Welcome to a collection of one-shots and drabbles of Castiel's new human life. If you peer closely, tilt your head to the side, and squint a little bit, you might just see some Destiel.

Feel free to request a mortal, homo sapien adventure.

Please Enjoy.

"Dean! Dean!"

Castiel's sudden frantic cry caused Dean to bolt up from his seat on the couch and race into the room where a certain recently expelled-from-heaven fallen angel was pacing. His hands were busy twisting one another as he strode about, his blue eyes glimmering with panic.

"Cas? What's happening?" Dean questioned, his voice tight with concern.

"Dean!" Cas called in fright as he faced the eldest Winchester.

"Cas, I'm right here," Dean responded as he placed both of his hands on Castiel's shoulders to get the dark-haired man to focus on him. His heart was hammering painfully against his ribcage as blood pounded in his ears. Cas swallowed hard as his whole face contorted in fright. His forehead crinkled in apprehension as his eyes met Dean's green ones. When he had opened his mouth to speak, his whole body shook with what Dean thought was a sob. Cas then let out a huge hiccup.

The hunter blinked and studied Cas. Castiel's hands flew over his mouth in shock and his eyes widened to the size of saucers. Dean, who had became speechless, only stared.

"Dean what's-" his body racked with a violent hiccup, "-wrong with me I don't...?"

"Goddammit, Cas," Dean cursed, releasing Castiel and running his hand over his face in exasperation. "I thought you were..."

He became quiet again as his mind played all of the terribly awful scenarios his fearful brain had conjured up.

"Dean! Dean, what's happe-hic-? I don't understand why this-" Cas began. The concern for his own life had yet to leave his gaze.

"Cas, it's just the hiccups. Chill out," Dean reprimanded.

"Dean I'm dying here, what do I-hic-DO?!"

"Dude. Just drink some water," Dean told him as he headed back to the living room. Once he had plopped down and resumed his original spot in front of the blaring TV screen, Cas came to him again in a frenzy of alarm.

"No! What if it happens while I'm-hic-drinking?! I could-hic-choke and-hic-die?!" Cas replied angrily.

"Jesus Christ," Dean uttered. He swiped his fingers through his hair as Cas ranted on.

"It's like you don't-hic-care that I could die here. After all I ha-hic-ve done for you? Dean I don't want to-hic-die. What if I-"

Dean leaped to his feet and seized the back of Cas's head, shoving his lips against Castiel's. The fallen angel went rigid in astonishment, his hands clenched into white knuckled fists and blue eyes glowing in delightful surprise. He returned the kiss after a heartbeat of being flabbergasted by the sudden wave of emotion and observed Dean once the hunter had pulled away.

"No hiccups, right?"

Cas shook his head, his body no longer quivering with diaphragm spasms. "You saved my life."

"Yeah, yeah...don't mention it," Dean answered as he waved him away and returned to his program.

Later that night when Sam came home with the hiccups, Cas was the first to come to his aid. He rushed to Dean's bedside where he had been sleeping and prodded him awake.

"What?" Dean muttered groggily.

"Hello, Dean."

"What is it? Can't sleep again or-?"

"No," Cas said, shaking his head. "Sam has the hiccups. It's urgent, Dean. You need to kiss him."

Dean grumbled under his breath, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

So let me explain to you a thing: I lied about the squinting.