remaining lieutenants passed out.

Ichigo noticed that the remaining captains where outputting their own reiatsu to counteract his own piling onto them. With Yamamoto's red reiatsu, Jushiro's and Byakuya's white reiatsu, Shunsui's pink reiatsu, and Unohana's light blue reiatsu all creating an effective dome that was keeping the brunt of th ryoka boy's reiatsu out so that Unohana could start healing the unconscious back to fighting capacity. As the captain's spiritual pressure kept rising, Ichigo realized what they were doing and pumped his spiritual pressure to the highest it could go in his current form, and tried focus the majority of it on the dome. As this was done, the dome began to leak spiritual pressure that drastically reduced the effectiveness of healing kido. It was enough to be a mild hindrance luckily.

"Now, now. Captain Soifon had her chance, she wasted it. She'll learn better next time, but for now I'd like to think that five top-class captains all against me would be fair enough odds for you all." Ichigo's eyes continued to grow brighter with the larger force of killing intent mixed with reiatsu focused on him from the other captains. And yet his face remained devoid of all emotion, despite how humorous or insulting that remark may have been to him.

"Young child, you have defiled the name of shinigami, the purpose of this establishment, and the customs of our forefathers for the final time. For this insult, you shall be punished. As Head Captain-"

"-I order your execution." Ichigo finished sharply as he began to surge a sum of his reiryoku into his blade and activated one of its more innate abilities, Backfire(1). His lips twisted a bit higher in a small show of mirth. Though it went almost unnoticed by the opposing party thanks to the considerable distance between the opponents.

From the eyes of the captain commander, he began to see an image of his death. Many times over, many flashes of images across his vision, each more gruesome than the last. He could feel the pain and the agony of each death, or each stab and thrust. And yet his far away look escaped the others who where just about to strike the ryoka who dared disrespect their commander. The head captain was well adverse in counteracting such illusionary techniques though and immediately began to fluctuate his reiryoku and reiatsu to disrupt the technique and the connection it may or may not have to it's user. He began to see normally again, but the imaginary pain was still there, and some images remained. 'A powerful technique.' The commander thought warily.

"Shunsui, Jushiro, Byakuya, you are all to attack the ryoka with all you deem necessary, you three will likely require the use of your bankai, even you both; Shunsui, Jushiro. It would seem he caught me in some sort of illusionary technique that uses an opponent's words against themselves, I'm afraid I cannot see very well or focus for the moment."

"Understood Sir/Head Captain." The three replied in harmony as they all readied their weapons, not taking any chances against a ryoka with a powerful enough illusion that it could leave a lasting effect on the head captain. The ryoka seemed to still be a largely unknown element with unknown abilities, even after Byakuya's firm assessment in saying that he was a below average shinigami that had no talent whatsoever in the shinigami arts with the exception of a small development in zanjutsu.

"Unohana, you will take the others to your division for healing, use the reiatsu filtering rooms to stop the intrusions to the process. Do not allow any of those being healed back here, even Captain Soifon, her recklessness and ill-minded ways in the face of open combat would only be a hindrance."

"Understood, sir." Unohana said, before gathering the unconscious and rushing them over to the fourth division and out of harm's way.

"Are you finally done?" Ichigo said blandly. "I would like to fight you four so I can finally get the hell out of this place."

"Yes, we will show no hesitation. You will die here, Kurosaki-san." The head commander said, slightly shocking the other captains, and even getting a raised eyebrow from Ichigo, who couldn't remember introducing his last name to them. Maybe Rukia might have been talking about him, disturbing thought. But he had more important things to do right now. Survival being the top priority.

"Chire, Senbonzakura (Scatter, Thousand Cherry Blossoms)"

"Nami kotogotoku waga tate to nare, ikazuchi kotogotoku waga yaiba to nare, Sogyo no Kotowari (Waves, become my shield, Lightning, become my blade, Law of the Twin Fish)"

"Hana kaze midarete, kashin naki, tenpu midarete, tenma warau, Katen Kyokotsu (Flower wind rage and Flower god roar, Heavenly wind rage and Heavenly demon sneer, Flower Heaven, Crazy Bone)"

Ichigo just smiled and muttered one thing as his reiatsu became but a minor nuisance to the three powered up captains. "Damn."

(Unknown location)

"That seems interesting. What should we do now captain?" A figure said.

