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"Don't be, I missed you too James."

Kendall smiled, it hurt, but he was too happy not to smile, James was here with him, this was the one person that Kendall thought about that gave him something he always needed desperately, Hope.

"So what's all happened while I was," Kendall paused, hesitating for a second before shaking it off and finishing. "While I was gone."

Jams smiled sadly at his friend, his handsome, green-eyed, amazing,- Stop it James! He's been your best friend since before Pee-Wee Hockey! You can't have feelings for him! James scolded himself in his head before shaking the feeling off and looking at Kendall again.

"Well, I've been getting a few modeling jobs, some acting-" James didn't get to finish before Kendall cut him off.

"Acting!? Have you gotten any movies or anything you've been in?" Kendall asked in amazement, obviously proud of James for it.

James chuckled at Kendall's excitement.

"Actually, yeah I do. I've got a few actually." James told him.

"Really? Do you think you can bring in some of them? It's kinda boring in here..."

"You've only been in here for like, what? Three hours? And you're already that bored? You were even sleeping for most of it!" James laughed.

Kendall smiled at the sound, knowing that it was him that made James laugh, was one of the best feelings in the world. Kendall was sure he hadn't smiled this much in the past two years! This is the best he's felt in two years to be honest.

"Yeah, I can already tell it's going to be extremely boring, I mean, this whole room is empty and plain and white!" Kendall laughed.

James chuckled along with him. "Fine, I'll see if I can bring some movies I've acted in so you can watch them."

"Thanks James! I can't wait to see them." Kendall smiled.

James smiled back at the exited blonde, so glad that he could see him again after two long years. James had sunk into a sort of depression from thinking that the blonde was gone forever.

Kendall was so happy to see James again. There was just something about the brunette, hazel eyed boy, that made Kendall smile uncontrollably and get butterflies in his stomach.

Suddenly everything started to move in slow motion, Kendall's smile started to fade and James noticed.

"Kendall? Bud? Are you ok?" James asked in concern, the worry and fear clearly showing in his gorgeous hazel eyes and the smile slowly fading off hs face as he started to yell frantically for his friend to wake up from his trance.

But Kendall didn't answer, his body was numb, he couldn't think clearly, he couldn't see, he couldn't hear the reality around him. He started shaking uncontrollably as flashback hit him like ten tons of bricks.

His dad beating him mercilessly, making him bleed, calling him names, insulting him, disowning him, the time he almost killed Kendall, holding the knife to his throat and all.

Kendall couldn't take the flashbacks, it was like he was there all over again, reliving the awful, horrid memories.

Kendall was having a panic attack, he started screaming and yelling at his father to stop. Hurt, fear and pain ringing clear in his voice.

It broke James heart as he watched his friend like this, crying, screaming in panic and pain for help, just like he had done not a few weeks ago.

James burst up from his chair and ran out as fast as he could, trying to find a nurse or somebody.

"HELP! Please! Someone help! Somethings wrong with my friend! I think he's having a panic attack! Please help!" He screamed as he ran through the halls looking for a nurse or a doctor or somebody! James breathing picked up, his breaths got shorter as he panicked, it was getting harder and harder to breathe for him.

Finally, doctors and nurses rushed over, asking what had happened.

"R-Room... 104..." James panted. His breaths were getting shorter and shorter and he was finding it harder and harder to breathe, but he didn't think about his Asthma, no, his mind was clouded with fear and worry for Kendall and Kendall only.

The doctors and nurses rushed over as fast as they coud to Kendall's room, not noticing James gasping for breath as he ran behind them.

James followed into Kendall's room. He heard Officer Garcia running up from behind him and rush into the room. He almost rushed right past James, but noticed his quick, rapid breaths, they were choppy and raspy. He recognized exactly what was happening, James was having a full on Asthma attack.

Ted quickly took James by the arm and pulled him outside of the room where Kendall was screaming and crying in fright from the flashbacks he was having and shook him.

"James! Son! Your inhaler! Where is it?!" He yelled frantically.

"I-It's.. Uh..." James tried to get it out, he tried to remember, but he just couldn't, he couldn't even think straight. James started to see black dots cloud his vision as he collapsed.

"James!" Ted yelled and yelled for the nearest doctor. He then remembered the extra inhaler he had been given years ago, just in case. He prayed that he had brought it today. Doctors came running to him as Officer Garcia whipped out the extra inhaler, thankful that he had brought it with him today.

The doctors lifted James on the stretcher and Ted pressed the inhaler into James' mouth and pressed onto the button two or three times before the doctors took him away to a room.

Ted Garcia breathed out a worried but relieved sigh. But now he had two,not one, but two boys, that he was worried sick about.

"I'll fucking do it this time boy! I swear! You make so much as a single sound again, I will kill you!" Kent yelled at his son, who was trying desperately not to show fear in any way, shape, or form. Kent Knight held Kendall in a headlock, knife held to his throat, Kendall could feel the cold metal barley graze his skin as he tried to breathe steadily.

Kent released him and threw Kendall into the closet again, but not before punching him and kicking him a few times for good measure. But before he closed and locked the closet door, he threw the knife on the ground it front of Kendall, giving him a look of disgust.

"You can slit your throat or cut your wrists with this for all I care. You're fucking worthless anyways!" Kent spat at his son before slamming the door shut and locking it, leaving the room, and doing the same with the door entrance to Kendall's room.

