So the winter went by, and spring comes along.
Nature is in its full bloom, and there is nothing left that reminds you of the hard cold days.
Stash away both what you lost and gained, for life continues on.
Now then...
The story that unraveled in this town has reached its conclusion.
New stages and people are waiting for us...

Tokyo, Japan, Otherworld

It was a crisp, spring morning in the small residential area nestled somewhere within Tokyo. The sun was peaking up on the horizon and the sound of sizzling in a fryer pan filled the air of the home. Only one soul stirred in the household of five, although the home had been only occupied by four for a long time. Clad in black sleeping pants, a white shirt, and an orange apron procured from the laundry room, a young man was cooking breakfast for his surrogate family.

Standing just over six feet, with slightly tanned skin and auburn hair, the young man tended to the sausage that was currently cooking in his frying pan. The man had much experience cooking for large groups and he hummed away while his masterpiece meal cooked. Aside from the sausage, a pan of eggs was cooking as well as a few new pastries he had picked up from a neighbor. 'Just about set.' The young man thought to himself. As he started placing plates at the table he heard footsteps thudding against the ceiling indicating that indeed the family had awoken to the smell of his cooking. As the first person to trudge down the stairs into the dining area looked around with tired eyes, their features quickly changed.

"Shirou-nii made breakfast!" a small voice called out in excitement. Nineteen-year-old Emiya Shirou turned to see a small little figure glowing in excitement. The little girl, the youngest daughter of the family, was six-years-old, and currently making a charge for Shirou. Shirou knelt down to one knee and picked the child up and swung her in a circle to bleed off her momentum.

"Good morning to you too Ami, but what did mama and papa say about running in the house?" Shirou chastised the young girl. Ami pouted cutely causing Shirou to chuckle softly.

"Not to," she whispered softly. Shirou pulled her closer to his head.

"I can't hear you," he berated the child. A small smile appeared on the little girl's face.

"I said 'not to'," she said a bit louder. Shirou leaned in closer, and gave her a playful frown.

"You know, Ami-chan, if you don't respect your elders, Gilgamesh the Tickle Monster will attack you again, and you don't want that do you?" Shirou asked the young girl. He smiled inwardly, as he still remembered the day he made his most hated enemy into something as diminutive as the 'tickle monster'. The young girl began to squirm and giggle/scream as Shirou began wiggling his fingers.

"No onii-chan! I won't run anymore!" The small girl wailed in laughter as Shirou relentlessly tickled her sides, until he deemed she had had enough and he put her down. The young man turned back to tend to his food and he felt a tugging at his pant leg. "When are we going to eat, Shirou-nii?"

"Once your mama, papa, and sister come down here too, alright?" Shirou replied kindly.

"But I want to eat now!"

"Imouto, don't make me call Gilgamesh again…" Shirou warned. Ami's head sulked and she let go of Shirou's leg and walked over to her place at the table, waiting for her family to come down for the meal. No sooner had she done so, more footsteps greeted the ears of Ami and Shirou. "Good morning Tsumugu-san, Midori-san." The head of the family, Tsumugu Hinamori, was dressed in a blue morning robe over his long sleeved pajama shirt and pants. His wife, Midori, was wearing a similar fleeced robe over her nightgown.

"Please, Shirou-kun, no need for such formalities, especially after making us such a delicious looking meal," Midori half-scolded the young man. "We've been telling you to not use those for quite some time now too. You've been with us all summer and you still insist on them. We are family." Tsumugu nodded in agreement with his wife.

"Yes Shirou-kun! You've protected papa's little birds like they were your own family! You are the son we never had!" Shirou rubbed his neck in embarrassment, but smiled none-the-less.

"But you were the ones who opened your home to a complete stranger, and took me in without a second thought." Midori's eyes widened in shock, and at the tone of his voice.

"How could we not, we found you wandering around town covered in blood. Anyone with an ounce of humanity in them would have done the same thing." Ami looked up at her older 'brother' with wide eyes.

"Why was Shirou-nii hurt so badly?" The young girl asked him. The auburn-haired youth knelt down and patted the child on her head.