"We shall continue as planned. We will retrieve the item and head back." (2)

"But what about the kid, he seems very strong."

"It may appear that way, but in actuality it is just the Hogyoku's desire to humor the boy that is doing this. My plans are flawless and impossible to comprehend by one such as you. Don't make the same mistake as yesterday."

"My mistake captain, I should have figured when you asked me to get you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you actually wanted the peanut butter on it even though you were allergic. My mistake again, captain."(3)

"That's right, this is all according to plan... kukuku."

The other man just sighed, 'Yah, that's why you told me to just forget about the peanut butter and just give you the one I had already made. I really hate this bastard... I should probably take off these red contacts soon.'(4)

(Back at Sokyoku Hill)

"Damn." Ichigo sighed, sweat beading on his forehead from the energy being emitted by the three captains in front of him. 'To believe that the old man isn't even in this fight yet, and I'm already feeling like this was a horrible idea.'

'Just trust in yourself Ichigo, make them pay penalty for their ignorance!' He heard his Zanpakuto rant in his head.

He noticed that the three captain's reiatsu stabilized at their shikai level.

With a shunpo the three captains disappeared.

Ichigo blurred out of sight, meeting Shunsui's twin scimitars in the middle in a loud crash. Immediately after, Jushiro appeared behind Ichigo, Jushiro striking for Ichigo's neck. Ichigo ducked upon sensing a Zanpakuto's reiatsu signature rapidly closing in behind him. Ichigo made for a quick swipe with his Zanpakuto across Shunsui's chest, until Ichigo noticed a pink petal floating down.

Ichigo remembered seeing what Byakuya's shikai could do, Ichigo immediately used shunpo to get enough space in between him and his opponents, but he was quickly assaulted with a mass of flower petals. In a show of speed, Ichigo quickly used his increased speed to chop away all of the petals. However, Jushiro and Ukitake imidiately went back on the offensive, four blades mixed in a dance that Ichigo was centuries too young to understand. Ichigo blocked, parried, and dodged all he could, suffering nicks and cuts that were little more than skin deep.

Ichigo saw a brief relent in the duo's combination and used shunpo to secure a safe distance away.

"See, I told you that others could easily see that opening." Jushiro told Kyoraku with a semi-serious attitude, feeling that they massively overestimated the ryoka.

"You were right, I should've kept it up, but I'm not entirely known for my skills in zanjutsu. You'll have to forgive me for this another time." Kyoraku kept his eyes narrowed on Ichigo for the exchange, not trusting what skills Ichigo had shown so far.

"Che, you guys are," Ichigo paused to breathe his exhaustion "ruthless. But this is what I get for being the hero of the day. No thanks are necessary." Before they could retort, they felt a mass of reiatsu being focused by Ichigo, "Getsuga Tensho!"

A wave of pure black came upon them, Jushiro used shunpo to get in front of Byakuya and Shunsui and held his left Zanpakuto out. As the wave hit it, it disappeared. Immediately Shunsui put his right Zanpakuto out in front of him and a massive wave of black and blue energy was shot straight back at Ichigo.

Ichigo's eyes widened and used shunpo to dodge the energy blast. "What was..."

Ichigo slashed his zanpakuto in the air, sending out a smaller Getsuga Tensho toward Jushiro. Only for the same blast to come at him once more, slower and weaker than the one previously used against him. Ichigo dodged to the side with a burst of speed.

"So, you are able to reflect incoming attacks, and make them stronger and faster. What an annoying ability. I may just have too..." Ichigo said, pondering out loud.

"And why would we give you the chance to do anything more?" Byakuya said, sending out his petals to renew their assault on Ichigo.

Ichigo began slashing the air, but the captains noticed something strange, the blade was firing miniature blasts like the two he fired before. Byakuya noticed what he was doing and recalled his shikai before anymore of it was lost.

"Don't try the same tricks on me twice, I just might use them against you." Ichigo stated blandly as all four of them looked at Byakuya's Senbonzakura, or at least the little over half of it that was left.

"Bushōgoma (Lazy Spinning Top)"

Shunsui hastily slashed both his scimitar, causing a spiralling gale to shoot out at Ichigo. Ichigo attempted to shunpo out of the targetted path, but the gale was too fast and caught him. Winds whipped around Ichigo in the seemingly impenitrable wall of a tornado.

