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Spencer and Toby were ecstatic to finally be able to share some time together. One on one, no one to disturb their conversations. No –A to occupy their minds. This night was all about them. Not only, Spencer had prepared the perfect evening for her man, she also made sure that she was his only occupation from that night to the next morning. Toby had turned his cell phone off and left it at his house. He eagerly joined her in the empty house to celebrate their first anniversary. Spencer had just bought a new dark blue dress and realized a Tanya Burr make-up look, she hoped Toby would love as much as she did.

Toby Cavanaugh was the type of man who could fall in love at first sight. When his princess opened the door, he was like star-struck. These eyes, in which he had drowned in for the past 365 days of his life, looked different. For the first time in months, they reflected comfort and peace. His heart skipped a bit when he looked at her outfit. He suddenly felt bad for not dressing up as much as she did. His concern was quickly wiped away by Spencer's smoldering look. She grabbed him by the tie and got her face very close to his.

"Dinner's ready" She says in a languishing voice.

"Can we start with the dessert?" He replies ready to jump at her lips.

She pulls away in a quick move gets to the kitchen.

"Sit down, I'll serve dinner"

"Let me help you" He says walking toward the kitchen

"I said sit!" She commands

"I like when you talk dirty to me" He sits and waits for his food.

Spencer had the perfect idea of how the evening was to be spent. She had planned every second of the night.

"Did you cook?" Toby inquires

"Yep, I followed recipes online. Thank YouTube for feeding you and the hot eye make-up."

"May I say that you look exceptionally ravishing tonight?" He says feeling bad for not saying it earlier.

"You may. Now let's get this man something to eat!"

"What man? Did you invite someone else without telling me?" He jokingly asks.

"Yes, I invited my father. I hope it's not a problem"

"What? Are you serious?"

"Chill! I'm kidding. This night is all about you and me. The Spoby couple."

Toby laughs as Spencer sits down to eat.

"This is a starter, it's a salad with shrimps and goat's cheese. Straight from France. According to my mom it's Divin." She says impressing the French accent.

"Bon Appétit." He replies doing the same.

The dinner goes as expected and Spencer is about to serve dessert. She notices that Toby didn't finish his plate.

"How was my main meal?" She asks thinking that he hated it.

"It was delicious"

"Stop lying" She says playfully.

"I'm not" He answers seriously

"Then why didn't you finish the plate?" She ask with a firm tone.

"uhhm, I don't know I just…."

"You just what?" She gets a little angry "I have spent the whole day out finding the perfect red wine for my very first Boeuf Bourguignon. And mister can't even play his only part in the best day of our life?"

"Calm down Spencer? I just had a snack right before I came here. I'm not so hungry"

"I can't believe it! Why would you do that to me? You are so cruel! If I invited you for dinner, you should have expected to have food to eat! Why would you eat right before you came here? Is it my cooking? Does it suck? I always do everything wrong! I'm such a failure. Why are you even dating me?"

"Spencer, I don't get it. The date started so well. What is happening to you?" He wonders out loud.

"What is happening to me? How dare you ask that? I'm doing everything for you and that's how you thank me? Do you have any idea of how many times I poked my eye with the eyeliner?"

"Spencer, you're tired. You clearly need rest."

"I don't need rest; I need this date to go perfectly so you're going to sit down, finish your plate and tell me how beautiful you think I am. I deserve at least one great night after all the crazy stuff we had to face."

"Please Spencer. Just relax a little bit. How about I get you some ice cream?"

"Yeah! Just do that! Get me some ice cream! What am I 4? I'm not a kid Toby!"

"Ok, I'm just leaving you alone since that's what you seem to expect from me. I did not come here to get attacked for no reason. Have a great night. I love you even though tonight you're a little crazy."

He gently kisses her lips. Disappointed of how the date turned out to be. He didn't see that coming. He was walking towards the front door when a huge laughter caught his attention. Spencer was laughing hysterically. He turns around and looks at her with a confused frown of his face.

"I got you good this time Cavanaugh!"

"What do you mean? Was this a prank?"

She laughs, put a hand on her mouth and nods at the same time.

"Where is the camera? Oh my god I can't believe I didn't suspect it! I'm so stupid! I should have known! I should have known."

"It'll be up on YouTube tomorrow."

"Why not now? "

"Because we're going to be too busy doing this" She locks him in a firm embrace and his lips hungrily collide with hers. He starts undressing her as she drifts away from him turning the camera off.

"We don't need an audience for that" She whispers getting right back at their intimate business.

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Spencer and Toby had created a channel on YouTube where they posted videos of themselves pranking each other, doing challenges and a lot of different stuff. All of their videos were seen by 80 000 subscribers. Tune in to see what the next spoby video will be.

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