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Prophecy Rebirth - Chapter 18

Fairy Tail had about five hundred members all together, and most of them were back in the guild during the Harvest Festival. Now the guild hall was packed with hundreds of mages who were all trapped inside without any means of escape, and all of their hope was placed on the shoulders of Uzumaki Naruto. Laxus had settled his Hall of Thunder plan in Magnolia Town, and hundreds of Lightning Lacrima surrounded the perimeter of the town. If all of them were to shoot down on the town below, everything and everyone would be destroyed.

The guild hall was shaking with cries of anger, and Naruto couldn't hear his own voice though the havoc. The blond man held onto Erza's hands to signal that he was going to be fine, and that he would do everything he could in order to stop Laxus from destroying everything. Naruto was livid, to want to take over to guild was one thing, but to hold hundreds of thousands of people hostage was another, and he wanted to destroy Laxus for committing such actions.

'SILENCE!" cried Makarov with the aid of his Titan Magic, and everyone in the guild became silent.

Gray marched up to the Master along with Natsu. "Ji-san, we can't let Naruto go out there and face all three of them alone!" said the Ice Mage seriously. "Freed must have rigged the entire town with his Runes, they must want to ambush Naruto and kill him!" Natsu nodded along with Gray's words, and wanted to help Naruto fight the bastards.

Makarov sighed and turned towards Naruto. "How are you feeling about this, Naruto?" asked the old man quietly.

Naruto nodded. "I will go out there to stop him; there is no way that you can hand over to guild to someone who would threaten to destroy the entire town to get his way!" Many people nodded and gave words of agreement at that. "I have three hours that should be enough time for me to do this!"

Erza grabbed onto Naruto's arm and looked at him worriedly. "I know you are very strong now that you've reverted back to normal, but don't underestimate Laxus." said the Titania as others nodded along. "He is definitely one of the strongest in the guild; perhaps even stronger than Jellal was!"

Gray nodded and crossed his arms. "Don't think the other two are weak either, Bixlow has the ability to control dolls, and Freed is strong himself with his annoying Runes."

Warren came up to the group and nodded at Naruto. "I will use my telepathy to contact you throughout the battle, if you have any questions for anyone here, you can just ask through me." Naruto nodded and smiled at the man.

Makarov looked up at Naruto with a sigh. "I'm sorry that we can't help you on this, but we all have faith in you, Naruto!"

Naruto smiled and just nodded. "I will solve this thing, I promise." said the young man as he looked around at all his friends. "This is not going to be the end of Fairy Tail or the start of Laxus' reign." Naruto placed a hand on Natsu's shoulder and smiled. "I'm all fired up!"

The Dragon Slayer grinned and nodded back. "Hit him harder for us!"

Naruto nodded and finally turned to Erza, who had a dead worried look on her face. "Just cook me some Ramen when I get back..."

Erza leaned in to kiss Naruto on the cheek. "Just be careful..."

The blond rushed out of the door as his unsealed his combat uniform from his left arm, and ran into town determined to find and stop Laxus. Losing Erza alone was unacceptable in Naruto's mind, and losing her along with everyone else was even more unthinkable. Just like the time with Eisenwald, Phantom Lord, Jose Porla, and Jellal Fernandes, Naruto was fueled by his anger and desperation to save his precious people, and just like those times, Naruto would destroy the people in his way.

Lucy placed a comforting hand on Erza's shoulder with a smile. "Don't worry, when has Naruto ever let us down before?"

Erza smiled and nodded. "Yeah...but that being said." The Titania flared her power angrily as she requiped a blade to her hand, and rushed towards Evergreen who had just regained consciousness. Erza kicked the woman hard to force her up and pinned her to the wall by her neck. "Now...you better start talking, or I will turn you into a pin cushion!" cried the S-Class mage with her blade right up against Evergreen's neck.

Natsu and Gray paled at the sight. "Evergreen better pray for Naruto's safety, or Erza will literally rip her to pieces..."

The Runes along the entrance of the guild started to morph, and soon it displayed a screen that said the number of contestants. There were four in total; Naruto, Laxus, Freed, and Bixlow, and it showed that everyone was active. In the middle of the large display was actually a sort of lacrima that Freed had left behind, and it displayed a live feed of where Naruto was. Everyone in the guild would be able to see where Naruto was, who he was fighting, and whether or not he was alright.