Ichigo knew that the other captains wouldn't hesitate to use this opportunity to regroup, he put his elbow back with his mock-unreleased state pointing out infront of him with both hands on the grip.

"Sasu Yōna Tsuki Yari (Piercing Moon Spear)"

A pitch black ray of violent reiatsu was emitted from the tip of his sword, cutting through the wall easily. Ichigo then dragged the direction of the 'spear' to go straight down, as to cut off the momentum of the ability. Ichigo then used shunpo to get out of the ability, only to come face to face with Jushiro, who fired what Ichigo could only assume was his ability at him. Ichigo barely dodged, his left arm slightly singed by the attack.

Shunsui came to attack again, they hacked and slashed each other, Ichigo parried and saw an opening for a clean hit. Ichigo's zanpakuto slashed Shunsui across his ribs.

But it hardly left a scratch.

Ichigo used shunpo once more to gain distance between his enemies, trying to analyze the situation.

"Close one, was afraid you were going to hurt me, but then I realized that the color was yellow, not white." Shunsui spoke with a smirk.

"I don't understand." Ichigo stated factually.

"You will." Said a voice behind Ichigo, he realized that Byakuya was missing from in front of him.

Ichigo threw his head down, narrowly missing the sword by a hair, and planted his foot in Byakuya's stomach, then turning using his left hand to strike a severe blow to the same spot on his stomach. Finishing it with Ichigo using his zanpakuto to cut a large wound on Byakuya's chest.

Turning around, Ichigo was met with four blades, all coming at a different point on him.

'Use it' Ichigo heard in his head.

"Chi no Tsuki (Blood Moon)"

A crimson sphere engulfed Ichigo, protecting him from the four strikes. Then the sphere exploded, sending the both of them back a few meters.

"Fun times end now, prepare for my shikai." Ichigo stated darkly.

Shunsui and Jushiro were confused. But Jushiro decided to ask,"You weren't even in your shikai? I thought Byakuya said you were permanently in your shikai form."

Ichigo smiled.

"Saibankan, Hiiro no Tenshi (Judge, Bloody Angel)" Said Ichigo, slightly wincing from the laughter coming from inside his head.

(Yamamoto's point of view)

The Head Captain looked up, admiring the teamwork the captains had in battling the fierce ryoka, reminding him of his younger years, all those centuries ago when he too did battle alongside his comrades.

And yet the Captain Commander couldn't help but also give his praise to the ryoka boy who had lasted this long, hardly even in his sixteenth year of life. Yet the boy used strategies that he himself had taken years to use in battle as if they were second nature to the boy. Quite remarkable.

'Maybe I did overestimate the child though. Three captains, especially Jushiro and Shunsui, using their bankai against a single child, must be the after effect of the illusion.' And yet the Head Captain still couldn't get rid of the nagging feeling in the back of his head.

The Captain then started thinking of worst case scenarios that he had been dreading for hundreds of years prior to this day, 'No, that's impossible... it is impossible for him to have-'

"Saibankan, Hiiro no Tenshi (Judge, Bloody Angel)"

'No!' the commander shouted mentally then cried out, "That's impossible!"

All of the commander's hopes of it being a trick or an illusion were dashed as he felt the unlikely double up in spiritual pressure coming from the ryoka, Ichigo.

(Ichigo's point of view)

Ichigo immediately felt a strain on his body from all the reiatsu pouring out from him, a weight he was expecting, but not yet accustomed to. The strain on his body increased, and increased, until it had doubled from his previous form. He knew he then had to control all of his new reiryoku and reiatsu and force it all into a tiny space, then Hiiro no Tenshi would do the rest.

(Captain's point of view)

The captains watched in dreaded anxiety as the boy went into his shikai state. As the reiatsu increased, you could see the blade of his sword turn a shade of bloody crimson, the chain extruding from the pommel turned red and went back into the sword, through the pommel.

Then something shocking happened, all of the reiatsu pressing down upon them from the ryoka vanished. But as they continued watching, they immediately knew why. The boy was manifesting a second zanpakuto by using his reiatsu and reiryoku to create reishi, a power thought impossible for a shingami to possess by all of soul society's scientists and researchers throughout the generations.

