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Lucinda's P.O.V

There were dark grey clouds in the sky, letting their baby raindrops fly from the nest. The rain was merciless, pelting down on all those beneath it, like miniature (less painful) lighting bolts.

As much as I would usually be delighted to be greeted in such a way after being in a warm country, the harshness of the weather couldn't help but remind me what a sticky situation I was in. In a way it was like every aspect represented one of them: The coldness was Caius' piercing glare. The rain was like Aro, it looked harmless but tortured all who dared to stand in it's way. The dark clouds represented Marcus, they showed the depressing fog that always surrounded him as he constantly thought about his beloved wife who was held by their enemy; but, considering that clouds can just decide when it's going to rain, they showed Marcus's ability to change from the kind person you would trust with your life, to the terrifying demon that would rip your windpipe out in an instance. The wind represented the entire guard; they made the worst, terrible.

It was depressing to think about what would happen now that I had escaped from Volterra. They are coming, you know that right? And when they find you, they ain't gonna want a cup of tea and biscuits, are they? No! They're going to drag you kicking and screaming back to that forsaken place they call home! And then? Well, then, you'll be forever alone... they're not going to spare the children, so you'll have nobody. I wouldn't be surprised if they kill Alexander, just for the fun of it!

The torment my inner voices were putting me through was like going to hell! I could feel myself slowly giving up on all cause of running; of trying to survive; of hoping to see the sunlight once more, if only it was merely for one more day of life... or one more day of freedom. It didn't matter that I wasn't in Volterra with 'close eye' watch, I was still trapped. I was still the little bunny hopping carelessly around a beautiful green field, while they, the predators, stayed in the shadows until they had had enough of my hopping.

"Lucinda?" Emilia's voice interrupted my brain from processing doomed thoughts.

"Hmm...?" What does she want? What else can we give her?

"Are we going to get a taxi or something?" I shook my head. No, we are not! "It's just that... we're standing out in the pouring rain." We are?

"Oh, so we are." My body was shivering madly; goosebumps had risen on my skin, signaling I was freezing.

"We've got the baby! We can't stand out here while we've got a new baby to look after!" How right she is... why are you just standing there, Lucy? Do something!

I sprung into action. I took the crying baby in my arms and headed back into the airport. Thankfully, a few eating places were open that were still warm. I sat down in one of the uncomfortable chairs that had been placed by the metal table.

"Here," I hadn't them each some money, "Go and order something to eat, drink, whatever. I'd suggest you get something warm to eat, and a hot drink to take with you on the trip to my home." They all looked at me confused as they were trying to process my words. Warm, Warm, Warm!

I looked down at baby Cecilia remembering she needed to eat as well. "Get some milk too. We need to feed the babe, before she starts to draw attention." What type of mother are you? Forgetting your children need to eat! They're not really hers though, so it doesn't count.

Sighing, I looked up at the clock in the airport. 9:30 A.M. Does it really take that long to get here from Italy? I continued to stare at the digital image while stroking Cecilia's little cheeks, trying to warm her up. If we got here about quarter of an hour ago, the Volturi can't be that far behind... plus, I'm guessing they have their own private jet or something. We need to move fast.

My phone was pulled out of my pocket in a flash. I looked up Alice's number, knowing she would be wide awake and ready for the day... cause it's like she sleeps. I pressed the call button, and waited for the phone to ring.

"Hello?" It wasn't Alice who had answered the phone, the voice was too masculine. It must be Jasper... hopefully, it's Jasper.

"Hey, is Alice there?" Silence came from the other end. I heard a few high pitched squeals from the opposite end of the call, causing me to pull my ear back from the speakers to save my eardrums.

"Lucinda?" Alice's voice was squeaker than usual, like she was on edge about something. Well, she does have something to be on edge about... you've ran from the Volturi. The Volturi ain't happy. Head's could roll.

"Yeah, hi, Alice co-" She rudely interrupted me (cause interrupting anyone at anytime is polite). I groaned in self-pity when I realized she was going to go on a rant.