Makarov sighed and closed his eyes. 'Come on Naruto...teach that stupid Grandson of mine a lesson.'

Naruto ran through the streets as he tried to find where his enemies were, and so far he was not having any luck. The streets were quite crowded with many people were still setting up their decorations for the Harvest Festival. There were children and families all over the place, all unaware that in a few hours they might be struck by huge pillars of lightning that would also destroy the town. The thought of Laxus killing so many innocent people made Naruto even more livid, and made him run faster to find the other three.

Naruto could see the ring of floating Lacrima that were floating above the town, and with the help of his Sharingan, Naruto counted that there were exactly 1256 Lacrimas in total. As long as those robs were floating in the sky, everyone in town would be in danger, and the only way to stop the lacrima from raging destruction on the town below, was to stop Laxus before the three hour mark. So far only a few minutes had gone by, and Warren would feed him information of the remaining time every half hour.

Suddenly, Naruto caught something in the corner of his eyes, and he quickly jumped to the side...

Several small explosions occurred on the ground when several blasts of magic shot to the ground from above, and Naruto looked up to see Bixlow standing on a roof with his dolls. The man had his tongue out and was chuckling along with his dolls.

Naruto glared up at the man. "There are people down here!" cried the blond as he looked back to see families rushing out of the area.

Bixlow continued to chuckle. "Get him, my babies!" The several floating block dolls started to shoot legions of blast towards Naruto at blinding speeds, and a large dust cloud gathered down in the street where all the blasts landed.

With the help of his Sharingan, Naruto easily dodged all the blasts, but the street and buildings were not as lucky. The blond just the dust cloud to hide himself and discreetly jumped on top of a random building. Naruto unsealed his normal katana and channeled some wind chakra into it.

"Futon: Kazekiri no Jutsu!" An invisible blade of wind slashed through the air and sliced through all of Bixlow's dolls.

"My babies!" cried the odd man as he watched his dolls fall to the ground.

Naruto quickly leaped towards the man and kicked him hard in the face; then threw him off of the roof and through the window of a shop down below. The blond jumped down and ran into the store to see Bixlow getting up, so he sped forward and landed one more kick at the man, which sent him crashing into the back wall of the store. Naruto kneed Bixlow right in the stomach, and punched his face against the wall.

"Where is Laxus?!" cried Naruto angrily as he couldn't use his Sharingan on the man because of his covered eyes.

Bixlow was in a lot of pain, but he just stuck his tongue out and pointed his finger to behind Naruto. The blond was surprised when several shot of energy shot him in the back, and he looked back to see several mannequins that seemed to be under Bixlow's control. The masked man jumped away from Naruto and behind his dolls with a smirk on his face.

"My Seith Magic grants me the ability to infused dolls with souls, and even if you destroy their bodies, I can transfer their souls to other dolls." explained Bixlow as he pointed his finger at Naruto. "Now take this!"

Naruto grunted as he ran up the wall of the store and jumped through the roof to get outside. "This guy is just annoying!" Bixlow's dolls continued their barrage of small blasts at Naruto no matter where he ran, so the blond did his best to avoid running near area filled with other people. Naruto sent another few wind blades to destroy the dolls, but another few mannequins just activated almost right after.

Bixlow chuckled. "Don't you see, no matter how many dolls you destroy, my babies will still be here!"

Naruto smirked. "Then I just need to hit you!" The blond used a quick burst of speed to appear right in front of the man, and punched him hard in the face. But before Naruto could continue his assault, Bixlow's dolls appeared behind him and forced him dodge.

Bixlow got back up on his feet and pointed his finger at Naruto again. "Line Formation!" His dolls formed a line with their blast barrels, and shot a large vertical blast of energy at Naruto.

The blond easily sliced through the blast from above as he jumped into the air, and with his falling momentum he planned to finish Bixlow in one blow...

"X Formation!" The man formed an X shape with his arms, and his dolls mirrored him. Several blasts of energy shot upward at Naruto, which forced him to block and dodge by turning to the side. Bixlow took the chance to run away from Naruto as he knew that he couldn't beat the blond in close range combat.