A second blade was formed, exactly like the first, from the crimson blade to the black pommel. Yet then, his reiatsu completely vanished! They could sense his reiryoku and reishi, out in front of them. But all pressure and other outwardly wasted energy was gone. Yet then unknown question was quickly answered by the ignition of pitch black flames around both of his zanpakuto blades, formed from all of his body's naturally exuded reiatsu.

And strangely, the black flamed coating seemed to not diminish the crimson coloring of the blade or obstruct its view in any way.

(Ichigo's point of view)

Ichigo watching in fascination at the twin blades in front of him, inspecting them for what might appear to be the first time to any other onlooker. But to Ichigo, he could never stop admiring the two blades for their raw beauty and concealed lethality.

Ichigo resumed a battle ready position as he stared down the four captains below him, now noticing that Byakuya's sword had almost fully recovered from his earlier mistake.

A mistake that Ichigo would not allow to be fixed.

"Shinku Hanketsu (Crimson Judgment)" said Ichigo, only loud enough for them to hear.

After the attack was called, Ichigo made a quick cut through the air, sending out a larger, more powerful, red version of his getsuga tensho. But if one looked on and watched the wave of energy flying rapidly at the captains below, then they would notice that the wave was also bathed in a black fire.

Using what he's learned from the fight so far, Ichigo knew how they would move to avoid the attack; Shunsui would appear a couple yards in front of him, Byakuya would try to gain more distance, and Jushiro would absorb the arc and fire it back at Ichigo to try and finish him off.

So Ichigo used shunpo, instantly appearing behind Byakuya, no sound emitted at all, and cut through the air, aiming for the Kuchiki's zanpakuto.

Whhish. Clang.

(Byakuya's point of view)

Byakuya was looking around for any movements, possibly allies or any strange effects from the faintly familiar technique, and it was only through decades of experience and training that he noticed a small increase in temperature next to him and the sound of something cutting air.

He quickly spun on his heel, then firmly planted his foot back into the ground. He gripped his sword harder and brought it up to defend against the likely onslaught to come. And yet with no time to dodge and the Ryoka's second zanpakuto making parrying suicide. All he could do is block it.

Yet as the two zanpakutos met, Byakuya noticed that Ichigo wasn't even making an attempt to use his second zanpakuto, simply leaving by his side in a manner that Byakuya felt spoke of how little a threat Ichigo must have felt him to be.

"You dare mock me, boy?" Snarled the Kuchiki, believing that this was a show of arrogance or mockery.

"No, I just wanted to see you block my sword."

Byakuya felt a slight relent in the apposing blade, and used it to shirk the blade off and aim to slice down Ichigo. But Ichigo vanished with the sound of a shunpo and the speed of something greater.

Byakuya noticed that the heat still hadn't gone away and went on guard, until he noticed his blade.

"Wha-what is this?!" Cried out Byakuya in a rare moment of outwardly showing surprise.

(Shunsui point of view)

It's a traditional plan, maneuver, evade, divide, conquer. Simple. And yet I knew something would go awry from when we started this. A nagging feeling. To be that fast, to be so quick as to keep up with us with such an inefficient version of shunpo in only his unreleased state, then to go into your shikai state that condensed all of the excess 'flab' that has to come along with each shunpo should give a massive boost to the speed of it.

Jushiro fired on his return blast just as I got almost behind the ryoka, so he wouldn't escape. But to my utter shock, he was already gone!

Quickly getting out of the line of fire from Jushiro's redirection, Shunsui looked around. He then noticed Ichigo swinging his zanpakuto, seemingly attempting to sever Byakuya's torso in half. Just when Shunsui was about to warn Byakuya of the danger, Byakuya whirled around and blocked the zanpakuto. It would also seem that he and I noticed the same thing: Ichigo hadn't even bothered to use his second blade. Ichigo even went so far as to say something as stupid as wanting to see Byakuya block his sword.

To my utter shock though, he saw the ryoka child faze out of existence, with a speed not seen since he was training under the Captain Commander during his prime.

But that's when both Byakuya and I noticed the flames on Byakuya's blade. Black flames. They were burning Byakuya's sword, seemingly melting the sword into reishi particles right where Kurosaki's blade has touched. Luckily though, it seemed that the flames weren't 'melting' the blade very quickly. It was highly concerning though when we noticed the flames weren't burning out, they weren't dying down, and no matter how much Byakuya jumped up and down on his sword to put out the flames, the flames didn't even bother spreading to his feet.

