Only You Can Take Care Of Her!

Inuyasha's heart stopped for a moment when he heard Kagome said those words. He stood there in shock; he didn't even notice that Kagome had already disappeared into the well. He finally came out of his shock and jumped down the well. When he came out on the other side, he walked into the house and smelled the area, making sure he didn't miss the bastard. The house smelled the same…for now. He walked upstairs to Kagome's room, when he opened her door; he saw her simply sitting on the bed. She didn't even lift her head to look at Inuyasha. She didn't shift her position when he sat on the bed beside her. Inuyasha saw that Kagome was slightly trembling. Was it out of fear? Just then, the front door opened and Kagome stiffen as she stood up and put on a robe to hide her wound. Inuyasha growled as unfamiliar scent came closer to Kagome's room…Just before the door opened, Kagome pushed Inuyasha out of the room through her window and locked it tight before facing the tall man with black hair and eyes.

The man wore a nice business suit. His pale skin was congruent to Kagome and Sota's. Kagome trembled violently as she bowed her head to the man. The man looked around her room and smiled.

"So, where are your mother and brother?" He asked in a cold and stern voice.

Kagome shivered as he talked. She swallowed the lump in her throat and spoke softly. "I-I d-don't know…" The man relaxed his form and came closer to Kagome. Kagome shook with fear as he placed his hand on her back. He spoke softly and a small but evil grin came to his lips. "I guess this calls for punishment, doesn't it…My sweet little Kagome~?"

"N-NO! P-please!" Kagome spoke frantically as he pushed her roughly down on the bed and tied her hands and feet to the bed posts. Kagome's eyes were filled to the brim with tears.

"No talking back~!" He laughed and slapped her hard across the face.

Inuyasha growled loudly and run up the steps to Kagome's room. When he reached the door, he realized that the door was locked. It didn't stop him from breaking down the door and ripping off Kagome's father off of her. He growled loudly as he faced the bastard Kagome was forced to call 'Father'. The man glared at Inuyasha before looking at Kagome.

"Who's this freak?! How dare he hit me!" He growled.

Kagome was mute. She couldn't speak. Inuyasha untied her quickly and held her close. The man pulled out a pistol out from his coat and pointed it straight at Inuyasha's chest. Kagome shook terribly in Inuyasha's arms. He growled loudly and his fangs grew larger and sharper. Kagome looked up at Inuyasha and realized…'He's t-transforming into his demon form!' Kagome held Inuyasha's hand and shook her head, still unable to speak.

"What are you? I know, you must be Kagome's lover…but if you must know, she already has me in her life…so just run along, boy." He laughed quietly.

"The question is…WHAT ARE YOU?!" Inuyasha roared in anger and hatred.

"Oh? You want to fight a man who has a gun and all you have are your hands? HA! This must be the day your life ends boy!" He laughed as he aimed his pistol right at Inuyasha's heart.

"No…THIS IS THE DAY THAT YOU WILL PAY FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE TO KAGOME!" He growled loudly just before completely losing himself to his demon side.

Kagome's father had never seen anything like it…His eyes were blood red and his face now has purple streaks on it. Inuyasha growled loudly and grinned evilly at Kagome's father. Her father trembled slightly as he stared at the…the monster that stood before him. He aimed his gun right at Inuyasha and smiled.

"GOODBYE, DEVIL!" He laughed as he pulled the trigger. There was no noise that came out of the gun. There was no body to hit the floor. He stared at the monster face to face…Inuyasha had covered the opening to the gun and his hand was bleeding heavily. Inuyasha smirked as he whispered in his ear.

"Now it's MY turn~~!" He laughed as he ripped off both of his hands violently. He screamed in pain and in agony. Kagome's face was emotionless and was colorless. He watched as Inuyasha's demon side was slowly killing her father…right before her very eyes…Her eyes were overflowing with tears. Just as Inuyasha was about to fire the gun into his chest, Kagome crawled over to her father's bloody body and shielded it with her own…Inuyasha was baffled…why?! Why would she protect him?! Inuyasha growled loudly.


"I won't! He may have done some horrible things to me, but he's still my father! I won't let you kill him!" She sobbed loudly.

"I SAID MOVE!" Inuyasha growled loudly.


Inuyasha's demon side was begging to pull the trigger…but his human side was begging him to let the man go and let him live…his human side just wanted to beat him senseless, not to kill him! Inuyasha held his head and groaned as they fought. He became very dizzy and groaned as they fought harder and he dropped the gun. Kagome kicked the gun away and looked at Inuyasha, then her father, who was losing so much blood in so little time…Kagome was afraid…she didn't know what to do! She sighed as she held Inuyasha close and he growled as the voices in his mind became louder and louder. Inuyasha finally passed out after about two minutes of his sides fighting. Kagome picked up all of her father's body parts that Inuyasha had tore off in his rage and picked up her father. He was nearly dead. Kagome whispered that everything would be ok…that he wouldn't have to worry about anything…Kagome quickly carried her father to the well and jumped down. It was a long shot…she thought if she could bring her backpack, then anything she carried would also be transported to the Feudal Era with her. She landed on her feet in the Era…her father was still on her back and she slowly climbed up the well.