Naruto ran after his enemy right away, and was about to catch him when he turned into a back alley. Bixlow was standing right above him, using his two legs against the two sides of the wall to support his weight, and smirked down at Naruto. The blond was surprised when two wall of purple text separated him from Bixlow, but he didn't feel any different...

"This Rune will strip away all Magic from the person trapped inside until the end of his current battle, that means until you beat me, you can't use any magic!" exclaimed the man with a loud laugh.

Naruto smirked as he channeled his chakra inside his body. "Sorry..." said the blond as he raised his hands in front of his lips. "But I don't use magic!" A huge inferno blasted from Naruto's mouth and shot towards Bixlow at point blank. The man was immediately engulfed in flames, and was crying out in pain as he fell to the ground. Naruto took the chance and kicked him hard on his stomach, and sent him flying back further down the alley.

The flames died down as Bixlow shakily got up from where he was. "D-Damn you..." The man's facemask was burnt off, and it reveals his face which had a large X symbol emblazed across his face. "I didn't want to use this, but you left me no choice!" Bixlow's eyes started to glow a bright green as he stared into Naruto's eyes. "I will use my Figure Eyes to control you like a doll!"

Naruto shook his head as he continued to walk towards Bixlow. "As I said to Evergreen before...my eyes are far greater than yours!" Naruto's Sharingan barred into Bixlow's eyes, and suddenly the man saw that he was no longer in the alley, but was in some odd forest walking around aimlessly. Naruto sighed as he made his way up to the man, and knocked him out with a simple chop to the neck. "Genjutsu is the best perk of my Sharingan."

Naruto vs. Bixlow: Winner Naruto.

Everyone in the guild cheered at Naruto victory and was amazed by his prowess through the lacrima screen. The displayed showed that Bixlow was out of the game, and there were only three people left in the game. Natsu and Gray high-fived each other with grins on their faces. They never really liked Bixlow before, and it was nice seeing Naruto beat the crap out of him on screen. Lucy along with many of others smiled at the thought of Naruto beating the others soon as well, they wanted to get out of the trap.

Makarov smirked and nodded. "Good job!"

Elfman stood by his sister and the other Miss Fairy Tail contestants. "Yes, Naruto is a man!"

"There is only Freed and Laxus left..." muttered Mirajane as she stared at the screen. "And Naruto still has two and a half hours left."

Erza smiled softly but was still worried for Naruto, Freed was stronger than Bixlow, not to mention Laxus. 'Come on Naruto...you can do this!' The Titania turned back to Evergreen and glared at her dangerously. "Start talking!" cried the red haired woman angrily at the still silent woman. "Where is Laxus and Freed!" cried Erza as she shoved Evergreen repeatedly at the wall.

Evergreen was quite injured because of Erza, but she was still refusing. "E-Even if he finds Laxus...he can never win!"

Erza growled and kicked Evergreen back at the wall. "We'll see about that!"

The Runes encrypted on the entrance of the guild turned red and began to flutter as a surge of energy pooled into the middle of the group, and everyone looked over to see an astral-projection of Laxus standing with his arm crossed. The Lightning Mage looked calm and relaxed, and he had a smirk on his face as he looked into the eyes of his guild mates with obvious condescension. Many mages backed off from Laxus' image, and only the Master and a few others walked up to him.

"Well, Naruto is certainly strong, he defeated Bixlow quite easily." said the image with a fluttering voice.

Makarov stood in front of the image with a serious look. "Do you have any idea what you are doing, Laxus?" asked the old man disappointed. "You are holding hundreds of thousands of people hostage just because you want to blackmail me into giving you the position as Master?"

Laxus smirked and sighed. "Yes, Fairy Tail has become complacent, and I intend to shape it into the strongest guild in the world!"

Natsu growled and stepped forward. "You will never become Master!" cried the Dragon Slayer loudly. "Naruto will become Master before you!"

Laxus chuckled and shook his head. "You really have that much faith in that Naruto huh?" uttered the man amused. "Then I will show all of you how insignificant he is with this show!" With that the image of Laxus vanished, and the Runes returned to normal. The guild was left temporary silent as the looming threat sunk into everyone's minds.