"Some bad men had attacked me after I had gotten off the train in town, and they stole everything I had except for the clothes I was wearing." Shirou's faced tightened as he lied through his teeth to the family that had welcomed him with open arms nearly five months prior without a second thought. In truth the situation had been a little more dangerous…

Five months ago

Shirou stood over the bodies of three Enforcers sent by the Clock Tower to round him up. The secret of his Reality Marble had been revealed when his hand had been forced by either giving up his greatest magic secret or saving a small section of a city from the a rather formidable Dead Apostle. After unleashing his Reality Marble, someone had leaked it that he possessed one.

Now for the past few weeks the Enforcers had been pursuing him relentlessly and somehow managed to get him cornered. A gust of wind picked up and another squadron of five Enforcers appeared before the young magus. Shirou traced three Black Keys within each hand and activated the Jhator Sacrament on the Keys in his left hand. Throwing the Keys with expert aim he hit two of the Enforcers and while they hissed in pain nothing happened. The five were about to rush Shirou, until they heard a noise fill the air.

Dozens of crows descended upon the area and began attacking and ripping at the flesh of the two Enforcers that had been struck with the Keys. Shirou took the distraction and threw the remaining three keys at another Enforcer, downing the woman instantly. The remaining two Enforcers swept their hands in the air and unleashed a torrent of flame toward Shirou. Reinforcing himself, the young magus dodged out of the way and called forth Kanshou and Bakuya.

Like lightning, Shirou closed the gap in between an Enforcer and himself, slashing across his enemy's chest. Shirou jumped and kicked off the falling mage's body and sprung into the air, swords raised above his head. The blades sunk deep into the other mage's shoulders and cleaved his arms clean off. Shirou stood over the two fallen Enforcers and grimaced. 'How much worse are things going to get?' Shirou's magical sense began to go haywire are he felt a ripple in the air and he knew what came next.

In a violent explosion of multiple colors, almost like a kaleidoscope, a large man stepped out. He wore an extravagant black cloak over dark, fine clothing and carried a cane. He was old, centuries so, with a thick grey beard to match his hair. Shirou eyed the Second Magician warily until he saw the Old Man's traveling partner. Shirou's eyes lit up slightly as he saw Rin step out as well.

"Zelretch-dono, why have you come here?" Shirou asked the Second Magician. The older man stroked his thick beard momentarily.

"Ah Emiya, I see you're strong as ever. When Rin-chan became aware of her little 'Shirou-kun's' Sealing Designation she insisted that we help you in some way. How could I possibly resist Tokiomi's daughter?" Rin's faced turned crimson at the way her mentor spoke.

"Sensei, there's no need to elaborate what I said…" Rin growled at the old man. Zelretch let out a hearty laugh.

"Ah Rin-chan lighten up. Your boyfriend is well and good and I've agreed to help him haven't I?" Rin nodded slowly.

"Wait, help me how?" Shirou asked. "You can't simply use your influence to life something like that, can you?"

"Certainly not, but I can provide you somewhere to hide away until everything blows over. You do know how the Second Magic works, do you not?"

"Yes…you mention it every time we speak. So you're going to hide me in some parallel world until the Enforcer's think I'm dead or what?" Rin stepped forward.

"Shirou, don't be rude to him! Idiot, he's going out of his way to help you, show some appreciation. I'm not any happier about this than you are." Rin grabbed ahold of Shirou's arm and led them away from her mentor. "This isn't easy for me, Shirou-kun. So wherever Kischur sends you, lay low and survive. We'll try to be in contact in a few weeks, alright?"

"Can't I at least take you with me?" Shirou grinned at his lover, who blushed profusely. 'Oh Rin, always so shy.'

"S-stupid, don't say things like that while we're not alone. Otherwise I might just tell him to dump you there." Shirou laughed, and hugged the small mage. Rin hummed happily and returned the gesture. "Be safe, Shirou." She snared him in a kiss that lasted a few moments.

When it didn't end, the clearing of Zelretch's throat brought the couple back to reality, and Shirou rubbed the nape of his neck. "Alright, Zelretch, whenever you're ready." The Wizard Marshall nodded and help up his cane. The multicolored energy swirled about it and engulfed Shirou. In a flash he was gone.

'That was nearly five months ago and I still haven't heard anything from him yet. I hope Rin's alright…' Shirou thought sadly.

"Shirou-nii?" Ami called out to the young magus, who recomposed his glum look and smiled at the younger girl.

"Shirou, are you alright?" Midori asked him. Shirou nodded as he stood up and began to walk up the stairs.

