Perseus Jackson was having a really good time. They had managed to defeat his evil great grandmother, who wished to sacrifice him. And getting sacrificed was something he was not so fond of. And also the fact that the seven hadn't gone to his uncle also comforted him. But death of Octavian had struck him hard, he sacrificed his life for Rome as a true roman warrior. Percy still felt guilty for misunderstanding him.

War had left him with wounds. But they were healing. So were his relationships, he had improved his relationship with his step mom and Triton. He was now accepted by Amphritrite, as she said it was his father who was to be blamed.

Both camps were merged. His Achilles curse had returned even though he wished it hadn't. However, Percy had decided it was for good.

All in all, the problems in his strange family were coming to an end and finally he was able to lead a normal teen life.

Or so he thought...

What he didn't know was that the problems on his father's side of family were solved. Our hero had to save someone again.


Harry Potter couldn't believe what he heard, even though he saw the equally frightened faces of his two best friends as they stared at Dumbledore.

"But that is impossible, she must have attended Hogwarts and everyone should have known this" Hermione was the first to respond. No shockers there.

"No one had known it, because she was adopted by someone and brought up in New York .We haven't been giving much attention to America for a long time and so it isn't a surprise we didn't spot her "

"So what you are saying is that, Voldemort had a daughter whom the wizarding world hasn't spotted before, and now Voldemort is trying to recruit her seemingly powerful son to the death eaters and we have to stop Voldemort. And find him before voldemort does." Harry wished Dumbledore to reject his words ,but no such luck.

"But he is you know who's grandson and I am pretty much sure he has already joined death eaters." said Ron who had managed to find his voice at last. Harry realized he too had nodded along with Hermione.

"Even though his record suggests something mysterious, you can't judge someone by his family."Dumbledore told them.

"So what is his name?" asked Hermione.

"Percy Jackson, son of Sally Jackson and grand son of voldemort", said the long bearded professor.


Harry was still positive that Percy was a death eater. He expected something bad to happen as Dumbledore rang the calling bell of the blofis residency. What he expected was not a really beautiful lady with caring eyes to appear.

"Sally Jackson Blofis?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, do I know you?" She asked.

"Can we speak with you and your son?" Dumbledore asked.

"I am sorry, he isn't here and I guess that he will come soon enough. Do you mind waiting?"

"Of course not"

Suddenly the door opened and came running in a well built boy with a tanned skin and sea green eyes yelling "mom I'm hungry"

He stopped on his tracks as he saw them and reached to his pocket suddenly.

"Ah, Percy these people came here to discuss something important" said sally to her son.

Harry could feel the power emanating from him. It was far more powerful than anyone's aura he had felt before and he knew he was way too powerful. Harry knew that they were hopeless if he joined death eaters.


Percy wasn't expecting to see a bunch of oddly dressed people in my house explaining to him that his mom is a witch and he is a wizard and inviting him to their school for wizards. Even though the idea was weird and he could feel that they were hiding something from him. However he was excited to go to a school with no monsters or he hoped so.

"So, Percy do you accept our invitation?" asked the silver bearded man who introduced himself as Dumbledoor. Really..? what kind of a name was that?

"Of course, I am ready as long as I don't have an evil grandfather who wish to take over the whole world." I replied and myself was startled by what I had told them. Stupid me.

"Oh, I just sprouted something stupid please don't mind" I quickly added.

But they all had a startled expression and red headed one had a disapproving and angry face. He muttered something to the scrawny one who had a scar and to the bushy haired girl. Looks like they are suspicious. I was pretty sure they wouldn't know about my world. I told dad and Annabeth about this through an iris message as they waited and dad told me that he had created a volt in wizard bank and will look after me. He also reminded me not to get into trouble.

I was sad about leaving my mom and Annabeth behind. But I remembered, dad telling me it was my mission and he had known it.

So, Hogwarts here I come...