"Mr. Stark, I have a zero tolerance policy for PDAs or anything electronic while I am teaching. Put it away." The sixteen-year-old heir in question gave his professor a lazy salute before he followed through with her instructions. "Thank you." The professor then turned back to the chalk board to the complicated equation.

Tony Stark turned around to his best friend, James Rhodes who happened to also be in that class, and stuck out his tongue. Rhodes simply rolled his eyes.

"…and make sure you pay attention to this symbol here, because- Mr. Stark!"

Tony gave no reaction, other than to pause with his hand midair, which seconds ago had been pantomiming the lecture. "Yes, ma'am?"

"Mr. Stark, I will remind that I am the professor in this classroom, and am due respect." She glared at him. "Either leave, or teach the lecture yourself."

Rhodes groaned while Tony grinned. "I'd be delighted," the genius said, before hopping out of his seat and striding to the board. Students who had previously been half-asleep were shocked awake by the proceedings. So far the young Stark heir had (surprisingly) kept a low profile at MIT, so this was definitely a new development.

Picking up a piece of chalk, Tony Stark began his own lecture. "My fellow classmates, as our distinguished professor had failed to mention, this equation can be solved by simply…" Rhodes' jaw, as well as many other jaws in the room, dropped open as the impromptu lecture, demeaning as it was to their actual professor, taught them many useful tricks to solve the complex equation which the majority of the students in the room had been bamboozled by.

As for the actual professor, as the guest lecturer continued on, she felt no need to interrupt. After all, the students were actually learning. She scanned the clock. Almost an hour left. It was then she decided to allow Mr. Stark to continue the lesson for day. Well, until he made his first mistake. Then she would most graciously take the class back under her firm, experienced control.

A half an hour later, Mr. Stark was still at the front of the room. He had completed the problem at the board, and had continued on with the lesson using both the book and the professor's notes at the podium as a guideline. "…and that is the answer," he concluded.

"Mr. Stark, you forgot to balance the first part," the teacher pointed out, having finally spotted a mistake. She smirked and rose to take her usual place at the board.

However, Tony Stark had other plans. "Wait." He held up his hand as he scanned the board. "Nope, I'm right. See," he said, pointing at something that only made sense to those who take that certain class. "This means that we actually don't have to balance it. It's one of those special cases. In fact, the other special cases are…"

Frozen halfway out of her seat, the professor slowly plopped back down. He was right. That little upstart was actually right. The professor remained in her chair until the end of class.

Glancing at the clock, Tony raised an eyebrow. "Well, class is over, now. It looks like we got through everything our dear professor had planned for us today. Speaking of which-" He turned to face their teacher. "Do you have anything you wish to mention before I dismiss the class?" She shook her head. "No? Okay. You can all leave. Thank you ever so much for kick-starting my teaching career. It's been great. It really has. I-"

As this point, Rhodes grabbed Tony's arm and yanked his genius (another word for smart-ass, apparently) best friend out of the room, and out of the professor's reach before she could begin to kill him. As the door closed behind him, the class could hear their guest teacher for the day say, "I wonder if she'll let me do that again?"

The next day Tony received a note that gave him the option of either moving to a different class with a different teacher, or taking the exam for his class early. That is to say, months before the scheduled time. Tony chose the exam. To the teacher's non-surprise, he aced it.