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Serena walked through the hallways carrying her books closely to her chest. She breathed in deeply flashing an occasional smile in the direction of a friend or two but mostly she just kept on walking. Her blue pleated skirt fluttered around her tiny waist but the most uncomfortable thing about her uniform was the white starchy blouse that was tight around her neck and see- through to show the outline of her bra. Serena always figured that men had designed their school uniforms.

She opened the heavy door to her English room and stepped in to sit at her crooked worn desk. The bell sounded notifying the busy teacher that class was ready to start and to persecute all tardy students.

Once the teacher began Serena sighed and leaned back in her chair as she tapped her pencil up and down on the desk. The monotonous voice of the teacher always put her to sleep but today as the teacher began his lesson he was confronted by something else that made him sequel like a pig.

It was hard to see at first because it couldn't get through the small doorway meant for people but it's tentacles definitely could get through. The long, slippery eel like objects shot through the room knocking over children and desk alike. Once the tentacles had a hold on something sturdy, a large mass of gray burst through the opening of the classroom and sat itself in the middle of the room twitching and bubbling with delight.

"What is it!?" Cried one girl as a gray tentacle wrapped around her leg and pulled her closer to the throbbing gray mass.

"It's an octopus!" Cried another boy as a tentacle around the waste snatched him.

Serena had behind the teacher's desk and was watching from a small opening that was big enough to see just what the gray mass was doing. The girls hung in the tentacles like flies in a spider web, they struggled and bit and fought but nothing could budge the thick tentacles. The boys were thrown up in the air and didn't come back down, oddly enough each boy was thrown and none came back and hit the floor.

"It's the tentacle monster Serena! Run as fast as you can!" The teacher warned as he was sniveling in a corner.

"Shouldn't you be running to?" Serena asked him.

"No it only wants the girls. It loves girls." The teacher warned as a gray tentacle wrapped around his foot. The teacher went towards the gray mass and was thrown up in the air. Then silence.

Serena crouched behind the teacher's desk trying to look out among the room to see her best escape route. She had no idea what this creature would do to her but she wanted to get out as fast as she could. Then the silence broke with sudden moaning and screaming from the girls but Serena didn't have the stomach to look and see what the monster was doing to them.

Serena then made her mad dash for the door but the tentacles were quick and instantly grabbed hold of her foot. Serena began to panic as she too began to slide towards the massive gray glob. She then caught a glimpse of what the tentacles were doing to the other girls and got even more scared.

The tentacles were moving up and down the naked bodies of the girls as they were enclosed in a cocoon of tentacles. Their faces were barely visible but their voices could be heard.

Serena reached backwards and grabbed the stapler off the ground and stapled the tentacles that were around her foot. The gray mass suddenly jolted as five tentacles were released from some of the other girls and headed straight for Serena. Scrambling for the opening the tentacle monster made, she dove and slid out the door followed by tentacles. She skidded to a stop just out of reach of the tentacles and could feel them brushing up on her leg.


"I promise you! There is a tentacle monster in my English room!" Serena cried as the principle laughed again along with the staff that had gathered to hear her outrageous claim.

"Yes and I found I unicorn in the cafeteria, Serena go back to class."

"I would but I don't want to be raped!" Serena cried.

"Wait, raped? That could be the henti tentacle monster. . ." one of the male teachers thought aloud.

"We know what sites he visits." Another female teacher added as the staff erupted with laughter once more.

"Alright Serena let's go and check out this monster of yours, I bet it'll be a cockroach." The principle snickered as she placed a soft hand on the lower part of Serena's back.

Once back outside the English room the teacher was met with the broken wall with crumbled pieces of it everywhere. In the break in the wall she laid eyes upon the throbbing gray mass with the girls in its clutches.

"Uh. . ." The teacher commented, as she stood dumbfounded.

"I told you! Now what do we do!" Serena cried.

"I have no idea. . ." the teacher replied as she took out her ruler and walked in the hole cautiously and began to poke the gray mass with the ruler. Serena held her breath.

The monster rippled, as it's shiny outside reflected the light like plastic. Then two tentacles grabbed the principle by her ankles and wrists and held her up off the floor. Two more tentacles were then admitted to rip off the principles clothing and then she was wrapped in a cocoon just like the others.

"Damn it, I am scared for life for seeing that but I have to save her." Serena cursed. She rushed for the opening but the gray tentacles instantly greeted her and wrapped around both her ankles and knocked her off her feet. Serena spread her legs so the she strattled the opening and pushed back so she didn't go any closer. The tentacle monster took this to his advantage and instantly admitted one of his tentacles to run up her leg and start fondling her.

Serena screamed as she tensed up and let her footing go, she then was pulled into the gray mass. She felt her clothes ripped off her and then tiny little suckers all over her body as a wriggling thick tentacle admitted a southern pushing. Her face flushed as her natural human instants took over and she trembled with both fear and pleasure. The pushing and sweat and wriggling finally caused Serena's world to go black and the numbness faded into a deep slumber in which there was no more pain or knowledge of what had just happened.


Three hours passed and finally Serena lifted her head off the carpet to take in the fuzzy world around her. The fuzz cleared and a horrifying picture came into view.

The girls lay naked and sprawled around the room in their own puddle of white goo. There tentacles and the gray mass were gone but its damage remained all around Serena. She then came to realize that she too was naked and her body was covered with now drying sweat but all around her the warm white goo. She then began to have a wriggling in her stomach like a tentacle was alive in her stomach.

"Aw. . .damn too late." Cried one of the policemen that carried a stretcher into the room and began to load one girl at a time.

"I love my job!" cried another as he picked up one of the girls.

"Look this one is awake already." A breaded policeman called to the others as he leaned down in Serena's face and began to check her over for bodily injuries.

"She must be the carrier, get her to a diagnosis center right away." Another policeman commanded as Serena was given a blanket and loaded into a carrier.

Serena lay there as she was carried into the ambulance and her world spun. Her eyes watered up but she couldn't figure out why, her body hurt but she couldn't figure out why. She was confused, hurting and cold but the wriggling in her stomach continued.

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