"Tsumugu-san, could you start serving breakfast? I'm going to attempt and wake your other one up," Shirou called from the stairs. The eccentric man nodded happily before grabbing his wife and pranced into the kitchen. Shirou rolled his eyes at the scene and proceeded down the hallway until he came upon the last door on the right. He edged it open slightly, and as he suspected the small pink haired girl was still asleep in her bed. Shirou edged his way over the sleeping girl's bed and smirked evilly. Shirou quickly traced a large gong, four feet in diameter, and a five-pound mallet. Shirou swung the mallet with all his might, and it struck the gong. The sound echoed the entire home with its vibrations, and the pink-haired girl shot up in her bed, looking as if she'd seen a ghost. 'Always was a little scaredy cat.' "Ah good morning, Amu-chan." The teen slowly turned her head to the older male and she shrieked in anger.

"S-Shirou I'm going to kill you!" the thirteen-year-old Hinamori Amu shouted at Shirou. The young man raised his arms in defense as the younger teen tried to beat him with her pillow. Amu looked at the gong and iron mallet, and rolled her eyes. "How are you going to explain that to mama and papa?" Shirou laughed and dismissed the two items and they ceased to be in a golden explosion of prana.

"I borrowed them from a friend," Shirou replied sarcastically, before pulling the sheets off the girl, who was still trying to snuggle into them. "You are taking my magecraft pretty well, though Amu."

"Well…that night that man almost broke into the house I saw you just…make swords and I don't think I've ever seen you so angry, Shirou-nii." Shirou genuinely smiled as the younger girl added the familial honorific to his name, which she had been doing more frequently as of late.

"I've told you before, Amu, nothing will happen to your family while I'm here. You know, back where I'm from, I was regarded as the greatest of heroes," Shirou teased the young girl.

"Really…?" Amu asked skeptically, "I'm sure you were, Shirou, I'm sure you were. I just wish I could be as cool as you sometimes." Shirou arched his eyebrow.

"All the kids at your middle school seem to think so. The "cool and spicy," Hinamori Amu-san. A girl that wiped out the entire football team by herself." Shirou continued. Amu looked up at him dully.

"The girl whose big brother is scaring away any guy that tries to get close to her." Amu replied unhappily. Shirou rubbed her small head affectionately.

"There was only the one guy who wouldn't get a clue," Shirou countered. A headstrong seventh grader had approached Amu at home, but she had rejected him. Instead of taking the hint, the young man attempted to forcefully escort Amu all the way to the school building to show off his new prize. Attempted. The young man was cut short as Shirou had been passing by in the home.

Quick as lightning, Shirou had appeared by Amu's side and the without missing a beat swapped her arm for his in the other child's grasp. The triumphant seventh-grader marched on until he felt his prize in tow nearly double in size. He stared in shock at Shirou and then he looked between Amu, and then Shirou, and then Amu again. When he looked back to Shirou a final time, Shirou's old guardian, Taiga Fujimura's shinai had snaked its way into his hands. The young lad quickly fled from the duo.

"Well yeah, but, now any other guy is afraid to approach me," Amu moaned pitifully. "Stupid Shirou-nii, scaring away all the boys." Shirou pulled his younger "sister" into a protective hug, and smiled down at her.

"Well what about this prince you've been telling me about. Surely a prince wouldn't be afraid of me," he teased Amu. The pink-haired girl's face lit up like a Christmas tree, and she pushed away from Shirou's form.

"T-the prince? He'd never go for a girl like me. I don't even know who I am anymore, Shirou…I put on this façade for mama and papa and all the kids at school, and look where it's gotten me. Most of the kids either avoid me or worship me as some kind of untouchable girl. I don't want that. I just want to be normal."

"Amu-chan, you are normal. You just need to open up more to your classmates. Make them see you're not only the 'cool and spicy' girl people make you out to be. I think though, it's time for breakfast. Your father probably finished it all knowing him." Amu giggled in agreement, and after Shirou had gotten up, she proceeded to follow him down the hall. 'Shirou-nii really is something else…he's so strong and brave, but he knows how to have fun too. And ever since he started working at the school as the maintenance man, my days haven't been as bad!' Amu thought joyfully as she followed her brother.

After the family had finished eating breakfast and preparing to go about their weekend business, Amu rushed over to Shirou, who was currently attempting to fix an old printer that Midori could use for her articles.