Mirajane sighed as she walked up to the Master. "Do you really think Naruto can defeat all of them, Master?"

Everyone looked over at the old man seriously. "Naruto defeated Jose Porla and the traitor Jellal, so he should be able to defeat Laxus as well, but I am sure that Laxus has something up his sleeve." muttered the Master as everyone turned back to the lacrima screen. "But Naruto always seem to have a surprise up his sleeve as well, so I faith in him."

Naruto saw many civilians walking through the streets despite the loud noises and small explosions he caused, and he was worried that they would be caught up into the whole mess. Laxus and Freed could be anywhere in the large town, and with so many people around Naruto didn't know of any safe places he could go all out in a fight. In his mind, Naruto planned to lure whoever he found first out of the main crowded areas of the town, and lead them towards the outskirts.

Just as Naruto was about to turn a corner, he accidentally crashed into a large group, and knocked most of them to the ground. The blond man tripped on the body of a man and fell forward, and just when he was about to catch himself, someone else fell on top of him and they all landed on the ground. The whole mess had almost twenty people in it, and Naruto had to push his way back up in order to get back onto his feet.

"I'm so sorry!" exclaimed Naruto as he helped a young child back to his feet. "Are you all okay?"

The boy nodded. "I'm fine..." Then he suddenly had widened eyes as he looked up at the blond man. "Hey, you are Uzumaki Naruto!" cried the little boy happily.

Naruto smiled and nodded at the bunch of people smiling and waving at him. "Yes, but I have to run now, we are still rushing to finish the preparations for Fantasia!" With that the man rushed out of the area, ignoring the goodbyes of the good people behind him. Naruto wanted to warn the people about the Hall of Thunder, but he knew full well that it would only cause panic and chaos, especially since the town as much more crowded than usual because of the many tourists who came to town.

'Naruto, you have two hours left!' reminded Warren via his telepathy.

Naruto nodded and replied mentally as he continued to search the area as fast as he could. The Sharingan can only help so much since there were so many people on the streets, and everyone had similar colors of energy. Though some people had no color at all because they possessed no magic, it did not do enough to narrow down the numbers. Through the crowd, Naruto was searching for the light purple or bright yellow that belonged to Freed and Laxus, but it was still nowhere to be seen.

"Where the hell is Laxus!" cursed Naruto as he ran through the eastern part of town. "Is he just hiding after all of this?!"

"Laxus is saving his Magical Power." said a voice from above Naruto. "Just in case he has to fight the others if some of them survive the Hall of Thunder."

"Freed..." muttered Naruto as he looked up at the man with his Sharingan. "You are the man who trapped everyone inside the guild."

Freed didn't answer and just started to vanish into a bunch of purple letters. Naruto grunted in annoyance at the man trying to delay the clock, and chased after him by following the light trail of energy his eyes could make out. Much to Naruto's surprise, Freed was actually leading him out of the main areas of the town, and towards the more barren areas at the edge of Magnolia. Naruto continued to follow the man since he was glad to fight in an isolated place, and he finally saw Freed stop as they made it to the Magnolia River.

Suddenly, when Naruto stepped forward as he continued his way, a purple shroud came over him and locked him in place...

"Runes?" Several words were encrypted on Naruto's arms, and the shroud disappeared.

"Pain..." muttered Freed as he appeared in front of Naruto with rapier drawn. "...is a word that will become your reality and every sensation."

Naruto grunted in pain as his body was suddenly bombarded with scorching pain as if every part of his body as being stabbed repeatedly. The blond used his own power to try to resist the pain, but using his own power just made it worst. Every twitch Naruto made would result in an indescribable amount of pain, and he knees almost buckled because of it. Freed was staring into Naruto's eyes as the blond struggled to stay on his feet, and he shook his head.

"Dark Écriture: Fear!" Announced the man as another word seeped into Naruto's body.

Naruto was suddenly filled with untamed horror, and he almost cried out in fright. He couldn't think of a reason why he was so scared, but his bones were shaking from the utter fear etching his entire body. Naruto quickly turned behind because of the excess paranoia that suddenly filled his being, and he kept turning because was afraid that someone would stab him from behind. Then the pain returned again, and Naruto had to grit his teeth in order not cry out in pain.