Shunsui noticed another hit resound through the battlefield.

(Jushiro's point of view)

'I don't understand. Where could he have gone?' Jushiro was looking around, ignoring Byakuya and Shunsui in favor of looking around for the living shingami.

Only for a blade to appear right in front of him in the next second, barely giving Jushiro enough time to duck under the blade, just in time to remember he had two blades, causing him to jump high into the air, over Ichigo's next follow up swing with his second zanpakuto.

Jushiro turned around, only to grunt as he was forced to use both of his blades to block Ichigo's twin blades, making a loud clang. Ichigo backed off, being forced to now block another assault from Shunsui, who had used shunpo to appear behind Ichigo.

Jushiro looked at his zanpakuto and the burning flames that lie right where Ichigo's blades had met his swords, they didn't seem to be doing much of anything, but they also didn't seem to be burning out. Something to figure out later.

Both the boy and Shunsui were locked in a dance of death, both swords flying in either which direction, neither cutting the other, the child constantly trying to block or make contact with Shunsui's blades, yet Shunsui kept narrowly avoiding it.

(Ichigo's point of view)

The sound of a sword meeting another sounded off in the area.

"Tsumibukai Bōkyaku (Sinful Oblivion)"

Ichigo had tapped his sword on one of Shunsui's. A smirk crossed Ichigo's lips before calling out his zanpakuto's ability.

The black flames on all zanpakutos went into a raging flurry, covering all the opponent's blades that they were on in the black flames.

Ichigo used a shunpo to soundlessly get away from all the captains, to a safer area where he could watch them if they tried anything funny.

"What are you planning." Asked out Jushiro to Ichigo.

"A lot, but what I'm doing right now is making sure none of you can become bigger nuisances. Just know that those flames, will never come off unless I want them to. The flames will continuously eat away at any substance they come in contact with. In roughly seven hours, your entire zanpakuto will be gone. If I recall, it takes a few days to get your zanpakuto back from that state."

"How are you able to do a perfectly soundless shunpo, that's suppose to be impossible." Questioned Shunsui, trying to buy time for the both of them to recover and look for an opportune moment to strike.

"I thought it would be obvious. All of my reiatsu that I would emit, is instead trapped in my zanpakutos and converted into the black flames, meaning that I have no reiatsu emission. With the end result of that being that I don't have to carry around all the extra weight on me that would usually create the sound of a shunpo."

"So your shikai is the perfect zanpakuto for the second division?"

"I have no idea who they are, nor do I care. But I do have other business to take care of here and a family that I miss a lot back home; so I'm going to finish this."

In the next instant, Ichigo was behind Jushiro, who had been cut through twice on his back. Jushiro went wide eyed at the astonishing speed, cursing himself for relaxing around an enemy as he felt down to the ground, unconscious.

"Do not worry for your friend captain-san, the flames will not spread past my blade unless I desire them to, and I did not lethally injure your comrade. I have no desire to kill anyone."

"That is no excuse for what you have done. It would seem I have no choice..." Shunsui said. "Bankai."

Nothing happened.

"What?" Shunsui said, shocked as he looked at the flames still dancing on the single blade. "What is this, what did you do?"

"My flames also have the ability to seal and stop the production of reiryoku when it completely covers a zanpakuto. Just as it slowly deteriorates the reishi of the object. Nullifying a zanpakuto's ability to transform states or to even going back to its sealed form. I have also been informed it has a few other tricks that can be used in certain situations. But I don't need them right now."

"You have a very dangerous zanpakuto there, ryoka-san. Normally if this was a practice match, or something less important, I would have just given up here. But that isn't an option." Shunsui said, currently wondering why the ryoka kept talking if he was in such a rush, why did he keep telling him his abilities and their functions, and why he didn't use a shunpo to cut him down like he did Jushiro? 'Could he not have complete control of his released state yet? It's a possibility, especially considering that it was only minutes ago that he had gotten his new blade; but there is no time to test the theory.'

"Of course it is, you just don't want to see me kick the old man's ass. Or maybe you want a chance to avenge your friend?"

"I would be lying if I said I didn't want to hurt you for what you did, but I know that the faster we wrap this up, the quicker we can solve this and get help to Jushiro."

"A'right then, I'll make this quick."

Ichigo used shunpo to get behind Shunsui, who turned around the moment he saw Ichigo disappear. They began cutting and slashing at each other once more, Ichigo taking the brunt of the damage.