"Shirou! Can you take me into town later today so I can get some new outfits for school, since break ends and school starts on Monday?" Shirou looked up from his current task and wiped his forehead. Ever since Shirou had managed to save enough money from his job and decided to purchase a motorbike, a 1996 BMW K1100, Amu had been begging her parents to allow Shirou to take her on her shopping sprees, since the family's one other vehicle was primarily used by Tsumugu to travel to and from his various photo shoots.

"Well, as much as I want to say yes, I think that decision is left up to your mother. Midori-san?" Shirou prompted the matriarch of the Hinamori family. Amu rushed over from Shirou over to in front of her mother.

"Oh please, okasan," Amu bowed in front of her mother, her head nearly touching the floor. Midori cracked a small smile, and she eyed Shirou, who was also smiling at the scene.

"Well," Midori drew out the word, causing Amu to look up in anticipation. "As long as you do what Shirou says and he promises not to drive like the devil." Shirou grinned.

"Oh Midori-san, you have too little faith in me," Shirou replied, laughing.

"Or too much, Shirou-kun," Midori laughed as well, and Amu's eyes lit up in glee.

"Oh thank you, okasan!" She grabbed her mother in a large hug and then ran over to Shirou, and began trying to pull him up and to the door. "C'mon Shirou, there's only eleven more hours until the stores close. Hurry up!" Shirou got up slowly and allowed himself to be drug to the door.

"We probably won't be home for dinner, Midori-san, I'll make sure she gets fed." Midori nodded, and Amu pushed Shirou out the door, and he let out an 'oof' as he stumbled. Midori shook her head, laughing, and resumed her work.

As Shirou steered his motorbike through traffic and made his way into the shopping districts of Tokyo, he looked back toward Amu, who was busy taking in all the sights. It was rare for her to ever head this far into the city. Shirou made it more often than not because he also served as an independent repairman when the school was shut down for breaks or summer recesses.

"Shirou-nii, I want to go there first!" Amu shouted to Shirou, while pointing at a large building a few blocks down. Shirou nodded and steered the motorbike down the smaller street way. After parking within a small lot, he dismounted the bike and helped the younger girl off. Amu, who was dressed in white collared jacket with black lines forming a cross on the front, a black skirt with red leggings beneath, and a plaid garment covering her skirt, dismounted the motorbike and started heading off to the nearest store. Shirou had decided to go with a white casual vest over a plain gray shirt, and darker blue jeans.

As the two headed into the store, Shirou saw Amu's eyes light up in excitement as she fawned over some new item that was popular for young girls her age. 'It amazes me how she can become someone totally different during school, and even around the house.' Shirou mused. The elder Hinamori daughter had always put up a front of being kind of a 'punk' style teen. Shirou partly blamed it on Midori's fashion sense, but also because Amu had just never really opened up to anyone. He never really saw the pink-haired girl ever hanging with many friends, and she never had really even paid him much mind until the incident involving the burglar a month's time after he had arrived into this world.

"Amu-chan, don't spend all your allowance on things you don't need," Shirou warned her, as he saw her coming back to him with a substantial amount of clothing in her arms.

"But Shirou, I want to look my best for when school starts again!" The girl argued.

"Don't you have mandatory uniforms anyway?" Shirou asked the girl, which put an end to her tirade. "Except, your mother seemed to find a way around that too." Shirou chuckled referring to the alterations Midori had made to Amu's uniform. The young girl nodded, laughing as well. As Shirou laughed, she looked up at her big brother and hummed happily. 'Shirou-nii is always so nice and caring for our family. I wonder if his family ever misses him?' Shirou noticed the young girl staring up at him. "Imouto, what's wrong?"

"Ah, I was just wondering, do you ever miss your family back home, Shirou?" The young magus stiffened slightly, and then smiled, albeit pained.

"Amu-chan, my family died thirteen years ago in a great fire." Amu's eyes widened and she dropped the clothing in her hands in shock. Shirou bent down to pick them up, and saw the girl was close to tears. "Don't cry for me."

"B-but, your whole family? Who raised you then?" Amu asked quietly.

"A man came, he found me, somehow he picked me out of all the dead and he saved me that day. But he too passed away, but I was also raised by his longtime friend, but sometimes it was the other way around with her." That caused Amu to laugh slightly. "I had a step-sister as well, but she was…well she's not with us anymore either."

"Shirou-nii…" The pink-haired girl whispered quietly. Shirou put his hand on her shoulder.