Freed held his blade in front of him as he looked towards at Naruto. "Pain!" exclaimed the green haired man again to send another blast of pain through his enemy. "Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain!" The man continued to slash his blade across the air as shot blasts of pain into Naruto again and again. The blond fell to his knees and was struggling to keep his voice from coming out. Freed looked down at Naruto and saw that not even his Sharingan was active anymore, and he was completely at his mercy...

"Dark Écriture: Death!"

Everyone in the guild watched in horror and anger as Naruto was on the ground in pain. Lucy held onto Natsu, who was shaking in anger as he glared at Freed through the screen. Mirajane had tears in her eyes as she leaned onto her brother, who was also having a very hard time containing his anger. The Master himself balled his fists up as he looked on at the cruel scene, and he hated how one of his children was being tortured and he couldn't do anything about it.

"Naruto!" cried Natsu loudly as he stomped on the ground. "Come on, you can beat him!"

Gray gritted his teeth as he punched the closest wall to him. "Damn you, Freed!"

Cana and Levy had tears in their eyes as they looked away from the screen, they didn't want to see their surrogate little brother killed in such a cruel way. Macao, Jet and Droy did their best to comfort the girls, but they were having trouble themselves with the scene. Naruto had become a part of the Fairy Tail family, and it broke many people's hearts to see him in such a state. The blond almost always had a grin on his face, and was supposed to be laughing with everyone else during Fantasia, not being beaten to death of Freed.

Evergreen chuckled despite her severe injuries. "I-I told you...how could be beat Laxus when he couldn't even beat Freed?!"

Erza was shaking in her own corner as she watched her love being tortured on the screen. There were no tears in the Titania's eyes, there was only untamed anger than was pulsating off her in waves. With a quick step, Erza hoisted Evergreen into the air, and despite many other crying out to her to stop, slammed her head first into the closest wall, knocking her out completely. Even when others came up to check if Evergreen was still alive, Erza ignored everything and charged to the Runes blocking the entrance with her Benizakura, and slammed into it as hard as she could.

"Erza!" cried Lucy frantically.

The Runes didn't budge under the Titania's strength and she growled. "No matter what happens..." muttered Erza outraged. "...I will break free of these Runes, and when I do, I will kill you all!"

Many people backed away from the livid Erza, and some were afraid that she would snap and start attacking people inside the guild. Only the Master walked up to her and calm placed a stretched out hand on her shoulder. The old man sighed when he finally saw some moister seeping from the corner of Erza's eyes, and closed his eyes himself so that he wouldn't have to see his surrogate daughter break down in front of everyone.

"Dark Écriture: Death!"

Freed's voice traveled through the guild like a cold wind, and sent shivers down everyone's back...

Erza cried out in anguish as she closed her eyes shut, trying desperately to block out the scene of her love dying in the middle of nowhere...

"Wait!" cried out Natsu as he pointed up at the screen with a smile. "That bastard fooled us all!"

Hearing the Dragon Slayer laugh, Erza hesitantly looked up at the screen, and her tears were instantly replaced with a smile.


Just when Freed thought he had actually killed Naruto, the blond's body suddenly popped out of existence with a burst of smoke. The whole time he had spent attacking Naruto with his spells, it was actually just some kind of clone. Freed instantly spun his head around to see if the real one was anywhere near him, but he could see anyone. It was Freed's turn to become paranoid, and the unknown enemy was getting to his nerves.

Suddenly, a tri-pronged kunai struck the ground right in front of Freed...

Before the man could react, Naruto appeared right in front of him and kneed him hard in the stomach. The wind was knocked out of Freed's lungs as his body as forced into the air because of the mass amount of power behind the knee. Naruto then elbowed Freed's back and sent him flat to the ground with a thud. Freed coughed out in pain as he desperately tried to breath in some knocked out air, but he felt his body being flipped to the side, and before he knew what was happening, Naruto bunted his chest and sent him flying into a large bridge that connected the two sides of the river.

Freed knew that many of his bones were broken, but he forced himself to his feet and glared at Naruto...