"Yellow" called out Shunsui.

Ichigo hit shunsui straight on the arm, yet it hardly left a cut. Ichigo's eyes widened as Shunsui didn't make a move to attack him back.

'I still can't hurt him. What is going on?'

"White" called out Shunsui.

Ichigo knew there was something different going on when Shunsui made a move to attack him only after he called out a color. Ichigo managed to dodge the captain's strike. Ichigo then recalled Shunsui's actions earlier when he said that he hit white, not yellow!

Ichigo used shunpo and quickly stabbed Shunsui from behind, in a small white patch on his pink cloak. It cut Shunsui minimally, but it was deeper than the previous strike.

"So, you call out a color, and if I strike that color it hurts you more. But what do you have to gain from that. The more of it there is the more susceptible you are, maybe you trade it in for speed? damage? more abilities? Interesting thought." Ichigo thought aloud.

"Heh. You're close, but not everybody likes to give away their secrets."

Shunsui launched himself as fast as he could at Ichigo, slipping off his pink cloak, revealing his captain's haori in the process and slashed at Ichigo's chest.

Ichigo managed to slip to the side, giving him a gash on his left arm. Only to see blood spill out of the wound faster than he'd ever seen before, the pain was intenses and the sword felt like it cut deeper than it should have.

'Argg... it must increase the damage he can deal with his zanpakuto based on how much he's wearing, but that must also mean...'

Ichigo took a risk, he used all his strength and pushed back on Shunsui's blades, parried them slightly out of the way, then stabbed his sword in a non-lethal spot on his captain's haori.

The attack was likely a bit excessive; blood spilled from the wound as his blade cut through Shunsui like a hot knife through butter.

"Ughk, gahk" coughed Shunsui as he fell over onto the ground, loosing consciousness rapidly as his blades fell from is hands. And a few moments later, Shunsui was out cold.

Ichigo turned around, facing Byakuya. Watching as the last of his blade disappeared in small black wisps and the flames died out, leaving the rest of his zanpakuto untouched.

Byakuya just looked at Ichigo, studying him, "You told us that our zanpakutos would disappear after seven hours, yet mine barely lasted ten minutes and didn't spread past the guard. Why?"

"I needed time; my body, my shikai, my abilities, they all need a lot more training, far more than the three seconds of training I was given to just properly understand what I can do. Those flames consumed your zanpakuto faster the others because it was already damaged from our previous fight in its shikai state. When it reverted back to its weaker unreleased state and I burned it, it was too weak to fight back as compared to the other two's released zanpakutos. I apologize for the trouble, but even I realized that I couldn't take on all three of you at once, so I needed someone to sit out."

"Okay." Byakuya stated blandly, "For all it's worth, I will wish you luck in your fight against the head captain. If only for the reason that I know you cannot hope to win against him." Byakuya stated as he walked off the hill in a noble manner.

'What a guy.' Ichigo deadpanned.

(Yamamoto's point of view)

'So. It is she then.' Yamamoto thought as he watched Jushiro get cut down.

The head captain continued watching the fights, watching two of his students be cut down and Byakuya's realization that he had no chance of standing a chance in the fight.

Yamamoto could almost feel saddened by staying out of the fight, but he knew that this would have to be a one on one fight between the two of them. A battle that had been centuries in the making.

(Omniscient point of view)

"So. Kurosaki-san. You possess the almighty executioner's blade, commissioned by the Shinigami King himself from the lowest, darkest pits of hell itself to become a zanpakuto for only the most powerful of soul society to wield."

"Yes, the same blade that you had sealed into a weapon for the sole purpose of using it to execute those who had done wrong in a city built off of corruption. Even the soul king had never desired this, he wanted this weapon to be wielded by the worthy, a person that only she could choose."

"That puts too much power into a single being, an imperfect being. No matter who she would choose, they would become overcome by the raw energy they would possess, they would be corrupted by its absolute power. Look at you, you have less than two-thirds of her power for just her shikai state and not even three seconds after you got it you've attacked most of soul society's strongest and most brilliant! What makes you think I would allow her to choose one to be worthy of the full power of her Shikai state, let alone to allow them to develop enough as a shinigami to attain Bankai!"