"Imouto, you and your family are my family now too. I was lost in a new place and your mama and papa invited me into your home without a second word. Granted Tsumugu-san was skeptical of 'boys coming to live with his little sparrows,' but I seemed to have won him over."

"And we're all happy that you're with us, onii-chan," Amu replied, a large smile on her face, causing Shirou to grin as well. "Now that you're holding those clothes, I can go shop for more! Be right back Shirou-nii!" Amu sprinted off into a another store, while Shirou sighed and went over to the register of the current store and paid for her clothing.

Six hours later.

As Shirou bundled the last of Amu's shopping bags to the back of his motorbike, the young girl blushed at the sheer amount of items she had purchased, mostly on Shirou's dime.

"Shirou you're the best," Amu sung as she walked around the motorbike. The older teen shook his head and sighed.

"¥44000, how did that possibly happen…" Shirou muttered to himself, as he looked forlornly at his wallet. His yearly salary was just above ¥3.4 million, and although he was able to live comfortably on that, he still didn't realize how this little girl has suckered him out of that much money.

"Because you love me, Shirou-nii," Amu teased Shirou. The older teen chuckled.

"Apparently too much sometimes," which caused Amu to frown and punch him lightly on the arm.

"Meanie." Shirou smiled at the pink-haired teen and laughed.

"Now, now Amu-chan, if you're mean to your onii-chan, you will have to go home hungry." Amu looked up at him and stuck out her tongue. Shirou straddled his BMW and Amu hopped up on the back of it. Backing out of the parking stall, Shirou throttled the bike away from the shopping area and towards inner Tokyo.

After Shirou had forked over even more of his money so Amu could enjoy herself while downtown, the two had decided to take in a bit of the night life before they had to return home, since Amu was still underage thus bound by the city curfew. They were forced to take the metro since traffic was extremely congested. This had proven to be alright early on during the night, but now that it was nearly ten o'clock, Amu walked a bit closer to Shirou. 'Idiot, why did I take us this way? Kabukicho is dangerous this time of night for anyone.' As the two passed through the red-light district of Tokyo, Shirou made sure to keep his eyes peeled for anything dangerous.

Amu, was trudging slowly beside Shirou's side, making sure to make herself seem small and unnoticeable to anyone. She felt a hand rest upon her shoulder as Shirou smiled briefly at her for reassurance, before he steeled his face once again, becoming the imposing big brother. As they continued to walk down the street, a few young men, around Shirou's age, were fighting. When one of the larger men was pushed he knocked into Shirou, who quickly reinforced himself, and the large man seemingly bounced off.

"Watch where you're going, punk," the large teen warned Shirou. Shirou nodded before he placed Amu in front of him and kept walking away. By now more of the teens began gathering around the large man, many of them wearing sleek leather jackets, and a few had wooden swords.

"Please forgive me, I was careless when I stepped into you." Amu looked up at Shirou, worry growing on her face, but his eyes reflected what he was thinking 'Don't move.' "If you'll allow my sister and me to go, I need to have her home soon?"

"Or are mommy and daddy going to ground big brother for keeping sister out too late?" One of the other guys mocked, earning a few laughs from the assorted youth. Shirou shook his head.

"Oh they are quite forgiving people, but me on the other hand, not as much. Now if you are done wasting my time…" Shirou started before the larger man grabbed Shirou into a choke-hold.

"Beg for mercy, punk."

"You'll have to do a lot better than that." Reinforced, Shirou easily bucked the large man off of him, and kicked him in the solar plexus, causing the wind to rush from the man's lungs. Two of the other youth ran for Shirou, but he ducked down and rotated into a sweeping kick, knocking their legs out from under them. One man managed to get the drop on Shirou, and struck him with his wooden sword, but the thing exploded into splinters as it struck Shirou.

Amu watched on in amazement as Shirou downed the gang of young men easily. The large man recovered from the initial hit finally, and moved over to Amu, and grabbed ahold of her.

"Shirou-nii!" Amu cried out before the large man clasped his hand over her face. Shirou kicked off one of the gang members, and looked over and saw Amu in the clutches of the large man. Shirou's hand, curled in a fist, came flying back and nailed a man who was about to jump him square in the face.