She panted heavily as she ran around in the forest, looking for one certain demon. He finally found him walking away from the village. Kagome ran out in front of him and got on her hand and knees as she begging Sesshomaru to save her father.

"Please, Sesshomaru! I'm begging you! Please save my father! Please! I'll do anything in return for saving him! But please! Just save him!" She pleaded as huge tears rolled down her face and onto the ground.

Sesshomaru looked at the dismembered corpse. He looked down at her and asked.

"Inuyasha did this, didn't he?"

Kagome simply nodded and sobbed. "Please! Save my father! I'm begging you, Sesshomaru!"

Jaken and Rin looked up at their lord. Sesshomaru drew Tenseiga and commanded;

"Put his limbs where they go."

Kagome did as he said then she stood back. Sesshomaru looked over the corpse and saw the minions of the Netherworld. He cut them down without hesitation. Sesshomaru then picked up the man and throw him on A-Un.

"Take him back to your world, before he wakes up.." Sesshomaru ordered.

"Thank you so much Sesshomaru!" Kagome smiled big as she rode A-Un back to the Bone Eater's Well. They returned to their era just before her father arose from the dead. Kagome smiled as he sat up slowly. He looked around and groaned.

"W-What happened…? M-MY HANDS!" He shouted as he saw his hands were on his arms.

"Don't ask, but you're alive…ok?" Kagome smiled.

"Where's that devil that almost killed me?!" He growled as they saw that Inuyasha was nowhere to be seen. Kagome looked around outside and her heart pounded…as if something bad was about to happen to him. She glared at her father and punched him hard in the face.

"THIS WOULD'VE NEVER HAPPENED IF YOU JUST BEEN A GOOD FATHER INSTEAD A HORRIBLE DRUNK!" Kagome shouted as she kicked him in the nuts, just before running toward town. She sensed his sacred jewel shard in somewhere in Tokyo and his aura was becoming darker and darker by the moment. She had to stop him before anything bad happened to the city and him! She followed his shard all over Tokyo. She looked around Tokyo Tower, where his shard presence was the strongest. She looked all around. She even asked some of the people around if they had seen him, just then a tourist shouted;


Kagome's heart dropped. She looked up and she saw the glow of the shard brightly and his aura growing ever darker. She rushed toward the tower and started to run up all the step that led to the top. She panted heavily as she run up all the steps, flight after flight! Kagome finally made it to the top and saw the half demon struggling to hold back his demon side. Kagome cautiously approached him and he growled at her as she came closer. Kagome breathed heavily before she spoke.

"Inuyasha…it's ok…I'm right here…" Kagome held out her arms. "Please, come here…I won't hurt you..It's alright…I'm not afraid of you."

"LIAR! G-GO AWAY!" he roared at her as he bared his fangs and claws at her.

"I'm not lying. Please, come here…everything is alright, Inuyasha. I'm not mad or upset at you…My father is alive and I gave him a lesson of my own…it's going to be ok…" She smiled.

"STOP! D-DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" Inuyasha shouted as he backed away from her.

"Inuyasha! Don't!" She was too late, Inuyasha had lost his footing and fell off the edge of the tower. Out of instinct to save Inuyasha, she jumped off the tower and held him close. Inuyasha gasped as his soul was purified by Kagome's touch. He saw that they were falling, so he dug his claws deep into the side of the tower and stopped them in the nick of time. He trembled as he saw Kagome still holding onto him. He then pulled her inside the tower's frame work and hugged her tightly.

"Thank you…" He whispered into her ear.

"No problem." She smiled as she hugged him back.

"But, are you crazy?! You could've died! What were you thinking?!"

"I was thinking about saving you! I refuse to almost lose two men that very important in my life! So, you owe me one!" She pouted.

"Fine!" He huffed as he kissed her deeply and passionately right then and there.

Kagome's eyes widen in shock and passionate. She slowly eased herself into the passionate kiss and held Inuyasha close. They pulled away and looked into each other's eyes. Inuyasha told her that she asked to be his wife on the night she transformed back into her normal form…so he held her close and whispered in her ear;

"Would you still like to be my wife?"

Kagome's eyes overflowed with joy and happiness. All she could do was nod and sob into his shoulder. He smiled and held her close. Before they knew it, three months had passed since the tower incident. Kagome hadn't heard anything for her father since that day. The news is talking about what happened that faithful day…and to think…all this happened, just because they decided to help a lonely village save all their husbands back…funny huh? I guess big things happen from small choices.