AN: I dunno, I've come around to AOD as a TR game and have recently developed a sort of affection toward it. I like the Male lead in the game and it's a shame there wasn't more of him. This is pretty much my favorite part of the game. It's like the only part where you see any type of emotion out of Lara. It's a little odd she's willing to almost kiss a guy she's never met who's holding a gun to her head too O.o Oh well, Plot Bunnies have free reign and this one wanted to be here :)

The object whirled past her head and lodged itself firmly in the wall behind her.

She swirled to accommodate her continued view of the sharp metal circle.

Lara wanted to know who this weapon belonged to. She also wanted to know who would dare try to strike her down.

She started to back up, thinking she might have to search the place more thoroughly than a visual once over when the back of her head connected with what she could safely assume to be a gun pointed at her head.

She was angry and frustrated she hadn't heard this person even sneaking up on her. She should have caught this.

The person behind her moved in closer to her. The proximity was over whelming. Whoever it was radiated so much anger and impatience. She tried to move to get a view of the human in question.

She was met with resistance from the gun as it was pressed firmly to the side of her temple.

Lara felt a hand drift down her arm languidly, she immediately knew where it was headed. For the gun in her hand.

She stood still as he disarmed the weapon from her grasp.

She flinched slightly at the path the hand resumed on as it reached for the gun that matched placed securely in the holster on her hip.

Her own heartbeat almost deafened her as it beat loudly. Drowning out all other thoughts from her head except the feel of his hands on hers.

Wait. No. She wouldn't let this happen. She certainly refused to let herself feel like this.

She suddenly pushed with force and directed her body around to face the person who held her captive and was met with something she didn't expect.

She watched him for a few moments, studying his features. He seemed just as interested with her as she was him..


AN: I know it's basically just a narrative of the video sequence but.. sometimes writing stuff like that is fun. Being a writer sometimes just means re-making your favorite scenes in your own words for inspiration. Some of you might get what I mean :) I just like the sequence and I wanted it in my own words. A little challenge of sorts to myself. I'm probably just making excuses for my lack of creativity at the moment. :) As always. Reviews and recommendations are appreciated. Not sure where I wanted this to go. Maybe just throwing it out to see how it's received? It's random. Like I say. Maybe I'm just trying to seek out inspiration anywhere and everywhere. I dunno. Maybe I'll work it into something better. For right now this is all it's going to be.