Adventure Time Fanfic

Simon Returns

Ch 1 – Preparations

Ice King woke up that morning feeling strangely optimistic. Last night he finally perfected his Princess song and planned to play it for his Princess Bubblegum this afternoon. He sat up and looked for Gunther.

"Gunther! Where are you, darling?"

"Quack." Came the muffled reply from somewhere beside him.

"Oh Gunther, you're so silly getting lost in all those blankets." He said lovingly at his penguin.

He picked up Gunther and began dancing around his Ice Castle while humming his Princess song. Bubblegum is going to love it! He thought excitedly.

He put Gunther down on the shelf and went to his closet to get two robes. He held them out to Gunther. "Which do you like better, Gunther?"

"Quack," was the reply.

"Yeah, you're right this one definitely would bring out my eyes. Oh man, PB is going to go crazy when she gets a load of this! Gunther, quick! Help me brush my hair. Daddy has to look perfect if he's finally going to bring a princess home for good."

"Quack," replied Gunther as he began to pat Ice King's hair with his flipper.

"No, Gunther you're doing it all wrong. Just let me do it." Ice King began brushing his tangled hair and beard. When it was neat he walked towards the window and turned to Gunther, "Okay, I'm leaving now. Wish me luck!"

"Quack," replied Gunther as Ice King flew out the window with his beard.

"Quack…" Gunther said again as he slapped a flipper to his head.

A moment later Ice King returned, "Oops, I forgot my keyboard!" He chuckled nervously. With his keyboard in hand, Ice King left the Ice Castle for the second time that day.

"Quack quack," Gunther muttered.

Ice King flew over the green lands towards the Candy Kingdom. Soon he would be able to see his princess, play her song and finally win her heart. He just needed to find someone to take away the lonely feeling in his chest. It was like a hole that was constantly growing bigger with each passing day. The loneliness got harder and harder to bear. People thought he was insane for trying to win the love of different princesses a million different ways, but he was just desperate to have the loneliness gone away for good.

He didn't know what caused the loneliness. For some reason, Princess Bubblegum had been the only princess who took away those feelings and left him with a sense of remembrance. But every time he tried to think about his life before being the Ice King, his head start to hurt and if he kept trying to push through the mental block he would pass out. Not even sitting in the The Past room helped. All he knew was he might have been called Simon Petrikov once, if he decided to trust Marceline. Marceline was also the one other person who seemed familiar to him, though he didn't remember why. He always felt the need to protect her and spend time with her. He liked to see her, even if she got frustrated with him. But since their jam session at her house, she had been warmer to him. It was nice to have someone who he could talk to that could talk back.

I wish I could remember… he thought.

Out loud he said, "Oh well, it's best not to dwell on it now. There's PB's room!"

Princess Bubblegum was in the lab working on an aging potion when she heard music coming from her room. Curious, she went to go see what it was.

It sounds like a keyboard, she thought. Ugh, I hope it isn't the Ice King up to another one of his antics.

Unfortunately luck was not with her on this day and it was indeed the Ice King sitting in her room attempting to play a tune on his keyboard.

From previous encounters she knew it was best to silently wait for the Ice King to finish these kinds of things before throwing him out of the castle. He was always more willing to go after he showed her what he had to offer. She honestly didn't know why he bothered, but she supposed his persistence could have been endearing if he wasn't so crazy half of the time.

"Hi, Ice King." She said with a sigh.

"Hey PB, how's it going? I have something to show you and I'm sure you're going to love it!" He said excitedly. "Just sit down on this chair and prepare to be amazed. I wrote this just for you."

The Ice King walked over to the keyboard and began playing a simple yet enchanting melody. It would've made a fantastic song if it weren't for the lyrics and voice that followed it.

Slime princess, you're alright.

Flame princess, you're okay.

Wildberry princess could be better…

Oh God, Princess Bubblegum thought. What is he doing? She groaned in frustration.

All of the princesses are pretty alright but…

Oh, Bubblegum!

You look like a lot of fun.

Disgusted, she stopped listening, not wanting to hear what Ice King thought of her in horrible song.

At one point in the song, snow started falling from the ceiling of her room and the Ice King's lyrics took on a sad tone. She tried to pay attention, hoping to better understand the Ice King.

Oh Bubblegum, I really need someone.

Or anyone, pretty much anyone…

I'm so alone! Won't somebody tell me what's wrong with me?!

As he sang this line, he began sobbing and the spot in which the snow fell from began to turn into a thick patch of ice.

Anybody, anybody, anybody! He sang as he stepped under the ice patch. He continued with his pleading but she couldn't hear what he was saying anymore. She was more concerned with the way he shot ice balls at the ceiling.

Princess Bubblegum knew this couldn't end well. Ice King was emotional and destroying her room. Another worry passed through her mind as she realized he was freezing the candy room.

Candy breaks when it freezes! She thought suddenly. I have to get him to stop this before he hurts himself and everyone else!

But almost as soon as the thought flitted her mind, as if on cue the ceiling started cracking. Ice King couldn't hear it over his sobbing so she tried her best to shout warnings at him.

Suddenly big chunks of frozen candy began falling from the ceiling. The chunks fell bigger and bigger as more of her ruined roof fell to the ground at the Ice King's feet.

The biggest piece of ice that was still attached to the roof suddenly gave way. She shouted to the Ice King to move out of the way but it was too late. It fell on him and hit him on the head before pinning him to the ground.

"Banana guards! Help, please!" She cried out, worriedly.

And for once she wasn't calling the Banana Guards for herself against the Ice King, but for the Ice King.