"Holding a school girl hostage?" Shirou asked the large man. "I should warn you though, this still isn't going to be a fair fight. Care for an example?" Shirou traced a small red cloth into his hand behind his back and whipped it out with a showman's finesse. "Nothing up my sleeves." Shirou placed the cloth over his hand and traced a rubber ball. He applied reinforcement to the small ball, filling in the imperfections with prana, and changing its composition so the mass was tripled. "And voila!" Shirou pulled back the sheet and held in his hand the weighted ball.

"What is this, some kind of grade school magic show?" The large leader taunted Shirou. Shirou huffed in feigned annoyance.

"People these days, no appreciation for magic anymore. What's the matter, don't believe?" Shirou threw the ball toward Amu and the man, and by reflex the large man tried to stop it, allowing Amu to duck away from him and the extremely massed ball struck the leader and sent him to the ground. The gang looked between Shirou and Amu, and their fallen leader. They growled, and Shirou traced three small pellets in between the fingers of his left hand. "And for my next trick, watch as we disappear!" Shirou threw the pellets, which contained amounts of magnesium and polytetrafluoroethylene, and they exploded in a large flash of light. Shirou picked up his little sister and with his reinforced speed, dashed off into the night.

After Shirou and Amu had reached the train station, Shirou put her down and was a little winded from the nearly four mile run at top speeds. Amu was visibly shaking from moving so quickly, before she looked at him with a dead-panned look.

"Magic tricks?" was all she asked him. Shirou rubbed the nape of his neck and chuckled.

"Well, what would you have me do? Conjure up a five foot sword and threaten to end them all if we weren't allowed passage?" Amu's eyes lit up at the thought of that. "No."

"Party pooper. You never have any fun Shirou-nii," Amu teased him. Shirou just shook his head, but them his look became serious.

"Are you alright though, Amu? You're not hurt?" Amu shook her head proudly, and puffed out her chest.

"I'm tougher than you give me credit for, onii-chan. I may not be able to use magic, but I can take care of myself." Shirou ruffled her hair affectionately.

"Of course you can, imouto, you are a strong young woman. You were very brave back there. I know when I was your age; I couldn't have done that like you did."

"When you were my age, you didn't have a big brother that kept you safe either and I don't know how I didn't live without one before you Shirou-nii. You're always there when Ami or I need anything, and I-I know you'll keep us safe no matter what." Amu looked at the ground in embarrassment. She never really opened up this much to anyone, even Shirou, but her onii-chan had a way of bringing out her inner character. Shirou lifted her chin with his hand and his eyes crinkled in mirth.

"Come on, imouto, we need to get you home." Amu nodded and smiled. She grabbed Shirou by the hand and led him up the train station platform.

As Shirou rolled his motorbike into the vehicle stall on the side of the Hinamori house, he noticed that Amu had fallen asleep, arms still clasped around his waist from the ride. It was nearly eleven o'clock, and Shirou knew that the rest of the family was likely to have retired at this point. He lifted Amu into his arms and cradled her there. He walked around to back of the home, and making sure no one was looking, reinforced his legs and jumped onto her balcony.

Shirou slid the door open and placed the sleeping girl in her bed. After covering her with her sheets, he clicked off her light, and closed her door, before retiring to his own room. As Shirou left her room, Amu rolled over onto her side and sat up bed. She eyed the door tempted to go seek his advice on something that plagued her mind, but decided against it. He had run her around all day and deserved his rest.

'Ever since I transferred from my old school to Seiyo Academy, everyone has only known this 'cool' personality that I started by mistake. Even mama and papa don't see the real me all the time, and it's only been a few months since I've even let Shirou-nii in. None of the boys in my school even want to look at me because of my personality. Just once I'd rather wear pink instead of black, be the cute, obedient girl my parents want me to be. Most of all I want to have the courage that comes with being able to do all this. Shirou-nii is courageous when he fights the bad guys, mama and papa are brave when they work. I just want to be like them…just want the courage.'

As Amu drifted back into her slumber, a brilliant light emitted from her room, and every so quietly three distinct eggs, one red, one blue, and one green, all formed next to her sleeping form, and the night was still again.

"Amu-chan, what do you want for breakfast?" Shirou called up the stairs, as he prepared the morning meal for the bustling family. He's shift started later than either of the parental figures did, so he was usually in charge of fixing the meal for the children during the week. Amu rolled in her bed and when she cracked open her tired eyes, she saw three colored eggs in her bed next to her.

"Eggs?!" she cried out in shock.