"What are you doing? Are you out of your mind? The Volturi are coming for you and Aro isn't exactly feeling happy at the moment!" I could have told her that, but I guess she didn't care. "A huge chunk of the guard is out with them, an-" I cut her off this time.

"Who is 'they'?" Like I didn't already know who 'they' were. I just wanted to distract her while I moved while the children into a cab.

"What do you mean, 'Who is 'they'? 'They', is Aro, Caius and Marcus! The big three; since you're into Greek mythology think Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. They are the powerful guys, and in every case that involves an immortal, they are the most powerful people within the vampire world!"

"That's a disappointment... surely there had got to be someone better at running a secret world than the bunch of bipolar, psychotic, red eyed dudes that live in Italy?" I was winding her up; it was the only thing that would keep my mind calm. I settled in the taxi with the kids in the back with Cecilia in Clyde's lap.

"Where to, sugar?" The taxi driver's breath was vile; smelling the small amount I did made me want to throw up repeatedly. I held the phone to my chest, trying to muffle any sound that wasn't meant for Alice not to reach Alice.

"Forks, please." He gave me a weird look as if to say 'why the hell do you want to go there?' before muttering an ok and starting to drive.

When I returned to the phone, Alice was rambling on about how much trouble I was in and how I'll never see the light of day as a human again when they find me. "Alice will you calm down? This may very well be the end of the world but can I enjoy the last few hours - if that - in a relaxed state?"

"What? No! You cannot be in a relaxed state, Lucinda! They are coming for you and will do everything in their power to get to you... even if they have to slaughter all of Washington, they'll do it."

"Wait, why would they expose themselves just to get to me? What's going on under the surface, Alice?" Something was going on, and she was going to tell me.

"I suppose I need to tell you now... Aro wants you in his guard; he thinks you'll have amazing powers when you are immortal and wants them to his advantage."

"There's gotta be more than that! He can live without one person Alice. I know he can, I saw how much he wants your..." I glanced at the driver, who was listening deeply, interest sprawled across his face. "Your 'ability', but he accepts that you won't join. What else is there?"

"I have no place to tell you what the other reasons are. I'm so sorry, Lucinda."

"No place to tell me? You had no place to drag me to Italy for no reason, then leave me there while you, Edward and Bella go and play happy families back home. You tell me right now what's happening? You tell me why they want me so badly!" I was shaking with rage, tears were spilling out of the corner of my eyes, rushing down my cheeks.

"I... I never meant for you to come to Volterra with us. Honestly, I didn't. You were there, and Jacob... he would have hurt you. I was trying to protect you! I thought the Volturi would protect you until we had sorted things out here... but Aro had different plans! He and Caius and you... you are... it doesn't matter. You need come to the house."

"You didn't answer my question, Alice. Why do they want me so much? What value do I have?" The driver looked at my body and I knew exactly what he was thinking, "Keep your eyes on the road!" I had never heard myself sound so snappy.

"They want you so much because your... important! Aro never meant to kick off, but you reminded him of he- someone. Oh, I can't see your future, Lucinda... I was wondering if you knew why?"

"How would I know? I'm not the one who can supposedly see the future," The driver snorted with disbelief. I shot him a dirty look. Damn man can't keep his eyes to himself and now he's judging my conversation even though he can't hear it!

"It's just a little odd. I mean Bella can block everything that's mental but I can still see her future and Jasper can still manipulate her emotions. But our powers don't work on you, for some reason."

"Maybe Jasper can't because I've been through so much emotional pain that I block out emotions. And I don't know about you..." Nice for changing the topic, Alice.

"It's not just us anymore, though. Edward had been saying that when he was around you he can't read your mind all the time... he said it's like you were pushing him out and only letting him in sometimes. Aro has seen all of this, he knows that you have some ability that he can use."

"So what your saying is that, he wants me to become like you so he can see what amazing abilities I have, so he can use them to do bad stuff?" You sound so complicated.

"Yes, exactly... well, not the bad stuff part. The Volturi are the only reason the vampire world stays secret; they keep order. Why are you talking in a funny manner, Lucy?"