"W-When did you?..." choked out the man as he held his chest with one hand.

Naruto smirked. "I knew that you had planted many traps around town, and at first I thought that my Sharingan would reveal the locations of them to me, but I was wrong." started the blond as he crossed his arms. "When I fought Bixlow, he managed to lure me into one of your traps, and I knew then that my eyes can't see your traps." Naruto began to walk towards Freed. "This poses a threat to me, so when I crashed into the group of people right before I ran into you, I made a clone in the midst of the chaos, and transformed myself into a civilian."

Freed grunted as he coughed painfully. "You knew that Laxus was monitoring the town...that's why you used the crowd to divert his attention from you making a clone."

The blond nodded with a smile. "Yes, and while I was transformed into a civilian, I followed my clone far behind so I wouldn't raise any suspicion..." Naruto smirked as he picked up his kunai from the ground. "I get the memories of my clones back, so I knew exactly where you were."

The green haired man glared at Naruto and stood tall. "Don't think this is over...I can still fight!" Freed used his blade to draw some symbols on his own arm. "Dark Écriture: Wings!" A pair of purple wings appeared on his back, and he flew into the air in front of Naruto.

Naruto activated his Sharingan and channeled his chakra. "Futon: Daitopa!" A wall of wind slammed into Freed and knocked him back down to the ground. Naruto charged forward and punched the man right in his face, and forced him back against the bridge again. When Freed fired a punch at Naruto, the blond caught his fist and pulled him closer before chopping down on his collar bone. Naruto kneed Freed again and slammed the back of his head onto the bridge. "You can't win..." muttered the blond as he threw Freed into the river.

Freed grunted in pain as he swam to stay afloat. "I will not fail Laxus!" cried the man angrily. "Dark Écriture: Darkness!" Freed had used one of his forbidden spells, and his body started to bulge in size as his skin turned a dark gray. Horns erupted from his head, and his eyes turned an eerie purple. Freed could feel his pain fade as he transformed, his body in this state can suppress pain as if it was never there, and he managed to fly out of the river with his wings.

Naruto chuckled. "That look really doesn't suit you..."

Freed growled at Naruto as a ball of energy collected between his hands. "Darkness Flare Bomb!" A dark purple ball of energy exploded from Freed's hands, and sent a shockwave towards Naruto.

Naruto jumped into the air to dodge the blast, but Freed was in front of him within a split-second. The blond blocked a hard punch from Freed with his forearm, and kicked him back with an attack to the chest. The blond landed back on the ground and glared up at his enemy with his Sharingan. Freed charged down at great speeds with the use of his wings, and aimed his blade right at Naruto's chest. The blond easily dodged the man with a side step, but had to admit the Freed had gotten a lot faster.

"Dark Écriture: Destruction!" Freed's blade began to emit a bright purple as energy built up within it, and he slashed out at Naruto from where he was. A blade of purple energy blasted towards the blond, ripping through the ground as it surged powerfully.

Naruto jumped into the air to evade the attack, and unsealed a blade from his right arm. The weapon features a wide, flat blade with two curved indentations near its base, creating a sort of cross-guard. Two handles are connected to one another by a short length of cord, and the overall sword looks like a flounder fish in shape. Naruto remembered the name of this blade during his last growth spurt, but he had yet to use it in a real battle.

"Hiramekarei: Long Sword!" Naruto channeled his chakra into the blade as he slashed it down on Freed, and a large blue blade of chakra extended from the main sword and slammed into the ground. Freed flew into the air because to avoid the splash force of the strike, but Naruto was already hovering above him. "Hiramekarei: Hammer!" A shroud of chakra covered the blade and formed into a large hammer. Naruto glared into Freed's eyes and slammed his large weapon into his body, sending the man crashing into the ground in a heap.

Naruto landed on the ground and sealed his sword back into his arm as he walked over to Freed. "Now..." started the blond as he hoisted the man up and pushed him against the wall. "You will tell me where Laxus is hiding." The severely wounded man looked into the crimson Sharingan of Naruto, and felt his consciousness fading.

"Laxus..." muttered Freed with a very weak voice. "...is at the Kardia Cathedral."

