This is the first story I've written in a while so I may be a little rusty.

P.O.V Lucinda

Beep, beep, beep. Lazily, I threw my arm over to click the snooze button on the alarm clock. The slamming of the bathroom door indicated my younger brother was up and getting ready for the long day ahead.

I grabbed my mobile looking at the 5 missed calls and 40 text messages from a troubled girl at school. Who was this troubled girl? Two words: Isabella Swan. Ever since her boyfriend and his family left she has been an emotional wreck but, of course, I am there for her to spout all her worries and troubles.

I sighed, When will she get a grip of herself and do something awesome? Surely, in order to get over Edward she needs to move on and at least try to achieve something with her life.

Reluctantly, I sat up in my bed. Swinging my legs over the side my bare feet touched the ice cold floor, sending chills through the rest of my body. Pushing myself up, I moved over to the wardrobe at the far side of my room.

Throwing open the doors, I instantly spotted a cute dark blue skirst that went well with one of my rare white tops. With that, some lacy nee-high socks under shiny black shoes. (AN: Outfits on profile)

Running downstairs, I happened to meet my brother. "Nice hair." He burst out laughing as a growled in my morning frustration. Shoving past him, I quickly grabbed a blueberry muffin from the cupboard and pouring some orange juice from the fridge. Before I left the kitchen I spotted a note from my mother lying on the table:

Good Morning My Lovelies,

I am needed to go a business trip to Dubai with John. I won't be back for a few weeks. There is money in my top draw as well as the money you two have in your own bank accounts.


I discarded the note in the garbage. It wasn't unknown for my mother to disappear during the night to go on 'business trips' with her new partner. She always put him before us in every case, never defended us when he spoke bad about us.

I stomped back up the stairs to my bedroom. How dare she do this again? what happen to 'I will never leave you'? I glanced at the time, deciding it was time to go to the hellhole called school. I threw on my black military styled jacket, grabbed my shoulder bag, then left the house.

As I was walking in the common rain of Forks, I received a phone call from none other than Bella. "Hello?"

"Are you almost here, Lucy?" Her voice had no emotion in it whatsoever. It never even changed tone.

"I'll be there in about five minutes." I tried to keep my tiredness out of my voice but this girl had stolen the land of sleep from me for the past three months.

"Ok. Please hurry." A small tad of desperation sneaked into her voice. We exchanged goodbyes and I hung up, getting ready for another day of hearing nothing else apart from Bella's weeping. I was getting tired of her being so depressed over one guy.

While walking towards the final corner before the school came into view, a flash of red caught the corner of my eye. i turned to look towards the source of such a vibrant red to see a beautiful looking woman with curly red hair. She flashed a smile at me which I automatically returned to the mystical looking woman. I waved at her before going back to the course of the school building.

Walking round the corner I gave a quick look behind my shoulder only to see the woman to be nowhere in sight. How odd. My head whipped back round while the arms of Bella wrapped themselves around me. "Well, hello to you too."

"You took so long to get here. Where have you been?" She questioned me like she was my mother. I turned a little sour at her demanding tone.

"I was walking. You know, not everyone's parents are willing to buy their children a car." I regretted what I said right after I had said it. "Bella, I didn't mean it. It's been a difficult few weeks." She nodded before dragging me over to her truck before she started to ramble on about how life was so unfair and that she wished everything was easy.

When the bell rang, I practically ran to class to get away from the broken hearted girl. As much as we used to be friends, she left me for the Cullens and now she only wants me to be there because no one else will tolerate her and her moping.

"Miss Lucinda March?" I looked up like a meerkat wondering what I was being called for. The teacher looked me in the eye and said, "Your to go to the Principal's office." Without another word he continued to do work on hid computer.

I grabbed my things and left. Slowly, I walked to the room I had only ever been in for good things. I stopped in front of the door before knocking lightly.

"Come in." Harold Greene's voice was stern, as usual. Pushing open the door, I saw him sitting at his desk looking at me with an odd look.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" I closed the door silently.

"Yes. Are you aware that your grades are falling?" His voice changed into the voice of, what I guessed was a disappointed father. His face was stern.

I nodded. " I am, sir. I am trying but some things are getting in the way." I looked down at my feet feeling ashamed of myself.

"What type of things, Lucinda?" His voice and face had softened, almost in a comforting way.

"Just some stuff with friends. There's a lot going on at home as well." I didn't want to explain any of the two things. Explaining hurt.

"Do you want to talk about these things?" I shook my head. "Are you sure? Sometimes it helps to get things off your chest by talking to people."

I stood there thinking about what to say while he waited patiently. "I don't think it's a good idea for me to talk about it." He went to talk but I spoke again before he could, "I will study more and try harder to get my grades back up to the original standard they were at. I am good at hiding my emotions most of the time and I'm sure I'll be just fine with all my life's problems inside."

"If your completely sure you don't want to talk, you can go back to class." His voice had gone back to stern but there was hints of coldness within his voice.

I left his office but instead I went back home to get away from everything.

A few hours later I got a text message from Bella. 'Can I come over? x'

'I suppose if you want to.'

I opened the cupboards of the kitchen before getting all a whole load of food out of them for me to munch. Within the time at home, I had tidied the entire house, done my homework and changed into my favourite pair of pyjamas. I started to lounge on the sofa not log after changing into my PJs.

I started to demolish the processed junk food when the doorbell rang, signalling Bella's arrival. I jogged over to the door and flung it open then I pulled her inside.

"Hey, Bells. How you doing?" I asked her full of energy.

"The usual. I came to ask you something." She looked around uncertainly.

"What? What do you need to ask?"

"I was wondering if you will stay over for a bit."

"Umm... You know what, why not? I'm sure we'll have fun." I gestured at her to follow me as I made my way upstairs to pack. This is going to be fun

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