"Because I'm around children that I saved from the tour." She's gonna go 'BOOM'!

"You saved children from the tour?" Her voice was softer than I expected. "What ages are they? What gender? How many of them? Are you bringing them up? Oh, I hope they let you keep them, it would be so nice for you.

"One question at a time. Yes I saved four children from being eaten alive. There are two of each gender; twin boys aged six, a girl aged 10, and a newborn baby girl. I'm not bringing any of them up, and if you think I'm going to willingly waltz back into their demented home, you'r sadly plucking mistaken!" I stared out the front window. The tears had stopped running, just their trails behind. I was slouched in the seat of the car I was on, my feet were on the dashboard and I looked like I didn't give a damn.

"It's really nice that you've saved them from death. You'll need to bring them up with you because I don't think the Volturi are going to give you the choice of whether your staying in Forks or going back with them."

"You know Alice, I blame you for all this. You couldn't have left me to face Jacob Black that night, could you? You just had to throw me into the lion's den and hoped I lived through it, right?" Sarcasm dripped off my vocal chords in thick blobs.

"Right, I caused everything, I admit that! I need to go, the Volturi are close. See you when you get here!" She hung up.

"Well buy to you too." I stared at my phone trying to remember what she had said. 'The Volturi are close.' that's what she said. Volturi, close. Bad news.

"Everything alright?" I looked at the driver of the taxi and shook my head, a frown sketching itself into my forehead.

"Can we turn around and go back to the airport?" I wanted to get out of America now. No matter where you go, they'll find you somehow.

"I'm afraid not, sugarcakes. We've come too far to go back." What do you mean? This is your job, man!

"I'll pay double.. triple even!" I was sitting upright now. This guy wasn't going to turn back and by the time I had reached Forks, it would be too late. They'll be able to smell you when you reach the boarders of Forks... So screwed!

"Look, I ain't going back with you in the car, okay? This was your first destination and you'll have to stick with it. You think I'm coming all the way into the middle of nowhere, for some chick to say that she wants me to take her back to the start? I don't fucking think so!" What an arrogant pig!

"Watch your language! There are kids in the car." I wasn't happy with the driver's attitude.

"Here we are! Forks. Now get out and walk the rest of the way!" Well, fuck you too!

I opened the door, "Come on kids, we don't need difficult people like this." I slammed the door, Orion and Clyde following my example.

"Hey! You need to pay!" The guy wasn't at all happy... I wouldn't be either. I now had Cecilia cradled in my arms, with me trying to protect her from the heavy rain.

"You kissed your money goodbye when you turned in a dick!" I started to walk down the road towards the house we lived in, with the kids trailing behind.

"I'll report you for this, bitch! This isn't legal! You'll pay the price, I know where you live! Forks ain't a big place, baby, so you can expect me and my friends to drop by some time to take advantage of your body, you slut!" I ignored all the abuse the driver was throwing at me as I walked. I was tired; I had meddled with people way more powerful than me, people who could destroy the world if they wanted to.

"We're almost there, kiddies." I tried to keep them all smiling but they were tired too. We were all hungry, tired people on the run for our lives.

The walk seemed never ending when the dorr decided to present itself to the world. The entire house looked so inviting, like it knew I had had a rough time and wanted to do nothing but soothe all my worries and troubles until I was happy again.

"There is it. Home." I started to sniffle at being at the doors of the house. As we came closer to the house, joy overwhelmed me to tears. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm just thrilled to be home. It's felt like forever since I've been here." I was bubbling like a child. My steps double when I was walking up the drive.

Knock, Knock, Knock. The sound of my brother approaching the door was drowned out by the rain, that had turned into a furious beating of cars, houses and humans.

"Sis?" Alexander looked so relieved. "Where have you been? What happened? Who are these people?" He went to embrace me but stopped when he saw the little bosy within my arms.

"Let's get in. We'll get dry and warm and I'll tell you the tale." I knew I was going to have to make some lie up that the children also though was true.

Feels good to be home, doesn't it, Lucinda? The only thing about that was, it wasn't my voice saying it in my head. There was someone else in my head... but who?

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