"Again?" Shirou called back up to her. "Alright, whatever you want!" Amu barely heard his voice calling as she stared at the three eggs in her bed. 'Wh-what? How is this possible? I laid eggs?'

"Did I really make these..? Is that even possible?" Amu mused to herself quietly as she began getting ready for school.

"Oneechan it's time for breakfast!" Ami shouted into Amu's room, causing the pink-haired girl to shriek in fright. The girl nodded and packed the colored eggs away in her bag before heading down the stairs. Midori and Tsumugu had already left for their respective jobs, and Shirou, as usual, was dressed in an apron finishing the meal.

"Good morning, Amu, did you sleep well?" Shirou asked the teen. Amu nodded absentmindedly, which caused Shirou to look her over quickly, but then he grabbed her plate and put it in front of her.

"Morning, I think so," came Amu's tired reply. "What's for breakfast?" Shirou arched a brow at her.

"Eggs, like you asked for." Amu nearly did a double take at the plate in front of her, and sighed. 'What else?' she thought miserably. "Is everything alright, imouto?" Amu could hear the worry in his voice.

"Yes, yes Shirou-nii, just not hungry. I'm going to leave for school now. I'll see you on campus during lunch and then will you give me a ride home?"

"Of course, Amu-chan. I'll see you around eleven. Take care walking," Shirou bid his little sister farewell, before he turned back to Ami. "Alright Ami-chan, we can't let these delicious eggs go to waste now can we?"

"Oniichan can eat them, Ami is full too," the littlest Hinamori said, before letting out a small burp. Shirou chuckled before he set out to eating Amu's untouched breakfast. Looking at the clock, he put the plate in the sink for a later time.

"Alright, Ami-chan, we need to get you to school, otherwise you'll be late."

"Oniichan, why don't you work at my school too?" Shirou paused and thought about that, the Seiyo Academy expanded all the way from kindergarten until high school, albeit across multiple buildings across the district. The only real thing all the schools shared was the name and the sporting facilities located between the elementary and middle schools.

"I don't really know. The junior high needed me the most I guess, but if you want I'll visit you too someday, okay Ami?" The little girl nodded happily, before she gathered her school bag, and led Shirou out by the hand. After they were outside, Ami forced her way atop Shirou's shoulders, forcing him to carry her bag, and the duo proceeded to walk to Ami's school. 'I hope everything is alright with Amu.' Shirou thought passively, before he crossed the street. He'd ask her during his lunch break. With that in mind, he proceeded to carry his little sister to her kindergarten.

Hey there, I've just been reading the Shugo Chara manga recently and thought this would be a fun little venture to undertake in my spare time. Shirou has so much potential to be an outstanding big brother and I hop I portrayed that well enough.

For my Fate fans, this Shirou followed the UBW and entered into a relationship with Rin. The timeline followed a mix of HF with UBW, because Zelretch is pretty much the standard way in my stories of how Shirou gets zipped around the multiverse. I don't know if this relationship will change or not since it's been five months without a word from Zelretch or Rin. But they will wind up in the Shugo Chara world at some point.

This story is definitely going to be a bit more slice-of-life mixed in with the action of Shugo Chara. Shirou probably won't reach his full fighting potential because Shugo Chara by definition is a magical girl series and so far a lot of the enemies aren't really killed, just returned to normal. I'll still give Shirou a chance to shine every once in a while, especially in the later chapters when Shugo Chara picks up a lot.

For readers in general, the ages of pretty much everyone has been bumped up three years, however timeline is still the same. Its kind of odd that one of the main protagonists is only ten, and writing Amu at thirteen seems a bit easier than ten. So instead of fourth grade starting out she's simply a sixth grader, since both elementary and middle schools consist of three levels it all works out. Plus it allows me to put Ikuto at the same age as Shirou, for a bit more interaction.

Anyway I'd also just like to state, very doubtful Shirou will receive a Guardian, being almost twenty by now, and perhaps for the fact he's realized who he wants to be already. However he works along side of Tsukasa Amakawa, who seems to serve as a pseudo-janitor of the Planetarium, so more will be explored with that man since the manga doesn't do a whole lot with him.

Thanks for checking this out, and if you enjoyed it drop a review, if you didn't, let me know why. Thanks a bunch!

6/7/2013 Edit: Reader caught that I had listed Nagato as Rin's father, not Tokiomi, which has been corrected. Thanks!