"However true that may be, I still feel that it is necessary – she feels that this is necessary - we both believe that it is necessary, if only to get to you. We are the judges and we are the executioners, the only hope our target has to survive is if the jury can stop us. And as you can see" Ichigo waves his blade and arm through the air in a purposeful manner that identified the two unconscious captains lying on the ground, "There is no jury that can stop me."

"Which is the reason why we kept this blade sealed!"

"But that is no longer an option, it is no longer your choice" Ichigo then used his advanced shunpo to appear directly in front of the Head Captain causing his eyes to widen at Ichigo's speed, "This power she has given you. It is not yours; it has never been yours; nor shall it ever be yours ever again."

Ichigo let his left hand's sword dissipate back into his reiatsu and grabbed Yamamoto's blade. The moment his hand touched the blade, the captain's blade ignited in its shikai flames. Ichigo could feel the captain trying to get the blade out of Ichigo's hand, but Ichigo kept a firm hold and allowed his reiatsu to press down upon the captain commander again, making it harder for him to move. Relinquishing his right hand's blade into his reiryoku and reiatsu, then grabbing the captain's blade with that hand as well.

The head captain's blade ignited in black flames, which were then drawn to Ichigo's hands. Yamamoto screaming bloody murder the whole time, yet couldn't release his hands from the sword, nor move an inch other than mouthing off the ryoka.

"Hado no Yon: Byakurai! (Destructive Art Four: Pale Lightning)" hollered out Yamamoto as he pointed his left hand's index finger at ichigo's heart, knowing that his reiatsu was depleting at a rapid pace, allowing him enough control for a basic kido.

To Ichigo's credit, he didn't even flinch. The kido erupted from the head captain's index finger at the speed of light. Ichigo twisted enough so it didn't hit him in the heart, but it left a large wound in the area, something he couldn't allow to happen again if he wanted to live past this day.

After the blacked flames from Yamamoto's zanpakuto had all condensed into Ichigo, Ichigo let go of the blade. Now feeling stronger, more complete than ever. A little voice in his head told him that she also thought the same.

'I am not little!'

"So, Yamamoto. Will you give up. Or will you fight with your actual zanpakuto?"

"I am the strongest shinigami born in over one-thousand years, you think that you could ever hope to match me in one-on-one battle?"

"You were certainly the strongest shinigami born in over one-thousand years, but you are not as strong as you have been in the past. You use to have talent and power, but your old zanpakuto has deserted you the moment you gave him up for the power you stole unjustifiably from my zanpakuto. If you think you could hope to match me, then you should try now. But know that no matter the outcome, we shall never cross blades again, and you shall be swallowed up by the pits of hell to be sent to the domain in which you belong, the very place where this sword came from."

Yamamoto's only response; "Bankai, Zanka no Tanchi"

"It seems you hadn't been listening, the power of your bankai was illegitimately received due to the power you obtained, your powers of bankai have been revoked... I bet you don't even remember your old release command for your real zanpakuto."

Yamamoto growled low in his throat, understanding that his shikai would be unusable as well.

"Your days as the head captain are over, Yamamoto. Your corruption shall end. And with you, the dark ages of shinigami history will end, never to be seen nor experienced again."

"Sokatsu!" Yamamoto sped up to Ichigo, and thrust two of his fists forward to annihilate him.

A wall of black flames intercepted him, causing his limbs to go ablaze with black flames. Yet through experience and battle-hardening, he soldiered threw the flames.

Ichigo was not on the other side.

"Kazari-ra Hanketsu: Eien ni Norowa Reta no Hai (Emblazoned Judgment: Ashes of the Forever Damned)"

The flames that now enveloped around Yamamoto grew pitch black. And unlike Ichigo's swords, you could not see anything inside. And yet Ichigo still closed his eyes, as if he could still see inside the flames and yet not want to see.

(Yamamoto's point of view)

Darkness. Black darkness. Pain and suffering. That was all there was, but he kept silent, knowing that his opponent would revel in his screams (5). But the pain was so intense, he felt himself shifting, he felt light reach his eyes, realizing that the flames were dying out.

'What, these flames do not die out, how is this possible?'

Yamamoto looked up, only to see a terror he hoped to never live.

He called out for help. He screamed. He cried out in anguish from the vacuum that sucked in even the flames that could never be extinguished by any but their master/mistress.

