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"I – I – I –" Only your plane sputters on the runway as your voice skips like a broken record stuck on the same line. You feel the words inside of you. You are thinking too hard and too much. And nothing is coming out.

She looks at you strangely – a mix of hope and question in her eyes before a wave of realization comes crashing into her pier. You almost smile before you realize she's come to the wrong conclusion. Her shoulders square up like she is on your plane bracing for the impact of your failed piloting endeavor.

She stands again from the couch.

And you wish you had a fasten seatbelt sign.

Wait! You want to shout. Don't go. But the words still don't come. Your heart is beating too fast and your throat feels like it is going to close and if you try hard enough you can almost see spots. It's like you're having an allergic reaction to your feelings.

She is in the kitchen by the time you gather enough of your shit together to stand.

"Jane really it's not…a…big – it's not a big deal." And you don't know if she's getting hives or going to faint but the glass in her shaky hand looks like it's about to meet its untimely demise if she doesn't put it down. (She does.)


"It's just a crush. A small – "

You know it's not just a crush. That it's not silly or insignificant. The way her voice cracks, the way she falls over her words tells you everything. And if it's a fraction of what you feel (right now, last night, two weeks ago, at lunch, whenever or all the time) throwing a 'just' in front of it is nothing but insulting. "Don't lie to me." Your voice is more air than sound but she hears you.

She always hears you.

The papers have called you a hero more than once. They call your recklessness bravery and your coworkers call it luck and badass. You're sure your mother has the clippings taped in a binder somewhere.

If only they could see you now.

You are at a stalemate.

The only thing playing in your head is Not Maura. Everything you do throughout the day just without her and it makes your heart heavy. It's what you always thought would happen, only now, now you have a different scenario playing in front of you. One where by some miracle she likes you back. And when does that ever happen? But here she is. And here she does. And you think that's why your brain is having such a hard time with all of this.

What do you do when everything you ever wanted is standing in front of you?

Your heart is screaming go for it but your brain is screaming hold on.

She turns around, and she looks like she's about to cry. (You hate it when she cries.)

Something inside of you snaps so utterly, so completely that your first step is more of a flinch and a stumble. Your body tells the rest of you to shove it.

There is delightful confusion in her eyes. "Jane."

There are a million somethings in the way she says your name. You tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Her eyelids flutter.

Not Maura is replaced by Maura. You can see it clear as day. A yellow sundress and a checkered picnic blanket. A coy smile over coffee. A sleepy grin in the dead of night. The possibilities are endless, the hope you have growing inside your chest is going to shine through your every pore if you don't do something.

"I have a crush on you too." You whisper leaning forward. (You make sure not to miss her wide smile before sealing the deal.)

And you might actually pass out when her hands pull you closer, when she starts kissing you back.

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