Natsu shot his fists up into the air in joy. "Hell yeah!" cried the young man with a large grin. "Naruto beat that bastard good!"

Elfman hugged his sister happily as he waved his fist around. "He's a man!"

Cana hugged Levy happily as they both laughed. "He won!"

Lucy giggled at her boyfriend along with many others in the guild. They were all beyond happy and relieved that Naruto wasn't killed by Freed, and that he was able to defeat the last member of Laxus' elite. The only one left was Laxus, and based on how things were going, Naruto still had a lot of power to face the man. Gray smiled at the lacrima screen, he was proud that Naruto was able to defeat Freed, and he had great faith in him that he would beat Laxus as well.

Macao grinned along with Wakaba. "Man that sword was badass, where did he get it!"

Makarov grinned and pumped his fist at the screen. "Great job!" exclaimed the old man proudly. "What will you do now, Laxus?!"

Erza had a small smile on her face as she sat down on one of the many benches of the guild. 'Come home safely Naruto...you only have one opponent left.'

"Hey!" exclaimed Lucy as she pointed up at the rune display. "The numbers of the display changed!"

Erza looked up along with everyone else, and saw that the numbers said that there were three people left in the game...

Naruto walked into the Kardia Cathedral slowly, he still had an hour to fight Laxus, which should be plenty of time for either one of them to lose. The church was void of people as everyone was focused on getting ready for the Harvest Festival, so Naruto had no problem fighting all out in it. Freed and Bixlow had challenged him a little since their magic were kind of strange, but Naruto still had most of his powers left, and if his plan worked out, he could end the whole ordeal soon...

"So..." started a familiar low voice as Naruto walked into the main area of the cathedral. "You defeated both Freed and Bixlow." Laxus smirked and nodded at Naruto. "Not bad at all."

Naruto stared at the man seriously and stopped when he was standing across from him. "Enough with the talk...let's just get this over with." Laxus smirked and didn't reply. "We are the only two people left in this ridiculous game, and we have one hour left."

Laxus started to chuckle as he pointed over to the entrance of the church. "No...we have three people left."

Naruto turned back and was surprised to see Mystogan walking into the church. The man was still the same as he remembered, and Naruto still thought he looked weird with his heavy clothing and mask. The blond smirked and looked back at Laxus. It was no question that Mystogan was on their side, as the Master had once told him before that Mystogan was one of his most trusted mage in Fairy Tail...

"It's nice to see you again, Mystogan." greeted Naruto with a smile.

Mystogan nodded his head at the blond. "Yes, although the last time I saw you, you were still a child."

The blond smiled and nodded. "Yeah, but I'll explain the whole story to you after we end this farce."

Laxus started to chuckle as he walked forward a little towards the other men. "This is good..." started the Lightning Mage. "The two of you are the ones who I deem the most powerful in Fairy Tail, and I know one of you will be a good opponent."

Mystogan's hand reached for one of his Magic Stakes. "I'm sorry Laxus...but Naruto-san and I will fight you together, we cannot let you hold the entire town hostage any longer." Naruto nodded at the man's words and unsealed his Hiraishin Kunai to his hand.

The grandson of the Master chuckled. "I'm sorry, but these are the rules." Naruto's and Mystogan's eyes suddenly widened when a purple box of text appeared around them. "I had these Runes drawn here just because of the two of you..." Laxus had a smirk on his face as he crossed his arms together. "I knew that the two of you will eventually come here together, and I am really curious about something..." The Runes stated that exiting these Runes is forbidden, until one person inside can no longer fight. "...which one of you is stronger?"

Naruto glared at Laxus through the purple text. "Laxus, you coward!"

Laxus just shrugged. "I am not afraid of either of you, but I only want to fight my real rival here in Fairy Tail..." Mystogan remained emotionless as he stared at Laxus. "...and I will only fight the one."

Mystogan sighed as Naruto looked over at him. "I'm sorry Naruto-san, but I am in better condition to fight Laxus than you right now..." The man got into a battle position as he looked at Naruto stoically. "It is best that you let me win."

Naruto gritted his teeth as he jumped back to the other side of the restricted space. 'Damn...this will affect my plan...I can't let him win!'

The End!

What is Naruto's plan? Wait and see...