Kendall sat there frozen for a moment before slowly reaching over and taking the knife in his hands. He picked up the small flashlight he had hidden from his father and shined it onto the weapon. The silver metal gleamed in the light as Kendall turned it over in his hands thinking. Thinking about what? Everything. Does he really want to do this? Does he want to end his life? Stop the ain and suffering for good? Or does he still have a chance to leave? To get out of here, to escape and life a life with the man he, dare he say it, the man he loves. Kendall sighed in confliction before deciding.

He repositioned the flashlight underneath his chin so that it was shining on his hand and wrist. He took the blade and held it above his wrist. Am I sure I really want to this? At last-minute he decided. He took a deep breath and pressed the cold silver metal to his wrist and pressed down, applying pressure and running the blade in a straight line across his wrist. He sucked in at the pain, but it wasn't any worse than he already was after todays beating anyways, so what did it even matter.

The sudden rush of red liquid seeped out of the cut. Quickly, Kendall grabbed a shirt from a hanger above him and pressed it to the cut, applying pressure to it to help sanch the bleeding and help stop the blood flowing from his wrist, but he didn't stop there, he made another right underneath the first. He was now thinking of this, he would have to hide the knife from his father, it was a huge risk, but it was some sort of release, and right now, that's all he had.

He made one more cut underneath the second before wiping the knife off and hiding it into the back of the closet, where he hoped his dad would never find it...

Kendall spent about a half an hour pressing the shirt to his wrist to stop the blood flow before he went into a restless, painful sleep...

The doctors had put Kendall on a heavy dose of Morphine that eventually knocked him out and stopped his panick attack, they put a breathing mask on him to help him breathe better and calm down for a little while until they were positive that his breathing was stable enough to take it off. James was luckily just two rooms away from Kendall in room 106, he had on a breathing mask to help regulate his breathing and help him and his body to calm down. James was still asleep as well.

Meanwhile, in the hospital waiting room, Ted Garcia was worried sick about both boys, especially not knowing about exactly what had happened with Kendall.

Ted looked up when he heard the entrance to the hospital doors open, still on edge and on high alert. He saw the blonde woman that Kendall had talked to before he had left and they had gone to the hospital. What was her name? It was Stephanie wasn't it?

She walked in and looked around the room. She spotted Officer Garcia and walked over, quickly taking a seat next to him.

"How's Kendall? Is he alright?" She questioned immediately. Ted didn't bother to think about taking her in for questioning or for anything with the investigation, he already knew that she had already been questioned.

But he didn't answer straight away. He wasn't even sure himself, but as far as Stephanie was concern, she wasn't aware of James, She probably did know him though, I mean, if they were friends before all of this happened, she would know the other three boys. But she also wasn't aware that Kendall had a panick attack either. He hesitated on his answer, making Stephanie start to worry.

"Yes," He finally answered, "He's asleep under a heavy dose or Morphine right now, he had a panick attack about and hour and a half ago, James was with him when it happened."

"Wait, James? James Diamond?"

See, told you she'd know him.

Ted nodded.

"Where is he now?" Stephanie asked.

"Well, James was so panicked, he started to have a severe Asthma attack. He's asleep right now two rooms away from where Kendall's room is. He's got an oxygen mask on right now to help his breathing calm down."

"But they're both ok?" She asks, looking up at him with scared tearful eyes.

Ted nodded. "For now, yes, but after that panick attack, we'll have to find out what happened to cause it, but Kendall might have to put in an institution for trauma."

"An institution?" Stephanie questioned.

"Oh, a mental institution. But Stephanie?"

"Yes sir?"

"If you get the chance to talk to Kendall, don't tell him anything about that ok? He's under enough stress and he's got enough pressure on him, he doesn't need to know about that, it would just add onto it and make it worse. Especially since we don't even know what happened. That might not even be the case either. So you can't mention it to anyone else alright?"

Stephanie nodded. "Swear, cross my heart and swear on the River Styx." She said drawing a small X with her finger over her heart.

Carlos had told me a lot about this girl before when he was younger. Carlos used to have the biggest crush on her. He would come home from elementary school and talk all about his day, often mentioning Stephanie and various things about her. What books she was reading, everything that had in common, what her favorite color was, what her favorite food was, everything! Including her slight obsession with the Percy Jackson books, so her reference to the book reminded him of Carlos and he smiled a bit thinking about it. Carlos was so infatuated with her. But that was before he had gotten older...

There was a moment of silence between the two before Officer Garcia spoke up.

"Thank you for saving Kendall. If you wouldn't have called he would still be there you know." He said looking up from his hands.

Stephanie looked up from her own and faced him. "I was really glad that I was home. I was actually getting ready to leave for something, but something held me back. I was mad at the time, but I'm glad it did. Wait." She said, her eyes lighting up in realization. "You're Carlos' dad!" She smiled wide.

Ted smiled back. "Yes, yes I am. You know, I've heard a lot about you from Carlos from when he was younger." He chuckled. "He really liked you a lot back then." Ted smiled kindly.

Stephanie returned the smile and they sat and talked about how Carlos and Logan were doing, how their new careers were going, ect. Until a nurse came out.

"Ted Garcia?"

Both him and Stephanie both stood up as the nurse told them the news.

Stephanie sat down in her chair and waited again, still worried, while Officer Garcia ran to James' room as quickly as he could.

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