(Ichigo's point of view)

Ichigo heard screaming, but kept his eyes shut, he kept thinking of how this would help soul society in the end, how the pluses would finally live in happiness and out of poverty and crime. How people in central fourty-six would no longer be picked by influence, who treated Yamamoto the best, who gave Yamamoto the most money behind closed curtains. How people would no longer live in fear of Yamamoto or be force fed lies of who he is or what he's done. It was all for the better. He kept hearing those words as his zanpakuto comforted him with soothing words to distract him from the terror.

Ichigo heard the screams stop and opened his eyes. Just in time to see the gate to hell vanish from sight.

Ichigo looked across the battlefield and commanded his flames to disperse. He used shunpo to go over to Shunsui and grabbed him, then walked over to Jushiro and grabbed him. Both being tossed half-lazily over his shoulders. Allowing Ichigo to shunpo away to where he hoped the fourth division was so these two could get healed.

(One Minute Later)

Ichigo luckily remembered where the fourth division was, and dropped them off by captain Unohana, who was asking a lot of questions about what happened, why he was dropping them off, why he was helping, and various other questions that he hoped she didn't really expect him to answer.

Ichigo ignored her and looked for a special reiatsu signature, unfortunately, that signature was by herself. And yet, luckily, she was by herself and nearby.

Ichigo shunpo-ed off to the room. Rukia was laying down unconscious. Things appeared to be okay, Aizen didn't seem to have taken the hokyoku.

"Where do you think you are going?"

Ichigo whirled around to find Captain Unohana behind him.

"Yes the girl is fine, she arrived here later than I would have liked, and we managed to get that hole in her chest fixed up. Now would you mi-"

"Hole in her chest?"

"Yes, the explosion seemed to have injured her, I managed to get it healed up here fairly quick, it was a mir– Hey! You have to answer my questions! What happened to the head captain?!"

Ichigo didn't answer. He walked out of the room, looking for a group of hiding reiatsu signatures. He luckily managed to find it and use shunpo to go over to where he sensed a small gathering of shinigami that seemed to have below average reiatsu.

Retsu just sighed. She'd just go back to healing all the patients, she knew that the head captain was gone or dead due to her skills in reiatsu sensing. And yet she knew that the ryoka meant no harm, regardless of what he'd done. It was troubling how the boy just made everyone feel at ease and off guard, it was too troubling.

"So. What would a seemingly dead captain be doing here, in the middle of a deserted area behind Sokyoku Hill with a forbidden secret artifact accompanied by two captains that are supposedly loyal to Soul Society?"

The three males, each inspecting a small orb in the middle of a rhombcuboctahedron, turned around to face him, even though one was blind.

(1) In reference to Ichigo's ability, Backfire: Ichigo spikes his reiatsu and focuses it on a target after they say something to you. The illusion focuses on what they said and transforms it into horrible experiences from the worst the living and after world has ever seen. The illusion is more powerful the more it has to do with what they were saying. The technique doesn't require you to say anything, but it does make the mind more open, allowing the ideas to roam easier and the experiences to take a firmer hold. It likely won't be used every again, but I wanted to give Ichigo some sort of basic illusion.

(3) In reference to the small weird scene: I had to put in how insane I find Aizen's "flawless planning."

(4) In reference to the red contact lenses Gin was talking about: Some people forget how during the beginning of the anime, we see Gin's eyes as Red, and at the end of the anime and during an Omake episode, they are blue. I felt I had to address this.

(5) In reference to Yamamoto thinking that Ichigo would "revel" in him screaming: I bashed Yamamoto a lot in this chapter (in my head), and it fit the way I was making him in this story; to be paranoid and think that all his opponents are pure evil and insane.

(2) In reference to Aizen saying that he'll "continue as planned" to take the "item and come back": Yes, I fooled maybe 50-75% of you into thinking that I would have him wait until later to take it by saying he'll continue as planned (remember the scene where he said that his plans were flawless? That everything goes according to plan? I totally used that to screw with the original plot!).

A/N2: And yes, the pairing (Ichigo/Yoruichi) will not be changing now and there's nothing you can do that could convince me! Bwahahaha! (Power hungriness is too strong!) And I've decided to go the full five chapter arc. Note that it will be left open ended. I might do a sequel, I might let someone take over the story and try their hand at it and put their own spin on the idea. I might do both for the hell of it. But this story will be five chapters.

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